Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 3/17/1983

Taped 3/16/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 3/17/1983.

Boyd Pearce & “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Watts talks about the February 9th match between Andre The Giant & Tony Atlas vs. Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne with Kamala and Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s involvement in the match. They air the closing moments of the match. He also mentions how Gen. Skandor Akbar was fined by Mid-South Wrestling but his attorneys filed a gag order that won’t allow Mid-South to say how much he was fined.

Watts also mentions how there are new Mid-South Tag Team Champions as Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. just won the tag team titles from DiBiase & Borne.

Bill Watts interviews Mr. Wrestling II and Tiger Conway Jr. who are the new Mid-South Tag Team Champions. Mr. Wrestling II states that they were underestimated by Borne & DiBiase and that they proved they could be beat. Conway Jr. called it the greatest day of his life and was happy to pull one over on the Rat Pack.

They air the closing moments of the tag title match. Borne and Mr. Wrestling II are in the ring with II making a comeback. Tiger Conway Jr. tags in and beats on both DiBiase and Borne. All four men get involved. Referee gets II out of the ring so DiBiase punches him in the back and knocks him down. Mr. Wrestling II gets back in the ring and he and DiBiase bump the referee out of the ring. Borne climbs to the top rope for the “Bombs Away” Dive but Conway Jr. moves out of the way. Mr. Wrestling II then backdrops him. Tiger Conway Jr. gets the pin on Borne with a victory roll (huracanrana).

Mr. Wrestling II said his goose pimples popped when he heard the fans cheers. He also wants to wrestle any tag team combination and says that they can line any team up and he and Conway Jr. will knock them down.

Kamala “The Ugandan Warrior” (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar & Friday) vs. Marty Lunde

Kamala attacks Marty Lunde with chops and then chokes him. He takes Lunde down and chokes on him even more as the referee counts. Lunde tries to fight back but Kamala continues his attack. Kamala slams Lunde into the corner turnbuckles. More chops and choking from Kamala. Hard chop at the top of Lunde’s head. He sends Lunde into the ropes and then whips him and catches him with a double thrust chop. Kamala follows with two splashes and then rolls him over for the pin.

WINNER: Kamala

Match is followed by Andre The Giant’s interview after he was attacked by Kamala and The Rat Pack with Andre demanding Bill Watts get him a match against Kamala.

The Junkyard Dog vs. Matt Borne

The Junkyard Dog enters and starts to scream at Matt Borne. He keeps his chain in hand as The Black Ninja enters the ring and starts to do his ceremonial challenge at JYD. Nagasaki holds his kendo stick at JYD who fires his chain at him. Borne stands outside the ring. Fans start to chant “JYD”. Nagasaki decides to leave the ring.

Bell rings to start the match with JYD getting in some shots on Borne. Borne goes for a waistlock takedown but JYD blocks him and continues with more punches. Snapmare into a headlock by JYD. Borne elbows his way out and slams JYD’s head into the top turnbuckle which does nothing to the Dog. Headbutt by JYD and he gets a two count on Borne.

Headlock on Borne. Watts mentions DiBiase is not there. Eye rake by Borne and he gets in some punches. Watts mentions that “Hacksaw” Bruce Reed from Atlanta is coming in a few weeks and that has upset Duggan who said there is only one “Hacksaw in Mid-South”. Borne knocks down JYD and takes control of the match and gets a near fall on JYD. He stomps on JYD’s head and keeps getting him in a headlock and facelock.

JYD punches his way out of a facelock. Borne gets a whip reversed into the ropes. Some good back and forth with both hitting the ropes eventually leading to JYD catching Borne by surprise with a Russian leg sweep for the pin.

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

“The Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki & The Golden Dragon vs. Art Crews & Tim Horner

The Golden Dragon also known at that time as The Magic Dragon in World Class Championship Wrestling. Kendo Nagasaki and Tim Horner start the match and he quickly gets Horner with a thrust kick. More kicks and chops at Horner who tries to fight back. He tags in the Golden Dragon who continues the attack until Horner recovers and is able to tag in Art Crews.

Art Crews with a nice takedown on The Golden Dragon and into an armbar. He tags in Horner but the Golden Dragon is quickly back up and knocks down Horner. Watts mentions that The Golden Dragon will be wrestling The Junkyard Dog on next week’s show. Dragon tags in Nagasaki. More kicks from Nagasaki at Horner. He spins around and chops Horner. Big knee at Horner followed by a choke. Horner keeps fighting but to no success.

The Golden Dragon tags back in and whips Horner into the ropes and elbows him. He goes after Horner again but Horner crawls his way to tag in Crews and Art comes in on fire attacking the Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon recovers and chops and rakes Crews eyes. He does a backflip into the corner and punches Crews in the stomach. Nagasaki tags back in and Crews makes another comeback until he gets knocked back down by Nagasaki.

Horner tags in and hip tosses Nagasaki and charges at him but Kendo catches him with a kick. More chops and The Golden Dragon back in with even more chops followed by a nerve hold on Horner’s shoulder. Horner tries to fight out of it but that only leads to the Golden Dragon going with another nerve hold. Horner finally escapes and tags in Crews.

Art Crews with a forearm at The Golden Dragon. He gets him with a back drop but The Golden Dragon’s back up and he counters Crews. Nagasaki tags in and spins and then catches Crews with a thrust kick for the pin.

WINNERS: Kendo Nagasaki & The Golden Dragon

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Joe Stark

“Wild” Bill Irwin cracks his whip before the match starts. Irwin takes down Stark but Joe reaches the ropes. Stark gets Irwin with a hammerlock but Irwin sends him into the ropes and elbows him across the head. Big knee to the mid-section by Irwin. Side headlock on Stark. Stark tries to break out of the hold but Irwin elbows him in the back. Side suplex by Irwin.

Irwin slams Stark and then charges out of the corner with a big knee drop for a pin attempt but Stark kicks out. Watts mentions there will be a midget tag team match next week and the following week will have King Kong Bundy and “Hacksaw” Butch Reed. Irwin gets Stark in a headlock. Big forearm across Stark’s chest. Irwin whips Stark into the ropes but Stark counters. He then whips Irwin into the ropes and backdrops him.

Stark gets Irwin in a reverse headlock. Irwin whips Stark into the ropes and catches him with a big boot. He stomps on Stark. Stark tries to fight back but Irwin with a side headlock takes him down. They head into the corner and Stark delivers some punches and hiptosses him out of the corner. He catches Irwin with a dropkick. Irwin quickly recovers and whips Stark into the ropes and catches him with a side backbreaker for the pin.

WINNER: “Wild” Bill Irwin

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & The Super Destroyer vs. Mike Jackson & Randy Barber

Hacksaw Duggan and Mike Jackson start the match. Duggan shoves Jackson into the ropes. He slams Jackson and misses an elbow. Jackson with a headscissors on Duggan. He uses his speed to take Duggan down. Crowd cheers Jackson. Duggan tags in The Super Destroyer. Jackson uses his quickness against The Super Destroyer. Jackson gets The Super Destroyer with a headscissors.

Randy Barber tags in and The Super Destroyer quickly beats on him. He tags in Duggan who slams Barber into the corners and then slams him down. The Super Destroyer back in and he kicks Barber. He slams Barber and tags in Duggan. Duggan stomps on him and follows with a knee drop. He refuses to pin Barber and instead gets him in a front facelock. Big forearm across Barber’s back and again Super Destroyer tagged back in. The Super Destroyer whips Barber into the ropes and gets him with a backbreaker and tags in Duggan. Duggan charges at Barber with the spear and tags in The Super Destroyer who places Barber on the top turnbuckle and gets him with a superplex for the pin.

WINNERS: Hacksaw Duggan & The Super Destroyer

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The JYD vs. Borne match was probably the best match on the show but was only in that okay range. It did have Kendo Nagasaki coming out to confront JYD to continue to build up their feud with next week JYD going up against Nagasaki’s tag team partner The Golden Dragon on next week’s show. Seemed at times that there was more excitement about the shows coming up than what was going on during this show especially during the last three matches. The tag title change highlights were also enjoyable. Also always fun watching Mike Jackson on any wrestling show!


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