Championship Wrestling From Florida – Butch Reed Edition (1982)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida – Butch Reed Edition

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair © vs. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed for the NWA World Heavyweight Title

Taped 2/17/1982 in Tampa, Florida.

Match is joined in progress as it opens this episode of Championshp Wrestling from Florida! Hacksaw Reed in control of the match with him having Flair in an armbar as the opening credits are shown. Jerry Brisco joins Gordon Solie on commentary.

Flair reaches the ropes to force the break. Flair gets a knee into Reed’s mid-section and follows with an elbow off the ropes. Hard chop thrown by Flair. Flair gets Reed in a rear chinlock bu Reed quickly escapes and spins and turns away from Flair. Crowd cheers Reed on. Flair with a high waistlock takedown on Reed but again Reed slips away from Flair.

They lock-up again and reach the corner where Flair tries for a chop but Reed blocks him and delivers a series of punches at Flair! He drops Flair down to the mat but Flair gets back up and delivers a knee to Reed’s mid-section. Flair tosses Reed to the outside. Ric continues to beat on Reed as Butch tries to get back in the ring. Flair gets him back in with a vertical suplex and then follows with an elbow drop. He covers Reed for a pin but Reed powers out at two. More chops from Flair as the ring announcer mentions there are 10-minutes remaining in the match. Reed fights back and hits Flair with some punches. He drops Flair down again.

Butch Reed with a headbutt on Flair that sends him down to the mat and Reed goes for the pin but Flair kicks out. Flair gets Reed on the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Flair follows with a knee drop out of the corner across Reed’s head. He goes for a second knee drop. The Nature Boy slams Reed and covers him for the pin but Reed kicks out.

Reed reverses an atomic drop as they go to a commercial break. They return from the break with a dropkick delivered by Reed at Flair. He gets a few more punches on Flair and then whips him into the ropes and picks him up and gorilla press slams Flair! Reed covers Flair for the pin but the champ kicks out. Reed with another gorilla press slam on Flair and follows with a knee drop that he misses.

Flair back up and delivers a hard chop at Reed. He punches at Reed in the corner. Reed kicks and elbows Flair. Follows that up with some punches at Flair. He whips Flair into the ropes and backdrops him. Reed grabs Flair but they reach the ropes were Flair kicks at Reed to knock him down. Flair goes for a suplex but Reed counters into a suplex of his own. Five minutes remain in the match as Reed covers Flair for the pin but Flair reaches the bottom rope with his foot.

Reed continues to attack Flair’s left leg. Flair counters and pokes at Reed’s eyes. Hard chop by Flair. Flair with a side salto suplex on Reed for a near fall. Reed reverses a whip into the ropes by Flair for a sunset flip. Flair kicks out and is quickly back up and attacking Reed. Reed counters a slam by Flair for a near fall. Three minutes remain in the match.

Double underhook suplex by Reed for another pin attempt that Flair escapes. Reed misses an elbow drop off the ropes. Flair goes for a piledriver but Reed blocks and drops Flair. Reed whips Flair into the corner and Flair goes flying over the top rope.

Back from a break, Flair goes for a figure-four leglock with seconds left in the match. Reed blocks the figure-four leglock. Flair continues to attack Reed’s leg and goes for the figure-four leglock again. Reed blocks it again and tosses Flair into the ropes. With seconds left they both get into a slugfest as the bell rings. Match ends in a draw.

WINNER: Time-Limit Draw

Ric Flair heads over to the announcer’s table and interrupts Gordon Solie. Flair demand five more minutes for the match. Solie tells Flair that he needs to ask the referee for five more minutes. Referee and Butch Reed agree and everyone gets back in the ring. FIVE MORE MINUTES!!!

Flair and Reed continue their brawl! He knocks Reed down with a shoulder attack and starts to punch away at Reed on the mat. Hard chop thrown by Flair. Ric whips Reed into the ropes and knocks him down with an elbow. Flair slaps at Reed and picks him up and continues to beat Reed on the ropes. Reed fights back and catches Flair with a cross body block for the pin! Butch Reed beats Ric Flair! Sweet Brown Sugar and Terry Allen come out to celebrate with Reed!

Ric Flair returns and tells Gordon Solie that the contract states 30 minutes and not 35 minutes! He tells everyone that he’s sorry to disappoint Solie, Solie and Bruce Reed because the match was a 30-minute match and not 35 minutes. Solie says the match ended in a draw which Flair agrees. Flair calls the competition in Florida rugged and says he’s still the man. He tells Bruce Reed that he has to go to Montreal, Charlotte, Atlanta and Dallas and doesn’t have time to take care of him. Flair starts to show his jewelry and mentions the value of it all. He tells Reed that money can buy anything Flair wants and then places a bounty on Bruce Reed.

(NOTE: Butch Reed was still known as Bruce Reed at this point in time.)

Dory Funk Jr. © vs. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed for the NWA International Title

Taped 2/20/1982 at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Match was taken from an episode of All Japan Classics that featured four Dory Funk Jr. matches. Japanese commentary for the match.

Butch Reed shoves Dory Funk Jr. away after they lock-up. Funk Jr. gets Reed down on the mat with a side headlock. He keeps him down on the mat for a bit. They get back up but Funk Jr. takes Reed back down. Reed tries to roll-over Funk for a pin attempt a few times but Funk Jr. remains in control of the match.

Reed shoves Funk Jr. into the ropes and catches him with a hiptoss and follows with a gorilla press slam! He whips Funk Jr. into the ropes and catches him in a bear hug. Funk Jr. escapes with a hiptoss and gets Reed back into a headlock briefly before Hacksaw escapes again. Dory backs away into the corner as Reed calls for him to get back into the match.

Reed gets Funk Jr. in a side headlock and twists Dory’s head. Funk Jr. hits the ropes trying to break the hold but Reed keeps a firm grip around Funk Jr’s head. Crowd cheers Hacksaw on! Funk Jr. reaches the corner and the referee gets Reed to break the hold. Clean break by Dory Funk Jr.

Dory Funk Jr. again takes down Butch Reed with a side headlock. Reed back up and he whips Funk Jr. into the ropes and hiptosses him. He goes for a slam but Funk Jr. breaks away and heads to the corner. Reed gets the crowd going. Side headlock by Reed but Funk Jr. picks him up and backdrops him. Dory follows with some serious uppercuts in the corner thrown at Hacksaw Reed. He takes Reed back down to the mat again. Fans start a “Go Butch Go” chant!

Both get back up and Funk Jr. continues with more uppercuts in the corner. Funk Jr. follows with a suplex for a near fall on Reed. Slam followed by an elbow drop by Funk Jr. but Reed kicks out of a pin attempt. Reed reverses a suplex on Dory! More uppercuts from Dory but Reed counters with some elbows. He whips Funk Jr. into the ropes and catches him with a cross body block for a two-count! Dory catches Reed with an elbow and sends him to the outside floor!

Dory Funk Jr. brings Reed back up onto the ring apron and delivers some elbows at Reed. He then sends Reed into the ring post and that sends Reed back to the floor. Funk Jr. brings Reed back into the ring. More elbows from Funk Jr. followed by an abdominal stretch. Reed reverses the abdominal stretch and goes for a pin but Funk Jr. kicks out.

Reed and Funk Jr. bump into each other off the ropes and knock each other down. Uppercut from Funk Jr. but Reed counters with a punch. Funk Jr. goes for a dropkick but doesn’t get Reed completely. Hacksaw Reed now has control of the match. They run the ropes and crash into each other sending both to the mat.

Dory Funk Jr. back up and goes for a piledriver near the ropes but Reed picks him up and tosses him over the top rope. Referee heads to the outside and raises Dory Funk Jr’s arm as he disqualified Reed for tossing Funk Jr. over the top rope.

WINNER: Dory Funk Jr.

After match, David Von Erich joins Dory Funk Jr. in the ring and they threaten to go after Reed but Sweet Brown Sugar shows up and evens up the sides. Von Erich and Funk Jr. leave the ring. David holds up Dory’s championship and mocks Butch Reed with it.

Butch Reed confronts Ric Flair who is in the commentary area. Flair’s accompanied by a woman. He tells Reed not to get in his face and slaps Reed! Reed threatens to hit Flair but Ric puts the woman in front of him. Flair tells Solie to get Reed out of here. Reed grabs hold of Ric Flair.

Flair runs towards the ring where David & Kerry Von Erich try to save him from Butch Reed! Reed rips apart Flair’s clothes. Kerry charges at Reed and he gets tossed over the top rope. Reed then throws David Von Erich out of the ring. Reed continues his attack on Ric Flair and rips off more clothing. Wild brawl between the two in the ring. Reed gorilla presses Flair and tosses him to the outside at the Von Erichs!

Later in the show Ric Flair returns to cut a promo on Butch Reed and talks about how he’s a living legend and the world heavyweight champion. He says Reed humiliated him and tore up his clothes. People laughed at him and Flair yells out, “Nobody laughs at the World Champion!” He tells Reed anytime and anywhere but not in the ring. He wants Reed in a stretcher, hospital or morgue. Flair then raises the bounty on Reed to $20,000! He then promises Reed a trip to the hospital after they have a match.

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. David Von Erich

Taped 4/28/1982 in Tampa, Florida.

Solie talks about how arrogant David Von Erich is. David gets the edge on Reed and immediately starts to strut after an impressive takedown of Reed. Reed sends David into the ropes and then gets him with a hiptoss and an armdrag. David Von Erich gets over to the ropes to break the armlock.

David continues to get hold of the ropes to escape Reed. Reed gets David in a side headlock and he tries to escape the hold but Reed won’t let go. Von Erich whips Reed to the ropes but Reed is still able to grab hold of David and put him in a headlock. Von Erich tried for a pin by using Reed’s trunks to roll him over but referee Tommy Young caught it. David whips Reed into the ropes but Reed keeps out-smarting David and again gets him in a side headlock.

Reed puts more pressure on David with a headlock but David lifts Reed up and slams him to the mat. Von Erich catches Reed with a hard chop and then throws him into the corner. David follows with a fist at Reed’s head and then snapmares him over and gets him in a headlock. Reed powers up but David pulls him back down.

Solie starts to wind up this week’s show as the action continues in the ring. They keep having the match despite the closing credits showing.

WINNER: No Result (TV Time Ran Out)

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. David Von Erich

Taped 1982 in Tampa, Florida.

Side headlock by David Von Erich but Reed sends him into the ropes and catches David with a dropkick. Von Erich reaches the corner as the crowd cheers on Reed. Reed gets Von Erich in a side headlock and David whips him into the ropes and goes a leap frog but Reed holds the ropes and follows with another dropkick at Von Erich. David heads to the outside. Von Erich is upset and slaps at the ring apron. Dory Funk Jr. shows up ringside to support David Von Erich.

David gets back in the ring but Reed knocks him down with a punch. Von Erich backs away and cowers in the corner. Solie talks about how calm and cool Dory Funk Jr. is compared to his volatile brother Terry Funk. Reed catches Von Erich with another dropkick! David heads over to talk to Dory Funk Jr.

David Von Erich gets in a kick and some punches at Reed. He gets Reed with a high knee lift. Some punches thrown in the corner. Reed gets whipped into the ropes and Von Erich catches him with a dropkick. He misses a second dropkick and Reed gets in some punches. Side headlock by Reed. He shoulder smashes Von Erich once but then gets sent thru the ropes to the floor. David Von Erich follows and beats on Reed.

Von Erich celebrates on the ring apron and as he is about to enter the ring, Reed trips him up and knocks him back down to the floor. Reed then jumps into the ring and wins the match via countout!

WINNER: Butch Reed via countout

Dory Funk Jr. and David Von Erich attack Butch Reed after the match. Funk Jr. slams Reed and they stomp on him. Sweet Brown Sugar runs out to make the save but Funk Jr. knocks him down. David Von Erich tosses Reed to the outside. Reed and Sweet Brown Sugar charge back into the ring and clear out Dory and David.

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed & “Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young vs. Dory Funk Jr. & Kendo Nagasaki (w/ J.J. Dillon)

Taped 1982 in Tampa, Florida.

Kendo Nagasaki & Sweet Brown Sugar start the match off. Nagasaki tries to kick at Young. He tags Dory Funk Jr. and Funk quickly gets Young with some forearms. Sweet Brown Sugar gets whipped into the ropes but catches Funk Jr. with a dropkick. He then follows with some quick moves including a headscissors to take down Funk Jr. Dory breaks out of the hold and tags Nagasaki back into the match.

Nagasaki with some chops and kicks at Sweet Brown Sugar but he’s able to knock Nagasaki down and tags in Reed. Butch Reed with an ankle lock and he keeps Nagasaki on the mat. J.J. Dillon leans closer near the ring and then slides below the bottom rope to distract referee Tommy Young. That allows Dory Funk Jr. to get in and cheap shot Reed. That allows Nagasaki to beat on Reed and tag Dory Funk Jr. back in.

Uppercuts from Dory Funk Jr. on Reed. Butch Reed blocks a body slam attempt by Funk Jr. He gets whipped into the ropes and Reed has Dory in a bear hug. Nagasaki makes the save. Reed tags in Sweet Brown Sugar. Young tries to leap frog over Funk Jr. but gets caught and knocked down. Dory then sends Young to the outside. Nagasaki attacks him on the floor. Butch Reed heads over to help Young and rolls Young back into the ring.

Dory Funk Jr. with a high back drop on Sweet Brown Sugar. He tags in Nagasaki who kicks Young. Spin kick by Nagasaki. More chops on Young. Funk Jr. tags back in and he continues with more uppercuts. Young fires back but Funk takes him down. Nagasaki comes in but Young is able to tag in Reed. Reed throws punches at Funk Jr. who tagged in as well. He whips Dory into the ropes and elbows him. High knee lift by Reed sends Dory into his corner and he tags in Nagasaki.

Reed beats on Nagasaki and catches him with a dropkick. Dillon climbs up on the ring apron and Reed brings him into the ring. All five men are in the ring. Reed gorilla press slams Dillon and then does the same to Nagasaki. Crowd cheers loudly. Reed picks up Dory and prepares him for the gorilla press slam but Nagasaki hits him with a chop across Reed’s throat and Funk Jr. lands on top of Reed to pin him.

WINNERS: Dory Funk Jr. & Kendo Nagasaki

Dusty Rhodes interview with him talking about teaming with Butch Reed against John Studd and Bruiser Brody in a cage match. He mentions how he and Hacksaw Reed prevailed and asks that they show the video of that match.

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes & “Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Big John Studd & Bruiser Brody in a steel cage match w Gordon Nelson as special referee.

Taped 7/20/1982 at the Fort Hesterly Armory in Tampa, Florida.

Match is joined in progressed as all four men are in the ring. They double-team punch Big John Studd. All four men brawl in the cage. Reed beats on Brody until Studd is able to make the save. Brody goes after Rhodes. Studd and Brody try to throw Rhodes out of the cage but Reed makes the save. Dusty Rhodes is on commentary as they show the video.

Reed beats on Brody in one corner while Studd beats on Rhodes until he heads over to help Brody. All four men brawl when J.J. Dillon enters the steel cage and locks the cage. Rhodes and Reed have the advantage until Dillon hits both with a foreign object. Dillon, Brody and Studd beat on Rhodes and Reed.

Several wrestlers try to climb into the cage but keep getting knocked down by the heels. Brian Blair is finally able to get the key and gets in the ring. Other wrestlers also enter the ring to stop Dillon, Brody and Studd. Reed gorilla press slams Dillon. Rhodes then covers Dillon for the pin and special referee Gordon Nelson counts the pin.

WINNERS: Dusty Rhodes and Butch Reed

Dusty Rhodes then has a few last words for Terry Funk repeating “an eye for an eye”.

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed and Sweet Brown Sugar join Gordon Solie as Reed talks about slamming Big John Studd. Reed says he is a mad person. He says that he had the $5,000 dollars. They show video highlights of the encounter. Reed brings his $5,000 to match Dillon & Studd’s $5,000.

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Big John Studd (w/ J.J. Dillon)

Taped 8/24/1982 at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory in Tampa, Florida.

Reed tries for a body slam to start the body slam challenge. He’s finally able to pick up Studd but Studd reaches the ropes to block Reed from slamming him. He goes for another slam but Studd gets in some forearms. Reed fights back and tries to slam Studd again but Studd reaches the ropes again.

Reed is able to pick Studd up in an airplane spin. He follows that up with a body slam! Reed jumps in the air to celebrate as he’s won $10,000. Sweet Brown Sugar gets in the ring to celebrate as well.

They return to the interview as Butch Reed talks about how Sweet Brown Sugar was given Reed’s money to hold.

That’s then followed by match highlights of Studd vs. Reed. Studd gets Reed in a bear hug. Reed breaks out of the hold and again picks Studd up in an airplane spin but misses a dropkick as Studd moves out of the way. Studd follows with an elbowdrop and gets Reed back in the bear hug. Sweet Brown Sugar is ringside yelling out words of encouragement to Reed.

Reed breaks out of the bear hug and they exchange forearms. Reed gets in a lot of offense and catches Studd with a cross body block for the pin but Dillon interferes. Sweet Brown Sugar attacks Dillon. Studd sneaks up and attacks Reed. Everyone gets in the ring. Studd and Dillon beat on Sweet Brown Sugar. Big John Studd then tosses Reed out of the ring. Dillon tosses the referee out of the ring. Studd takes the money away from Sweet Brown Sugar.

Reed talks about Studd stole his money. He says people told him he should get a lawyer and take Dillon to court. Reed says he’s old school and isn’t going to go through a court. He’s going to take of his own business and get his money back from Studd and Dillon.

Sweet Brown Sugar grabs the mic and apologizes to Butch Reed for getting Reed’s money taken away from him. He vows to get revenge against Studd and Dillon. Great promo from Sweet Brown Sugar.

Gordon Solie talks about Hacksaw Butch Reed vs. Big John Studd in a $10,000 Ladder Match. Butch Reed joins Solie and tells him that he understands what he has to do against Big John Studd. He tells Studd that he stole from him and he’s a thief and a criminal. Reed raises a fist up and says he is the lawyer and has the court and that he’s the judge and jury and will hold judgment on Studd. He vows to slam Studd out of the ring and get his money back.

They show a video promo with J.J. Dillon, Big John Studd and Kendo Nagasaki. Dillon is holding a ladder and talks about how Studd was holding the money for Reed. Studd screams about how he can’t be slammed and that he’s not a carpenter and doesn’t climb ladders.

SHOW THOUGHTS: First time I saw Butch Reed wrestle was late in his Mid-South run and I thought he was great back then. There’s not as much footage available of his time in Florida but what there is you can really tell how good Reed was and his Florida run in 1982 was great! The Flair match was excellent. The Von Erich matches were short but fun. The TV matches were usually short and anything that happened on bigger shows was usually shown in highlight form but all of it was very enjoyable.


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