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Mid-South Wrestling 3/10/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 3/10/1983

Taped 3/2/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 3/10/1983.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Watts talks about Houston wrestling and they show video of a February 11th match between Mr. Wrestling II and The Iron Sheik.

Mr. Wrestling II sends The Iron Sheik to the outside with a knee lift. The Iron Sheik gets back into the ring and gains the advantage over Mr. Wrestling II. The Sheik pounds away on Mr. Wrestling II as the fans start a “TWO! TWO! TWO!!!” chant. Mr. Wrestling II surprises The Iron Sheik with another knee lift and lays into him with some punches. Backdrop by Mr. Wrestling II and he goes for the pin but they are near the ropes. The Iron Sheik misses a senton. Mr. Wrestling II catches him again with a knee lift and gets the pin.

“The Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki vs. Ron Ellis

The Black Ninja does a ceremony before the match with his kendo stick. He removes his gear and quickly spins around in the ring. Nagasaki quickly attacks Ellis and stomps on him. Big kick at Ellis. He follows with a nerve claw on the shoulder. Nagasaki picks him back up and elbows him and stomps on him. He follows with another hard chop and then picks him up and drops him to the mat.

Nagasaki spins around and catches Ellis with a kick and chop. He gets in another kick at Ellis and covers him for the pin. Watts points out that Gen. Skandor Akbar showed up ringside.

WINNER: Kendo Nagasaki

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan joins Boyd Pearce at the commentary table. He wants to show the people something. Pearce tells Duggan that they are going to show highlights from Duggan’s match against Chavo Guerrero. Hacksaw gets upset and claims Chavo uses this video to promote himself and claims he didn’t lose to Guerrero. Highlights of the match are shown. They show how bloody Duggan was after he hit the ring post when Chavo moved out of the way of a spear.

They return to the set and Duggan is up screaming about how Chavo Guerrero uses that video and his win to brag to everyone. Duggan then asks that they show tape of what he did to Tony Atlas. They show the December 11, 1982 match Duggan had with Tony Atlas that starts with both arm wrestling.

Duggan smiling as they return from showing the tape and warns Chavo that he better watch what he did to Tony Atlas because that’s going to happen to him. Duggan says the Rat Pack takes care of each other which you don’t see from others in Mid-South Wrestling.

“Cowboy” Bill Watts returns to the announcer’s table and he has a suitcase that contains some paraphernalia that has been sent to Mr. Wrestling II. Watts says they’ll return to this after the match.

Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. vs. The Rat Pack (Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase)

Matt Borne and Tiger Conway Jr. start the match. Watts mentions that during the commercial break Mr. Wrestling II and Mr. Olympia had an argument and that after this match they’ll get to the bottom of it. Conway Jr. takes both Borne and DiBiase down with armdrags, headscissors and dropkicks! He gets Borne in a side headlock. Borne whips Conway Jr. into the ropes but gets stomped on after trying for a monkey flip.

Conway Jr. slams Borne and gets him in a front facelock. Watts starts to give a rundown of who’ll be appearing in upcoming shows including midgets, The Super Destroyer and King Kong Bundy. Borne tags in DiBiase and Ted gets taken down with an armdrag. DiBiase escapes and knocks Conway Jr. down. He goes for a slam but Conway Jr. counters with a cradle. Mr. Wrestling II tags in and knocks down DiBiase. Big knee lfits at DiBiase and Borne!

Mr. Wrestling II grabs hold of both his oppnents and knocks them into each other. DiBiase gets punched back and forth by Conway Jr. and Mr. Wrestling II until he falls to the floor. Mr. Wrestling II is fired up! Crowd cheers “TWO” loudly! Watts mentions that TV director Orel Link kept the cameras rolling during the commercial break so they will be able to show the argument between Mr. Wrestling II and Mr. Olympia.

Tiger Conway Jr. and Mr. Wrestling II keep control of the match. Borne tags in and gets Tiger in a wristlock. He whips Tiger into the ropes and catches Conway Jr. with a dropkick but misses an elbow. Conway Jr. attacks both Borne and DiBiase. Borne drives Conway Jr. into the corner and tags in DiBiase. DiBiase with a knee into the mid-section but Conway Jr. keeps control of the match and whips him into the corner. He misses a shoulder block into the corner as DiBiase moves out of the way.

Borne back in but Conway Jr. counters a suplex! He tags in Mr. Wrestling II. DiBiase back in and Mr. Wrestling II fires away at DiBiase. He backdrops DiBiase. DiBiase rakes Mr. Wrestling II’s eyes and they knock each other down off the ropes. Borne climbs the top rope and lands the Bomb’s Away seated senton on Mr. Wrestling II. He then attacks Conway Jr. Borne and Tiger fall to the outside. DiBiase covers Mr. Wrestling II for the pin but II kicks out!

DiBiase reaches into his trunks but the referee tries to stop him. He puts on his loaded glove and goes for a fist drop on Mr. Wrestling II but II moves out of the way. Mr. Wrestling II hits DiBiase with a knee lift and that sends DiBiase into the refere who falls to the floor! Borne grabs a chair. Tiger Conway Jr. hits a top rope headbutt at Borne to knock him down. Mr. Wrestling II hits DiBiase with a knee lift and that sends him to the floor. Mr. Wrestling II then covers Borne for the pin. Fun match.

WINNERS: Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr.

Mr. Wrestling II and Tiger Conway Jr. join Bill Watts at the announcers table to discuss what happened between Mr. Wrestling II and Mr. Olympia. Mr. Wrestling II said that while Mr. Olympia was having his match one of the other guys in the locker room bumped into that suitcase and it opened to reveal what was inside. Once Mr. Olympia’s match ended, Mr. Wrestling II said he asked him man to man if that was his suitcase that has similar masks, tights, and letters.

Mr. Wrestling II can’t believe Mr. Olympia was behind all this. Then then show the altercation. Mr. Wrestling II yells at Mr. Olympia about the suitcase. He then tosses the suitcase at Mr. Olympia who starts to pack everything back in. Mr. Wrestling II attacks him until a group of wrestlers and referees keep him away.

Watts mentions how Mr. Olympia in the past had Mr. Wrestling II’s back and suggests that they should hear Mr. Olympia’s side of the story. He tells Mr. Wrestling II that they’ll ask Mr. Olympia after his match about this situation.

Mr. Olympia vs. Marty Lunde

Mr. Olympia quickly attacks Marty Lunde. He whips him into the ropes and catches him with an elbow followed by a body slam. Suplex on Lunde and Mr. Olympia goes for the pin but Lunde kicks out at two. Snapmare followed by a fistdrop on Lunde. He whips Lunde again into the ropes and back drops him.

Another snapmare followed by a series of elbows by Mr. Olympia. He hiptosses Lunde out of the corner and follows with a dropkick. Whips into the ropes and Mr. Olympia catches Lunde with a sleeper hold for the win.

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

Mr. Olympia joins Bill Watts and he asks about the argument with Mr. Wrestling II. Watts asks Mr. Olympia if that is his suitcase. Mr. Olympia tells Watts that he’s been gone for 60 days. He does say it was his suitcase but claims someone else put those things in there. Mr. Olympia said he stood behind JYD and even took Mr. Wrestling II’s place during a match when he got hurt. He tells Watts that he doesn’t back away and if Mr. Wrestling II wants him, he won’t back away. Watts wonders if Mr. Olympia was falsely accused and Mr. Olympia says he had nothing to do with this.

Art Crews & Tim Horner vs. Kelly Kiniski & Ron Kessler

Tim Horner and Kelly Kiniski start the match. Fast-paced action by both men. Horner quickly tags in Art Crews who continues to work on Kiniski’s arm. Kiniski lays in some forearms to Crews back and slams him. Crews quickly back up and continues to attack Kiniski’s arm before tagging in Horner.

Horner goes for a near fall. Kiniski kicks out and quickly whips Horner into the ropes. Horner goes for a near fall. Kiniski counters with a near fall of his own. They work a fast-paced match as TV time runs out.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode that focused on the mystery of who’s been threatening Mr. Wrestling II all these weeks with Mr. Wrestling II believing it was Mr. Olympia all along after finding Mr. Olympia’s suitcase had a lot of Mr. Wrestling II items and letters. Mr. Olympia denied the accusations. Best match on the show was the tag match that was very entertaining. Tiger Conway Jr. got a lot of offense in the match. When Mr. Wrestling II was in the match he showed that he was still fired up over the suitcase. DiBiase and Borne mostly bumped around for them which was pretty great. Hacksaw Duggan had a great promo about Chavo Guerrero and having lost to him. Rest of the matches were kept pretty short. Fun episode.


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