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SMW TV #50 (1/9/1993)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #50 (1/9/1993)

Taped 12/12/1992 at East High School in Morristown, TN. Aired on 1/9/1993.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantel mentions that this week’s guest of “Down & Dirty with Dutch” will be Mr. Ron Wright and he’ll have an announcement.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins Caudle and Mantell to discuss the SMW Beat The Champ TV Title and the match will be happening on next week’s show. He announces the four men who will be in that 4-man elimination match will be Killer Kyle, Jimmy Golden, Tracy Smothers and The Dirty White Boy.

They air a video to give out the rules for the SMW “Beat The Champ” TV title.

Brian Lee and The Mongolian Stomper join Bob Caudle to talk about their problems with Kevin Sullivan. Lee praises The Nightstalker for having everything to be a great wrestler except a mind. He then mentions his partner is The Mongolian Stomper.

They follow airing highlights of Brian Lee & The Mongolian Stomper against Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker from Christmas Chaos. Sullivan shows up to the ring dressed as Santa Claus.

The Nighstalker and Kevin Sullivan join Bob Caudle to talk about Brian Lee and The Mongolian Stomper. The Nightstalker tells Brian Lee that no one can help him. He mentions they have a family that isn’t just in SMW but throughout the world. Sullivan puts down Lee and the Stomper. He blames Bob Armstrong for all he’s doing and for making him sick. Sullivan lays down on the floor and says he hated his father. He tells Armstrong that everybody pays.

The Dirty White Boy promo about having to defend the SMW Heavyweight title again against Tim Horner. Jim Cornette promo for a Heavenly Bodies vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express match where if Rock ‘n’ Roll Express win they get five minutes with Cornette.

Chris Comet vs. Jeff Daniels

Chris Comet with a side headlock on Jeff Daniels. Some quick back and forth off the ropes leads to Comet catching Daniels with a pair of armdrags that send Daniels to the outside. Comet follows with a dive over the top rope at Daniels on the floor. Daniels returns to the ring and gets caught in a wristlock by Comet.

Daniels recovers and whips Comet into the ropes but Comet uses his quickness and catches Daniels with a near fall. Wristlock reversals by the two. Comet hits the ropes and flips off them and gets Daniels in an armbar. Daniels rakes the eyes and whips Comet into the ropes. He catches Comet with a back suplex. He whips Comet into the ropes again but Comet ducks a clothesline and gets Daniels with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Comet gets Daniels again with an armbar. Daniels whips Comet into the ropes again and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Cool slam by Daniels. He whips Comet into the ropes again but Comet catches him with a huracarana and covers Daniels for the pin.

WINNER: Chris Comet

Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle again to talk about the SMW Heavyweight title situation. Armstrong says that he knows Horner will bring the belt back. Horner shows up holding a little kid and the belt. He claims that the little kid had the belt this whole time. Horner promises to beat The Dirty White Boy clean next time and reclaim the title. They hand over the belt to Armstrong who then decides to give Horner another shot at it against The Dirty White Boy.

“Down & Dirty with Dutch” Guests: Mr. Ron Wright & Reno Riggins. Mr. Ron Wright mentions how happy he is to be managing The Dirty White Boy. He mentions watching Reno Riggins and being impressed. They air some Reno Riggins highlights. Reno Riggins joins Mantell and Mr. Wright.

Mr. Wright praises Reno Riggins and says that if he had an old pro guiding him, he could succeed. He says that he’s talked to The Dirty White Boy and if Riggins agrees to sign that they’ll start him off by having him polish the SMW belt and Mr. Wright’s shoes. They’d also let him carry their bags but he would be associated with the top wrestler and top manager in the world. He tells Riggins that if he joins them, he can be the second best wrestler in the world. Mr. Wright asks Riggins what he thinks about that offer.

Reno Riggins agrees that Mr. Wright does manage the SMW Heavyweight Champion and tells Mr. Wright that he is a legend. He mentions no one else in SMW has made him an offer for that type of opportunity. The crowd starts to chant “NO”. Riggins says he’s always wanted to be a champion but asks Mr. Wright if he can let him think about it.

Mr. Wright is surprised that Riggins wants to think on it but tells him he better not take too long thinking about it. Mantell tells Riggins it is a good offer as the segment comes to an end.

The Stud Stable joins Bob Caudle. Jimmy Golden asks Dutch Mantell whether he got them a tag title match already and when is it happening. Mantell tells him that he doesn’t have the tag title match yet but he did go talk to Bob Armstrong but claims Armstrong kicked him out of the office. Robert Fuller then tells Mantell that maybe he should learn a lesson from Jim Cornette when it comes to being a manager. Fuller says Cornette took a mediocre team, called them “The Heavenly Bodies” and they get a big introduction. The Stud Stable then says whenever they get a match with either the Heavenly Bodies or The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, they’ll beat them and become champions.

Jimmy Golden then decides to give everyone a history lesson. He mentions their grandfather Roy Welch who he says invented professional wrestling. Followed by talking about their fathers Buddy Fuller and Billy Golden. Golden says they were born champions and they deserve that tag title match.

That’s followed by match highlights from The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette match from Christmas Chaos. The Stud Stable get involved and have a post-match brawl between the Stud Stable and the Heavenly Bodies. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express make the save for The Stud Stable only for the Stud Stable to attack them.

The Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette join Bob Caudle to talk about The Stud Stable. Cornette doesn’t like that The Stud Stable stuck their nose in their business. He warns The Stud Stable to stay out of their business because all they want right now is to get their titles back from The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Stan Lane insults The Stud Stable calling them a small-time regional champions and tells them to let them take care of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Prichard says the Heavenly Bodies have dominated the SMW tag team scene. He says they are known nationwide unlike The Stud Stable. Cornette tells Caudle to tell Mantell to stick to announcing and stay out of managing if he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.

Video showing Sawyer Brown saying that when they are in that region they watch SMW.

The Dirty White Boy & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. “White Lightning” Tim Horner & “Hands of Stone” Ronnie Garvin

Fans chant “Paula” at Orndorff as his team enters the ring. Garvin wears the robe he took from Orndorff which upsets Mr. Wonderful. Tim Horner and The Dirty White Boy start the match. Wristlock reversals to start the match. Horner with an armdrag on both DWB and Orndorff. He starts to deliver some punches at both and the heels head to the outside.

The Dirty White Boy gets back in the ring against Horner. Side headlock by Horner. He gets whipped into the ropes and Horner gets in a few shots on both opponents and again DWB heads to the outside. Paul Orndorff and Ronnie Garvin both tag in. Orndorff with some elbows in the corner. Garvin with a reversal into the corner and catches Orndorff with a punch. He follows with some hard right hands at Mr. Wonderful. He tosses Orndorff from one corner to the other.

Small package for a near fall by Garvin. Orndorff recovers and gets Garvin in a headlock and drags him around the ring. The Dirty White Boy tags in and attacks Garvin. He drops his knee across Garvin’s chest. They go to a break.

They return from break with Orndorff and The Dirty White Boy still beating on Garvin. Orndorff goes for the pin on Garvin but Ronnie gets his leg on the bottom rope. The Dirty White Boy back in and he continues to punch Garvin. He follows with some knee drops across Garvin. Referee gets distracted by The Dirty White Boy and that allows Orndorff to attack Garvin.

The Dirty White Boy gets Garvin in a choke hold and Garvin fights his way to his corner to tag in Horner but Orndorff charges over and knocks Horner off the ring apron. Referee keeps getting distracted and that allows DWB and Orndorff to keep attacking Garvin. Orndorff back in and he gets Garvin in a front facelock. He takes Garvin down to the mat and DWB tags in and drops a knee across Garvin’s back.

Garvin makes a comeback and punches DWB. Orndorff cuts off Garvin from tagging Horner. He follows with a clothesline in the corner at Garvin. Garvin with a hard right at Orndorff. Orndorff goes for a piledriver on Garvin but he gets tossed off Garvin’s back. Orndorff tags in DWB. Garvin fights back again and they both collide off the ropes.

Mr. Ron Wright rolls his way over to the other corner. Orndorff tags in and misses an elbow on Garvin. Garvin tags in Horner and he cleans house on both DWB and Orndorff. All four men start to brawl. The Dirty White Boy falls to the outside and Mr. Wright hands him something. Garvin follows to the outside. Orndorff and Horner brawl in the ring. Garvin grabs Mr. Wright. Referee gets distracted. The Dirty White Boy distracts Tim Horner. Paul Orndorff loads up his right hand and punches Horner and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: The Dirty White Boy & Paul Orndorff

Tim Horner and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promos for Barbourville show. Morton mentions how Cornette always has his racket with him but they’ll have a surprise for him and Morton brings out a giant tennis racket that he vows they’ll use on Cornette!

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Main event was good and continued that feud. They only had two matches from this venue but had a lot of match highlights from the Christmas Chaos show. They also had some pretty entertaining interview segments with The Stud Stable, Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies and Mr. Ron Wright.


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