Mid-South Wrestling 4/15/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 4/15/1983

Taped 4/13/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 4/15/1983.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Pearce mentions that there was a consultation between Mid-South Wrestling officials for a big match. Watts states that Gen. Skandor Akbar is putting up $25,000 to the winner of the tag team title match between Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. against his new team.

Reiser Bowden interviews Gen. Skandor Akbar about this tag team title match. Bowden mentions there was a press conference and that Akbar has put up $25,000 for a tag team title match with the one stipulation being that he did not have to reveal his tag team. Bowden wondered if the team would consist of members of Devastation Inc. and names Kamala and Kendo Nagasaki.

Akbar says that this new team is the best thing he’s ever done in wrestling and that Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. took the bait and due to their greed accepted the title match. He then introduces this new team, Mr. Olympia and Ted DiBiase. DiBiase praises Akbar and says he’s still upset at how Mid-South Wrestling handled the tag team title situation with the Rat Pack. He says Hacksaw Duggan got a little “rambunctious” and fired Matt Borne from the Rat Pack. DiBiase says that he calls the shots and made the decision that because of how Mr. Olympia showed so much loyalty to JYD that if he shows the same loyalty to DiBiase, he’ll take him to the top. Mr. Olympia says his loyalty lies to himself but his financial loyalty lies with Akbar and DiBiase.

Mr. Olympia says he’s still upset at how they took the North American Heavyweight title from him. He said that he has Mr. Wrestling II at the top of his list and JYD isn’t too far behind.

King Kong Bundy vs. Kelly Kiniski

King Kong Bundy shoves Kelly Kiniski away a few times. Watts talks about how much bigger wrestlers are nowadays and brings up Bundy wanting a 5-count. Bundy continues to toss Kiniski around the ring. Kiniski goes for a cross body block but Bundy tosses him off. He starts to punch away at Kiniski.

Bundy whips Kiniski into the corner and splashes him. He follows with a body slam and then hits the ropes and goes for a big splash for the win. Referee counts to three but Bundy tells him to count to five.

WINNER: King Kong Bundy

The Junkyard Dog vs. “Wild” Bill Irwin

Irwin with his bull whip and JYD with his chain stare each other down before they let go of their weapons. Irwin gets JYD on the ropes and gets in a forearm but JYD strikes back! Wild Bill gets a whip reversed and JYD backdrops him out of the corner. Test of strength with JYD tossing Irwin into the ropes.

Irwin gets JYD in a headlock but JYD breaks out of it pretty easily. JYD reverses it into a hammerlock. Irwin gets in a few elbows at JYD’s face to break out of the hold but JYD shoves him into the corner. Irwin continues to attack JYD but again JYD counters and takes Irwin down to the mat. JYD stomps on him and gets Irwin in a chinlock. JYD with a forearm across Irwin’s chest before going back to a chinlock again.

JYD gets his head knocked silly as Irwin breaks out of the chinlock. He beats on JYD but gets a whip reversed and backdropped. JYD with a shoulder tackle. Irwin catches JYD with a big boot off the ropes but JYD quickly gets him with a forearm. He gets Irwin with a second forearm. JYD picks up Irwin and gets the pin on him with the Big Thump powerslam.

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. are interviewed by Reiser Bowden about the upcoming Mid-South Tag Team title match against Ted DiBiase & Mr. Olympia. Conway Jr. said they are ready for them. He wants another opportunity against DiBiase for knocking him out with his loaded glove. Mr. Wrestling II said he’s not sure that DiBiase and Mr. Olympia make a good team. He said he’s looking forward to beating up Mr. Olympia.

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Frank Lavert

Butch Reed shoves away Frank Lavert every time they lock-up while Watts talks about Reed’s sports background. Lavert gets Reed on the ropes but that gets reversed and Reed whips him into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. Front facelock by Reed. Lavert whips Reed into the ropes but Reed catches him with a cross body block.

Reed with a front facelock takes down Lavert. They get back up but Reed keeps the hold locked in. Lavert beats on Reed in the corner but gets a whip reversed and backdropped by Reed. Reed whips Lavert into the ropes and catches him with a forearm. He punches away at Lavert. Reed whips Lavert again into the ropes and hits him with a shoulder tackle for the pin.

WINNER: Butch Reed

Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. © vs. Mr. Olympia & Ted DiBiase (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) for the Mid-South Tag Team Titles & $25,000.

Ted DiBiase and Tiger Conway Jr. start the match. DiBiase gets in a knee at Conway and takes control of the match. Conway reverses a whip into the corner and backdrops DiBiase. He follows with a pair of dropkicks that sends Ted rolling to the outside. Conway Jr. brings DiBiase back into the ring with a headscissors. DiBiase misses a swing at Conway Jr. who atomic drops him into Mr. Wrestling II. Conway Jr. goes for a pin attempt but DiBiase kicks out and heads over to his corner.

Watts brings up how DiBiase just returned from a tour of Japan and that he recalls Ted telling Hacksaw Duggan that he would have nothing to do with Gen. Skandor Akbar. Mr. Olympia tags back in and he and Conway Jr. lock-up. Some mat work by the two with Conway Jr. tagging in Mr. Wrestling II. II backdrops Mr. Olympia and then slams him. Knee lift from Mr. Wrestling II sends Mr. Olympia to the outside! Fans chant “TWO! TWO! TWO!!”

Mr. Olympia gets back in the ring and tags in DiBiase. Side headlock by Mr. Wrestling II followed by a body check. Mr. Wrestling II catches DiBiase with a knee lift but DiBiase backs away into his corner. Conway Jr. tags back in and continues to beat on DiBiase and slams him. Tiger gets a two-count and then pulls DiBiase out of the corner. He whips DiBiase into the corner. He does it a second time but DiBiase raises his knee when Conway Jr. charges at him.

DiBiase tags in Mr. Olympia who slams Conway Jr. and lands a fist on him. DiBiase back in with a middle-rope elbow at Conway Jr. Mr. Olympia back in and he punches Tiger in the mid-section. Quick tags from DiBiase and Mr. Olympia but Conway Jr. tags in Mr. Wrestling II. II beats on both DiBiase and Mr. Olympia. Mr. Wrestling II charges into the corner but DiBiase moves out of the way. DiBiase slams Mr. Wrestling II but then misses a middle-rope elbow drop.

Tiger Conway Jr. tags back in and he whips DiBiase around the ring. Gen. Skandor Akbar climbs up onto the ring apron. Tiger goes for a victory roll but Mr. Olympia kicks him off. Mr. Wrestling II charges at Akbar and the referee is distracted. DiBiase tags in Mr. Olympia and he gets Conway in the sleeper! Conway fights out of the sleeper with a backbreaker. Both men are down on the mat.

Mr. Olympia stops Conway Jr. but they bump into each other off the ropes. Ted DiBiase gets in the ring. Mr. Wrestling II does as well. Referee tries to get Mr. Wrestling II out of the ring. DiBiase reaches into his trunks to load up his glove. Mr. Wrestling II charges at DiBiase! Akbar tosses a weapon to Mr. Olympia who puts it on his boot. He dropkicks Tiger Conway Jr. and covers him for the pin. New tag team champions!

WINNERS: Mr. Olympia & Ted DiBiase

Kamala “The Ugandan Warrior” & “The Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki (w/ Friday & Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Art Crews & Mike Jackson

Kendo Nagasaki and Art Crews start the match. Nagasaki gets in a few kicks but Crews counters with some punches and getting Kendo in a wristlock. Crews tags in Jackson. Nagasaki catches Jackson with a kick and gets him in the corner where he beats on him a bit more before tagging in Kamala.

Kamala with some chops thrown at Jackson. He whips Jackson into the ropes and knocks him down with his belly. Jackson catches Kamala with a dropkick and then runs away from Kamala and tags in Crews. Kamala and Nagasaki beat on Crews in their corner. Nagasaki misses a chop and Crews pops him with a punch.

Jackson comes back in and monkey flips Nagasaki out of the corner. He catches him with one dropkick but misses a second. Nagasaki catches Jackson with a superkick and tags in Kamala. Kamala with two splashes on Jackson for the pin.

WINNERS: Kamala & Kendo Nagasaki

Rip Rogers vs. Randy Barber

Rogers shows off his robe to the fans. He gets Barber in a side headlock but Barber quickly escapes. Rogers reaches the ropes. He gets Barber with a wristlock but that gets reversed and again Rogers reaches the ropes. Big forearm from Rogers on the ropes. He follows with a fist. Rogers goes for a slam but Barber falls on top of him.

Barber whips Rogers into the ropes and armdrags him and goes for a pin attempt. Rogers escapes a slam attempt and tosses Barber into the ropes but Rogers escapes. Rogers gets Barber with an inside cradle for the pin.

WINNER: Rip Rogers

Tim Horner vs. Tony Zane

Tim Horner takes down Tony Zane who is making his debut here. Zane with a waistlock takedown but Horner uses his quickness to escape. Side headlock by Horner gets reversed into a headscissors by Zane. Horner sends Zane into the ropes. Leg takedown by Horner and into a side headlock on Zane.

Watts mentions that next week they will have the midgets wrestling which he’s kept promising for the past few weeks but Watts says Grizzly Smith said they’d be on next week’s show. Zane escapes and takes Horner down but Horner escapes. Horner slams Zane and he goes for a near fall as time is running out. Horner goes for a cradle but can’t get the pin. He whips Zane into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick and gets a near fall as TV time runs out.

WINNER: TV Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the first half being the best part of the show. The final 2 stand-by matches didn’t add much to the show. The build-up to the tag team title match with Akbar revealing his new tag team of Ted DiBiase and Mr. Olympia was done very well. They also made sure to continue the storyline with the Rat Pack and whether Duggan will be okay with DiBiase associating himself with Akbar. The tag team title match was pretty good. I thought the JYD vs. Irwin match was okay.


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