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SMW TV #49 (1/2/1993)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #49 (1/2/1993)

Bob Caudle and Jim Cornette open the show and talk about this being a “Year-End Review” show covering the first year of SMW.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong’s first interview with Bob Caudle as he talks about being the commissioner and what to expect from him. He talks about bringing back wrestling the way it use to be and have it be affordable for fans to attend and gives out the rules in SMW. Armstrong vows that SMW will be the best.

They recap Bob Armstrong and Mr. Ron Wright’s issues when Wright was trying to find someone to manage and how he would help guys cheat during matches. Armstrong bans Wright from being in the ringside area. Mr. Ron Wright cuts a great promo about being a good man. Mr. Wright eventually signs The Dirty White Boy.

That leads to a recap of The Dirty White Boy vs. Tim Horner feud including the time they handcuffed and hung him from the ring. That’s followed by re-airing Tim Horner’s personality profile that includes him singing.

They air promos for upcoming shows from Brian Lee and Tim Horner.

They recap the tournament for the SMW Heavyweight title airing highlights from the final between Brian Lee and Paul Orndorff. That’s followed by Paul Orndorff attacking Brian Lee during a match between Lee and The Dirty White Boy. Hector Guerrero is also attacked and hung on the ropes by his own tie. Best part of this wild segment was Dutch Mantell suggesting someone better get Guerrero down before he dies.

Cornette and Caudle talk about Paul Orndorff and how he has the most dangerous move in wrestling, the piledriver. Cornette is upset that Bob Armstrong banned the move. They then air a recap of Orndorff injuring several wrestlers with the piledriver.

That’s followed by a recap of Kevin Sullivan and his disciples attacking Brian Lee.

They air all the stars that appeared in SMW in 1992 including Rip Rogers, Terry Gordy, Billy Black, Joel Deaton, Bob Holly, Ivan Koloff, Hector Guerrero, the Batten Twins, Paul Orndorff, Barry Horowitz, Doug Furnas and many others!

They recap Jim Cornette introducing the Heavenly Bodies which Bob Caudle mentions he had trouble doing. Cornette said they had trouble because women kept showing up and interrupting his attempts to introduce his new tag team. That’s followed by a recap of The Heavenly Bodies feuding with the Fantastics.

More promos for upcoming shows from The Dirty White Boy and Jim Cornette.

That is followed by the return of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in SMW! They air a match between them against The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden). That’s followed by a recap of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express feud with Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies.

SHOW THOUGHTS: A good “Year-End Review” show highlighting some of the best moments from SMW in 1992.


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