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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/17/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/17/1982

Taped 7/14/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 7/17/1982.

Bob Caudle opens the show talking about this week’s episode. He mentions that the talk of the wrestling world is that Jack Brisco lost the Mid-Atlantic Championship on last week’s episode. He then heads over to interview Jack Brisco and he mentions there is some controversy to how it ended and that Piper is very pleased with himself. They show video of the finish of the match and Brisco says there you see he hit him with something. He’s upset that he lost some of Wahoo McDaniel and Ricky Steamboat’s money along with the title. Brisco vows to win back the title from Piper.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts & “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Jim Dalton & Juan Reynoso

Jimmy Valiant dances around ringside to his music as the match starts off with Roberts and Dalton. Side headlock takedown by Dalton is reversed by Roberts into a headscissors. Dalton reaches the ropes. Some wristlock reversals until Reynoso tags in. Roberts takes down Reynoso and then tags in Valiant who charges at Reynosa with a forearm.

Valiant beats on Reynosa and tags in Roberts. Roberts with a wristlock on Reynoso. Reynosa is able to reach his side and tags in Dalton. More wristlock reversals with Dalton pulling Roberts hair to gain the advantage. Roberts with a leg takedown and he drags Dalton to his corner and tags in Valiant. They split Dalton by the legs and Valiant then chokes Dalton. Valiant sends Dalton into the corner and Roberts punches him.

Roberts back in but Dalton kicks him and snapmares the Snake. He tags in Reynoso who lands a couple of knee drops across Roberts forehead. Roberts fires back at Reynosa and whips him into Valiant’s foot. Valiant tags in and elbows Reynosa off the ropes and then follows with an elbowdrop for the pin. Valiant dances around in celebration while Roberts is calm in the ring.

WINNERS: Jake Roberts & Jimmy Valiant

Pvt. Jim Nelson & Pvt. Don Kernoodle vs. Mike Davis & Porkchop Cash

Pvt. Nelson starts against Mike Davis and they exchange right hands near the ropes. Side headlock by Davis who quickly tags in Cash. Porkchop Cash with a side headlock but Nelson reaches the ropes and tags in Kernoodle. Cash with a quick armdrag on Kernoodle. Leg takedown by Cash. Fans yell that he break Kernoodle’s leg. Kernoodle elbows his way out of the hold.

Big forearm off the ropes by Cash at Kernoodle. Kernoodle shoves Cash into his corner and tags in Nelson. Nelson and Cash exchange punches but Kernoodle comes back in and rakes Cash’s eyes. Off the ropes with an elbow by Kernoodle. The Privates control the match and Nelson back in. He stomps on Cash. More double-teaming by the Privates while Cash tries to fight them off.

Kernoodle with a thumb to the throat. He kicks away at Cash. Porkchop Cash fires up! Headbutt at Kernoodle and Don ends up getting punched by Davis. Kernoodle makes a comeback and tags in Nelson. They toss Cash into the corner turnbuckles. Kernoodle back in and Cash punches him. Cash goes thru the legs and tags in Davis.

Mike Davis comes in on fire and backdrops Kernoodle. Follows with a pair of dropkicks for a pin but only gets a one count. Kernoodle tags in Nelson. Davis continues he goes for a roll-up but hits the ropes. Nelson tags in Kernoodle who hits Davis with a middle rope clothesline for the pin.

WINNERS: Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernoodle

Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernoodle join Bob Caudle for an interview and Nelson says they are #1 and that Sgt. Slaughter tells them to think at all times and that is why they are again Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions. Kernoodle screams about them being the champions again. He says other wrestlers need to have a little guts and go to Jim Crockett and sign a contract. He wants everyone to remember what they did to Wahoo McDaniel and calls out Brisco, Steamboat and Youngblood. Nelson doesn’t think Jake Roberts is ready for a title match. Bob Caudle asks them if they are going to try to hurt people and they both say yes!

Kernoodle mentions that Slaughter tells them to eliminate everyone and that’s what they plan on doing.

Sgt. Slaughter, Matt Borne & “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. King Parsons, Abe Jacobs & Ron Ritchie

Ron Ritchie and Sgt. Slaughter start the match. Sgt. Slaughter with a takedown on Ritchie but they’re quickly back up. Hiptoss takedown by Slaughter. Side headlock into a hammerlock by Ritchie gets reversed by Slaughter and into a takedown. Slaughter turns Ritchie into a pin attempt but only gets a two-count. Slaughter tags in Koloff.

Ivan Koloff and Ron Ritchie go back and forth for a bit with Ritchie going for a headscissors on him. Koloff takes Ritchie down into a headscissors of his own but they both get back up. Parsons tags in and continues on Koloff with a wristlock and follows with a hiptoss. Elbow by Parsons followed by a whip across the corner. Koloff catches Parsons with a boot and he gets beaten up by Slaughter in the heel corner. Matt Borne tags in and drops a knee on Parsons. He beats on Parsons. They tangle on the ropes.

Parsons with some left hands thrown at Borne. He tags in Jacobs. Borne is able to take down Jacobs. Koloff tags in and Slaughter holds onto Jacobs as Koloff pounds away. Elbow from Koloff on Jacobs. Parsons is able to tag in and he whips Koloff into the ropes and backdrops him. Koloff gets Parsons with a knee. He tags in Slaughter who catches Parsons with a dropkick. Body slam and knee drop by Slaughter.

Borne tags in and he punches Parsons. Catches him with a knee lift and follows with a vertical suplex. Borne goes for a pin but Parsons kicks out. He shoves Parsons into his corner and Koloff tags in and continues to beat on Parsons. Parsons goes for a sunset flip on Koloff for a near fall. Koloff tosses Parsons into the heel corner. Sgt. Slaughter back in but Parsons kicks him and tags in Abe Jacobs.

Abe Jacobs with a back toss on Slaughter. Slaughter tags in Borne. Jacobs continues as he knocks Borne down. Borne whips Jacobs into the corner but he tags in Ritchie. Ritchie’s fired up and backdrops Borne. He does the same to Koloff. Ritchie tosses Koloff into the corner. He follows with a kick and tags in Parsons.

Kin Parsons with a pair of dropkicks thrown at Koloff. He does the same to Slaughter who was tagged in. Jacobs tags in and rolls up Slaughter for a near fall. They get back up and Slaughter catches Jacobs with a clothesline and he covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Sgt. Slaughter, Matt Borne & Ivan Koloff

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle and says Wahoo McDaniel wants all kinds of matches against him and he says he’s willing to wrestle him in any kind of matches. He says that he has so many scars on his face from his matches against Wahoo McDaniel that no one, not even his wife or dog, recognize him!

Ivan Koloff and Sir Oliver Humperdink join Bob Caudle. Koloff brings out a shovel and says he’s tired of Jimmy Valiant and will use the shovel. He’s also wearing boxing head gear, carrying his chain and TV belt. He tells Caudle he has to carry all these things because of how crazy Valiant is.

Sir Oliver Humperdink mentions that his good friends Roddy Piper and Don Muraco are ready for Jack & Jerry Brisco any time, any place, anywhere.

Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs. Bill White & The Monk

Ricky Steamboat and Bill White start the match and quickly end up on the ropes. Sir Oliver Humperdink joins Bob Caudle on commentary and Bob asks Humperdink why he was in the corner of Sgt. Slaughter, Borne and Koloff because he believes in strength in numbers and praises all three of them. Steamboat is able to take on both White and Monk who tried to double-team him.

Steamboat counters every attempt by The Monk and takes him down with an armbar. He tags in Youngblood who lands an elbow across The Monk’s arm. Jay hits both men with chops and then takes The Monk down with an armbar. Front facelock by Jay as the fans chant for him. He tags Steamboat again.

Steamboat with a front facelock but Monk tags in White but he gets caught in a side headlock. White whips him into the ropes and they both bump into each other. White whips him again into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Bill White places Steamboat in the corner in a tree of woe. The Monk hits him and Steamboat falls off. The Monk comes back in and slams Steamboat. Steamboat rolls out of a hold by The Monk and he rides him and rolls him into a pin attempt.

White tags back in and punches away at Steamboat. Dropkick by White for a near fall but Ricky gets his foot on the rope! Steamboat with a chop off the ropes. He slams White head first into the corner and tags in Youngblood. Jay with a chop across White’s head. Legdrop by Jay and a two-count on White. White tags The Monk who gets caught by a dropkick from Youngblood. He whips The Monk into the ropes and chops him.

Youngblood tags in Steamboat. He whips Monk into the ropes and Steamboat picks him up over his shoulders for a Samoan Drop for the pin.

WINNERS: Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

Bob Caudle is joined by David Patterson and Ben Alexander. Patterson mentions that Alexander told him that Wahoo chops like a butterfly so he’ll let Ben handle Wahoo. Alexander says he’s been in matches with McDaniel and he’s still around so what more can he do against him. Caudle asks them about Jack Brisco and Alexander praises Brisco but says he also knows a lot of moves and he’s going to show them. Patterson calls Brisco one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and if he or Ben pinned him, they would move to the top.

Jack Brisco, Ricky Steamboat and Wahoo McDaniel join Bob Caudle and talk about Roddy Piper. Brisco says his brother is coming back soon and also promises that he will beat Piper for the belt again. They show a VTR featuring Roddy Piper and Don Muraco vs. Mike Davis and Abe Jacobs.

Ricky Steamboat tells Roddy Piper that he has the Briscos after him. They show another VTR with Piper holding the title, holding champagne and has all the money he won on his shirt. Sgt. Slaughter and Angelo Mosca celebrate with him. Steamboat is upset and says its like he’s showing them up and slapping them in the face.

Wahoo McDaniel & Jack Brisco vs. David Patterson & Ben Alexander

Wahoo McDaniel and Ben Alexander start the match. McDaniel with a quick armdrag takedown on Alexander. Side headlock by McDaniel and he escapes with a headscissors. Wristlock by McDaniel and he tags in Brisco who lands an elbow. Wristlock takedown by Brisco into a headscissors. Alexander escapes but he gets caught in an armdrag by Brisco. Jack tags in Wahoo who continues the attack on Alexander.

McDaniel gets Alexander in a standing surfboard and gets him down for a pin. Alexander rolls thru and tags in Patterson. Patterson and Brisco now in the match. Brisco reverses a whip into the corner and backdrops him. Patterson back up and ends up heading to the wrong corner were Wahoo chops him. Brisco with a front facelock on Patterson. Patterson gets him in the ropes and punches him. Kneedrop by Patterson for a two-count. He tags in Alexander.

Brisco fights back with punches at Alexander. He tags in McDaniel. Wahoo whips him into the ropes and chops him. He then chops Patterson. Alexander tries to fight back but McDaniel chops him again. He slams Alexander and whips him into Brisco’s knee. Double under hook suplex by McDaniel. He tags in Brisco who lands some elbows on Alexander. Wahoo back in and gets Alexander with another chop. Brisco back in and Wahoo with another chop. Brisco then gets Alexander with the figure-four leglock for the win!

WINNERS: Wahoo McDaniel & Jack Brisco

Jack Brisco returns and says his brother Jerry is ready to return and wants revenge on Roddy Piper! He again repeats that he’s taking back his title and money.

Wahoo McDaniel says that if there wasn’t a freak accident that he’d be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He talks about Sgt. Slaughter getting a dose of his own medicine. He brings up how Slaughter said his family doesn’t know him from all the bruises he has, so Wahoo suggests he give up the U.S. title. He tells Slaughter that he has something that was given to him and doesn’t care what type of match they have, he’s getting that belt back.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Hard to match the previous week’s episode. This show focused on tag team wrestling. They kept building up the Jack Brisco vs. Roddy Piper feud and talking about their match from the previous show. Matches were kept relatively short. Thought the six-man tag was the best match on the show. Sgt. Slaughter, Ricky Steamboat and the Privates promos were really good.


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