Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 4/5/1980

Taped 4/5/1980 at WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Aired on 4/5/1980.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

Lance Russell is joined by Jimmy Hart and Ali Hassan for an interview. Russell mentions Hart is the manager of the Southern Tag Team and Heavyweight champions. Hart tells Russell that he is begrudgingly returning the Southern Tag Team Titles to Russell but vows that his men will win it back. This decision was made by the AWA stating that one man can’t hold two titles after Paul Ellering defeated Jimmy Valiant for the Southern Heavyweight Title.

Lance Russell mentions there will be a tournament to be held for the vacant Southern Tag Team Titles. Hart claims Jarrett-Welch are trying to keep titles away from them and protect Jimmy Valiant. He calls himself the world’s greatest manager and he’s brought in someone to help them out, Sonny “The King”.

Sonny King tells Russell that that he’s going to resurface and he’s going to reorganize. Hart celebrates and says no one will stop them. Russell’s not sure if Hart is in charge. Hart shoves him and says Lance is crazy and leaves to the ring.

Ali Hassan & Sonny King (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Aaron Holt & Pat Huchinson

Ali Hassan and Pat Hutchinson start the match. Hutchinson with a side headlock but is quickly taken down by Hassan. Hassan pulls him by the hair again. Referee Jerry Calhoun warns him. Hassan punches Hutchinson in the head and then tags in Sonny King. King knocks down Hutchinson and then slams him. He sends Hutchinson into the corner and then continues to punch at him. Hutchinson is able to reach out and tag in Holt.

King punches Holt as he escapes a rope break and proceeds to beat on Holt. He chokes Holt near the ropes and gets a warning. Hart is cheering him on. Hassan tags in and lands a legdrop on Holt. He chokes Holt as well. More punches thrown by Hassan. King beats on Holt outside the ring.

Hassan tags in King and he punches Holt on the side. Whips him into the ropes and punches him yet again. Headbutt from King knocks Holt down. Hassan back in and he punches and goes for the pin on Holt and gets the win.

WINNERS: Ali Hassan & Sonny King

The Blonde Bombers and Danny Davis join Lance Russell for a promo for the upcoming Louisville Gardens show. Davis shows his helmet has a hole that was caused during a match with Gibson. Wayne Farris says the Gibson Brothers need to be institutionalized and shouldn’t get in the ring with a tire iron. Farris says they’re going to get revenge on them especially on Ricky Gibson.

They air match highlights from a match between The Gibson Brothers and The Blonde Bombers from the 3/28/1980 Tupelo, Mississippi show. Video starts with the Bombers and Danny Davis beating on the Ricky Gibson as Robert Gibson is handcuffed to the top rope. Rick Gibson, The Blonde Bombers and Danny Davis brawl in the concession stand. Referee Paul Morton tries to break it up. They break a broom on Rick Gibson. Robert Gibson is able to break out of the handcuffs. Rick Morton heads out as well and Danny Davis tries to keep both away. Ken Lucas, Jimmy Valiant and Eddie Marlin all come out and are able to get the Blonde Bombers and Davis away.

Robert Gibson comes out to talk with Lance Russell. Gibson gives an update on his brother Rick Gibson. He said Rick doesn’t look any better with one eye completely closed and the rest of his face busted up. Robert says his brother will be ready to wrestle.

The Blonde Bombers and Danny Davis come out and Farris tells Robert if he has something to say, say it to his face. Robert tells them they are bad coming out here three against one. Farris calls him a coward and brawl ensues with the Bombers and Davis beating on him. Latham slams Davis helmet on Robert. Bill Dundee, Ricky Morton and Steve Regal come out to make the save and carry Robert away.

Paul Ellering and Jimmy Hart join Lance Russell to talk about Ellering winning the AWA Southern Heavyweight title from Jimmy Valiant. They both are wearing suits. Ellering says there was a time when Russell had no time for him and when Jerry Jarrett said he was pretty good for being a rookie. He talks of the new times winning the Southern title and beating Valiant. He says Jimmy Valiant can’t dance or sing and says the worst thing a kid can do is look up to him and they should instead look up to him, a true champion.

He calls Valiant, “Disco Duck”. Ellering says Valiant has one chance and it’s “tomorrow” at the Mid-South Coliseum to beat him. If he can’t do it, then it’s over.

They show a clip of the AWA Southern Heavyweight title from Jackson Coliseum were Paul Ellering beat Jimmy Valiant for the title. Valiant looks like a bloody mess in the match. Ellering flexes his muscles as he continues to beat on Valiant. Ellering misses a top rope splash. Valiant fights back and punches Ellering off the ropes. They both exchange punches. Valiant swings Ellering and knocks the referee down. Valiant covers Ellering but the referee is out. Hart rings the bell to confuse Valiant. Ellering knocks down Valiant and referee Paul Morton recovers and counts the pin. Ellering wins the title.

Paul Ellering (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Dennis Upton

Referee Paul Morton tells Ellering to remove the belt while he wrestles. Ellering doesn’t seem to want to remove it but the referee does it for him. Paul shows off his strength taking down Dennis Upton. Big forearm across Upton’s back. He whips Upton across the ring and follows with a knee. Armdrag out of the corner. Snapmare into a pin attempt by Ellering.

Ellering poses in between beating Upton. Some knees into Upton’s chest. Upton fights back but Ellering picks him up and slams him. He slams Upton a second time. Third slam on Upton. Fireman’s carry into an airplane spin and slam by Ellering and he covers Upton but refuses to pin him. Ellering follows with a powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Paul Ellering

“Dr. D” David Schultz & Dennis Condrey vs. Jerry Bryant & Steve Regal

David Schultz and Jerry Bryant start the match. Bryant takes Dr. D down with a headscissors and Schultz quickly tags in Condrey. Bryant with an armdrag on Condrey. Gets him again with an armdrag. Condrey complains about his trunks getting pulled and then tags in Dr. D. Bryant escapes Schultz grasp.

Dr. D elbows Bryant and tags in Condrey who lands a knee across Bryant’s head. Bryant recovers and tags in Regal. Hip toss by Regal and Condrey is upset and tags in Schultz. Regal catches Schultz with a hiptoss off the ropes and does the same to Condrey. Schultz tags in Condrey and he locks up with Regal. Regal with a wristlock and tags in Bryant. Condrey lands a knee on Bryant and then slams him.

Dr. D tags back in and he continues to attack Bryant. Another slam for Bryant. Condrey back in and he kicks Bryant. Fans cheer on Bryant. Condrey uses the ropes to land some knees across Bryant and then follows with a slam. Condrey taunts Regal and that distracts the referee. Dr. D comes in and hooks Bryant’s arm in a hammerlock with his leg and then Condrey charges at Schultz and both fall to the mat to injure Bryant’s arm. Condrey covers Bryant for the pin.

WINNERS: David Schultz & Dennis Condrey

Dr. D asks Russell and Brown if that was too violent.

The Blonde Bombers (Wayne Farris & Larry Latham) (w/ Danny Davis) vs. “Superstar” Bill Dundee & Rick Morton

Ricky Morton and Larry Latham start the match. Morton gets Latham with a headlock and keeps it locked in and takes him down to the mat. Morton with a shoulder block off the ropes and then hiptosses Latham. He gets Latham back in the side headlock.

Latham sends Morton into the ropes and catches him with a backdrop but misses an elbow. Morton tags in Dundee who punches Latham. Latham is able to tag in Farris. Farris whips Dundee into the ropes but Dundee stomps on him. He backdrops Farris. Dundee with some punches thrown at Farris. Farris whips Dundee into the ropes again but Dundee continues to mess around with Farris.

Dundee misses a cross body block off the ropes and Farris beats on him. Latham tags in but Dundee escapes. Both Bombers come in and attack Dundee who reaches over and tags in Morton. The Bombers attack Morton. Rick Gibson comes out with a tire iron to attack the Bombers. Davis grabs hold of Rick Gibson’s leg and Gibson hits Davis across his helmet with the tire iron.

Referee calls for the bell to end the match. Rick Gibson hits Davis with the tire iron a second time. Dundee and Morton try to stop him. Lance Russell helps them out as well. Wayne Farris returns and tells Lance Russell that they are going to sue Rick Gibson for attacking Davis with a tire iron.

WINNERS: The Blonde Bombers via DQ.

Jimmy Valiant wearing an eye patch comes out to do a promo with Lance Russell for the upcoming Louisville Gardens show. Valiant speaks in a serious tone and is going into the match for business. He says his eye is okay but is wearing an eye patch to psych himself and Ellering up. He then raises his voice and says it will be party time when he wrestles Ellering.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode. This show focused on the news that Paul Ellering is the new AWA Southern Heavyweight champion and had to vacate the Southern Tag Team titles. Jimmy Hart then announced Sonny King was going to team with Ali Hassan. The Blonde Bombers vs. Gibson Brothers feud was pretty great with the wild brawl from Tupelo followed by The Bombers attacking Robert Gibson in the studio and closing out with Rick Gibson attacking them during the main event. Matches from the studio were okay but the video highlights were far better.


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