Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling 7/3/1982

Taped 7/3/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Aired on 7/3/1982.

Gordon Solie is on commentary. He is joined by “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes talks about Muraco and how people are saying he’s not hungry anymore but he’s had Kevin Sullivan work out with him and he’s out to win all the titles and beat on Don Muraco. He says last week everyone said he’s dead but Rhodes says he’s not dead and calls out everyone who might want a piece of him.

Sonny King joins Gordon Solie and tells Solie that the Samoans have been getting the job done.

The Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika)(w/ Sonny King) vs. Mike Jackson & Randy Barber

Mike Jackson starts off the match against one of the Samoans and he tries to speed up the match. He catches him with a pair of dropkicks that don’t knock the Samoan down. He beats on Jackson and tags in the other Samoan. Sonny King joins Solie on commentary. Jackson tries to fight back with no luck.

Headbutt by one of the Samoans. Jackson gets thrown into the corner. Quick tags by the Samoans and they whip Jackson into the ropes and pick Jackson up and choke and slam him. Jackson slips away and tags in Randy Barber who is quickly attacked by the Samoans. Barber gets slammed into the corner. More double-teaming by the Samoans along with quick tags. Big elbow thrown at Barber. Samoans with a double headbutt thrown at Barber.

Samoan Drop follows and Barber gets covered for the pin.

WINNERS: The Wild Samoans

Mr. Wrestling II and Tommy Rich join Gordon Solie for an interview to talk about the Omni show on July 4th. Mr. Wrestling II talks about his match with The Masked Superstar. Tommy Rich mentions recently talking to Ivan Putski and them teaming against Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson on that show.
The Fabulous Freebirds join Gordon Solie. Terry Gordy tells Solie it is time to celebrate that they have the National Tag Team titles again. He apologizes to everyone for how long it took them to get the belts back. Fans start to chant for the Freebirds. They praise the Samoans and Hayes yells that they have a match with them at the Omni on 7/4.

“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. Carl Stiles

This is Carl Stiles first appearance on World Championship Wrestling. Orndorff with a fireman’s carry takedown on Stiles. He gets Stiles in a headscissors but Stiles reaches the ropes. Orndorff with a waistlock takedown into a quarter nelson on the mat. He tries to get Stiles on his back and gets a two-count. Crowd reacts as former National Champion Buzz Sawyer shows up and watches the match. Orndorff continues to dominate the match.

Orndorff lays in some punches and elbows followed with a knee to the head. He gets Stiles into a headlock. Front facelock by Orndorff and he takes Stiles down to the mat and goes for a pin attempt. Orndorff keeps working on Stiles on the mat. Stiles finally back up and lays in some forearms into Orndorff but that is a brief comeback. Orndorff whips Stiles into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. He slams Stiles and follows with an elbow drop. Chinlock on Stiles. Orndorff with a suplex and rolls into a pin for the win.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Gordon Solie mentions that Roddy Piper isn’t at the show due to being suspended from appearing on the TV show. Solie says he was just given this news and will have more once he gets more information on the reason.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund join Gordon Solie to hype up their first match at the Omni on 7/4. Solie points out that Flair lives in Minnesota and Backlund is from Minnesota. Flair states that is true and that they both have great amateur backgrounds. Backlund admits that there are some nerves when this type of match happens but says he will give 100% in the match and looks forward to wrestling Flair. He also says there should only be one world champion. Flair agrees that in MLB, NFL and NBA there is only one world champion and tells Backlund that he knows in his soul that there is only one world champion and it is him. Backlund says that’s still to be seen and talks about his training and how he’ll toss aside their friendship in hopes to win that match.

Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson join Gordon Solie to talk about the forces coming after them including Ivan Putski. Ole Anderson said he’s heard Tommy Rich and Gordon Solie talk about Putski coming to the territory but he hasn’t seen him yet. Hansen believes Putski’s scared and in Poland. Muraco interrupts them and rips his shirt off and says they are all excited. Hansen says he likes Don Muraco getting excited about whoever this great “white shark” is and he believes it must be Dusty Rhodes.

“The Magnifcent” Don Muraco vs. Dale Veasey

Muraco quickly attacks Veasey. Front facelock on Veasey but Muraco quickly keeps on his attack. Russian legsweep by Muraco. Front facelock on Veasey and he follows with some punches. Muraco slams Veasey into the corner and ties him up to the ropes. He kicks at him until the referee pulls him off. Muraco heads to the outside of the ring.

Muraco returns to the ring. He sling shots Veasey into the bottom rope. Standing dropkick by Muraco and he’s back to getting Veasey in a chinlock. Fans start to chant for Dusty Rhodes. Muraco back up and he kicks at Veasey before smashing him into the turnbuckle. Muraco whips Veasey into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Another elbow by Muraco followed by a piledriver for the pin.

WINNER: Don Muraco

“Wildfire” Tommy Rich vs. Pete Martin

Tommy Rich with a quick attack on Pete Martin. Side headlock with Martin trying to escape on the ropes with a clean break. Rich counters with a quick armdrag. Test of strength with Rich taking Martin down and gets him with a standing dropkick. Another armdrag takedown into an armbar on Martin. Martin back up and gets Rich in the ropes. He gets in a cheap shot but Rich counters with an elbow and he takes Martin back down on the mat with a chinlock.

Martin tries to fight out of the chinlock. He escapes and punches Rich who retaliates with a punch of his own. Elbow followed by a series of snapmares by Rich. He goes for the pin but Martin kicks out. Solie points out George Napolitano ringside covering the matches. Rich goes for a middle-rope elbow drop on Martin for a near fall.

Front facelock by Rich and breaks clean when Martin reaches the ropes. Armdrag takedown by Rich into an armbar. Martin backs Rich into the ropes and misses a forearm at Rich who ducks out of the way. Another armdrag takedown into an inside armbar near the ropes which forces a break. Martin shoves Rich into the ropes and tries to whip him off but Rich blocks him. Hiplock takedown by Rich and back into a headlock. Martin gets Rich in a headscissors but they both break and are back up.

Martin gets Rich back into the ropes and gets in a knee into his mid-section. Rich makes a comeback and beats on Martin on the ropes and follows with a high knee lift. Rich whips Martin into the ropes and catches him with the Thesz Press for the pin.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson show up and confront Rich. Ivan Putski runs in and evens up the sides with Rich. Hansen and Anderson walk away. Anderson and Hansen join Solie and say they both are lucky they didn’t go in the ring. Ole says he’ll send Putski back to Warsaw. Hansen says it is their country and sending any Yankees or turncoats back to where they belong.

Tommy Rich and Ivan Putski join Gordon Solie and talk about their tag match against Anderson and Hansen at the Omni on 7/4. Dusty Rhodes joins them. Putski says he heard that these two like to bully everyone and says they can’t bully him. Rich vows that Ole and Stan will get theirs at the Omni.

Ole Anderson & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen vs. Jimmy Powell & Tom Prichard

Ole Anderson and Tom Prichard start the match. Prichard is fired up to start the match. He gets Ole in a side headlock but Ole escapes and tags in Hansen who lays in some knees into Prichard’s mid-section. He punishes Prichard’s left arm. Ole back in and he continues to work on Prichard’s left arm. Prichard with a wristlock reversal but Ole tags in Hansen. Stan slams Prichard but Prichard tags in Powell.

Hansen beats on Powell and lands an elbow. He tags in Ole who continues the attack on Powell. Wristlock into a takedown by Anderson as he continues to attack Powell’s left arm. He sends Powell into the corner with a hammerlock. Hansen tags back in. Powell makes a brief comeback before Hansen continues to beat on him. Hansen with a high knee attack on Powell. He slams and then elbows Powell before tagging in Ole again.

Anderson back in and he continues to beat on Powell. Powell tags in Prichard who comes in on fire dropkicking both Hansen and Anderson. Fans cheer loudly as Prichard beats on both. He whips Hansen into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Ole charges at Prichard and knocks him down. They double-team Prichard. Hansen elbows Prichard. Powell tags back in.

Hansen beats on Powell. Hansen whips Powell into the ropes and catches him with a lariat for the pin.

WINNERS: Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen

Stan Hansen heads over to Solie and yells at Putski.

National Heavyweight Champion Paul Orndorff joins Gordon Solie. Orndorff mentions he’ll be defending the title all over the country including against Don Muraco and Jimmy Snuka. Buzz Sawyer interrupts the interview and tells Orndorff that he better shine up the belt and take pictures with the belt because he won’t be holding it for very long. Orndorff says that he sleeps with one eye open because he knows the type of people there and points out how everyone has just seen how Hansen and Ole tried to hurt their opponents. He warns everyone that if it comes down to that, he can hurt people too.

Mr. Wrestling II vs. “The Golden Boy” Chic Donovan

Orndorff heads over and shakes hands with Mr. Wrestling II as he leaves the studio. Armdrag takedown by Mr. Wrestling II. He keeps Donovan on the mat with a hammerlock. Donovan reaches the ropes for a break. Side headlock by Donovan but Mr. Wrestling II with a takedown on Donovan. They get locked up on the mat but Donovan reaches the ropes.

Donovan heads to the outside to stop the action. He gets back in and they lock-up once again with Mr. Wrestling II getting Donovan in a side headlock. Donovan escapes and gets in a couple of elbows. Solie mentions that Mr. Wrestling II stated that the South isn’t big enough for him and The Masked Superstar. Forearms by Donovan but Mr. Wrestling II explodes with some punches and whips Donovan into the ropes. Front facelock into a pin attempt by II.

Front chancery by Mr. Wrestling II but they end up on the ropes. Donovan kicks and elbows Mr. Wrestling II. He uses the ropes to beat on II. Mr. Wrestling II catches Donovan with a kick and takes him back down to the mat. Wristlock by Mr. Wrestling II. Inside armbar by II and he again takes Donovan down to the mat. Donovan punches his way out of II’s grasp.

Donovan goes for a slam but II blocks it. He instead punches and elbows Mr. Wrestling II and gets a near fall. Rear chinlock by Donovan. Some good mat work and counter wrestling by the two leads to Mr. Wrestling II getting in a couple of punches. They put up a timer for the match. Mr. Wrestling II catches Donovan by surprise with a slam and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Second hour opens with Gordon Solie talking about both World Champions will be seen in action along with Don Muraco, The Samoans and Brad Armstrong.

Don Muraco joins Gordon Solie and talks about the “big one” showing up near the beach and says the shark is Dusty Rhodes. He says Rhodes is scared and won’t show up now but will on Fourth of July.

The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy) vs. Dale Veasey & Pete Martin

Michael Hayes and Pete Martin start the match with Hayes getting Martin in a side headlock. Terry Gordy tags in and keeps control of Martin. They do quick tags in the match. Hayes takes Martin down with a shoulder slam. Gordy goes for a front facelock into an inside cradle for a near fall. Freebirds with some double-teaming on Martin.

Martin tags in Veasey but Hayes quickly tags Gordy back in and he punches Veasey in the back. Gordy with a side headlock as the fans chant for the Freebirds. Hayes back in and he kicks Veasey on the side. Veasey shoves Hayes into his corner and tags in Martin. Martin gets Hayes in a side headlock but that doesn’t last very long. Hayes with some elbows at Martin.

Terry Gordy tags back in and elbows Martin but Martin counters with a rake to the face. Gordy bounces off the ropes and catches Martin with a forearm. Gordy tags Hayes and whips Martin into the corner, Martin then gets hit by an elbow from Hayes. Hayes misses an elbow as he charges into the corner. Martin punishes Hayes and tags in Veasey who continues the attack.

Hayes battles his way out of the corner but keeps getting double-teamed. Martin tosses Hayes to the floor but Hayes bounces back up and punches Martin and goes after Veasey. He tosses Veasey into Gordy’s knee. Gordy tosses Veasey to the floor. He punches Veasey across the chest. Gordy sends Veasey into the turnbuckles and tags in Hayes who catches Veasey with a kick. Hayes tags in Gordy and whips Veasey into the ropes and Gordy grabs him as he flips over Hayes back. Gordy powerbombs Veasey for the pin.

WINNERS: The Fabulous Freebirds

Sonny King joins Gordon Solie telling him that the Freebirds are champions and they can save themselves some embarrassment by joining his organization. The Freebirds confront him and they tell him to go get Afa, Sika and his momma and they’ll get it on now. King tells them, he’ll do it.

The Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika) vs. Rick Thor & Tony Giancaro

The Wild Samoans attack their opponents and toss them to the outside. Sonny King joins Gordon Solie on commentary and warns the Freebirds. Rick Thor gets back in the ring and tossed out by one of the Samoans. The Samoans use their heads as weapons as one tosses the other into the other’s head. Thor gets picked up by the hair and tossed up in the air.

Nerve hold on Thor. Giancaro reaches out to tag his partner. Double headbutt by the Samoans sends Thor back to the mat. They choke Thor and one starts to stomp on him. They whip Thor into the ropes and drop him with an elbow. The Samoans then stomp on him. Thor gets whipped into the ropes and kicks one of the Samoans and tags in Giancaro.

The Samoans keep attacking Giancaro. More kicks. Giancaro gets slammed and one of the Samoans lands a headbutt off the middle rope on him for the pin. They toss Thor out of the ring after the match.

WINNERS: The Wild Samoans

Don Muraco joins Gordon Solie. He continues to make reference to Dusty Rhodes as the white shark.

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie to talk about his upcoming match with The Magnificent Muraco at the Omni. Ht talks about his wife telling him that she’s tired of him coming home beaten and wants him to get hungry and not back off and Rhodes says he has the “Eye of The Tiger” again.

“The Magnificent” Don Muraco vs. Randy Barber

The Magnificent Muraco yells out that he’s not worried that Piper isn’t there. He enters the ring and quickly heads over to yell at the fans. Big forearm across Barber’s back followed by a big knee. Neckbreaker by Muraco and a pin attempt but he breaks it while he yells out a few words. Muraco uses the ropes on Barber and then whips him into the corner. He slams Barber.

Muraco continues to beat on Barber. He smashes Barber into the turnbuckles. Elbow across Barber’s face. Hard chop across Barber’s back. Suplex by Muraco. He follows with a legdrop. Muraco with a piledriver on Barber and he gets the pin.

WINNER: Don Muraco

Paul Orndorff joins Gordon Solie for an interview. Orndorff said he watched Muraco’s match and said he’s tough. He talks about all the competition he has wanting a shot at his title. Orndorff mentions that he’s never seen so much talent in one place like he has in Georgia.

Brad Armstrong vs.”The Golden Boy” Chic Donovan

They tangle on the ropes before breaking away. Some good matwork by the two to start the match. Waistlock by Donovan gets reversed by Armstrong. Donovan gets Armstrong in a side headlock. Armstrong reverses it into a hammerlock. He switches to a side headlock and Donovan tries to go for a pin attempt but Brad blocks it a few times.

Donovan gets Armstrong on the ropes and lays in a forearm across his chest. He whips Armstrong into the ropes but Brad leapfrogs him and misses a dropkick. Donovan attacks Armstrong! He beats on him in the corner. Crowd cheers loudly. Brad fires back! Donovan slams Armstrong and follows with an elbow. He gets a two-count. Rear chinlock by Donovan.

Armstrong reverses the chinlock on Donovan and starts to go after Donovan’s right arm. Hammerlock on Donovan. Donovan smashes Armstrong into the turnbuckle and then chokes him on the ropes. Referee warns Donovan and Armstrong gets back and attacks Donovan. He catches Chick with a dropkick. Headbutt by Donovan and he regains control of the match. Donovan whips Armstrong into the ropes and catches him with a knee. He follows with a slam and legdrop on Armstrong.

Donovan whips Armstrong into the ropes but Armstrong counters and cradles Donovan for the pin! Surprise pin! Good match.

WINNER: Brad Armstrong

Bill Apter joins Gordon Solie along with Bob and Brad Armstrong. Apter is there to let Brad know that he is the Rookie of the Year and mentions that Bob and Brad are the only father-son team to win the Rookie of the Year award. Bob mentions how proud he is of Brad for both winning the award and a tough match against Donovan. Solie mentions that it looks like Brad may have broken his nose during the match with Donovan. Brad is happy for winning the award and Bob says they’ll put his award alongside his at their home.

Ric Flair and Bob Backlund join Gordon Solie as they watch highlights from their matches. Flair mentions that he beat Dusty Rhodes for the NWA World title and has beaten the Funks, the Briscos, Tommy Rich and the toughest competition. Backlund states that he respects Flair and knows he has a lot of ability.

They show video of Ric Flair vs. Mike Jackson. Flair admits to being impressed with himself and tells Backlund to keep an eye out for his figure-four leglock. They follow by showing Bob Backlund vs. Superstar Graham which is the match were Backlund won the WWWF World Title. He mentions that Flair has never defended his title in Madison Square Garden.

Solie asks that Flair and Backlund shake hands. Flair tells Backlund that he’s a hell of a man but he’s not Ric Flair and as Backlund extends his hand, Flair walks away.

The Masked Superstar joins Gordon Solie to talk about his match with Mr. Wrestling II at the Omni on July 4th. He mentions that he wants to watch the Flair vs. Backlund match.

Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson come out to talk about their match on 7/4 against Putski and Rich.

Tommy Rich and Ivan Putski follow to talk about their tag match with Hansen and Ole at the Omni on 7/4.

Mike Jackson vs. Tom Prichard

Side headlock by Mike Jackson on Tom Prichard to start the match but he escapes. Some wristlock reversals. Mike Jackson with some cool spots with Prichard following along. Great exchange to start the match. They run the ropes and Jackson catches Prichard with a cross body block for a near fall.

They each go for a standing abdominal stretch but Prichard is able to take Jackson down for a pinfall but Jackson escapes. Fast action by the two. Jackson catches Prichard with a surprise inside cradle. Prichard escapes and over shoots a sunset flip on Jackson. They go to the mat for a bit.

They place the clock with 54 seconds left as the show is about to end. Prichard takes Jackson down to the mat but Jackson reverses. Some good reversals follow. Jackson whips Prichard into the ropes and hits an elbow as time runs out.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. It was cool seeing Flair and Backlund setting up a champion vs. champion match for July 4th on the show. Flair’s charisma overshadowed Backlund. Lots of star power on this show. Ole and Hansen getting confronted by Rich and Putski was cool. Sonny King wanting the Freebirds to join his organization or face the consequences of going against the Wild Samoans and the Freebirds turning him down was a cool segment. Armstrong vs. Donovan was probably the best match on the show. Orndorff continues to be a machine in the ring.


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