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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/24/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/24/1982

Taped 7/21/1982 at the WPCQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 7/24/1982.

Bob Caudle opens the show with Sir Oliver Humperdink and “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown standing next to him. Caudle asks Humperdink about the new man that has joined his stable. He says Leroy Brown has joined the House of Humperdink on a six-figure deal. Humperdink tells everyone that this will be the last time they’ll see Brown wearing rags like he’s shown wearing and he’s going to get him better clothes as part of his deal.

Leroy Brown tells the world that he joined the House of Humperdink for one reason and that is money. He vows that they will take over and warns everyone not to get in his way because they are going to the top.

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Keith Larson

Brown and Humperdink talk before the match in their corner. Larson uses his speed to keep Brown off balance early on. Brown grabs Larson by the hair and hiptosses him out of the corner. He follows with a slam. Brown attacks Larson’s left arm. He stomps on it and again gets him in an armbar. Larson tries to go for a slam but is unsuccessful. He keeps trying to punch his way out of Brown’s grasp with no luck.

Leroy Brown whips Larson into the ropes but misses a clothesline. Larson catches him with a dropkick and gets him with a couple of punches. Brown counters with a punch of his own that knocks Larson down to the mat. He picks Larson up and slams him across the top rope. Follows that up by slamming Larson’s head into the turnbuckles. Brown with a body slam followed by an elbow. He goes for the pin but Humperdink told him to pick him up. Brown does so but pins him a few seconds later.

WINNER: Leroy Brown

After the match, Humperdink tells Brown to continue attacking Larson. Ricky Steamboat comes out and he and Brown brawl until Humperdink gets involved and they attack Steamboat. Brown goes for a splash but Steamboat moves out of the way. Humperdink and Brown continue their attack until Jack Brisco and Wahoo McDaniel run out to help Steamboat.

Sir Oliver Humperdink joins Bob Caudle and talks about how he thinks Brown and him are going to make a lot of money together. He stays to do commentary for a taped tag match featuring Roddy Piper & Don Muraco.

Don “The Magnificent” Muraco & Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Abe Jacobs & Mike Davis

This match happened several weeks ago and was previously shown as a VTR during an interview segment. This time around, they aired the match.

Roddy Piper and Mike Davis start the match off and exchange chops. Davis whips Piper into the corner but Piper reverses and beats on Davis before finally tagging in Muraco. Davis ends up landing near his corner and tags in Jacobs. Muraco sends Jacobs into his corner and he and Piper double-team Jacobs. Jacobs and Piper exchange some punches until Piper pokes Jacobs eyes.

Piper chokes Jacobs and tags in Muraco. Davis tries to make the save for Jacobs with no luck. Muraco keeps Jacobs in his corner and Piper uses the corner rope to choke him. Piper back in and he knocks Jacobs down and tags in Muraco. Muraco attacks Jacobs legs. He tags in Piper he lands a knee drop across Jacobs left leg. Muraco lands a knee drop on Jacobs. They do quick tags and attack Jacobs leg. Piper gets Jacobs in a figure-four leglock for the win.

WINNERS: Don Muraco & Roddy Piper

Sir Oliver Humperdink is still there with Bob Caudle and he talks more about adding Leroy Brown to his House of Humperdink. He says admired is fine but doesn’t bring money and again mentions that Brown’s going to be wearing custom-made suits and have ladies on his arms. Humperdink tells Caudle that he just showed how Brown can destroy anyone and mentions Ricky Steamboat, Jack Brisco and Jay Youngblood.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Jeff Sword

Valiant struts his way to the ring. The music continues as Valiant’s match kicks off. He knocks Sword down to the mat a couple of times. Ivan Koloff shows up in the studio during the match. Valiant gets Sword in a front facelock as Koloff talks about being the TV champ. Jimmy punches Sword and takes him down on the mat.

Sword and Valiant exchange punches. Valiant whips Sword into the corner. He gets him in a nerve hold. Koloff continues to talk about Valiant and calls him a coward. Valiant whips Sword and knocks him down. He follows with an elbow drop for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Sir Oliver Humperdink promo with Ivan Koloff. Humperdink states that they wouldn’t give him time to speak so he bought this time to talk about Jimmy Valiant. Koloff has boxing head gear, a chain and a shovel with him. Humperdink warns Valiant about pushing Koloff too far and says he’s sick of Valiant. He says the “awful” rock ‘n’ roll music gives Valiant the edge. Koloff says this comes down to Russians vs. Americans and he is tired of hearing rock ‘n’ roll music.

Jimmy Valiant’s music starts to play and a bucket flies at Humperdink and Koloff’s direction. Jimmy Valiant runs out screaming, holding a chain and tells them to come back and vows to kill them.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Tim Horner

Sgt. Slaughter quickly slams Tim Horner to start the match. He shoves Horner on the ropes and then hiptosses him. They lock-up again and Horner gets Sarge in a side headlock but Slaughter escapes. Horner with another side headlock but Slaughter shoves him into the ropes and the two collide a couple of times. Caudle mentions the House of Humperdink now includes Roddy Piper, Don Muraco, Leroy Brown and Ivan Koloff.

Horner with a headlock on Slaughter. He catches Slaughter with a dropkick off the ropes and follows with a series of armdrags and eventually gets Sarge in an armbar. The fans cheer the fast-paced action from Horner. Slaughter reverses but Horner counters. Sarge whips Horner into the ropes but Horner again catches Slaughter by surprise and in an armbar.

Slaughter pulls Horner by the hair into the ropes and starts to beat on Horner with some hard forearms. He knocks Horner down but Horner recovers and catches Slaughter with a hiptoss and gets him back in an armbar. Slaughter breaks out and punches Horner. He whips Horner into the ropes and catches him with a knee into the mid-section. He does it a second time. Slaughter picks Horner up and drops him onto his knee. He goes for the pin but Horner kicks out.

Sgt. Slaughter slams Horner and then stomps on him. He goes for the pin but Horner kicks out again. Slaughter tosses him head-first into the top turnbuckle. He whips Horner into the corner but misses an elbow. Horner fights back! He slams Slaughter. Whips Slaughter into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. He gets Slaughter a second time and goes for the pin but only gets a two-count.

High cross body block off the ropes for a near fall by Horner on Slaughter. Horner hits the ropes and Slaughter catches him with a clothesline for the pin. Good match.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt. Slaughter heads over to do an interview and he’s breathing heavily and sweating. He mentions that you can’t trust anyone because on this show he was suppose to wrestle Abe Jacobs but instead the Crocketts had him wrestle a “main eventer”. He believes Wahoo McDaniel was behind this.

Wahoo McDaniel shows up and whips Sgt. Slaughter with a strap and you can hear how loud he hits him. Slaughter leaves.

Wahoo McDaniel says they are going to be in a few matches soon with lumberjacks holding straps just like the one he has. He warns Slaughter that if he keeps messing with him, he’s going to be unrecognizable.

David Patterson and Ken Timbs join Bob Caudle for an interview. Patterson says they are going to do “hard and nasty” against Steamboat and Brisco. Timbs says they are going to bring it to them and tells Caudle not to worry about them. Patterson speaks Spanish and says they are going to beat their opponents tonight. Timbs says Steamboat stuck his nose in someone else’s business when he confronted Leroy Brown and he got punched.

Jack Brisco & Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. David Patterson & Ken Timbs

Jack Brisco and David Patterson start the match. Brisco gets Patterson on the ropes but breaks cleanly. Side headlock by Patterson. Brisco hiptosses and armdrags Patterson a couple of times and tags in Steamboat who chops Patterson’s arm. Patterson gets thrown around by Steamboat a few times.

Brisco back in and he continues the attack on Patterson. He gets Patterson in an armbar until Patterson knees him and tags in Timbs. Brisco takes Timbs down to the mat. Timbs gets in a few cheap shots and Steamboat tries to help Brisco out. Patterson comes back in and lands a knee across Brisco. Forearms thrown by Patterson as the fans start to cheer on Jack Brsico.

Atomic knee drop by Brisco and he tags in Steamboat. Steamboat gets a whip reversed and Patterson backdrops him. Steamboat quickly chops Patterson but David rakes Steamboat’s eyes. He tags in Timbs who punches Steamboat. Some knees and punches by Timbs but Steamboat fights back with some chops. Good back and forth between Timbs and Steamboat. Timbs with a neckbreaker gets a near fall.

Steamboat knocks Timbs down and goes to work on his left leg. Timbs knocks Steamboat away from him and tags Patterson back in. Patterson with some punches and a dropkick at Steamboat. Fans cheer loudly for Steamboat. Steamboat with a chop. Patterson tags in Timbs and he gets chopped by Steamboat who quickly tags in Brisco. Brisco knocks Timbs around the ring and eventually starts attacking his left leg. Brisco goes for the figure-four leglock but David Patterson makes the save.

Ken Timbs punches Brisco a couple of times. Double-team work by Patterson and Timbs on Brisco near their corner. Patterson gets in some cheap shots at Brisco. Timbs goes for a pin but Brisco kicks out. Slam by Timbs but he misses an elbow. Brisco with a knee lift on Timbs and he tags in Steamboat. Steamboat with a chop at Timbs.

Steamboat whips Timbs into the ropes and catches him with a kick. Suplex by Steamboat. He sends Timbs into the turnbuckles and tags in Brisco. Double-team elbow by Brisco and Steamboat. Double under hook suplex by Brisco for a near fall. He tags Steamboat back in. Backdrop driver by Steamboat but Timbs keeps kicking out of near falls.

Ricky Steamboat whips Timbs into the ropes and dropkicks him and again Timbs kicks out of a pin attempt. Brisco comes back in and whips him into the ropes and catches Timbs with an abdominal stretch and then slides down to the mat for a pin attempt but he can’t pin Timbs! Timbs recovers and gets in a few punches. Both men collide off the ropes and fall to the mat.

Brisco tags in Steamboat and he chops both Timbs and Patterson. Steamboat whips Timbs into the ropes and tags in Brisco who backdrops him. He picks Timbs up and tags in Steamboat who climbs up to the top rope and lands a cross body block on Timbs and covers him for the pin. Good match.

WINNERS: Jack Brisco & Ricky Steamboat

Rick Steamboat and Jack Brisco join Bob Caudle and praise the competition and were impressed with Patterson and Timbs. Steamboat talks about Brown joining Humperdink. Brisco mentions how now it seems that Muraco, Piper, Humperdink and now Leroy Brown are all together. Jack Brisco says Jerry’s leg is healed and they want a match with Piper and Muraco.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode that quickly kicked off with Sir Oliver Humperdink introducing the newest member of the House of Humperdink being Leroy Brown. That was quickly followed by a confrontation between those two and Ricky Steamboat. They aired a taped Piper & Muraco tag so that Humperdink could mention those two were part of his group as well. First half of the show focused on Humperdink and his men and had him buying TV time to talk about Jimmy Valiant and Ivan Koloff’s feud and that didn’t last very long when Valiant interrupted him and Koloff by tossing a container at them. Second half of the show had two good matches with Slaughter and Horner being the best match on the show. That also had a post-match attack by Wahoo McDaniel on Slaughter. Fun show.


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