World Of Sport Ep. #15

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #15

Steve Logan vs. Bert Royal

Taped 8/23/1975 in Woking.

This is a six 5-minute round match with winner being determined by two falls, two submissions or a knockout. Crowd is clearly on the side of Bert Royal. They heavily boo Steve Logan.

Round one starts with Royal getting Logan on the ropes but Logan escapes. Armbar by Logan gets reversed into a wristlock by Royal. Announcer keeps bringing up Logan’s “Mexican mustache”. Logan gets Royal on the ropes in order to break the hold. Toe hold by Royal on Logan keeps him on the mat. Logan escapes but Royal does a cool cartwheel on the reversal attempt.

Logan gets Royal in a headlock. Royal escapes and goes after Logan’s left arm again with a double wristlock. Logan reaches the ropes to break the hold. Logan gets in a cheap shot at Royal. He punches Royal again in the mid-section. Logan gets him with a nerve hold. He uses his hair to cover up what he’s doing to Royal. Referee tells him to break the hold.

Royal gets Logan in a strange hold and then drops back and keeps Logan above him in a surfboard type position. He switches to a body scissors on Logan. Bell rings ending the fall.

Round two starts with Logan taking down Royal with a cheap shot that the referee doesn’t see. He whips him hard into the corner. Royal counters the second attempt and tries for a Boston Crab but Logan escapes. Royal goes for a pin attempt but Logan pulls him off and escapes. Hard slap from Royal at Logan. He does it a second time and then hip tosses him. Logan lands on top but the referee has them break away.

Royal trips up Logan and goes for a leglock. He puts pressure on the hold. Fans cheer on Royal as he keeps the leglock on. Logan struggles to break out of the hold and Royal places his foot on Logan’s face and keeps slapping at it and eventually knocks Logan back down on the mat. He gets in a forearm on Logan while still keeping him in the leglock. Logan is able to grab his arm and escapes the hold. Royal gets his leg up but Logan folds his leg up. Royal kicks away at Logan forcing him to break. Royal goes for a pin attempt but they land on the ropes and the bell rings.

Round three starts with Logan catching Royal with an uppercut that takes Royal down. He gets in a couple of punches on Royal that the referee didnt’ see. He slams Royal and goes for the pin. A few more forearms from Logan but Royal fights back but gets caught again with a forearm while going after Logan on the ropes. Logan covers Royal for the pin and wins the fall.

They skip ahead to Round Five. Logan tosses Royal but Royal catches him with a pair of dropkicks. He ends up getting him with four dropkicks and then slams him and covers Logan for the pin. Quick fall. Royal ties it up 1 fall each. Announcer mentions Logan also has one public warning.

Round six starts with Logan getting Royal with a nerve hold. Royal chops away but can’t escape. He finally does so and catches Logan with some forearms that knock him down to the mat. Logan counters and gets him with a forearm of his own. Royal with a leg takedown on Logan and he grabs hold of his left leg. Logan reverses and places his forearm across Royal’s face.

Royal is able to get Logan in a leglock and switches it over to a Texas Cloverleaf variation. He ends up placing Logan over his knees. Logan escapes and places his knee across Royal’s wind pipe. Royal escapes and slaps Logan. Logan punches Royal. Royal with a back elbow followed by a forearm. Logan extends his hand in friendship but Royal doesn’t fall for it.

Royal with a reverse double leg nelson on Logan. He slaps Logan with his foot across his face. Logan escapes. Nerve hold by Logan as time is running out. Royal spreads Logan’s legs apart. The bell rings and the match ends in a draw.


Mick McManus vs. Johnny Saint

Taped 11/22/1975 in Gravesend

This is a six 5-minute round match with winner being determined by two falls, two submissions or a knockout.

Round one starts with Saint grabbing hold of McManus with a side headlock but McManus quickly counters that into an armbar and takes Saint down to the mat. Nerve hold by Saint. McManus escapes and gets him in a hammerlock that Saint quickly escapes. Wristlock by Saint gets reversed into a headscissors by McManus. Saint escapes!

McManus with an arm roll takes Saint down and gets him in a side headlock. Saint escapes and tries for a leg takedown but McManus lands on top of him and keeps him on the mat. McManus and the referee argue a bit. McManus with a hammerlock on Saint. Saint esapes and goes for a pin attempt but McManus kicks out.

Saint goes for an armlock but McManus takes him down with a headlock. Saint escapes and gets him with a back hammer. McManus counters and grabs hold of Saint’s right leg. Saint escapes by rolling back and forth on the mat. McManus goes for a pin attempt on Saint but that gets blocked. Saint takes McManus down and gets him in a headscissors. Bell rings ending the fall.

Round two with McManus quickly getting Saint in a headlock and taking him down to the mat. Saint picks him up on his back but McManus takes him back down. Saint uses a nifty escape to break out of the hold. He gets McManus in a wristlock. Saint goes for a front facelock but McManus flips him off and Saint lands on his feet. He snapmares Saint again and takes him down to the mat.

McManus tries to pin Saint and gets upset at the referee thinking he got a pin on Saint. Crowd cheers on the arguing and the referee gives McManus a public warning to the delight of the fans. Some quick counter wrestling by Saint takes McManus down to the mat. McManus gets in a knee into Saint’s mid-section near the ropes. Wristlock by Saint and he applies pressure on it and that sends McManus down onto the mat.

McManus asks them to ring the bell as he’s in a hold. He’s able to escape and reverse it but Saint does the same and then dropkicks his arm. McManus takes down Saint as the time is winding down. McManus stares down the time keeper for ringing the bell as he seemed to have control of the match.

Round three with some quick moves from Saint on McManus with a cool looking bodyscissors. McManus gets in a forearm on Saint. He does it a few more times. He tosses Saint across the ring. A punch to the mid-section by McManus. McManus slams Saint and lands on him for the pin.

Round four starts off with McManus continuing to beat on Saint. He tosses Saint again. Saint reverses a whip by McManus and rolls him over and gets Mick with a bridge for the pin. Match is now tied 1-1.

Round five starts with Saint catching McManus with a jumping knee to the face. He tosses McManus across the ring. McManus with a leg takedown but Saint escapes and then grabs Mick by the ears and throws him. Referee tells Saint not to throw him by the ears. Side headlock by McManus but Saint reverses it.

Saint grinds his forearm into McManus face. McManus gets Saint with a choke and holds him by the trucks before knocking Saint down. Mick with some chops at Saint. Saint with a cartwheel followed by a dropkick. He catches McManus with a second dropkick on the ropes. Saint goes after Mick’s ears and gets distracted when the referee warns him and McManus punches him. Saint chokes McManus and then slams him into the corner.

Armbar by McManus on Saint. Switches it over to a back hammer and Saint punches his way out of the hold. McManus argues that it was a punch but referee didn’t see it. McManus goes for the pin but Saint rolls through and McManus falls on the ring apron and past the ropes. Saint continues to kick at him so the referee gives him a public warning. Saint grabs hold of McManus as the bell rings ending the fall.

Round six starts with McManus wanting to shake hands with Saint and they do so to the surprise of the fans but McManus does get in a cheap shot after. McManus with a few blows to the mid-section. He tosses Saint around the ring again. McManus whips Saint into the ropes but Saint lands a cartwheel and then goes for a body press on McManus! McManus tries to keep from having Saint land on him. Saint finally does it and gets a near fall.

Saint gets McManus on the ropes but that doesn’t last very long as Mick gets in a few forearms to his back. McManus whips Saint into the ropes but Saint uses his speed to go under Mick’s legs and try to get him in a pin but McManus stops him. Body scissors by McManus but Saint tries to get the pin. Saint breaks out of the hold and stomps on McManus. Saint hits McManus in the corner and the referee warns him.

McManus complains about his knee hurting but he’s trying to trick Saint. Saint doesn’t believe it and continues to attack him. He gets McManus with a dropkick. Saint slams him and gets a two-count. Wristlock by Saint. He whips McManus into the corner. McManus with some forearms across Saint’s back. He knocks Saint down with some forearms to the body. McManus punches Saint but Saint bounces back up and goes for a pin. McManus goes for a pin with time running out but Saint ends up on the ropes. Bell rings and match ends in a draw.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Two good technical matches that unfortunately end in draws. The cool thing about watching World of Sport is that many fans who didn’t grow up watching these shows but perhaps know some of the names of British standouts that were highly regarded in later years end up discovering the other great talent from the past. For every Johnny Saint, Rollerball Rocco or Dynamite Kid that one knows, you end up discovering a Bert Royal or Les Kellett who are just as impressive.


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