All Japan Women Classics #10

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics #10

Jaguar Yokota vs. La Galactica for the UWA Women’s Title

Taped 1/5/1985

The referee and La Galactica’s second start to shove each other around. Referee warns to toss him from being ringside. The crowd cheers loudly. Referee hiptosses and dropkicks La Galactica’s second out of the ring. He stays ringside. Devil Masami is in Yokota’s corner. Group of female wrestlers come out and takes him away.

La Galactica flips off the fans! LOL! Handshake between the two as the bell rings. Armdrag into an armbar by La Galactica but Yokota reaches the ropes right away. Some punches exchanged by the two. Side headlock by Yokota but Galactica takes her down to the mat. She goes for a pin attempt but Yokota’s foot reaches the rope for a break.

Leg takedown by Yokota but Galactica reaches the ropes. Waistlock by La Galactica into a takedown but Yokota breaks free again. Armdrag into an armbar by Galactica near the ropes again. Galactica takes Yokota to the outside and sends her into the ring post a few times. She tosses Yokota into chairs and picks one up to hit her with.

They both get back into the ring and Galactica quickly whips her into the ropes and catches her with a knee and follows with a kick. Knee lift by La Galactica. She chokes Yokota near the ropes. Rossy Moreno and her second (who returned ringside) pull Yokota out and Galactica lands a knee across her back. She follows with a senton to the floor on Yokota.

Jaguar Yokota returns to the ring and La Galactica pulls her by the face and starts to bite her forehead. She rakes her faces across the top rope. Whip into the ropes and another kick by La Galactica. Thrust chop by La Galactica at Yokota. Headscissors by La Galactica but Yokota counters with a kick that sends La Galactica to the outside. Yokota tosses her into the chairs. La Galactica threatens to attack some of the fans.

La Galactica returns to the ring and takes Yokota down. Hair drags by La Galactica and then hits her with a clothesline. She shoves Yokota by the face down to the mat. She chokes Yokota near the ropes. Big knee into the corner at Yokota. Yokota counters but misses a body block out of the corner. Yokota ends up back dropping La Galactica over the top rope to the floor. She follows with a tope suicida to the outside! Yokota with a piledriver on the floor!

La Galactica returns and attacks Yokota’s leg. Moreno holds Yokota by the head. La Galactica continues her attack on Yokota and tosses her off the ring apron. She beats on Yokota outside the ring and eventually returns to the ring. Yokota soon follows but La Galactica kicks her off. La Galactica with another senton on Yokota who is now bleeding from her forehead. More knees from La Galactica.

They both get back in the ring. La Galactica with another kick to the mid-section. Fans yell loudly. Another kick from La Galactica followed by a senton for a near fall. Elbow at Yokota’s head followed by more biting from La Galactica. She slams Yokota and goes for a pin but Yokota bridges out of the pin and gets La Galactica in the octopus. Fisherman’s suplex by Yokota for a two-count. Yokota whips La Galactica and catches her with a jumping hip attack followed by a suplex for another two count.

La Galactica goes for another pin attempt but Yokota escapes. They’re near the ropes and Rossy Moreno lays in a few punches at Yokota. La Galactica stomps on her before pulling her up by the hair. Moreno climbs up the apron and kicks Yokota. La Galactica goes for a submission hold on Yokota. She then goes for a camel clutch but switches that over to grab on to Yokota’s legs. She breaks the hold and kicks Yokota out of the ring. La Galactica uses a chair against Yokota. She slams Yokota’s head into the ring post and then uses the timekeeper’s hammer on her.

La Galactica gets back in the ring as the referee continues his count on Yokota. Yokota gets back in the ring and picks up La Galactica and places her on the top rope. Double under hook suplex off the top rope for a two count by Yokota! She climbs up to the top rope and goes for a dive but La Galactica kicks her as she dives. Airplane spin by Galactica followed by a middle-rope senton for a two-count as Yokota bridges out of the pin attempt.

Another wrestler gets involved and picks Yokota up and hands her over to La Galactica who is on the top rope. La Galactica with a slam off the ropes for a near fall on Yokota. She whips Galactica into the ropes but Yokota gets La Galactica and hooks her arms and suplexes her for the pin.

WINNER: Jaguar Yokota

La Galactica vs. Jaguar Yokota

Taped 2/27/1985

Rossy Moreno tosses some nunchucks at La Galactica who grabs them and immediately attacks Yokota as the ring announcer is finishing up the introductions! Bell rings and La Galactica whips her into the ropes and keeps using the nunchucks. Yokota fights back and gets the nunchucks away from La Galactica. She starts to rip La Galactica’s mask as the fans cheer her on. Bull Nakano and Rossy Moreno try to help La Galactica out.

La Galactica kicks at Yokota and then charges at her only Yokota back flips her over the top rope to the floor! Yokota follows and they brawl outside the ring. They toss each other around. La Galactica grabs the nunchucks again and chokes Yokota with them as Moreno kicks at her. Lioness Asuka tries to help out Yokota but Nakano goes after her. La Galactica with a chair shot at Yokota in the crowd.

They both return to the ring. They exchange punches and Yokota knocks La Galactica down and kicks at her leg. She goes for a Boston Crab on La Galactica but breaks due to being near the ropes. Legdrop by La Galactica into a headscissors. She bites Yokota’s fingers. La Galactica with a thrust chop at Yokota and then she rakes her face across the top rope. More involvement from wrestlers ringside helping La Galactica.

La Galactica with a backdrop on Yokota followed by a kick. Knee lift but Yokota fights back and takes La Galactica down with a leglock. Yokota works on La Galactica’s right leg. Women ringside try to help La Galactica and eventually get her out of the ring. La Galactica gets back in the ring but again gets taken down by Yokota only she quickly counters and grabs hold of Yokota’s arm. She goes for a piledriver but Yokota backdrops her and gets her in an abdominal stretch.

Rossy Moreno runs in and breaks the hold. La Galactica tosses Yokota out of the ring and starts to beat her outside. She tosses her onto the announcer’s table and punches her a few times. They get back in the ring. La Galactica steps on Yokota’s arm and grabs the other arm. She whips her into the ropes and dropkicks her. Follows that up with a clothesline. La Galactica with a few near falls on Yokota.

La Galactica slams Yokota face first into the ring post. Yokota gets back in the ring but La Galactica continues to attack her. Hard punch thrown at Yokota. She goes for another submission hold on Yokota and grabs the ropes. Yokota fires back with some punches. La Galactica punches her as well. Yokota goes for a huracanrana for a near fall. Jumping hip attack by Yokota! She goes for a double underhook suplex on La Galactica and then goes to the top rope only Rossy Moreno shoves her off and she lands on the ropes!

La Galactica quickly attacks her and Moreno hands her the nunchucks again. She beats Yokota with them. La Galactica attacks Yokota’s right arm. She gets a weapon and hits Yokota’s arm with it. Referee tries to take it away but has no luck. Yokota’s right arm is bleeding. La Galactica bites her arm. She slams Yokota into the ring post again and Yokota falls to the floor. La Galactica tosses her again into the ring post and gets back in the ring to wait for Yokota to get back in.

Yokota gets back into the ring but La Galactica continues to attack her right arm. Yokota fights back but La Galactica continues her attack. Yokota gets La Galactica in a figure-four leglock but Galactica reaches the ropes to break the hold. More punches thrown by La Galactica. They exchange chops on the mat. Some kicks from Galactica put a stop to Yokota’s comeback.

Submission hold by La Galactica gets broken up so she slams Yokota and then lands a senton. Yokota kicks out of a pin attempt and then goes for a German suplex for a pin attempt. Yokota goes for a second but La Galactica counters and gets her in a German Suplex of her own for a near fall. La Galactica climbs to the top rope but Yokota meets her there and gets La Galactica with a superplex for a two-count. Yokota kicks La Galactica off the ring apron and then hits a top rope plancha on her and everyone else ringside!

Referee starts a 20-count. Jaguar Yokota rolls in at 19 while La Galactica isn’t able to get back in the ring.

WINNER: Jaguar Yokota via count-out

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun episode focusing on the Jaguar Yokota vs. La Galactica feud. Both were pretty fun brawls with La Galactica resorting to having other women ringside helping her out like Rossy Moreno and Bull Nakano while Yokota was fighting against the odds in both matches. In the second she got a little more help from Lioness Asuka who was ringside. Not the most technical of matches that you’ll see but if you are into brawls or watching what the crowd atmosphere was like for wrestling in the 1980s in All Japan Women then you’ll definitely enjoy these two matches.


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