Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Classics Ep. #4

Genchiro Tenryu & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen vs. Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu in the All JapanReal World Tag League 1989 Final Match with the AJPW Tag Team Titles also on the line

Taped 12/6/1989 at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan

They interview Jumbo & Yatsu before the match. Few words as they are ready for their match. That’s followed by Tenryu being interviewed briefly.

Genichiro Tenryu and Yoshiaki Yatsu start the match. Yatsu asks the fans to applaud. Tenryu backs away. Yatsu tags in Jumbo Tsuruta. Tenryu doesn’t seem pleased and tells him to stay in the match. Yatsu gets Jumbo out of the ring. He and Tenryu start and he catches Tenryu with a dropkick. Big boot across the head of Yatsu and Tenryu tags in Hansen who charges at Yatsu with a shoulder block!

Hansen slams Yatsu but misses an elbow. Yatsu heads to his corner and tags in Jumbo who catches Hansen with an elbow. He follows with a high knee at Hansen! They go to the mat for a bit. There’s an edit with Tenryu now in with Jumbo. Jumbo with a back suplex on Tenryu but Hansen makes the save with an elbow drop. Fans boo.

Yatsu comes in and continues the attack on Tenryu. Belly-to-belly is blocked by Tenryu and he tags in Hansen who promptly kicks Yatsu. Elbow to Yatsu’s back followed by some knees to his head. Yatsu rolls to the outside but Hansen continues his attack until Jumbo stops him briefly. Outside the ring, Hansen grabs Yatsu and brings him back to the ring and removes his head gear.

More knees at Yatsu’s head from Hansen. Stan tags in Tenryu and he kicks at Yatsu. Tenryu punches and knees Yatsu. Hansen gets back in and he continues to kick Yatsu’s head until he tosses him to the outside. He slams Yatsu into the guardrail. Jumbo runs out and tries to get Hansen away from Yatsu. They both brawl outside. Jumbo gets Yatsu back in the ring. Hansen continues to beat on Yatsu in the ring.

Yatsu knocks down Hansen briefly but Hansen gets back up. Yatsu tries to reach for Jumbo but Tenryu charges at Jumbo and delivers a clothesline that knocks Jumbo to the floor. Tenryu tags back in and kicks Yatsu’s head and follows with an enziguiri. He gets a two-count on him. More knee strikes at Yatsu followed by some hard chops from Tenryu. Headbutts from Tenryu and he tags Hansen back in.

Hansen goes for a suplex on Yatsu but it gets blocked so he turns it into a DDT for a two-count. He continues to stomp and kick at Yatsu. Tenryu joins in and kicks Yatsu a few times. Quick tags but a lot of continual kicks from Hansen and Tenryu at poor Yatsu. Tenryu whips Yatsu into the ropes and catches him with the lariat and then knocks Jumbo off the ring apron too. Near fall. Double-team suplex by Hansen and Tenryu. Hansen with an elbow drop gets another near fall on Yatsu.

Yatsu keeps taking a beating and Hansen also delivers a chop on Jumbo. Hansen keeps Yatsu near the corner and tags in Tenryu. Body slam by Tenryu followed by a top rope elbow! Tenryu tags in Hansen who drops a knee across Yatsu’s head and covers him for the pin, but Yatsu kicks out again. More kicks from Hansen followed by chops. Yatsu fights back! Hansen cuts him off and keeps him near his corner.

Tenryu back in with more chops thrown at Yatsu. Yatsu ducks a chop and gets Tenryu with a German Suplex! He’s finally able to tag in Jumbo who comes in on fire and chops, kicks and elbows Tenryu. He clotheslines Tenryu and catches Hansen with a high knee! Jumbo goes back to elbowing Tenryu on the mat! Hansen makes the save for him.

Jumbo charges with a high knee at Tenryu who reaches out and tags in Hansen. Hansen gets knocked down by Jumbo. Abdominal stretch by Jumbo. Hansen escapes but Jumbo continues with the onslaught and gets a near fall. Whip into the ropes and Jumbo goes for a Thesz Press but can’t get the pin. He follows with a backdrop driver on Hansen! Crowd erupts! Tenryu makes the save! He baseball slide kicks Yatsu to the floor. Jumbo gets back up and brawls with both Hansen and Tenryu.

More elbows thrown by Jumbo followed by a kick at Tenryu. Another elbow and he goes for a German suplex but Hansen rushes in and clotheslines him. Meanwhile outside the ring, Yatsu is getting his head bandaged up. Tenryu goes for a pin but Jumbo kicks out. Hansen bacak in the match and he goes for the pin but Jumbo kicks out. Knee at Jumbo and another pin attempt but Yatsu makes the save!

Elbow at Jumbo from Hansen. Tenryu tags in and Hansen slams Jumbo. Hansen then launches Tenryu at Jumbo with a splash! Jumbo kicks out of another pin attempt. Tenryu with a suplex and another near fall on Jumbo. Tenryu punches Yatsu off the ring apron again! Hansen back in and he goes for a piledriver and tags Tenryu. Tenryu climbs to the top rope and they hit a double-team piledriver on Jumbo. Tenryu goes for the pin but Yatsu makes another save!

Hansen with more knee strikes at Jumbo and then gets a whip to the corner reversed. Jumbo knocks Hansen to the outside. Yatsu attacks Hansen outside the ring and drops him with a bulldog to the floor. Hansen gets back in the ring. Jumbo goes for an inside cradle on Hansen for the pin but Tenryu makes the save. Jumbo tags in Yatsu who quickly attacks Hansen with kicks to his bloody face! More headbutts for both Hansen and Tenryu from Yatsu!

More headbutts from Yatsu at Hansen. He goes for a bulldog on Hansen and covers him for the pin but Tenryu again makes the save. He continues to kick Yatsu until Tenryu runs in and elbows and kicks him in the corner. Crowd cheers Jumbo. Slap-fest from Hansen and Yatsu! Hansen tells Tenryu to get up. Tenry climbs the ropes but Jumbo knocks him off. Hansen continues his attack on Yatsu.

Hansen holds onto Yatsu. Tenryu goes for an enziguiri, but Yatsu ducks and Tenryu instead hits Hansen who goes to the outside floor! Jumbo rushes to the outside and gets Hansen back into the ring. Yatsu covers him for the pin but Hansen kicks out. Yatsu tags in Jumbo and he hits a jumping knee off the top rope at Hansen and goes for the pin but Tenryu makes the save and lands several elbows at Jumbo.

Yatsu continues to headbutt Hansen in the corner. He goes for the bulldog but Tenryu grabs hold of Hansen from outside. Hansen kicks Yatsu and then follows with a dropkick. He motions for the lariat which gets the crowd going. As he turns Yatsu catches him with a dropkick! Hansen gets back up and goes for the lariat again but Yatsu ducks and hits an enziguiri. Yatsu goes for a suplex and Jumbo runs in and hits Hansesn with jumping knee. Tenryu runs in and he catches Yatsu with an enziguiri! Jumbo and Tenryu brawl. Hansen gets back up and hits Yatsu with the lariat and covers him for the pin. Great finish to a great match!

WINNERS: Genichiro Tenryu & Stan Hansen

Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuharu Misawa vs. The Holy Demon Army (Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue) in the All JapanReal World Tag League 1993 Final Match with the AJPW Tag Team Titles also on the line.

Taped 12/3/1993 at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan

Akira Taue and Mitsuharu Misawa start the match. Taue takes Misawa into the ropes and delivers some chops. Misawa counters with elbows. Whip into the ropes and Misawa knocks Taue down. Elbow from Misawa and Taue counters a suplex and catches Misawa with a kick. Atomic knee drop by Taue but Misawa turns around and elbows him! He tags in Kobashi and the two hit Taue with a double dropkick that sends him to the floor. Kobashi with a baseball slide sends Taue back to the floor. Misawa follows with a flying elbow off the ring apron.

Video edit into the action back in the ring and Taue is slamming Kobashi. He tags in Kawada who kicks Kobashi a couple of times. This fires up Kobashi and he gets back up. Chops from Kawada and a slam followed by a kick at Kobashi! Half crab by Kawada with his foot across Kobashi’s head. Taue tags back in and drops Kobashi to the mat hard. Near fall followed by a DDT on Kobashi. Taue goes for the chokeslam but Misawa makes the save. Kobashi tries for a clothesline but misses and instead Taue gets him this time with the chokeslam for a near fall.

Taue drops Kobashi across the top rope. He then drops him into Kawada’s knee that is draped over the top rope. Kawada back in and he kicks at Kobashi. He picks Kobashi up and chops away at his neck. Kobashi back up and they exchange chops and kicks. Kawada charges at Kobashi and knees him and chops him back down. Kobashi knocks Kawada down and punches away at Kawada’s left leg! Kawada can’t kick with his left so he kicks with the right leg! Taue charges in and knocks Misawa off the ring apron. He attacks Kobashi. Misawa gets back in and elbows Taue out of the ring. Kobashi tags in Misawa.

Misawa charges in and immediately goes after Kawada. Knee strikes and chops do nothing to Misawa who goes for the Tiger Driver for a near fall. Misawa gets attacked by Taue and that allows Kawada some time to get back at Misawa with a kick to the head. Kawada clotheslines Misawa and tags in Taue. Taue tosses Misawa into the top turnbuckle twice! Crowd jeers Taue. Taue drops Misawa onto the top rope and does the same to Kobashi. Taue grabs hold of Misawa for the chokeslam. Kawada runs in and kicks Misawa. Misawa hiptosses Taue out of the attempted chokeslam!

Taue and Kawada go for a double-team chokeslam for a pin attempt. Misawa kicks out. Kobashi gets in but Kawada tosses him out. Taue with a powerbomb on Misawa for another near fall. Taue tosses Misawa at Kawada who hits him with a clothesline. Kawada then tosses Misawa at Taue’s direction but Misawa elbows Taue and then does the same to Kawada. Kobashi tags in and he chops away at Taue. Shoulder block off the ropes by Kobashi. He goes for a neckbreaker on Taue. A second one on Taue. Kobashi then gives Taue a taste of his own medicine by dropping him onto the top rope. Legdrop by Kobashi followed by a moonsault for a near fall!

Kobashi tries to slam Taue but he fights him off. Clothesline by Taue on Kobashi and he tags in Kawada. German suplex by Kawada! Kawada appears to have hurt his foot. He kicks Kobashi with his right leg. Russian legsweep by Kawada but it seems to take both down. Kobashi tags in Misawa. Spin kick by Misawa. Kawada counters with a spin kick of his own. German suplex by Kawada but he can’t keep the pin on Misawa as his left leg is bothering him.

Stretch plum by Kawada but Kobashi makes the save for Misawa. Taue attacks Kobashi. Misawa is stuck in the stretch plum! He goes for the pin but Misawa kicks out. Taue keeps Kobashi in the corner. Kawada goes for the stretch plum again on Misawa. Kobashi is able to make the save for Misawa. Misawa blocks a powerbomb attempt. He elbows Kawada and tags in Kobashi who promptly dropkicks Kawada’s left leg. He goes for a half crab on Kawada’s left leg.

Texas cloverleaf by Kobashi on Kawada. Misawa keeps Taue from making the save. Kobashi powerbombs Kawada and gets a two-count out of it. He slams Kawada but misses a moonsault! The two back up and they exchange chops. Headbutts from Kawada and he tries to tag in Taue but Kobashi stops him and tags in Misawa. Misawa climbs to the top rope and hits a frog splash for a two count on Kawada.

Misawa goes for the Tiger Driver but that gets blocked. German suplex by Misawa for a two-count. Kobashi tags back in and he dropkicks Kawada and shoulder tackles Taue off the ring apron. He goes for another shoulder tackle but Kawada catches him with a kick mid-air. Another kick from Kawada but Kobashi catches Kawada with a lariat.

Kobashi grabs hold of Kawada. Taue comes in and so does Misawa. Misawa and Kobashi with German suplexes on their opponents. Taue grabs Kobashi and backdrops him. Misawa comes in and hits Taue and Kawada with rolling elbows! Misawa with a German suplex on Kawada. He then hits the ropes and goes for a flying elbow at Taue on the outside. Kobashi picks up Kawada and drops him with a German suplex for the pin. Great match!

WINNERS: Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuharu Misawa

Post-match interview with the new champions!

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode featuring two great matches. Second match on the show is an all-time classic featuring two of the best tag teams of all-time. You really can’t go wrong with any of the big tag team matches between Misawa & Kobashi vs. Kawada & Taue. Thought they did a great job of using Kawada’s leg injury as the match was coming to an end and he was worn out from all the abuse he had taken. The first match was great as well. I thought the finish of that match was great and again another match were one guy was selling an injury. In this case it was Yatsu’s head and that came to be part of the finish with Hansen getting him with a lariat to get the win.


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