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ECW TV 2/22/1994

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #45 (2/22/94)

Taped 2/4/1994 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 2/22/1994.

Show opens with a recap of the Shane Douglas and Terry Funk feud.

Joey Styles welcomes everyone from the Eagle’s Nest in ECW Arena. They air a recap of last week’s Kevin Sullivan and Taz match against The Young Dragons with the Bruise Bros. and The Public Enemy getting involved. They re-air The Public Enemy searching for the ECW Tag Team title contract in Tod Gordon’s office. Styles announces that The Public Enemy and The Bruise Bros. will wrestle in a falls-count-anywhere match with the winner getting a tag team title shot later on the 3/5 show.

Music video recapping the Public Enemy, Bruise Bros. and Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac feud.

“Awesome” Mike Awesome vs. Keith Scherer & Mikey Whipwreck in a 2-on-1 Handicap match

Scherer and Whipwreck attack Awesome and get him in the corner but Mike quickly makes a comeback. He clotheslines both his opponents. Awesome picks up Whipwreck above his shoulder and sends him into the top turnbuckle. He punches Whipwreck off the turnbuckle and to the floor.

Awesome with a belly-to-belly suplex on Scherer. Whipwreck back in and he gets slammed. Belly-to-back suplex by Awesome on Whipwreck. Awesome slams both with Whipwreck getting slammed onto Scherer. Awesome with a top rope splash on both for the pin. He follows by power bombing Whipwreck onto Scherer!

WINNER: Mike Awesome

That’s followed by a Mike Awesome music video.

Johnny Hot Body joins Joey Styles on commentary as he is there to talk about his off-again, on-again tag team partner Tony Stetson. He asks Styles who Stetson is wrestling and names Hawk and a few others including himself but Styles tells him that Stetson is wrestling Don E. Allen. Hot Body says Stetson knows wrestling from “A to B” and claims that there are no problems between them. He then starts to insult Stetson.

Tony “The Hit Man” Stetson vs. Don E. Allen

Tony Stetson catches Allen with a clothesline to start the match. He drops a knee to Allen’s back. He whips Allen again into the ropes and gets him with another clothesline only this time he used his sequined jacket. He tosses Allen to the outside. Stetson calls out Hot Body.

Johnny Hot Body responds to Stetson on commentary. Stetson then suplexes Allen on the floor. He gets back in the ring. Allen climbs back in and gets whipped into the ropes and Stetson catches him with a forearm for the pin. Stetson tosses Allen to the outside.

WINNER: Tony Stetson

They air a highlight from the Snuka – Dreamer match from two weeks ago with Dreamer kicking out of the Superfly Splash.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins) vs. Kyle Scherer

Snuka stares at the camera for a few seconds. He slowly prepares to start the match. Snuka shoves Scherer into the ropes a few times. Styles mentions that Kyle is Keith Scherer’s twin brother. Side headlock by Scherer. Kyle knocks Snuka down and gets fired up. Scherer with another side headlock on Snuka.

Snuka sends Scherer into the ropes and whips him but misses a clotheslines. Scherer catches Snuka with a clothesline and then mocks Snuka by doing his pose! Snuka locks up with Scherer again and shoves him into the ropes. He gets Scherer in a side headlock. Scherer tries to get him off but Snuka kicks him and starts to beat on him. Hard chop by Snuka sends Kyle down to the mat. Snuka stomps on his opponent. Thumb to the throat by Snuka.

Snuka with another thumb to Scherer’s throat. He gets Scherer with a backbreaker. Snuka climbs to the top rope and lands the Superfly Splash on Scherer! Tommy Dreamer shows up and puts Hunter Q. Robbins in the sleeper hold! He then stands over Robbins as Snuka pins Scherer for the win. Snuka heads to the outside but Dreamer takes off.

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka

Jason promo outside the locker room. He cuts a promo on Road Warrior Hawk who will be wrestling Mr. Hughes.

They air a music video featuring Peaches that also includes a clip of The Sandman and Peaches wedding.

The Sandman interviewed by Jay Sulli and vows that he’s not done with The Rockin’ Rebel and Pit Bull. Sulli ask him about Peaches and he tells him that she’s at home doing the laundry and shouldn’t have stuck her nose into a man’s business. The Sandman is smoking and is now on the edge compared to his surfer character.

Sabu © (w/ 911 & Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Pat Tanaka for the ECW Television Title

Sabu is carted to the ring by 911 and another guy as Paul E. leads them. Sabu charges at Pat Tanaka! He’s finally able to take Tanaka down to the mat. Tanaka kicks him off and catches Sabu with a spin kick! Side headlock by Tanaka but Sabu whips him into the ropes. Tanaka knocks Sabu down but on the second attempt off the ropes Sabu catches Tanaka with a kick.

Sabu beats on Tanaka in the corner including with a clothesline. He goes for a quick pin on Tanaka but he kicks out. Tanaka gets knocked down by Sabu but does catch Sabu with a chop. Sabu trips Tanaka up and gets him in a side headlock. Tanaka whips Sabu into the ropes and Sabu catches him with a clothesline. Sabu kicks Tanaka to the floor and follows with a slingshot dive onto Tanaka.

911 brings a table while Sabu hits Tanaka with a chair. Sabu places the table on the floor and drops Tanaka on it. Sabu goes for another slingshot senton at Tanaka on the table, but Tanaka moves out of the way and Sabu goes thru the table!

Paul E. and 911 check on Sabu who slowly gets back up on his feet. Pat Tanaka attacks Sabu’s back. He twists Sabu’s head. Paul E. screams some words. Tanaka climbs the ropes but Sabu catches him and goes for a Super Frankensteiner but Tanaka holds on to the ropes and Sabu falls to the mat. Tanaka follows with a middle-rope shoulder block and goes for the pin. Sabu kicks out at two!

Pat Tanaka with a headbutt at Sabu. Sabu reverses a whip and goes for a huracarana but Tanaka catches him with a powerbomb instead for another near fall. Sabu catches Tanaka with a dropkick. He whips Tanaka into the corner and Sabu goes for a slingshot moonsault for the pin! Good match.


Sabu’s handlers keep him away from Tanaka after the match.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode! The Sabu vs. Pat Tanaka match was good. Fun match with Tanaka getting in a lot of offense and getting some near falls that made it feel like he had a decent shot at beating Sabu especially after Sabu went thru the table. The other three matches were kept pretty short but two of them were building up some feuds and Mike Awesome was being built up as Sabu’s next challenger for the TV title. Also liked how this episode shows the start of The Sandman turning into the version we’re more familiar with from ECW.


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