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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 8/21/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 8/21/1982

Taped 8/18/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 8/21/1982.

Bob Caudle is on commentary. He talks about the loaded lineup on today’s episode.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair joins Bob Caudle. He mentions having beaten Wahoo McDaniel really badly two weeks ago. Flair says that Jim Crockett went to the NWA Board and demanded that Flair be fined and wanted Wahoo to get a rematch. Ric reveals that the NWA Board sided with the Champion.

Ric Flair then says Jim Crockett in a power move resigned from the NWA Board of Directors. He doesn’t care that Crockett is one of the wealthiest men in the U.S. and that he and the NWA won’t get pushed around. Flair vows that he will hurt Wahoo McDaniel if he’s forced to wrestle him. He says that he’s tired of when Crockett use to push him around and that won’t happen again.

Ric Flair returns as he sees who his opponent is on TV. He tells Bob Caudle he doesn’t have to wrestle on TV or do anything he doesn’t want to do. Flair asks if this is a prank because where he comes from they don’t wrestle guys like that, they employ him.

Wahoo McDaniel storms out. Kelly Kiniski and Mike Rotundo come out trying to restrain him from going after Ric Flair. Flair grabs the mic and tells Wahoo that he told him that he’d never wrestle him again. He screams at Wahoo and tells them to get him out of here. Wahoo tells Flair that he’s afraid of competition. Flair tells Wahoo that he’s not afraid of him, he just doesn’t want to hurt him. While Flair’s distracted the crowd cheers on. Flair tells Wahoo that he’ll wrestle whoever and jumps into the ring. Jack Brisco has replaced Flair’s opponent in the ring! Flair heads back to the outside!

The bell rings and the referee waves that this match is happening. Flair asks Caudle were the other guy went. Flair heads over to Caudle and says he’s not wrestling Jack Brisco on TV. He asks Brisco is he wants some of him and then removes his belt and heads into the ring.

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Jack Brisco

They lock-up and reach the ropes with Flair refuses to break cleanly. Paul Jones joins Bob Caudle on commentary. Brisco is able to catch Flair in an abdominal stretch. He falls to the mat and goes for a pin attempt. Flair breaks out. Jones then states that Jack Brisco isn’t in his or Ric Flair’s class. Armbar by Brisco. Flair threatens to punch his way out of the hold. Flair whips him into the ropes but Brisco reverses it into an armdrag and gets him back in an armbar.

Jones keeps insulting Brisco on commentary. Brisco with an armbar and he looks over at Jones. Flair gets Brisco in the corner and unleashes a chop. Brisco is able to whip Flair into the corner and again attacks Flair’s left arm. Wristlock by Brisco as Flair screams in pain and is able to get in a knee into the mid-section. Some hard chops and punches from Flair on the ropes but Brisco again counters and gets him with a short-arm scissor and rolls around a bit in the ring.

Flair goes for a pin attempt on Brisco while in the hold. He uses his foot on the bottom turnbuckle to get a pin attempt on Brisco. Referee breaks up the hold. Back in the corner and Brisco blocks Flair’s punch. He delivers some punches of his own and knocks him down. Leg whip by Brisco but Flair’s back up. Brisco gets a near fall with a body press. Flair tosses Brisco to the outside. He slams Brisco’s head into the top turnbuckle as he tries to return to the ring.

Flair slams Brisco and follows with a knee drop. He gets Brisco with a piledriver and covers him for the pin but Brisco kicks out! More chops from Flair. He whips Brisco into the ropes and elbows him. Flair goes for a suplex but Brisco escapes and catches Flair with a sleeper hold! Flair counters with a backdrop suplex. Flair drops Brisco’s knee across his leg and goes for the figure-four leglock!

Jack Brisco reverses the figure-four leglock! Flair reaches the ropes. Brisco attacks Flair’s legs and whips him off the ropes. Flair pokes Brisco’s eyes. He slams Brisco and climbs to the top rope. Brisco catches him and slams him off. Brisco goes for the figure-four leglock but Flair quickly escapes. Flair with a small package but Brisco kicks out. Some cool moves and reversals for pin attempts. Brisco gets Flair with a back slide for the pin!

WINNER: Jack Brisco

Ric Flair attacks Jack Brisco after the match. Wahoo McDaniel heads out to make the save. Flair grabs a good mic and yells at Brisco telling him he’s a dead man because no one does that to him.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Jim Dalton & Ken Timbs

Jimmy Valiant enters dancing around and playing to the crowd. Roddy Piper shows up looking like he’s out for blood. Valiant threatens his opponents but Piper decides to attack both of them and they both get tossed out of the ring as Valiant joins in the fun.

Jimmy Valiant and Jim Dalton start the match off. Valiant lays in some firsts and slams Dalton into the turnbuckles. Piper tags in and continues to attack Dalton who heads over and tags in Timbs. Piper beats on Timbs and stomps on Timbs nose. He tosses Timbs into Valiant’s boot. Piper then catches Timbs with a knee lift. Double knee lift follows. Valiant tags in and Piper tosses Timbs into Valiant’s forearm.

Piper and Valiant beat and bite on Timbs in their corner. Valiant tags in Piper and he gets Timbs in the sleeper hold. Dalton tries to save his partner but Valiant attacks him. Piper puts Timbs to sleep and gets the win.

WINNERS: Jimmy Valiant & Roddy Piper

Bob Caudle talks about the craziness of the Piper and Valiant team and gets interrupted by Jim Dalton and Ken Timbs. Dalton talks about their opponents using illegal moves. He calls Piper a turncoat. Timbs says Piper used a choke hold on him. He vows revenge against Piper. Dalton says Piper turned a coward into a man that now wants revenge against him. They also are upset at Valiant and says he too is a turncoat. Bob Caudle then tells Dalton that he didn’t see him try to save Timbs which upsets Dalton. Timbs then says Valiant is crazy and needs a doctor to check him. Dalton says Valiant and Piper are both mentally ill. Great promo!

Paul “Number One” Jones (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Keith Larson

Paul Jones takes Keith Larson down but Larson quickly gets back up and armdrags Jones. Caudle mentions the House of Humperdink continues to grow. Larson takes Jones down again and gets him in an armbar. Jones whips Larson into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. He starts to beat on Larson attacking his mid-section.

Jones whips Larson into the ropes but Larson catches him with a boot. Some right hands rock Jones but he catches him with a knee in the corner. Jones with some shoulder tackles in the corner. Sir Oliver Humperdink heads over to join Caudle on commentary. Jones gets Larson with an atomic knee drop for a near fall. He misses a knee drop as Larson rolls out of the way. Larson whips Jones into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick.

Larson tries to get Jones out of the corner. He whips Jones out of the corner. Jones takes advantage of a mistake and continues to attack the mid-section. Larson keeps fighting back. He slams Jones and goes for the pin. Jones elbows Larson. He knocks Larson down. Larson back up and keeps fighting. He whips Jones into the corner. Sir Oliver Humperdink climbs up to the ring apron and distracts the referee. Jones then picks up Larson and gets him with a brainbuster (called suplex on commentary) for the pin.

WINNER: Paul Jones

Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle who calls Piper a hero which Piper doesn’t agree with. He insults Sir Oliver Humperdink and his House of Humperdink. He calls Leroy Brown an idiot. Then mentions how wrestlers are turning on him. He brings up Ivan Koloff and Gene Anderson and impersonates Anderson. He then calls out Jimmy Valiant who comes out with his music playing.

Jimmy Valiant does a crazy promo while his music is playing and Piper’s walking around. Valiant then hugs Piper. Valiant has a little radio with him and has Piper and Caudle listen to it. Caudle looks confused as they leave.

Sgt. Slaughter © vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts For The NWA U.S. Heavyweight Title

Sgt. Slaughter is wearing his hat with a feather on it. Caudle mentions that is from the head piece that Wahoo McDaniel wears. Sgt. Slaughter starts the match off slamming Jake Roberts. Roberts kicks out of a pin attempt and is back up with a side headlock on Slaughter. Roberts almost gets Slaughter in a knee lift. Slaughter gets in a few punches on Roberts but they end up trading punches. Slaughter gets in a few kicks on Roberts followed by a knee to the mid-section. He whips Roberts into the ropes and hits him again. Roberts grabs hold of his hand.

Slaughter keeps attacking and sending Roberts body into the turnbuckles. Big right hand from Slaughter but Roberts fires up and gets in a few punches and a knee lift! More punches from Roberts and he whips Slaughter into the corner and back drops him. Roberts goes for the pin but Slaughter kicks out and then pokes his eyes.

Roberts gets his head slammed into the top turnbuckle. Slaughter whips Roberts into the ropes but he ducks a clothesline but not enough as it hit the top of his head and both go down. Slaughter catches Roberts with a dropkick and goes for the pin. Roberts puts his foot on the bottom rope. Slaughter goes for a piledriver but Roberts picks him up and flips him off his back. Roberts kicks and then catches Slaughter with a knee lift. He teases a second one but Slaughter catches him with a clothesline and covers Roberts for the pin.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Sir Oliver Humperdink joins Bob Caudle. Gene Anderson shows up. Humperdink said he hopes to one day add Sgt. Slaughter to the House of Humperdink and says Wahoo better watch out for Sgt. Slaughter. Humperdink says that Gene is going to show everyone how to handle Wahoo McDaniel. Anderson says he’s going to show everyone how to beat Wahoo McDaniel.

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Gene Anderson

Gene Anderson gets Wahoo McDaniel in a side headlock and punches him. Wahoo McDaniel pays him back with a hard chop in the corner. They tangle up in the corner and exchange punches and chops. Wahoo whips Anderson into the ropes and takes him for a near fall.

Wahoo slams Anderson. Humperdink climbs on the ring apron and Wahoo and the referee get distracted. Anderson attacks McDaniel and gets him in a headlock. Fans chant for Wahoo McDaniel as he tries to get up. Leroy Brown and Ivan Koloff show up. Sgt. Slaughter also makes his way. McDaniel makes a comeback but Humperdink trips him. Referee sees it and disqualifies Gene Anderson for Humperdink’s interference.

WINNER: Wahoo McDaniel via DQ.

Sir Oliver Humperdink returns to talk with Bob Caudle with the House of Humperdink. He’s joined by Leroy Brown, Gene Anderson and Leroy Brown. He warns Piper and Valiant. Koloff says his feud with Valiant just started and now he’s upset that Piper’s joined Valiant. He also calls out Jack Brisco. Leroy Brown wants Ricky Steamboat to listen that he’s going to get him.

Sgt. Slaughter joins Caudle and says he got tricked into an Indian Stap Match against Wahoo McDaniel. He tells Wahoo that he’s wearing the feathers now and says McDaniel tricked him into accepting that match with Wahoo putting his hair on the line against Slaughter’s U.S. title. Slaughter says he has a plan and that along with Humperdink, he’ll take Wahoo’s hair.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode! This show was loaded with star power. Hard to beat a show that opens with Ric Flair cutting a promo followed by a match where his opponent gets substituted from being a jobber to Jack Brisco. Only negative in that segment was the way Flair put down his initial opponent. Flair vs. Brisco was a helluva match to open the show. Piper and Valiant as a tag team was pretty wild. I thought the Dalton & Timbs promo after they lost to Piper and Valiant was great too. They complained about their loss and how they were cheated and Caudle also liked to poke at them as well. The Paul Jones vs. Keith Larson match was very competitive. Thought that was pretty good too. Same with Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jake Roberts being good as well. They closed with Wahoo McDaniel vs. Gene Anderson which was kept short and that was perfectly fine on a show that had 2 other marquee matches. This was definitely a must-see episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.


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