Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 3/28/1980

Taped 3/28/1980 at WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Aired on 3/28/1980

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

They show highlights of The Blonde Bombers against Rick & Robert Gibson from the Mid-South Coliseum on 3/24/1980. The Blonde Bombers have control of the match as video starts. Latham with a backdrop on Robert Gibson. Robert kicks out of a pin attempt. Farris gets in the match and continues the attack on Robert. Snapmare into a reverse chinlock by Farris on Robert Gibson. 10-minute call is announced.

Robert Gibson gets back up and fights off against Farris but Latham tags back in and beats on Robert. Robert fights back with some punches of his own. Farris makes the save for Latham. Latham and Robert slam into each other off the ropes. Rick Gibson jumps off the ropes with a knee drop across Latham’s back but Farris attacks Robert at the same time.

The Bombers continue to beat on Robert Gibson. Farris back in and he punches Robert. Robert fights back but again gets backdropped by Farris. Farris goes for the pin but Rick makes the save. Latham back in the match with some hard right hands across Robert Gibson’s face. Rick Gibson’s had enough and all four men get into the ring. Danny Davis climbs up to the top rope and tries to hit Robert Gibson with his helmt but hits Latham instead.

Robert Gibson covers Latham for the pin. Rick Gibson jumps off of Robert’s back and dropkicks Danny Davis out of the ring. The Gibsons win the match in 13:02!

Promos for the upcoming Louisville Gardens show. Lance Russell mentions that later in the show they will air video of an incident that explains why Jimmy Valiant isn’t there. Ken Lucas joins Lance Russell and says Valiant has an eye injury but he should be back for this Louisville Gardens Six-Man tag match. Billy Robinson joins them. He mentions that this will be a 2-out-of-3 falls match and he’ll have plenty of time to get revenge on Jimmy Hart, Ali Hassan and Paul Ellering.

Rick Morton vs. David Oswald

Quick takedown by Rick Morton on David Oswald. They end up near the ropes leading to a clean break from Morton. Lock-up again leads to Morton with a side headlock but Oswald counters with a headscissors. Morton escape quickly and takes Oswald off his feet again. They both get back up but Morton again takes Oswald down.

Side headlock by Oswald. Morton trips Oswald and takes him down to the mat. Oswald reaches the ropes again to break out of the hold. Oswald gets in a couple of cheap shots on Morton near the ropes. He backdrops Morton and follows with a splash for a two-count. He lands an elbow drop on Morton for another two-count.

Oswald whips Morton into the ropes but Morton leap frogs over him and lands a forearm at him! Oswald charges at Morton but Rick knocks him down and goes for a sunset flip for the pin.

WINNER: Rick Morton

“Superstar” Bill Dundee vs. Dennis Upton

Dennis Upton looks like a giant next to Dundee. Side headlock takedown by Dundee. Upton goes to the ropes and breaks away from Dundee. Dundee gets Upton again with a wristlock and into a takedown. He hooks Upton’s arm. Kneedrop on Upton’s arm and he breaks away. Upton tries to shake it off. He gets Dundee down on the mat with a single leg takedown. Dundee kicks him off.

Dundee takes Upton down to the mat again. Fan yells out “Pin him down!” and Dundee replies with “I’m trying!” Upton with a comeback and slams Dundee. He tries to get Dundee up for a slam again but Dundee catches him with a cradle and gets a two-count. Dundee whips Upton into the ropes and catches him with a forearm and covers Upton for the pin.

WINNER: Bill Dundee

Dundee helps Upton up after the match.

“Dr. D” David Schultz & Dennis Condrey join Lance Russell to talk about their future. Schultz claims that the Jarrett & Welch wrestling company has something against them. He says they signed a contract to wrestle there in championship matches. He says fans and promoters say they are too violent and that’s why they don’t get championship matches. Schultz calls Jerry Jarrett a little punk. He calls Dundee a “little freak”. Condrey says every time you see Jerry Jarrett you only see Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant with him.

Condrey says all they want is championship matches. Schultz insults Valiant and calls him a “punk from the Big Apple”. He says he can say whatever he wants because he has a contract and they have money and if he wanted to he could buy the TV channel. Condrey says they are stars. Lance Russell says all they are doing is insulting people, which Schultz says he can insult anyone he wants. Condrey says he is in wrestling to hurt people.

They air video highlights of the AWA Southern Tag Team title change with Ali Hassan & Paul Ellering beating Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas.

Ali Hassan & Paul Ellering (w/ Jimmy Hart) © vs. “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & Ken Lucas for the AWA Southern Tag Team Titles in an Expiration of time match.

60-minute time limit was waived by both teams. Lots of posing between Paul Ellering and Jimmy Valiant. Jimmy Hart gets upset when Valiant starts to trash talk Ellering and Hassan. Ali Hassan and Ken Lucas start the match off. They exchange some shots. Side headlock by Ken Lucas and again he punches Ali Hassan. He whips Hassan into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. Lucas continues to beat on Hassan. He tags in Valiant as the crowd cheers loudly.

Valiant with a backdrop on Hassan followed by an elbow. Valiant sends Hassan at Lucas’ knee and tags Ken in. Hassan tags in Ellering. Ellering gets Lucas on the ropes but Lucas counters with a right hand at Ellering. Referee warns both teams about closed fists. Valiant tags back in and he punches away at Ellering. He tags in Lucas and whips Ellering into the ropes and Lucas catches him with a punch to the mid-section. Knee drop on Ellering for a two-count.

Ellering tags in Hassan and they double-team Lucas in their corner. Hassan with a jab at Lucas throat. He goes for a pin but Valiant makes the save. Legdrop by Hassan for another near fall. Ellering tags back in and lands an elbow on Lucas and goes for the cover but Valiant stomps on him. Lucas with an inside cradle on Ellering for a near fall.

Ellering back up and tags in Hassan. Hassan and Lucas go back and forth. Side headlock by Hassan and he tags in Ellering. Ellering punches away at Lucas. He powerslams Lucas but Valiant pulls Ellering off Lucas. Hassan and Ellering go back and forth beating on Lucas. Lucas gets fired up and takes some shots on Hassan but they reach the ropes and Hassan is back at it. He tags Ellering back in and more punches thrown at Lucas.

Lucas and Ellering exchange punches until Ellering reaches his corner and tags Hassan back in. He follows with another legdrop for a near fall on Lucas. Punches exchanged by both. Ellering back in and he delivers more punches at Lucas and they go at each other. Lucas knocks Ellering down and tags in Valiant.

Valiant takes on both Hassan and Ellering. He beats on both. Elbow on Hassan. Jimmy Valiant climbs up to the ring apron to distract the referee. All four men get involved. Ellering grabs Hart’s cane and hits Valiant with it and gets the pin on “Handome” Jimmy! Hassan and Ellering win the first fall.

Everyone returns to continue the match. Valiant chases after everyone with a chair. Referee tells Valiant to leave the chair. Bell rings and Valiant brings Ellering back into the ring. He punches away at Ellering who tags in Hassan. Valiant slams Hassan and tags in Lucas. Lucas whips Hassan into the ropes and catches him with a boot to the mid-section. Valiant comes back in and chops away at Hassan. He slams Hassan and he tags in Ellering.

Ellering rakes Valiant’s eyes and starts to punch and slam him. Hassan comes back in with some punches on Valiant. Valiant with a knee at Hassan’s mid-section and tags in Lucas. Lucas beats on Hassan and Ellering. Hassan spears Lucas and tags in Ellering who chokes Lucas. Lucas crawls over and tags in Valiant. Ellering misses a shoulder attack into the corner. Ellering is able to get Valiant into his corner and he and Hassan double-team Valiant.

Jimmy battles them and all four men are in the ring until Valiant chases after Jimmy Hart, who hit Valiant with the cane. Valiant heads over to the announcer’s table after Hart. Hart threw something at Valiant’s face. Referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Hassan and Ellering. Valiant can be heard yelling, “my eyes” as he’s being taken to the back.

Ellering, Hassan and Hart celebrate. The match ends in a draw with each team winning one fall.


Promo for the Louisville Gardens show with Jimmy Hart, Paul Ellering and Ali Hassan. Hart says he’s sorry for what he did because he didn’t put Valiant out forever. He mentions that Ken Lucas must be crazy to get into this match with two cripples since they’ve already injured Billy Robinson and Jimmy Valiant and vows to injure Ken Lucas next. Ellering insults Robinson, Valiant and Lucas and says they can’t beat them.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with a main event tag that had a good ending as Jimmy Hart threw something at Valiant that blinded him. That was mentioned earlier on the show during the Louisville Gardens promo. Fortunately they aired the 2nd promo for that show after the match so we had a good promo from Hart and Ellering. Really enjoyed the Gibsons vs. Blonde Bombers highlights and the Condrey & Schultz interview was entertaining. The other two studio matches on the show were very short but easy to watch.


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