All-Star Wrestling 6/17/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 6/17/1978

Taped at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on June 17, 1978.

Vince McMahon is on commentary. He gives a rundown of what’s scheduled on this week’s show. Vince mentions that originally they were going to have a non-title match between The Lumberjacks and Dominic DeNucci & Dino Bravo but Capt. Lou Albano refused to sign the contract feeling that the Lumberjacks didn’t have to prove anything and should only face DeNucci & Bravo in a title match.

“Polish Power” Ivan Putski vs. Sylvano Sousa

Putski looks to be joking around with Sousa who isn’t playing along. Sousa gets Putski in the corner but can’t do anything. He goes for a full nelson on Putski but Ivan breaks out rather easily. He keeps hold of Sousa’s hands. They reach the ropes for a break.

Sousa with a side headlock and follows with a punch to Putski’s head that does nothing so Sousa backs away. Putski grabs hold of Sousa with a side headlock. Sousa drops to a knee and groans as Putski applies pressure. He punches at Sousa who heads to the outside of the ring.

Sousa returns to the ring and they lock-up again only Sousa quickly pokes at Putski’s eyes. He tries to punch Putski but again that has no effect on Ivan. Sousa heads back to the outside and then returns. Putski smiles at Sousa. They talk a bit in the ring and then lock-up. Sousa gets in some kicks and right hands at Putski. Putski shoves him away and then punches Sousa and sends him to the floor.

Sousa comes back into the ring. He rakes Putski’s eyes and again punches at him but Putski counters. Putski then hits Sousa with a big right hand and knocks him down and covers him for the pin. He flexes and poses after the win.

WINNER: Ivan Putski

Ivan Putski then grabs the mic and issues challenges to George Steele and Spiros Arion. He tells the fans that he will beat them up.

Spiros Arion (w/ Freddie Blassie) vs. Frankie Williams

Freddie Blassie points his cane at Frankie Williams while also talking with the fans and the referee. Bell rings and Blassie heads to the outside. Arion with a quick takedown on Williams. He works over on Williams arm and follows with a front facelock. Referee tells Arion to break the hold due to them being near the ropes.

Arion with a headscissors on Williams but switches over to a choke. He stomps on Williams. Follows with some punches. Arion gets Williams in a choke but breaks so he can continue to kick at Williams. Referee warns Arion again. Uppercut by Arion sends Williams into the corner. Williams fights back briefly as Arion catches him with a boot and knocks him down.

Spiros Arion picks up Williams and places him in a tree of woe in the corner and continues to stomp on him. Williams falls to the mat but Arion refuses to pin him and instead continues to punish him. Williams makes a surprising comeback with some punches and Arion backs away until he rakes his face and regains control. Arion with a side shoulder backbreaker for the submission win.

WINNER: Spiros Arion

Vince McMahon interviews Tony Garea who is returning from a tour that included his home in New Zealand. He praises the competition improving since the last time he was there. He wrestled for 3 weeks in New Zealand and 3 more weeks in Australia. He believes there will be some talent coming from that area soon.

McMahon mentions that other than one draw during that tour, he went undefeated. Garea then toured Japan after 6 weeks in Australia and New Zealand. He praises the wrestlers in Japan. Garea mentions how the Japanese wrestlers that we’ve seen at that time in the U.S. were a little heavier looking and the ones he saw in Japan were actually slimmer and more athletic.

Vince McMahon asks Tony Garea how Andre The Giant did while in Japan. Garea mentions that Andre was there for a four week tour and they did go out after shows a few times. McMahon asks about some of the talent in WWWF that is new or returning since Garea was last here three months ago. He talks about how he’s not familiar with the Yukon Lumberjacks and “Crazy” Luke Graham. He also noticed that George “The Animal” Steele was back.

McMahon asks Garea if he plans on focusing on singles or tag team competition and said he’d like to focus on singles matches for a bit of time.

Stan “The Man” Stasiak (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Tony Garea

Some stalling by Stasiak to start the match off. Garea argues a bit with The Grand Wizard. Waistlock into a takedown by Tony Garea. He gets Stasiak in a headscissors. Stasiak tries to bridge out of the hold but is unsuccessful. He finally kicks out and both are quickly back up on their feet. Garea takes Stasiak down with an armbar. They get back up and reach the ropes for a break.

Stasiak grabs hold of Garea with a hammerlock but Garea escapes. Stasiak punches at Garea and lays in a hard right. This sends Garea into the ropes and Stasiak chokes him. He follows by tossing Garea into the turnbuckles and then grabs him in a bear hug. As Garea tries to break out, Stasiak punches him and puts him back into the bear hug. Garea breaks out with some forearms.

Stasiak goes for a heart punch but Garea blocks it and he punches Stasiak instead. Stan The Man heads over to talk to The Grand Wizard who gets told to step off the ring apron by the referee. More punches thrown by Stasiak. He slams Garea into the turnbuckles. Snapmare into a pin attempt by Stasiak but Garea kicks out. Garea tries for a pin of his own but Stasiak reaches the ropes.

Garea back up and he’s fired up as he punches Stasiak. Stasiak gets tied to the ropes and Garea charges at him a few times until Stasiak escapes and catches Garea with a boot. Stasiak then tosses Garea to the outside. Garea gets back into the ring and Stan “The Man” continues to beat on him.

They slug it out in the ring and Garea hits him with a forearm that nearly throws him over the top rope. Garea whips Stasiak into the corner. He continues the attack. Stasiak is able to send Garea to the outside. He follows and grabs Garea for the heart punch. He goes for it but Garea moves out of the way and Stasiak ends up hitting the ring post instead. The Grand Wizard goes over to check on Stasiak. Tony Garea climbs back into the ring. Stasiak ends up losing via count out!

WINNER: Tony Garea

“Crazy” Luke Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Dave Darrow

They air a replay of the finish from the previous match. Vince McMahon refers to Luke Graham as “Lukas Graham”. Dave Darrow gets Graham in a wristlock but that is quickly broken away. Darrow tries to grab hold of Graham but they are forced to break. Graham gets upset when the fans start to chant “Crazy Luke” at him. He steps out of the ring but returns.

Graham gets Darrow in the corner and lands a forearm across his chest before he backs away. They head into the corner again and Graham gets Darrow in a side headlock and uses a thumb to the face. Leg takedown by Graham. They get back up and Graham gets him in a full nelson and shoves him into the ropes. He hammers Darrow with a forearm across the back. He uses the ropes to choke Darrow but referee calls for a break.

Luke Graham with a leg takedown but Darrow’s quickly back up on his feet. He gets Darrow in an armlock and punches him in the side. Darrow shoves Graham into the corner and has to break. The Gran Wizard jumps up on the ring apron to talk to Graham. “Crazy” Luke wants a test of strength but Darrow refuses. He gets Darrow into the ropes and gets him in a front facelock and punches him across the face. Graham hammers away on Darrow and whips him into the corner and continues with a barrage of punches.

Graham knocks Darrow down and uses a thumb to the drop to knock Darrow down. He follows with a running splash off the ropes for the pin. Graham refuses to let go of Darrow as The Grand Wizard enters the ring.

WINNER: “Crazy” Luke Graham

“High Chief” Peter Maivia vs. Frank “Moose” Monroe

Moose heads to the outside as Maivia walks towards him. He gets back in the ring. Some stalling to start the match. Fans are clapping and the two finally lock-up. Maivia breaks cleanly as they reach the ropes. Monroe does the same. They reach the ropes again only this time Maivia breaks cleanly but pats Moose on the backside which upset Monroe. He rakes at Maivia’s eyes.

Maivia returns the eye rakes at Monroe. He grabs hold of Moose with an armbar but Moose takes Maivia down. They keep breaking holds every time they reach the ropes for a bit. Moose ends up being taken down by Maivia but again a quick break-up. Monroe grabs hold of Maivia in a choke hold and uses the ropes to work on Maivia.

Maivia gets fired up and Moose backs away into the corner. They lock-up again and Maivia with a shoulder block into Monroe’s mid-section. He gets Moose with a headbutt and some knees at Monroe. Uppercut thrown by Maivia. A second one sends Moose into the ropes and the referee gets Maivia away. Moose wants to shake hands with Maivia but Maivia slaps his hand away.

Moose gets taken down by Maivia near the ropes. Maivia gets Moose in an ankle lock. He’s forced to break again as Moose reaches the ropes. Headbutt delivered by Maivia and then he charges at Moose with a tackle to knock him down. Another headbutt followed by a body slam for the pin.

WINNER: Peter Maivia

Vince McMahon talks about who’s scheduled for next week and mentions a six-man tag match featuring Haystacks Calhoun, Larry Zbyzszko and Tony Garea. Plus Peter Maivia vs. “Crazy” Luke Graham.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Average episode. I’m not a big fan of the slower-paced style that WWWF had at this time and this episode was loaded with some very slow moving matches. Best match on the show was Tony Garea vs. Stan Stasiak. That I thought was good. The rest of the matches just moved very slowly.


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