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WCCW TV 9/18/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 9/18/1982

Taped 9/14/1982 at The Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 9/18/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary. They rundown the matches on this week’s episode and discuss The Magic Dragon’s rolling sleeper hold which some in World Class claim is a choke hold.

King Kong Bundy & “Wild” Bill Irwin (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Al Madril & Jose Lothario

Al Madril and Wild Bill Irwin start the match. Madril goes into a boxing stance and Irwin complains about it to referee Bronco Lubich. Irwin misses a punch at Madril who then armdrags Irwin and that sends Bill to the outside. Wild Bill gets back into the ring and gets Madril in a side headlock. Madril whips Irwin into Lothario’s direction which Bill stops but then Madril catches him with a punch. More punches thrown by Madril.

Lothario tags in and grabs Irwin in a side headlock. Dropkick off the ropes by Lothario and he follows by twisting Irwin’s head with his legs. Reverse chinlock by Lothario. Irwin reaches over and is able to tag in Bundy. Bundy gets Lothario on the ropes but breaks cleanly. Lothario with a leg takedown on Bundy and tags in Madril. They do a double split on Bundy’s legs. Madril attacks Bundy’s legs.

Another double leg split by Madril and Lothario on Bundy. Lothario gets Bundy in a toe hold. He pulls Bundy to his corner and tags in Madril. Bundy with a big forearm to Madril’s back. He sends Madril into the corner and then whips him into the ropes and into a body slam. That’s followed by an elbowdrop by Bundy for a near fall. Bundy tags in Irwin. Irwin with a knee to Madril’s mid-section.

Irwin drops Madril across the top rope. He follows with a running kick at Al. Whip into the ropes and a boot to Madril’s stomach. Big forearms across Madril’s chest and he tags in Bundy. Bundy with an elbow knocks Madril down. Madril fights back but Bundy knocks him back down. Bundy beats on him on the ropes but Madril gets a kick that staggers Bundy for a brief second. Bundy beats on Madril in the corner.

Bundy whips Madril into the corner but Madril moves as Bundy charges into the corner. Madril crawls under Bundy and tags in Lothario. Lothario fires off some shots at Bundy and Irwin. He gets Bundy with a left hook and whips him into the corner and catches him with another shot. Lothario covers Bundy for the pin.

Armand Hussein climbs up onto the ring apron and Madril charges over and punches him Wild Bill Irwin jumps off the top rope in an attempt to hit Lothario but Jose catches him with a punch. Lothario attacks Irwin and Bundy attacks him from behind. Bundy splashes Lothario and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: King Kong Bundy & Wild Bill Irwin

Al Madril attacks Armand Hussein after the match. Hussein heads out and raises Bundy and Irwin’s arms.

Bill Mercer interviews Kevin Von Erich to talk about his upcoming match against The Magic Dragon. Kevin tells Mercer that the sleeper the Magic Dragon uses is really a choke hold and tells him that he won’t lay down for anybody.

Kevin Von Erich vs. The Magic Dragon (w/ Armand Hussein)

The Magic Dragon does a leg split while he’s warming up before the bell rings. Kevin Von Erich is the new American Heavyweight Champion having beaten King Kong Bundy recently.

Test of strength after a bit of trying to match each other up. Kevin Von Erich takes The Magic Dragon down with an armbar. The Dragon gets Von Erich on the ropes and chops him. Von Erich quickly goes after him. Wristlock into a cool wheel barrow leg takedown by Kevin Von Erich. Kevin gets The Magic Dragon in a hammerlock but referee David Manning forces him to break due to being near the ropes.

Hard chops delivered by The Magic Dragon at Kevin. He goes for a nerve hold on Kevin’s armpit. Hussein taunts Kevin ringside. Von Erich powers out and breaks loose. He goes for a dropkick but The Magic Dragon moves out of the way. The Dragon with more chops on Von Erich and he gets him back in the nerve hold. Von Erich escapes and gets The Magic Dragon with the Iron Claw!

The Magic Dragon reaches the ropes and Von Erich has to break the hold. Hard chop by Dragon countered by Kevin knocking him down. Kevin misses an elbow drop. The Dragon whips Von Erich into the corner and charges with a kick but Kevin moves. Kevin goes for a rolling headscissors but slips off. He snapmares the Dragon and lands a big splash on him for the pin!

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

Armand Hussein argues that it was a two-count. Kevin wins. Hussein calls Manning a “lying dog”.

Kerry Von Erich vs. Armand Hussein

Armand Hussein complains to the referee about Kerry Von Erich. He then cheap shots Kerry before he does his camel walk ritual. Hussein sends Von Erich into the corner and beats on him. Armand attacks Kerry’s right leg. Kerry fights back with some punches. He catches Hussein with a round house right hand punch and Kerry knocks Hussein down and covers hi for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Kerry Von Erich

Armand Hussein, King Kong Bundy and Wild Bill Irwin interview. They talk about beating Madril and Lothario as well as the Von Erichs. Irwin says he’s fast like the Von Erichs and Bundy has the size and strength. Bundy praises his new partner Irwin and talks about having previously teamed with “psycho” Bugsy McGraw who he held several tag team titles with but McGraw lost them all. Hussein is pleased to have added Irwin to H & H.

Irwin talks about his match next week against Kevin Von Erich and Bundy talks about his match next week with Bugsy McGraw. Both are confident they will come out victorious.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Bugsy McGraw

The Great Kabuki looks on as Bugsy McGraw struts and shakes hands as he heads to the ring. Fans start to chant for Bugsy. Kabuki spits out his mist up in the air before the match starts.

The Great Kabuki charges at McGraw but he gets caught in a bear hug. They fall to the mat and exchange punches at each other on the mat. Kabuki kicks McGraw off. Fans continue to cheer on Bugsy. Punches exchanged by both. They break apart but get back together again to exchange shots. McGraw screams at Kabuki.

Hard chops delivered by Kabuki at the top of McGraw’s head. Bugsy whips Kabuki into the ropes and catches him with a bear hug. Gary Hart looks on ringside while Kabuki is worn down by the bear hug. Kabuki chops his way out of the hold briefly as Bugsy quickly gets him back in a bear hug.

Kabuki goes after McGraw’s eye to break out of the bear hug! He kicks McGraw. Hard chop at the side of Bugsy’s head. Some kicks at McGraw’s back by Kabuki. He gets Bugsy with a neck nerve hold. Bugsy’s left arm is falling to sleep and he slams it on the mat to keep the blood circulating. He elbows out of the nerve hold. He knocks down Kabuki off the ropes a few times but then gets caught by a chop from Kabuki.

Kabuki attacks McGraw on the ropes. He continues to attack McGraw’s neck. Back to a nerve hold on McGraw. Jay Saldi talks about the Dallas Cowboys briefly after Bill Mercer asked when he would return. McGraw escapes the nerve hold and slams Kabuki. He misses a splash on Kabuki. Kabuki climbs to the middle rope and lands a chop. Thrust kick to McGraw’s back and he’s back with a nerve hold. Fans cheer on Bugsy who powers out and pulls Kabuki’s hair.

Bugsy McGraw marches around the ring while Kabuki holds on to him. He breaks free. McGraw with several punches at Kabuki. He whips Kabuki into the ropes and elbows him which sends Kabuki into referee Bronco Lubich who falls to the mat. McGraw slams Kabuki and stomps on him. Bugsy climbs to the top rope but Gary Hart shoves him off. Kabuki climbs to the middle rope and lands a fist on Bugsy for the pin.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

Bugsy McGraw joins Bill Mercer for a post-match interview and he’s upset about his loss. He asks the promoters to get Hart handcuffed to the top rope and a rematch with the Great Kabuki. He wants this done so that Hart can’t interfere in his matches and also so he can slap him whenever he wants.

Bill Mercer mentions next week has all three Von Erichs in singles matches and Bugsy McGraw vs. King Kong Bundy.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. First two matches and main event were pretty good. Kerry Von Erich’s match was short but that worked. This episode was building up the heel side with Kabuki, King Kong Bundy and Wild Bill Irwin winning their matches and that sets them up for next week’s show. They also kept the Von Erichs strong winning their matches.


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