Championship Wrestling From Florida 5/12/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 5/12/1984

Taped 5/9/1984 in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 5/12/1984.

John Heath is this week’s guest host sitting in for Gordon Solie. He’s joined by Barbara Clary and Buddy Colt. Buddy Colt mentions the big news in pro wrestling is that Kerry Von Erich defeated Ric Flair to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. They talk about the main event being Dusty Rhodes vs. Purple Haze.

Mike Rotundo vs. “Wild” Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder with an armdrag on Rotundo to start the match. Rotundo recovers and gets Snyder in a side headlock. He takes Snyder down a couple of times to the mat. Snyder gets back up and gets Rotundo on the ropes but Rotundo catches him with a forearm and takes him down to the mat again.

Rotundo keeps taking Snyder down to the mat. Snyder is able to get Rotundo in a side headlock but gets countered into a headscissors by Rotundo. He switches over to a side headlock. Snyder gets Rotundo on the ropes and gets in a few cheap shots. Rotundo fires up and slams Snyder but misses an elbow drop. He gets Snyder with an upper cut and takes him back down to the mat with a front facelock.

Snyder goes for an armdrag but Rotundo goes over and keeps him in a side headlock. They’re forced to break due to rolling into the ropes. Leg takedown by Rotundo and he goes for a cradle for a pin. Rotundo keeps Snyder on the mat until Snyder gets him in the ropes and whips him into the corner. He charges at Rotundo who moves and Rotundo is back in control with a front chancery. Snyder gets a whip reversed and Rotundo gets him in an airplane spin for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Rotundo

Buddy Colt interviews Billy Jack about his Florida title defense against Molokai who he says that he doesn’t know. He’s glad he won’t have to worry about Kevin Sullivan since he’ll be bullroped to Dusty Rhodes.

Mike Rotundo joins Buddy Colt for an interview. He asks about Rotundo wanting a shot at the NWA World title match against new champion Kerry Von Erich and says he definitely wants a match against him. He also would like to get another U.S. tag team title match with Barry Windham against Black Bart and Ron Bass. They also asks about Mike Davis freezing up when he tried to help him on a previous show after seeing Kevin Sullivan. Rotundo says he has no problem with Mike Davis and that things just happen.

Kevin Sullivan (w/ Molokai) vs. Mike Fever

Kevin Sullivan quickly takes down Mike Fever. He slams Fever’s head into the top turnbuckle and whips Fever into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Sullivan tosses Fever to the outside and attacks Fever as he gets back into the ring. Middle rope chop by Sullivan. He gets Fever in a chinlock and then switches over to pulling up Fever’s chin.

Some knee strikes by Sullivan as he dominates the match. He attacks Fever’s side as he grabs hold of the left arm. Sullivan kicks Fever’s head and then slams it into the mat. More stomps from Sullivan and he tosses Fever again to the floor. He suplexes Fever back into the ring and covers him but picks him back up. Sullivan continues to beat on Fever. He gets Fever with a shoulder breaker and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

“Cowboy” Ron Bass joins the commentary team and talks about the new World Champion Kerry Von Erich. He mentions that Dillon before leaving signed him to a world title match on May 19th at the Sun Dome. Bass says he’s been training and was waiting to wrestle Ric Flair but he lost it to Von Erich. He says that his experience will help him against Von Erich and admits that Kerry is a great athlete but says Kerry will be one of the shortest-lived champion.

“Cowboy” Ron Bass vs. Dennis Brown

Ron Bass shoves Dennis Brown aside. He gets him with a wristlock but Brown reverses until Bass rakes his eyes. Bass with an elbow drop on Brown and then he gets him in a front facelock. Brown escapes and attacks Bass’ arm. Bass slams him down and lands a leg drop. Reverse chinlock after a pin attempt by Bass.

Denny Brown escapes the chinlock and whips Bass into the ropes but Bass catches Brown with a boot. He slams Brown and follows with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Brown continues to fight back with some punches and elbows but Bass whips him into the ropes and he misses a body press off the ropes. Bass picks Brown up for the Stampede and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Buddy Colt mentions that “Superstar” Graham made a challenge to any wrestler in the building and that there were several takers. Graham says he is the official arm wrestling champion and that there is a man courageous enough to go up against him. Mike Fever is the guy challenging him. Billy Jack shows up and asks Graham why he doesn’t challenge him and he tells Jack that someone already accepted the challenge and that maybe some other day he’ll challenge him.

Graham and Snyder get ready for their arm wrestling match. Referee Bill Alfonso checks and as soon as he lets go, Graham wins quickly. Graham talks about how great he is.

Billy Jack joins “Coach” John Heath at the desk. He’ll be joining him for commentary of the next match.

“Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Chief Joe Lightfoot

Superstar Graham steps out of the ring as the bell rings. Graham misses a chop at Lightfoot on the ropes. Lightfoot blocks a chop and gets in a few of his own at Graham. Graham heads to the outside as the fans cheer on Lightfoot. Billy Jack said he never was given a shot at the challenge. Graham gets back in the ring and chops Lightfoot. He attacks him in the corner and chokes Lightfoot.

Graham gets Lightfoot in a chinlock and then gets in a few forearms across his chest a few times. Lightfoot makes a comeback with some chops and takes Graham down. Graham chops Lightfoot’s throat and sends him to the floor. Referee calls for the DQ. Graham heads to the outside and attacks Lightfoot. He then gets Lightfoot in the full nelson. Billy Jack heads to the ring to stop Graham.

WINNER: Joe Lightfoot via DQ

Superstar Graham joins Buddy Colt to talk about his May 16th NWA World title match against Kerry Von Erich. He is not concerned about beating Von Erich and that it being a NO DQ match, he can do whatever he wants.

Kevin Sullivan with Molokai talk about Dusty Rhodes and says he knows nothing about Molokai.

The Panama Gang along with Black Bart and Ron Bass talk about their tag team title match against Dusty Rhodes and Barry Windham. Bass is surprised to see Rhodes finally come out to help Barry Windham.

Barry Windham and Dusty Rhodes join Buddy Colt at the desk and talk about their tag title match. Windham has all the faith in Dusty Rhodes and thinks having won the titles already with Rotundo that he has a good chance of regaining them. Rhodes praises Windham.

Black Bart (w/ The Panama Gang) vs. Mike Davis

Blackjack Mulligan joins the commentary team to talk about Black Bart. Black Bart gets in a shot at Mike Davis but Davis quickly gets on offense and armdrags Bart. Bart gets in a punch at Davis and then whips him into the ropes but Davis again surprises Bart and takes him down to the mat. Bart heads to the outside but Davis keeps the armbar on him.

They get back in the ring. Bart gets in a knee into the mid-section and then whips Davis into the corner but Davis reverses it and gets Bart with a monkey flip. He goes for a second monkey flip but Bart holds onto the ropes. Bart picks up Davis and drops him onto the top rope. Bart gets a whip reversed into the corner and Davis slams him. Davis goes for an elbow but Panama Gang trips him up. Bart takes advantage and drops an elbow on Davis and gets the pin.

WINNER: Black Bart

“Crisis in Paradise” feature with Barbara Clary interviewing Dusty Rhodes and Frank Boscia at the Orange Bowl. They show some video of Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo at the swimming pool.

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs. The Purple Haze (w/ Kevin Sullivan)

The Purple Haze gets Dusty Rhodes in the corner. He then sends him to the outside and slams Rhodes into the chairs. The Purple Haze grabs a chair and proceeds to hit Rhodes with it and leaves him bloody. He punches away at Rhodes. Rhodes counters with an elbow at The purple Haze. He elbow drops Haze. Blackjack Mulligan heads over to the ringside area to even up the odds.

Wristlock by Rhodes. He gets The Purple Haze in an armbar and then switches over to a surfboard. Rhodes takes Haze down to the mat with an armbar. Haze breaks out and chops Rhodes a few times. He continues to attack Rhodes. Rhodes blocks a chop and gets in a few punches at The Purple Haze and sends him into the ring ropes.

Rhodes continues to attack The Purple Haze but Haze drags Rhodes to the outside. They get back in the ring and Rhodes elbows Haze. Molokai shows up and hands Sullivan something. Rhodes has The Purple Haze in the figure-four leglock. Sullivan runs in and stomps on Rhodes. Sullivan has some type of weapon that he pulled from the box. It looked like a dagger. He charges at Rhodes but Muilligan gets in and saves Rhodes but Sullivan stabs him in the chest instead! Several wrestlers get in the ring to help Mulligan.

WINNER: Dusty Rhodes via DQ

Sullivan grabs a mic and yells out, “Kill the head and the body dies” a few times.

“Coach” John Heath thinks it looked like a shank that Sullivan used to stab Mulligan.

Sullivan on commentary says “to be a king, you have to kill a king”. He laughs as they recap what he just did to Mulligan and how he’s gotten rid of the head of the family and now it’s just Windham and Rhodes.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Really good episode! The closing segment was pretty wild and not just for 1984 standards but really for any time because you just don’t expect to see a closing angle where a wrestler stabs another wrestler in the ring. I’m guessing Gordon Solie skipped this show after being told about this angle. This episode focused a lot on Sullivan and his disciples with them talking about the newest being Molokai. The Superstar Graham segment was entertaining. The matches themselves were okay but the interviews and angles were what made this show good.


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