Memphis Wrestling 7/19/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 7/19/1980

Taped 7/19/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Aired 7/19/1980.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown on commentary.

They air video of Billy Robinson retaining the CWA World Heavyweight title in a match against Paul Ellering at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis on 7/14/1980. They join the match passing the 15-minute mark with Robinson dominating until he hurts his leg trying for a backbreaker. Ellering takes over working on Robinson’s leg. Robinson uses his technical ability to combat Ellering’s attempts at going after his leg. Robinson catches Ellering with a big forearm off the ropes.

Ellering continues his attack on Robinson’s leg. They go for a test of strength but Robinson is able to twist Ellering around. Robinson takes Ellering down and while holding his arm, he also cradles his legs to get the pin.

Lance Russell talks about a double elimination tag tournament that will be happening soon in Louisville, KY with the winning team getting a shot at the world tag team titles. Rick Morton and Ken Lucas talk briefly about that tournament they’ll be participating in.

Jimmy Hart and Paul Ellering join Lance Russell for an interview. Before the interview, they air a video with Bill Dundee talking about defending the Southern Heavyweight Title against Paul Ellering. Dundee says Ellering won’t take the title.

Paul Ellering calls Lance Russell, “Lance Muscle” and talks about being in love with himself. He claims Dundee stole the belt and went on safari in Africa to beg a lion to go away. Hart and Ellering bring out a Mr. Bill doll. Ellering does a voice for the Mr. Bill doll and the fans can be heard laughing. He starts ripping apart the doll while Mr. Bill begs Ellering to stop. He smashes up the clay doll.

The Manchurians (Tapu & Tio) (w/ Sputnik Monroe) vs. Joe Stark & John Maroney

Sputnik blows a whistle and one of the Manchurians heads over to talk to him. Joe Stark starts the match off for his team. The Manchurians rough up Stark but Joe makes a comeback and takes one down with an armbar. He attacks the left arm of one of the Manchurians. Some forearms off the ropes thrown by the Manchurian but Stark takes him back down to the mat and into an armbar.

Stark tags in Maroney. The Manchurians tag and the Manchurian in the match chokes Maroney on the ropes and then stomps on him. Manchurians continue to beat on Maroney. The Manchurians dominate most of the match as they continue to beat on Maroney. Manchurian catches Maroney with a spear. They then double team Maroney with one picking him up for a suplex and then dropping him into the other’s knee for the pin.

WINNERS: The Manchurians

Lance Russell promo for upcoming Louisville show.

Sonny King vs. Tony Boyles

Some jumping around to start the match. Sonny King takes Boyles down to the mat. Boyles escapes and King backs away. Boyles gets King to back into the corner. King gets Boyles in an armlock but Boyles reverses which gets the fans to cheer. Side headlock by Boyles but King escapes and gets him in a hammerlock.

Boyles escapes King’s grasp. King takes Boyles down but Boyles quickly escapes again with a headscissors. King gets back up on his feet. Boyles with a cradle for a near fall on King. Sonny King again with a hammerlock but Boyles grabs hold of the leg and drops King to the mat. King gets Boyles with a top wristlock but Boyles with a hiptoss to break the hold.

Boyles with another side headlock but King escapes only to get snapmared by Boyles. Sunset flip near fall by Boyles. King gets back up and hits Boyles. King then rolls him up with a small package for the pin.

WINNER: Sonny King

Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. Buddy Wayne & David Oswald

Ken Lucas and David Oswald start the match. Morton quickly tags in and takes Oswald down to the mat with a side headlock. He tags Lucas back in and he punches Oswald. Side headlock by Oswald. Quick tags by Morton and Lucas. Oswald whips Morton into the ropes but Morton takes him down with a shoulder block and back to a side headlock.

Lucas comes back in and continues with the side headlock on Oswald. Oswald finally tags in Wayne. Morton tags in and he gets his hair pulled by Buddy Wayne. He keeps doing it to Morton and they all complain to the referee. Morton tags in Lucas. Wayne quickly tags out. Fans start to cheer on Lucas. Takedown by Lucas on David Oswald. They tangle near the ropes. Lucas with a drop toe hold on Oswald and he tags Morton back in.

Morton continues to attack Oswald’s left leg. Lucas and Morton continue to do quick tags while keeping Oswald on the mat. Oswald finally gets up on his feet but Lucas kicks him and takes him back down to the mat. They cut away to a news break only to return to the announcement that the match had ended. Lucas got the win with a sleeper hold.

WINNERS: Ken Lucas & Rick Morton

Lance Russell is joined by Sputnik Monroe and The Manchurians as they talk about the tag team tournament that is coming up in Louisville, KY.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Average episode. The highlight was the early portion of the show with the highlights of the CWA World Heavyweight title match between Billy Robinson and Paul Ellering and the Ellering interview with him bringing out the Mr. Bill clay doll and destroying it. Rest of the show was pretty boring.


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