Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 7/12/1980

Taped 7/12/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

“Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie vs. El Mongol (w/ Jimmy Hart)

El Mongol misses a forearm at Fergie and Carl armdrags him. Mongol gets upset and complains that Fergie pulled his hair. Referee warns Jimmy Hart about getting up from his chair. Another pair of armdrags by Fergie send El Mongol to the outside and again he complains that his hair was pulled.

El Mongol gets back in the ring and Fergie grabs hold of him with an armbar. Some hair pulling from Mongol but Fergie gets him back in an armbar. Whip into the ropes and Mongol misses a right and Fergie takes him back down to the mat and gets him by the wrist. El Mongol reaches the ropes with his foot and gets a break. He heads over to Hart for some advice.

Both exchange punches with Fergie getting Mongol in a side headlock. Mongol tosses him off and gets Fergie on the ropes. Forearm thrown by Mongol at Fergie. He stomps on him. Some hard chops thrown by Mongol but Fergie fights back. Mongol knocks him down and gets Fergie with a nerve hold on the side of the neck.

Fergie fights out of the hold but Mongol gets him with some punches and starts choking him on the ropes. He whips Fergie into the ropes and backdrops him. He stomps on Fergie and goes for a pin but Fergie kicks out at two. Hard chops thrown by El Mongol. He slams Fergie and climbs to the top rope. Fergie gets up and punches Mongol, knocking him off the top rope.

Fergie punches away at Mongol to the delight of the fans. He whips Mongol into the ropes and backdrops him. Mongol breaks out of a pin attempt. Fergie with a slam and again he goes for a pin. Fergie knocks Mongol down with a shoulder bump off the ropes and hits the ropes again only this time El Mongol grabs Fergie and tosses him over the top rope. Referee disqualifies El Mongol and awards the win to Carl Fergie.

WINNER: Carl Fergie via DQ.

They continue to brawl after the match ended.

Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant join Lance Russell for a promo for an upcoming match against Paul Ellering and Killer Karl Krupp.

Sputnik Monroe promo about Jerry Jarrett and how he came out to do him a favor. He mentions how he came in to help Jarrett and Yamamoto out and he didn’t get paid very well and he’s now offended. He says he has expensive taste. Monroe then tells them that he’s going to be on the other side to get revenge and tells them that they better not try to get him back on their side because he only goes forward and not backward.

Lance Russell mentions that Sputnik Monroe has now aligned himself with The Manchurians.

Jerry Jarrett and Tojo Yamamoto talk about what happened with Sputnik Monroe. Jarrett says that they did ask for Monroe’s help because every time they wrestled the Blonde Bombers, Danny Davis was interfering. He said Monroe did a good job. Jarrett then says that he and Yamamoto each got $500. Video goes out at this point but it appears they didn’t pay Monroe the same amount because when video feed returns Jarrett mentions that they were the ones wrestling and putting their bodies on the line in the match.

Tojo Yamamoto asks for the mic and says that Sputnik Monroe was overpaid and if it was up to him, he wouldn’t have paid him that much. He tells Monroe not to threaten him or his protege and tells him any time he wants him in the ring to come over.

Jerry Bryant vs. David Oswald

Jerry Bryant with a takedown on David Oswald but he reaches the ropes to break the hold. Some good reversals follow up. Bryant with an armbar. Oswald pulls his hair to break the hold and then follows with a few shots at Bryant. He elbows Bryant and then gets him in a side headlock.

Bryant picks up Oswald and backdrops him. He slams Oswald and goes for the pin but Oswald kicks out. Backdrop off the ropes by Bryant. Side headlock to the mat by Bryant. Oswald tries to break out of the hold with no luck for a few seconds. Back up and Bryant still keeps him locked in the hold. Oswald gets him on the ropes and knees him. Forearms and chops thrown at Bryant. He sends Bryant into the turnbuckle.

Oswald whips him into the corner and charges at him with a shoulder block. Bryant makes a comeback with a forearm at Oswald. Whips Oswald into the ropes and Bryant catches him with a dropkick and gets a two-count. Bryant continues but Oswald recovers and battles right back. He whips Bryant into the ropes and backdrops him and follows with an elbow. He gets a two count on Bryant.

Oswald repeats the backdrop and elbow combination. He goes for a third attempt but Bryant catches him with a clothesline and covers Oswald for the pin. Okay match.

WINNER: Jerry Bryant

They air highlights of the Killer Karl Krupp & Paul Ellering vs. Bill Dundee & Jimmy Valiant match from the 6/30/1980 Mid-South Coliseum show. Dundee and Valiant win the match.

That’s followed by highlights from a match between Bill Dundee and Paul Ellering at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Dundee has control of the match when he goes for a sleeper and Ellering sends him into the referee, knocking both down. Ellering tries to use a chain on Dundee but Bill gets the chain and as he threatens to use it on Ellering, Killer Karl Krupp runs in and attacks Dundee. Jimmy Valiant quickly runs in to make the save. Krupp gets the advantage and beats on Valiant. Valiant grabs a chair and chases Ellering, Krupp and Hart away. Dundee wins by disqualifcation.

Killer Karl Krupp (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Joe Stark

Jimmy Hart gloats about Krupp and Ellering having matches back-to-back on this week’s episode. Killer Karl Krupp quickly attacks Joe Stark. He beats on him in the corner and punches him. Krupp tosses Stark to the outside and it looks like Stark might have bumped his head with the lower portion of the camera.

Stark tries to get back in the ring but Krupp attacks him and sends him back to the floor. Krupp drags Stark back into the ring and tosses him thru the ropes only Stark’s arm gets stuck in the ropes. Stark tries to fight back but Krupp keeps beating on him. He chokes Stark. Referee warns Krupp but that doesn’t stop him. Krupp whips Stark into the ropes and kicks him and covers Stark for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Karl Krupp

As soon as the match ends Jimmy Hart tells them to ring the bell and start the next match with Paul Ellering.

Paul Ellering (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. David McGee

Paul Ellering poses before the match. Bell rings and Ellering throws some punches and tosses McGee into the turnbuckles. Hard whip into the corner by Ellering followed by a big elbow for a pin attempt. McGee kicks out at two! Ellering continues to beat on McGee and whips him into the ropes and gets him with another elbow. He slams McGee to the mat.

Ellering with an axhandle across the back. Whips McGee again into the ropes and gets him with a knee to the mid-section. He slams McGee again. Knee lift by Ellering and he struts after. Another whip into the ropes and Ellering catches McGee with a bear hug. He bends down and places McGee’s shoulders on the mat while still holding him in the bear hug and gets the pin. Ellering beats on McGee after the match.

WINNER: Paul Ellering

Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. Bub Smith & Wayne Hall

Ken Lucas and Bub Smith start the match. Lucas quickly tags in Rick Morton and he takes him down with a side headlock. Morton rides Smith and gets him in a front facelock. Bub gets back up but Morton tags in Lucas. Smith tags in Hall and he gets caught in a side headlock. Hall backs Lucas into the ropes but he gets knocked down by a shoulder.

Morton back in the match and he gets Hall in a side headlock. Smith whips him into the ropes but Morton catches him with a standing side headlock again. Lucas tags back in and keeps the headlock on. Morton back in and continues to keep the side headlock on Hall. Hall rolls Morton over for a pin attempt but that doesn’t work out for him.

Ken Lucas back in and more side headlocks! Lance Russell mentions that many were surprised to see Lucas and Morton win the Southern Tag Team titles. Morton and Lucas back and forth tags back in with them getting Smith in the side headlock. That’s all this match seems to be.

Hall tags in Bug Smith and we finally don’t get a side headlock! Morton takes him down and tags in Lucas. Lucas kicks him and gets Smith in an armbar but Smith is able to reach out and tag in Hall. Lucas gets a big knee a few times at Hall. He tags in Morton who kicks Hall. Kneedrop by Morton on Hall for a two-count. Morton tries to pin Hall a few times. Hall reverses and gets a two-count on Morton.

Morton regains the advantage and gets Hall in a reverse chinlock. Hall back up but Morton tags in Lucas. Morton whips Hall into the ropes and Lucas knocks him down. He stomps on Hall. Morton joins in on stomping on him. Lucas sends Hall into the turnbuckles. Morton back in and he gets Hall with a knee to the mid-section. Morton goes for a couple of pin attempts but Hall keeps escaping.

Morton gets Hall in a reverse chinlock again and tags in Lucas who kicks Hall. Lucas slams Hall and tags in Morton who splashes Hall and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Ken Lucas & Rick Morton

Lance Russell is joined by Jimmy Hart, Paul Ellering and Killer Karl Krupp to talk about their upcoming match against Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant. Krupp is impressed by Ellering’s physique and isn’t impressed with Dundee or Valiant’s physiques. He calls Valiant, “Big Bird”.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Unfortunately there’s a gap between TV shows available from Memphis, so we go from early April to July. Matches on the show were pretty average and kept relatively short which was a good thing. Last match went on for several minutes with Lucas and Morton going back and forth grabbing their opponents in a headlock which got old.


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