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SMW TV #48 (12/26/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #48 (12/26/1992)

Taped 11/23/1992 at Clairfield Elementary School, Clairfield, Tennessee. Aired on 12/26/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantell mentions that there won’t be a “Down & Dirty w/ Dutch” segment on this week’s episode. Caudle mentions last week’s main event between The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Heavenly Bodies and how they kept the cameras rolling and they’ll show the rest this week. They show how it all started out.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle)

They show the video of how the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express returned and attacked The Heavenly Bodies during an interview segment from the previous week and show the entire match.

They all get in the ring with the brawl continuing. The bell rings to announce this is now a match. Ricky Morton beats on Tom Prichard and backdrops him. Gibson tags in and catches Prichard with a knee lift. He slams Prichard and follows with a knee drop. Morton tags back in and keeps beating on Prichard.

Atomic knee drop on Prichard followed by a punch from Gibson. Gibson back in and he gets Prichard in an abdominal stretch. Lane tries to make the save but Morton punches him. Wristlock reversals by Prichard and Gibson. Gibson tags in Morton. The Heavenly Bodies regain control of the match after Morton misses a dropkick. Lane comes in and kicks Morton in the back. He rakes Morton’s face.

Lane and Prichard whip Morton into the ropes and use a double-team snapmare into a choke. Prichard back in and he whips Morton into the ropes. Morton goes for a roll-up but Prichard holds on to the ropes and catches Morton with a clothesline. Lane back in and he lands an elbow across Morton’s back. More double-teaming from the Bodies on Morton. Reverse chinlock by Prichard. Fans chant loudly for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Lane back in and he kicks Morton a couple of times. He follows with some hard right hands but Morton fights back!

Morton tries to reach his corner but Lane holds him by the leg and tags in Prichard. Prichard chokes Morton and goes for a suplex but Morton blocks it and gets him in a suplex of his own. Morton tags in Gibson and he attacks boy Bodies. Cross body block by Gibson on Prichard but Lane makes the save. All four men brawl in the ring.

Killer Kyle heads into the other side of the ring and he gets dropkicked by Morton. Gibson goes for apin on Prichard but Cornette climbs up on the ring apron. Gibson knocks him off. Gibson and Prichard knock each other down. The Stud Stable shows up ringside. Fuller grabs the tennis racket and tosses it into the ring. Prichard tries to use it but Gibson catches him with a sunset flip for the pin.

WINNERS: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Jim Cornette points at The Stud Stable. They all appear confused at what happened.

Barbourville, Kentucky promos with The Dirty White Boy talking about his match against Tim Horner and Jim Cornette talking about The Heavenly Bodies against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express with an added stip that if the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express wins they get five minutes with Jim Cornette.

The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) (w/ Dutch Mantell) vs. Reno Riggins & Daniel Little Bear

Jimmy Golden and Reno Riggins start the match. Mantell claims they are number one. Jim Cornette joins Bob Caudle on commentary. He claims that the muscle building supplements he’s been taking are stuffing up his nose and his body is out of whack. Cornette mentions that he didn’t ask the Stud Stable for any assistance to help the Heavenly Bodies in their last match against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Some armdrags by Riggins take Golden down. Cornette talks about how they are all friends and would hate to see anything ruin that and mentions how they like to see the Stud Stable’s matches early on shows as a slight insult thrown at them.

Cornette continues to rant about The Stud Stable and Mantell. Riggins continues to control the match with an armbar on Golden. Little Bear tags in and continues with an armbar on Golden. Jimmy reaches out and tags in Fuller and he beats on Little Bear. Fuller kicks Little Bear and throws some punches. Cornette is still upset over what happened and states that HIS TEAMS are the only ones that should be beating up on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

Double-team work by The Stud Stable as Golden kicks at Little Bear. Fuller gets Little Bear in a hammerlock and he forces Little Bear to submit. Cornette tells Caudle that he has to go while Caudle tells him to stick around since he’s going to interview The Stud Stable. Jim decides to leave.

WINNERS: The Stud Stable

The Stud Stable joins Bob Caudle for an interview and Jimmy Golden mentions that he saw that Cornette at the announcer’s table during their match and asked Caudle what Jim had to say about them which Caudle tells them that Cornette said he didn’t ask for any help from them. Golden says that they weren’t getting the job done and they went to help them out and that they didn’t show gratitude.

Fuller says that the next time they come out there they might to do something that Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies won’t like. He also tells the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express that they are after their tag team titles.

Video promo for the “Beat The Champ” TV Title with rules for the match and what the champion will receive and must do on a weekly TV episode.

“The Wild-Eyed Southern Boy” Tracy Smothers vs. The Dark Secret

The Dark Secret and Tracy Smothers lock-up and get on the ropes which leads to a break and The Dark Secret complaining about Smothers to the referee. Smothers with some quick moves to take down The Dark Secret who upon getting back up, complains about his tights getting pulled.

They lock-up again and gets The Dark Secret in a waistlock but has to break the hold again as they reach the ropes and again The Dark Secret complains about Smothers holding his tights. The Dark Secret whips Smothers into the corner but Smother counters and hits a middle-rope shoulder tackle. The Dark Secret recovers and pulls Smothers by the hair to the mat off a whip to the ropes. He whips Smothers into the corner and misses a knee. Smothers with another shoulder tackle and then follows with a clothesline. Smothers misses a dropkick and The Dark Secret climbs up to the top rope and misses an elbow drop.

Smothers climbs up to the top rope and hits The Dark Secret with an elbow and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Tracy Smothers

Tracy Smothers joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Smothers is climbing the ladder and wants a shot at the “Beat The Champ” TV title.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle and talks about the whereabouts of the SMW Heavyweight title. Armstrong says he asked Horner about it and was told he did not know where the title is and mentions they have a video from Horner.

In the video Tim Horner is sitting with a kid who’s holding the SMW Heavyweight title belt. Horner mentions how he’s had a hard time dealing with The Dirty White Boy lately but then he met his “little buddy” and Horner gets a bit emotional and mentions that the kid has had some serious surgeries and complications recently. He gets tearful and talks about how his friend is doing better and that he told Horner that he wanted him to win the belt. Horner says he became SMW Heavyweight Champion recently and did it for his friend. He talks about how it’s nice to win titles and awards but there are more important things in life and for him, his little buddy being there is more important. Horner mentions that SMW Commissioner wants him to return the title and he’s okay with doing that because everyone knows he is the champion.

The Dirty White Boy (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. Paul Lee

The Dirty White Boy quickly attacks Paul Lee. He catches him with a clothesline and follows with a headbutt. DWB punches Lee and then suplexes him. He screams at Lee as he chokes him. Paul Orndorff joins the commentary team. DWB with a powerslam as Orndorff talks about how he knows what DWB is going thru. Standing dropkick by The Dirty White Boy at Lee. DDT by DWB.

Orndorff mentions that DWB could have finished Lee already but he’s playing with him. The Dirty White Boy refuses to pin Lee. He tells the referee to shut-up and then grabs Lee and chokes him on the middle rope. The Dirty White Boy pulls at Lee’s mouth. Follows that up with a backdrop and a stomp. DWB goes for the Bucksnort Blaster and covers Lee for the pin. Short match with DWB dominating it.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

The Dirty White Boy, Mr. Ron Wright and Paul Orndorff join Bob Caudle for an interview. The DWB screams about how Tim Horner has no business being in a ring with him and calls Horner a thief. He tells Horner that if he had any guts, he’d go out and give him his belt back.

Mr. Ron Wright talks about how he’s having more heart issues and even his gout has gotten worse because of all that has gone on between The Dirty White Boy and Tim Horner. Paul Orndorff says Ronnie Garvin and Tim Horner are both cowards and they will take care of them on Christmas show. He then tells Caudle that the robe Garvin stole from him cost him $15,000.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Dixie Dynamite

Kevin Sullivan charges into the ring and attacks Dixie Dynamite. He tosses him to the outside. The Nightstalker is accompanying Sullivan and tries to go for a clothesline at Dynamite but he ducks. Sullivan tosses Dixie Dynamite back to the outside and again he stops The Nightstalker. Dixie Dynamite gets back into the ring and tosses Sullivan to the outside.

Sullivan gets back in the ring and tosses Dixie to the outside. He beats on Dixie Dynamite outside. The Nightstalker gets in a cheap shot on Dixie too before tossing him back into the ring. Sullivan stomps on Dixie Dynamite. He goes for a nerve hold on Dixie and continues to chop away at him. Dixie Dynamite ends up outside again and The Nightstalker chokes him and tosses him back into the ring.

Dixie Dynamite continues to get beat on by Sullivan. Double foot-stomp by Sullivan. More punches and Sullivan whips Dixie into the ropes but Dixie catches Sullivan with the Confederate Kick and that sends Sullivan to the outside. Dixie knocks down The Nightstalker and goes after Sullivan. The Nightstalker attacks Dixie and Sullivan uses a coat hanger to choke Dixie Dynamite. They take Dixie to the outside as the referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Sullivan.

WINNER: Dixie Dynamite via DQ

More promos for Barbourville, Kentucky with Tracy Smothers and Tim Horner.

Kevin Sullivan and The Nightstalker join Bob Caudle for an interview. The Nightstalker tells Bob Armstrong that he can’t bring anyone to SMW that can stop them. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong comes out and tells Sullivan that if Brian Lee or The Mongolian Stomper can’t run him out of SMW, he’ll find someone else. Kevin Sullivan tells him it’s all Armstrong’s responsibility to look after wrestlers welfare and it’s his fault what happened to Brian Lee. Sullivan warns Armstrong that he can’t get rid of him or The Nightstalker.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode that kicked off with them airing the complete match between The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Heavenly Bodies from the previous week that led into another storyline that’s been slowly building between The Stud Stable and Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies. Tim Horner promo was good as well. Matches were all kept pretty short but every segment focused on a certain storyline that’s going on in SMW which made this an easy show to watch.


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