Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 9/6/1980

Taped 9/6/1980 WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary. Russell mentions that they’ll be talking about the Southern Tag Team title situation since they had scheduled a match on the show and that Jerry Lawler would be back to talk about his recovery from a leg injury.

Killer Karl Krupp (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Tony Boyles

Tony Boyles gets Killer Karl Krupp on the ropes and moves him around the ropes. He whips Krupp into the corner, but Krupp catches him with a boot. Krupp dominates the match going forward using his size and he beats on Boyles. He catches Boyles with a kick to the mid-section but only gets a two-count.

Krupp gets Boyles in a front facelock on the mat but breaks that to continue his attack on him. He smashes Boyles head into the turnbuckles and slams him to the mat. Big boot and knees at Boyles. Krupp applies a nerve hold on Boyles. He whips Boyles into the ropes and continues his attack. Big fists across Boyles upper body. Boyles briefly fights back but gets caught in a side headlock and Krupp punches him.

Continued beatdown of Boyles with Boyles trying to fight back. He makes a brief comeback and whips Krupp into the ropes. Krupp catches him with a boot and then puts on the claw on Boyles for the win.

WINNER: Karl Krupp

Promos for the Mid-South Coliseum show from Jimmy Valiant talking about his match with Tommy Rich and Jerry Lawler talking about his return match against Jimmy Hart. Lawler mentions that his leg is not all the way healed and that he can’t whip a wrestler right now but he can beat Jimmy Hart for slapping his face.

Before the next match, Jimmy Hart shows up and interrupts Lance Russell and Dave Brown. Hart tells Russell to tell Lawler to stay out because no one wants to see a washed-up star.

“Doctor” Bill Irwin vs. Rick Morton

Rick Morton with a takedown on Bill Irwin. Some matwork early in the match. Some more cool takedowns and matwork from both. Morton gets Irwin in a side headlock. Irwin whips him into the ropes but Morton catches him again with a side headlock. Irwin tries for a pin attempt on Morton but he kicks out.

Irwin whips Morton into the ropes and catches him with a boot to the mid-section. He follows with a knee strike and then tosses Morton into the turnbuckles. Irwin whips Morton again into the ropes and catches him with a knee. He slams Morton and follows with a big foot stomp.

Morton fights back! Irwin rakes the eyes. He misses a knee into the corner on Morton. Rick with a figure-four leglock on Irwin! Crowd cheers on Morton. Irwin rolls his way to the ropes to break the hold. Morton goes back after Irwin’s legs and again gets him in a figure-four leglock. Irwin again reaches the ropes. He kicks at Morton. Rick takes out Irwin’s leg and tries for another figure-four leglock but Irwin kicks him into the corner turnbuckles and covers him for the pin with Irwin holding the tights.

WINNER: Bill Irwin

Jerry “The King” Lawler joins Lance Russell at the commentary table. They show x-rays of Lawler’s leg and talk about a new procedure that will be done for his leg.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Ken Wayne

Jimmy Valiant heads over to the announcer’s table and makes a joke about Ken Wayne’s look. Valiant struts a bit before the match and as the bell rings sings, “This one’s dedicated to the one I love…” He charges at Wayne who backs into the ropes. Lawler and Russell talk about how Ken Wayne had been gone from wrestling due to having been in a car accident.

Valiant with a side headlock but Wayne uses his speed to counter “Handsome” Jimmy. Wayne even does a cool flip off a backdrop and gets up and points at his head asking if everyone saw what he just did. Valiant tells everyone to give him a hand. They shake hands. Wayne with a hiptoss but Valiant is able counter him with a kick and then an armdrag into an armbar.

They get back on their feet and Wayne gets in a few punches but gets a whip reversed into the corner and Valiant gets Wayne back into an armbar. Wayne gets in some punches to break out of the hold but Valiant punches back. He whips Wayne into the ropes and again Wayne does the cool flip off the backdrop and starts to celebrate. This time Valiant punches him and sends him to the outside. Valiant sling shots Wayne back into the ring and then catches him with an elbow drop for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Jimmy Hart and Killer Karl Krupp show up to confront Jerry Lawler. Lance Russell tries to get them away. Hart tells Lawler to wake up, give it up and that he’ll never walk again. He also tells Russell that he makes him sick. Hart talks about how great Lawler use to be and now he’s washed up. He says since leaving Lawler, he’s listed as one of the top 10 managers in the world.

Hart charges at Lawler. Russell keeps him away while Krupp tries to get in between as well.

Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert vs. David Oswald & Tio (w/ Sputnik Monroe)

The Gilberts are the Southern Tag Team Champions. This was originally going to be a tag title match with The Manchurians going up against the Gilberts, but one of the Manchurians was in the hospital so he’s replaced by David Oswald and the match is now non-title.

David Oswald and Eddie Gilbert start the match with some mat work with Oswald reaching the ropes. Backdrop by Gilbert on Oswald and he gets him in a side headlock on the mat. Oswald tries for a pin on Eddie but he flips himself back. Oswald whips Gilbert to the ropes and goes for a body slam. Eddie kicks him away and tags in his father Tommy Gilbert. Tommy with a body slam on Oswald.

Oswald tags in the Manchurian Tio. Tommy Gilbert gets Tio on the ropes. Monroe yells at the referee. Tio with an armdrag and he attacks Tommy’s left arm. Gilbert with a quick takedown and into a headscissors. Tio reaches the ropes. Tio goes for a leglock but Tommy kicks him off and gets him on the mat with a submission hold.

Eddie tags back in and he goes after Tio’s left arm. Tio whips Eddie into the ropes but Gilbert gets him down with an armbar. Tio with a body slam and he tags in Oswald. Gilbert gets a forearm on Oswald and tags in Tommy Gilbert. Tommy with a headlock keeps Oswald on the mat. Half nelson by Tommy that keeps Oswald grounded on the mat. He goes for a pin attempt on Oswald but Oswald reverses thru and they end up on the ropes so Tommy has to break the hold.

Oswald tags in The Manchurian. Monroe calls Tio over to talk to him. Big knee by Tio at Gilbert and he whips him into the turnbuckles. Some punches followed by an armbar. He attacks Tommy’s left shoulder. Oswald back in and he continues to attack Tommy’s left shoulder. Tommy tags in Eddie and Eddie catches Oswald with a dropkick.

Eddie follows with a kneedrop on Oswald and gets a two-count. Oswald tosses Eddie into the corner and charges at him but Eddie moves. Tommy comes in and they double-team Oswald. Eddie went for the pin a couple of times but Tio made the save. Oswald recovers and is able to tag in Tio. The Manchurian with a knee to the mid-section and he goes for a pin on Eddie but Tommy makes the save. Eddie breaks another pin attempt by reaching the ropes. Tio whips Eddie into the ropes but Eddie slides down and pulls down Tio for the pin.

WINNERS: Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Bub Smith & Chuck Malone in an expiration of time tag team match

Bill Dundee and Chuck Malone start the match. Side headlock by Dundee but Malone shoves him off. Dundee gets Malone in an armbar. Hair pull by Malone as he gets back up and gets away from Dundee. Dundee goes for a waistlock and that leads to some good mat work and Dundee slapping Malone’s butt. He tags in Yamamoto. Malone with a punch at Tojo but he shakes it off.

They fight on the ropes and eventually break. Tojo bows his head to Malone and then lands a hard chop across his chest. Malone heads over to tag in Bub Smith. Smith with a chop that does nothing to Yamamoto. He goes for a second one and that doesn’t work on Tojo either. Tojo chops Bub Smith and that sends him across the ring. He gets in a few more chops and Smith tags Malone back in.

Tojo Yamamoto with a hiptoss into a headlock on Malone. Dundee tags back in and takes Malone down to the mat and goes for a pin attempt but Malone kicks out. Malone punches at Dundee but gets backdropped while running the ropes. Dundee heads over to confront Bub Smith but goes back to take down Malone. Malone is able to tag in Smith and he gets in a few cheap shots on Dundee. Smith with more punches at Dundee. Dundee fights back and knocks Smith down.

Smith tags Malone in and they double-team Dundee for a bit. Malone gets Dundee in a reverse chinlock. Tojo makes the save for Dundee. Dundee tags in Yamamoto who chops Malone. He hiptosses Malone a few times. He tags in Dundee. Tojo whips Malone and Dundee catches him with a dropkick. Malone kicks out of a pin attempt and he’s able to tag in Smith. Dundee slams Smith!

Dundee takes Smith to the mat. They get back up and Dundee backdrops Smith. Dundee tags in Tojo and whips Smith into the ropes. Yamamoto catches Smith with a chop and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee & Tojo Yamamoto

Jimmy Hart joins Lance Russell for a promo for the Mid-South Coliseum match against Jerry Lawler and says he got Lawler were he wants him. Hart takes credit for Lawler winning the AWA Southern Heavyweight title.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought this was an okay episode with Jerry Lawler returning. I believe he had returned on a previous TV show as they had talked about Jimmy Hart slapping Lawler on the show. That might have been a better episode. I thought the Irwin – Morton match was pretty good. The two tag matches were entertaining. Valiant was fantastic especially when he was trash talking his opponent and then when Wayne did that cool spot, Valiant was impressed.


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