Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 9/13/1980

Taped 9/13/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary.

“Wildfire” Tommy Rich vs. Tony Boyles

Tommy Rich shows up screaming as he holds up the Southern Heavyweight title. Rich attacks Boyles before the bell rings and Boyles still has his jacket on. Boyles makes a comeback and backdrops Rich and gets him in an armbar while still wearing his jacket! Rich breaks out of the hold and Boyles removes his warm-up jacket.

Rich takes Boyles down with a headlock. Boyles escapes with a headscissors but Rich kicks out and complains to the referee that his hair was pulled. Side headlock by Boyles. Rich tosses him off by pulling his hair. Boyles again with a headlock. Backdrop driver by Rich for a near fall on Boyles. Rich gets upset that referee Paul Morton might have counted too slow.

Rich again takes down Boyles. Referee forces them to break. Rich lays in a forearm on Boyles and then gets him with a second. He slams Boyles. Rich goes for a suplex and goes for the pin but only gets a two-count. Elbow smash by Rich knocks down Boyles and Rich covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Lance Russell talks to Jerry Lawler about an upcoming Louisville match against Karl Krupp. He again repeats that he can’t really wrestle right now but he’s willing to put his leg in a cast and wrestle Krupp if Krupp wears a cast as well.

Bill Dundee joins Lance Russell who talks about a tag match with him and Tojo Yamamoto against Dr. Bill Irwin and Gypsy Joe. Yamamoto joins them for the promo.

Tommy Rich joins Lance Russell for an interview. He talks about how he predicted he’d win the title and said he doesn’t appreciate Jimmy Valiant calling him “Wild Flower”. He says he beat Valiant fair and square and didn’t have Jimmy Hart help him out. Rich says he wants a match with Robinson and doesn’t think Valiant deserves a rematch. He tells Russell that he can do everything better than Valiant.

Rich says he returned for competition in Memphis. He says he’s number one and it doesn’t matter who Valiant has as on his side, he’ll still beat him. Rich says he’s coming after everyone.

Frank Savage & Tom Stanton vs. Carl Fergie & David McGee

The on-screen graphic mentions Carl Fergie is teaming with Mike Merony bud Dave Brown says it is David McGee. Carl Fergie and Tom Stanton start the match off. Fergie with a quick armdrag to take Stanton down. Stanton whips Fergie into the ropes but gets knocked down, backdropped and armdragged. He heads over and tags in Frank Savage.

Frank Savage with a jab to the throat. McGee tags in but Savage knocks him down. He elbows McGee and then tags in Stanton. They double-team McGee and Stanton continues with some forearms. Stanton whips McGee into the ropes and hits him with a forearm. Double-clothesline by Stanton and Savage. Fergie tries to help but that leads to more double-teaming.

Savage whips McGee into the corner and he tags in Fergie. Fergie gets in the ring and beats on Stanton (who tagged in). Savage gets back in the ring. Fergie with the side headlock but Savage whips him into the ropes and gets him with a forearm. Fergie strikes back.

McGee comes in and continues to go after Savage but Frank picks him up and drops him on his knee. He follows that up with a bear hug. Stanton climbs the ropes and lands an elbow on McGee. He covers McGee for the pin.

WINNERS: Frank Savage & Tom Stanton

Lance Russell talks about Jerry Lawler returning and wrestling Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart & Killer Karl Krupp show up and Russell has them show the video. Krupp says he couldn’t sleep because of what happened to Jimmy Hart and says Lawler tortured him. He said that he tried to save his good friend and manager but other wrestlers and the police wouldn’t let him go to the ring. Krupp says he is willing to wrestle Lawler any way he wants because he wants to avenge his friend.

Jerry Lawler joins Lance Russell and talks about beating Jimmy Hart and sending him to the hospital. He says that he can’t really wrestle against an actual wrestler so he’s not going to get tricked into wrestling Krupp. He mentions that he can’t even beat Bub Smith right now. He vows when his leg is healed he will wrestle Krupp.

Lou Thesz vs. David Oswald

Lou Thesz with a quick takedown on David Oswald and quickly into a headscissors. Clean break as they get near the ropes. Thesz takes down Oswald again and gets him in a hammerlock. Oswald goes for a body slam but Thesz keeps the hammerlock on until Oswald reaches the ropes. Oswald and Thesz go to the mat and Thesz grabs hold of David’s left arm.

Thesz with a double leg takedown and gets him in a chinlock. Oswald reaches the ropes. He gets Thesz in a headlock. He pulls Thesz by the hair and takes him down to the mat. Thesz tosses him into the ropes and catches him with a knee lift. Oswald takes down Thesz but Thesz gets back up and catches him with a German suplex and covers Oswald for the pin.

WINNER: Lou Thesz

Bill Dundee joins Lance Russell for an interview. He mentions that he did beat Bill Irwin. Irwin shows up and says that Dundee never beat him and never will. He insults Dundee and says he is a cheap impersonation of Elvis Presley. Dundee tells Irwin that he has beaten him. Irwin tells Dundee that if he thinks he can beat him then why don’t they get in the ring and he calls Dundee “shorty” a few times. Dundee agrees to the match.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee vs. Dr. Bill Irwin

Side headlock takedown by Bill Dundee but Irwin escapes and counters with a headscissors. Dundee breaks out and they end up on the ropes. Some mat work to start the match with Irwin constantly reaching the ropes. Dundee keeps taking Irwin down and finally gets him in a front facelock. Irwin escapes with a wristlock and kicks at Dundee. Dundee reverses and gets him with a knee lift.

Dundee with an armbar applying pressure on Irwin’s shoulder. He stomps on the left hand. Irwin punches Dundee and then charges at him with a kick. He whips Dundee and backdrops him. Big knee across Dundee’s face but he only gets a two-count. Irwin charges and keeps stomping away at Dundee. He picks up Dundee and drops him onto the top rope.

Irwin keeps control of the match and lets out a howl. Dundee surprises him with a cradle for a near fall. Dundee regains control of the match as the fans cheer him on. He kicks and punches away at Irwin. Dundee goes for the pin but Irwin kicks out. Side headlock by Dundee followed by a punch. They brawl a bit with referee Jerry Calhoun trying to keep them separated.

Irwin slams Dundee into the corner. He follows with a backbreaker across the knee for a two-count due to Dundee getting his foot on the bottom rope. Irwin keeps getting near falls on Dundee. He starts to choke Dundee. Dundee kicks away Irwin and lands a knee drop on him. He starts punching away on Irwin and goes for the pin but Irwin kicks out at two.

Dundee whips Irwin into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He covers Irwin for the pin but Gypsy Joe runs in and saves Irwin. Irwin hits Dundee with a jumping knee. They continue to beat on Dundee and Bill starts to bleed. Gypsy Joe takes his shoe off to continue to beat Dundee with it. Tojo Yamamoto runs in and makes the save.

WINNER: Bill Dundee via DQ

Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert vs. Sonny King & Mike Merony

Sonny King and Tommy Gilbert start the match. King takes out his lollipop from his mouth before the match starts. He tells the referee that he’s not ready and starts getting himself ready as he argues with the fans. Dave Brown mentions King’s wasted a minute and two seconds.

Match finally starts and Tommy with an armdrag on King. King whips Tommy but that gets reversed and King gets backdropped. Eddie tags in and gets King in a side headlock. King tags in Merony who backdrops Eddie off the ropes and gets a near fall. Eddie fires up and catches Merony with a knee lift. Merony is able to get him with an elbow and another near fall.

Eddie Gilbert and Mike Merony tangle near the ropes but Merony is able to tag in King. King beats on Eddie and slams him. Fans start to cheer on Eddie but King keeps punching him. Merony tags back in but attacks Tommy Gilbert. This allows Sonny King to throw Eddie Gilbert over the top rope.

Merony goes for a small package pin attempt on Eddie Gilbert but Eddie kicks out. Eddie tries to fight back and is able to reverse a whip and powerslam him for the pin!

WINNERS: Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert

Dr. Bill Irwin and Gypsy Joe join Lance Russell for a promo and Irwin mentions how he tricked Dundee into the match and how they destroyed him after the match.

Killer Karl Krupp joins Lance Russell and talks about the cast match with Jerry Lawler that he agreed to. He tells Lawler that he wants him to have all the advantages but vows to destroy him for what he did to his friend Jimmy Hart.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The Bill Dundee vs. Bill Irwin match was good and the attack by Gypsy Joe and the pre-match confrontation were well done too. The rest of the matches were okay but had some good action in them at times. Lou Thesz and Tommy Rich on this show felt special given it was in 1980.


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