EMLL November 1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL November 1983

Villano III vs. Sangre Chicana

Taped 11/18/1983 Arena Mexico

Sangre Chicana is shown signing autographs and as soon as Villano III walks thru the entrance, he heads out and starts to fight Villano III. Villano III shoves him and gets in the ring. Sangre Chicana comes in and they are introduced to the crowd.

Villano III attacks Sangre Chicana as soon as the ring announcer leaves the ring and that is how we begin the first fall. He sends Chicana to the floor and Villano III follows and continues his attack as the bell rings to start the fall. He tosses Chicana into the ring apron and Villano III enters the ring and raises his arms up in the air. Referee counts Sangre Chicana but Villano III heads back out. Chicana is now bleeding and V-III tosses him into the ring apron. Villano III heads back into the ring and doesn’t let Chicana back in. Brawl continues outside the ring.

Villano III stands in the ring and waits for Chicana to get back in the ring. The referee warns Villano III. Sangre Chicana heads back to the ring and Villano III chokes and bites on him! He headbutts Chicana off the ring apron. Villano III follows and DDTs him on the floor. Villano III back in the ring and again he celebrates! Chicana bleeds even more but gets back in the ring where Villano III continues his attack. Suplex by Villano III followed by a top rope senton! He covers Sangre Chicana for the pin. Villano III wins the first fall with a dominant performance!

They air a replay of some of the highlights from the first fall.

Sangre Chicana is back on the outside laying on the floor as the bell rings to start the second fall. Referee starts with a count on Sangre Chicana. Fans start to cheer him on. He gets back in but VIllano III dropkicks him. Villano III goes back to punching at Chicana’s forehead and tries to open up the wound even further. Abdominal stretch by Villano III. He starts biting on Sangre Chicana again and then takes him into the ropes were he continues to punish Chicana.

The referee tries to stop Villano III but has no luck. Villano III whips Sangre Chicana into the corner and goes for a second but Chicana counters and sends Villano III to the outside. TOPE SUICIDA BY SANGRE CHICANA! He knocks Villano III into the first row. Referee counts on both but Sangre Chicana gets back in the ring while Villano III doesn’t get back up and gets counted out. Sangre Chicana wins the second fall.

Replay of the finish to the second fall is shown.

Both men start the third fall brawling outside the ring. Villano III’s mask is now torn apart. Sangre Chicana pulls Villano III back into the ring and he starts to rip away at the mask. Referee warns him but he keeps trying to remove Villano III’s mask. Sangre Chicana finally does it and the two continue to attack each other. Villano III fouls him. Referee calls the match and Dr. Alfonso Morales says on commentary that it ended in a draw with both getting disqualified.

Tony Salazar then mentions that he thought Sangre Chicana should have been the only one disqualfied because he removed Villano III’s mask. Some confusion but Salazar says that Villano III also fouled Sangre Chicana but felt that since Chicana had already been disqualifed, then that should have been the result.


Atlantis & El Hijo del Santo vs. Fuerza Guerrera & Lobo Rubio

Taped 11/25/1983 Arena Mexico

This is El Hijo del Santo’s Arena Mexico debut! They interview El Hijo del Santo and Atlantis before the start of the match. El Hijo del Santo is glad to be in Arena Mexico and is thankful to be there as it is the same place that saw his father El Santo win numerous matches there.

First fall starts with El Hijo Del Santo and Lobo Rubio. Fans start a “Santo” chant. Lobo Rubio waves them off to stop. They lock-up and break away quickly. Armdrag by El Hijo del Santo. Hiptoss by Lobo Rubio as a response. Armdrag into an armbar by El Hijo del Santo. Headscissors counter by Lobo Rubio but Santito escapes and gets him in a hammerlock. Lobo Rubio takes him down but El HIjo Santo counters. Back and forth countering each other.

Test of strength gets turned into a headscissors by El Hijo del Santo. Another headscissors by El Hijo del Santo and Lobo Rubio escapes. He gets sent to the ring apron and then gets headscissored back into the ring by El Hijo del Santo. He does the headscissors into a roll-thru a few times on Lobo Rubio. Monkey flip by El HIjo del Santo and the crowd cheers them both.

Fuerza Guerrera and Atlantis get in the ring. Atlantis with a catapult into a cruceta on Fuerza Guerrera! Fuerza escapes and takes Atlantis down but Atlantis gets him in an Angelito a couple of times. They twist and lock-up their legs and slap each other before Atlantis gets the advantage. Fast back and forth to the delight of the fans. Fuerza tells the fans to shut-up. Some more great counter wrestling by the two with Fuerza getting a near fall. Fuerza with an armdrag takedown on Atlantis. He sends him into the ropes again but Atlantis counters and armdrags Fuerza to the floor.

Lobo Rubio bets in the ring. Atlantis with a rana on Lobo Rubio. He goes for some near falls on him. Lobo Rubio gets Atlantis is a submission hold but Atlantis rolls thru. Atlantis sends Lobo Rubio to the outside and Fuerza Guerrera enters and applauds him.

Fuerza Guerrera and El Hijo del Santo are now in the ring. Fuerza takes Santito down but he gets back up and keeps going. Some kip-ups by Santito every time Fuerza tries to take him down to the mat. Side headlock by El Hijo del Santo. Reversal by Fuerza. They stare each other down after some hold reversals. El Hijo del Santo uses his speed to take Fuerza Guerrera back down to the mat. He whips Fuerza into the ropes but Fuerza knocks him down the first time. Second attempt, Santito armdrags Fuerza and then dropkicks him to the outside.

Lobo Rubio back in the ring and they both stare each other down before Lobo Rubio gets Santito in a hammerlock. Again Hijo del Santito uses his agility on Lobo Rubio. Spinning headscissors followed by a huracanrana. He then rolls around and sends Lobo Rubio to the outside. The fans cheer the action.

Atlantis and Fuerza Guerrera now in. Atlantis with an armdrag followed by a monkey flip. Fuerza with a kick and he charges at Atlantis, but Atlantis sends him to the outside. Lobo Rubio comes in and they hit the ropes. Atlantis with some cool spots against Lobo Rubio including a dropkick and he scares off Fuerza who is in the corner.

El Hijo del Santo back in and he calls out Fuerza Guerrera. Hammerlock by Fuerza. Quick work off the ropes with El Hijo del Santo using his speed to confuse Fuerza. Santito dropkicks Fuerza Guerrera out of the ring. Lobo Rubio comes in and kicks El Hijo del Santo out of the ring. Atlantis comes in and takes down Lobo Rubio. He positions him so El Hijo del Santo can do his somersault tope at him and then another tope on Fuerza Guerrera. Atlantis cradles Lobo Rubio for the pin while El Hijo del Santo submits Fuerza Guerrera with a camel clutch. Tecnicos win first fall.

Second fall whistle is heard and fall starts quickly with Atlantis and Fuerza Guerrera. Atlantis back drops Fuerza Guerrera off the ropes but Lobo Rubio gets involved and they try double-teaming him but Atlantis gets the advantage and sends both to the outside. El Hijo del Santo calls in Lobo Rubio and they both get in the ring. Double-team work by Fuerza and Lobo but Santito counters and headscissors both to the mat. He uses his speed to confuse the rudos. Dropkick at Fuerza followed by a hiptoss on Lobo Rubio. He causes Lobo Rubio to bump into Fuerza who falls to the outside. Lobo Rubio tells Santito to stop.

Atlantis comes in and continues the attack on Lobo Rubio but that runs short as Lobo Rubio punches him. Fuerza Guerrera back in and he continues the attack on Atlantis. Pedro Septien mentions that Lobo Rubio is part of the trio of Los Temerarios with Black Terry and Jose Luis Feliciano. Fuerza kicks Atlantis who tags in El Hijo del Santo but the referees get him out. Fuerza continues the attack on Atlantis and sends him to the outside. El Hijo del Santo now in against Fuerza who puncheshim a few times. Lobo Rubio punches him as well.

Big forearm across Santito’s back. More double-teaming with Fuerza kicking at El Hijo del Santo. They send Hijo del Santo to the outside. Atlantis comes in and the rudos continue to attack. Fuerza kicks Atlantis and then whips him into the ropes. He picks Atlantis up and places him onto the top turnbuckle. Lobo Rubio then charges and Fuerza lifts him up into th eair and he lands a forearm across Atlantis back. Fuerza then places El Hijo del Santo on the mat and Lobo Rubio lands a top rope elbow on him. Lobo Rubio lets out a loud yell as the referees count both Atlantis and El Hijo del Santo out. Fuerza and Lobo Rubio grab hold of their opponents to stop the count. Fuerza sends El Hijo del Santo into the ring post. They double-team attack Atlantis.

El Hijo del Santo gets back in the ring and Lobo Rubio picks him up and tosses him to the outside! Fuerza heads back to the outside and tosses Atlantis around. Fuerza slams Atlantis to the floor and Lobo Rubio lands an elbow off the ring apron. That’s followed by a senton from Fuerza. Referee counts both Hijo del Santo and Atlantis out. Rudos win 2nd fall.

Third fall continues with the rudos on attack-mode. Lobo Rubio grabs hold of Atlantis and Fuerza kicks him. More double-teaming from the rudos and they send Atlantis to the outside. El Hijo del Santo gets in the ring and the fans start a “Santo” chant. Fuerza punches at El Hijo del Santo but he makes a comeback with punches and knee lifts! Lobo Rubio gets in and El Hijo del Santo trips him up a few times. He gets Lobo Rubio in a submission hold until Fuerza makes the save.

Fuerza Guerrera continues to beat on El Hijo del Santo and the crowd cheers him on! They double-team El Hijo del Santo and Atlantis runs in and elbows both. He whips Fuerza into the corner and grabs him in a quebradora. Atlantis and Lobo Rubio exchange punches. El Hijo del Santo goes for a palanca on Fuerza. Dropkick from Atlantis sends Lobo Rubio to the outside. He gets Fuerza with another quebradora.

Another quebradora by Atlantis but Lobo Rubio makes the save for Fuerza. All four men in the ring. Lobo and Fuerza send El Hijo del Santo and Atlantis into each other. They got for a second attempt but the tecnicos stop them and send the rudos into each other. El Hijo del Santo dropkicks Fuerza Guerrera while being held by Atlantis. They send Lobo Rubio to the outside and Atlantis sends Fuerza to the outside as well. Atlantis with a plancha to the outside on Fuerza while El Hijo del Santo goes for a top rope plancha at Lobo Rubio on the floor! Referees start the count on everyone. Fans cheering on El Hijo del Santo and he gets back in the ring as does Atlantis. Tecnicos win the third fall and the match!

WINNERS: Atlantis & El Hijo del Santo

SHOW THOUGHTS: Both matches were good. Villano III vs. Sangre Chicana was a brawl that had V-III dominate the first fall and of course we get a very bloody Sangre Chicana out of it and then the other two falls had Chicana get his revenge until he got DQed. The second match was El Hijo del Santo’s Arena Mexico debut and you have a very good group in that match with Atlantis also very early in his career. Fuerza Guerrera had been around a few years and Lobo Rubio was the veteran and I think he too was making his Arena Mexico debut. You could see very early on how good Atlantis and El Hijo del Santo would turn out. They have tremendous agility and speed in how they were working in the match.


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