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Memphis Wrestling 9/20/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 9/20/1980

Taped 9/20/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

“Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie vs. David Oswald

Carl Fergie takes down David Oswald but Oswald quickly reaches the ropes to break away from Fergie. Fergie follows with a pair of armdrags and takes him down to the mat holding an armbar on Oswald. He gets Oswald in a hammerlock and Oswald tries to break out but Fergie keeps him in the hold. Oswald tries to flip out of the hold to break it but Fergie follows thru and keeps the hold on him.

Oswald whips Fergie into the ropes but Fergie reverses it for an armdrag and into an armbar again. Hammerlock on Oswald. Oswald backs Fergie into the corner and gets him in a side headlock. Fergie whips Oswald into the ropes and backdrops him. He goes for the pin on Oswald but can’t keep him down. Fergie back into an armbar on Oswald.

Fergie elbows Oswald’s left arm. Oswald fires some right fists at Fergie to break the hold and whips him into the turnbuckle. Fergie moves out of the way of a charging Oswald and starts to beat on Oswald with some forearms. He goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Oswald delivers some forearms. Fergie whips him into the ropes and catches Oswald with an abdominal stretch for the submission win.

WINNER: Carl Fergie

They air an interview from Tommy Rich at his home. He’s upset at Carl Fergie for costing him the Southern title. Tommy Rich admits that he had asked Jimmy Hart for a chain to hit Jimmy Valiant during the title match but changes his mind claiming he could beat him without using it. He then says Fergie grabbed the chain. Rich claims Fergie wanted to be a superstar. He called himself the new “Great White Hope” going after Billy Robinson and others. He wants Fergie and has been adding up the amount Fergie’s cost him. Rich says when he got home, people laughed at him for letting Fergie get the advantage on him. He says everyone who cheered on Fergie will soon be mourning him after he gets thru with him.

Lance Russell says Carl Fergie wasn’t doing anything but the right thing and not trying to make himself a superstar like Rich claims.

Carl Fergie joins Lance Russell to talk about an upcoming match against Tommy Rich who says Rich shouldn’t have underestimated this “ol’ Country boy”. Bill Dundee talks about a tag match with him teaming along with Tojo Yamamoto against Dr. Bill Irwin and Gypsy Joe.

They air highlights of Jerry Lawler vs. Killer Karl Krupp from the Mid-South Coliseum. It’s a cast match with both wearing a cast on one leg. Lawler punches Jimmy Hart who was trying to interfere. He goes for a legdrop with his cast on across the head of Krupp. Lawler wins the match after three legdrops.

Billy Robinson joins Lance Russell on commentary for the next match. Robinson raves about Eddie Gilbert being an excellent wrestler and he believes he’ll be a future champion.

Killer Karl Krupp (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Eddie Gilbert (w/ Tommy Gilbert)

Jimmy Hart heads over to the commentary table and he’s upset that Krupp has to wrestle Eddie Gilbert. They also don’t want Tommy Gilbert to be ringside. Hart says he is an official manager while Tommy is Eddie’s father and tag team partner. Robinson suggests that Krupp get in the ring and wrestle.

Referee rings the bell and starts a count. He counts Krupp out as he refuses to enter the ring. Eddie Gilbert gets the win.

WINNER: Eddie Gilbert via Count Out

Killer Karl Krupp repeats that he refuses to enter the ring against a Gilbert and will instead be celebrating. Krupp says Jimmy Hart is the new king and that Jerry Lawler is gone. They serve themselves some champagne. Krupp offers Russell and Robinson some champagne. He calls Lawler a “big loser” because he knew that the longer Lawler was standing up on his legs in the ring, the more damage his leg would suffer. Krupp says he’s not hurt from the Lawler legdrops.

Killer Karl Krupp vows to end the careers of other wrestlers in Memphis including Jimmy Valiant, Jerry Jarrett, Bill Dundee and Tojo Yamamoto. Russell asks Jimmy Hart if Krupp is the greatest why isn’t he holding the World Heavyweight championship. Krupp calls Robinson a coward refuses to accept his challenge.

Robinson chimes in saying that Krupp doesn’t deserve a title match. Krupp tosses his champagne at Robinson. Jimmy Hart laughs at Robinson.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Frank Savage & Ken Wayne

Bill Dundee and Ken Wayne start the match. Armdrag takedown by Dundee. Wayne gets upset. They lock-up and Dundee again armdrags Wayne who rolls to the floor. He and Savage talk outside the ring. Wayne gets back in and he tags in Savage.

Dundee with a wristlock on Savage and he tags in Tojo Yamamoto. Tojo with a chop followed by a wristlock on Savage. Tojo Yamamoto delivers a hard chop at Savage. Wayne tags back in and Tojo gets him with some chops. Wayne with a leapfrog over Tojo and he celebrates but when he turns, Tojo chops him! Savage tags in. Yamamoto tags in Dundee.

Dundee with a side headlock on Savage. Savage catches Dundee with a knee lift and a punch. He slams Dundee’s head into the turnbuckle. They double-team Dundee in their corner but Dundee escapes and elbows Savage. Wayne makes the save for his partner. Everyone brawls in the corner. Yamamoto chops Savage. Dundee brawls with Wayne. They whip Wayne and Savage into each other.

Tojo catches Savage with another chop. He whips Savage into the ropes and tags in Dundee who catches Savage with a dropkick. Ken Wayne makes the save and Dundee chases after him. All four get into the ring. Wayne chokes Dundee and whips him across the corner. Dundee jumps onto the ropes and hits a flying body press across Wayne and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee & Tojo Yamamoto

Dr. Bill Irwin and Gypsy Joe join Lance Russell and Irwin starts to trash Dundee and claiming Dundee tried to cheat to beat him but still couldn’t do it. Irwin and Joe asks that Dundee and Yamamoto come out so they can talk about what happened the previous week. Dr. Bill gets down on his knees and says maybe they have to kneel so they can be the right height to wrestle Dundee and Tojo.

Irwin says that the two guys they are wrestling are bigger than Yamamoto and Dundee. He tells Russell they are going to show everyone what a “hospital” match is.

Dr. Bill Irwin & Gypsy Joe vs. David McGee & Tony Boyles in an Expiration of Time match.

Dr. Bill Irwin and Tony Boyles start the match. Boyles catches Irwin with a hiptoss that upsets Irwin. Boyles takes Irwin down to the mat with a wristlock. He pulls Boyles into the ropes and punches him but Boyles reached out and tagged in McGee. McGee with a monkey flip on Irwin. He catches Irwin with a side headlock. Irwin with a backdrop on McGee to break out of the hold.

Gypsy Joe tags in and beats on McGee. He kicks at McGee. Irwin yells that Tojo and Dundee should be watching. Joe tags in Irwin. McGee battles back against Irwin before Irwin catches him with a punch. Irwin tosses McGee into the corner and tags Joe back in. Gypsy Joe with a jab at McGee’s face. Irwin calls McGee, “Yo-Yo”. McGee makes a comeback and backdrops Gypsy Joe.

McGee stomps and elbows Joe! Joe quickly gets back up and stomps on McGee. Irwin tags back in and catches McGee with a knee. McGee slammed into Joe’s knee. Gypsy Joe continues to beat on McGee. Irwin back in and he continues the onslaught. Irwin whips McGee into the ropes and Gypsy Joe nails him with a forearm and covers him for the pin. Irwin and Joe win the first fall.

Second fall starts with Irwin and Gypsy Joe attacking McGee and Boyles. All four are in the ring and Irwin and Joe are relentlessly beating their opponents. Bill Dundee and Tojo Yamamoto run in and attack Irwin and Joe. Referee stops the fall as a wild brawl ensues.

They restart the match after the break. Gypsy Joe and Dr. Bill Irwin toss their opponents out of the ring. Irwin shoves McGee back into the ring and Joe continues to beat on him. Irwin tags back in and power slams McGee but refuses to pin him. He goes for a slam and Gypsy Joe lands a top rope knee at McGee’s mid-section.

Irwin whips McGee into the ropes and McGee nearly gets the pin on Irwin with a sunset flip but Gypsy Joe breaks it up. Joe gets back into the ring and continues to beat on McGee. Irwin continues to yell “Where’s Yo-Yo?” Gypsy Joe continues to stomp on McGee. Irwin tags in and slams McGee into Tony Boyles. Boyles comes in and tosses Irwin across the ring but Irwin’s back up and regains control of the match. Irwin then gets Boyles with a shoulder breaker but again refuses to pin him.

Gypsy Joe continues to stomp on Boyles. Russell mentions the time is running out but Irwin and Joe have already won the match. The bell rings to end the match. Irwin and Gypsy Joe continue to attack their opponents. Joe shoves the referee.

WINNERS: Bill Irwin & Gypsy Joe

Killer Karl Krupp and Jimmy Hart cut a promo with Lance Russell on an upcoming match against Billy Robinson. He said that it just took tossing champagne at Robinson for him to accept a match against him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. They kept building up the tag feud between Dundee & Yamamoto vs. Irwin & Gypsy Joe. Thought that was done well. Irwin cut a pretty good promo as well. The Killer Karl Krupp segment with him refusing to wrestle Eddie Gilbert and then tossing champagne at Billy Robinson was good as well. Tommy Rich calling Carl Fergie a redneck was pretty funny and at first I thought it was some sort of “pot calling the kettle black” type of thing but then when they had Fergie do his promo for an upcoming match, I got why Rich kept going at Fergie for being a redneck.


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