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All Japan Women Classics #9

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics Ep. #9

Yumi Ogura vs. Kanako Nagatomo for the All Japan Women Jr. Title

Taped 6/14/1985

Ogura takes down Nagatomo. She lifts her up and slaps her across the face. Follows with a dropkick that sends Nagatomo to the floor and Ogura follows. She sends Nagatomo into the seats. Nagatomo recovers and kicks at Ogura before returning to the ring.

Back in the ring Nagatomo with a leg takedown but Ogura reverses it into an armlock. Briefly has Nagatomo in an armbreaker. She picks Nagatomo up only to knock her back down to the mat and gets her in a bow and arrow submission hold. Ogura whips Nagatomo into the ropes and elbows her but Nagatomo quickly goes for a roll-up for a near fall. She picks Ogura up and dropkicks her and follows with a body slam for a pin attempt.

Nagatomo gets Ogura in a surfboard submission hold. She then starts tossing her and slapping her around. Ogura slaps back! Ogura takes Nagatomo down and then picks her up and whips her into the ropes. She catches Nagatomo with a leg whip. Follows that up with a slam and gets a two-count. Ogura keeps Nagatomo on the mat with an armbar.

Nagatomo escapes and knocks Ogura down and drags her to the center of the ring where she kicks her a few times and follows with a half crab. She keeps stomping on her and goes for a bow and arrow submission hold but they end up near the ropes. Ogura gets back up and slams Nagatomo and covers her for a pin attempt. Only gets two. They run the ropes and Nagatomo catches Ogura by the hair and slams her to the mat. She goes for a pin attempt that Ogura kicks out of. Nagatomo goes for a cross armbreaker.

Ogura tries to escape and picks up Nagatomo while she’s still in her hold. She picks Nagatomo up and tosses her! Ogura goes for an armbar of her own and keeps Nagatomo on the mat. She applies more pressure by grabbing hold of her leg and using her own legs to pull on Nagatomo. Ogura back up and starts to stomp on Nagatomo. She goes for a variation of an abdominal stretch.

Ogura lets go of her hold and stands on Nagatomo while she lays on the mat. She follows with a body scissors. Nagatomo picks up Ogura and drops her on the mat. She whips Ogura into the ropes and catches her with a cross body block for a pin attempt. Ogura runs the ropes and gets a surprise pin attempt on Nagatomo but she kicks out.

Ogura with a slam and pin attempt on Nagatomo who kicks out. Front chancery by Ogura on the mat turned into a body scissors on Nagatomo. Nagatomo slaps at Ogura until she breaks out of the hold. They exchange forearms and Nagatomo gets knocked down. Ogura screams as she slaps and kicks at Nagatomo!

Nagatomo rolls to the outside for a break and then heads back in. She goes for a victory roll for a pin attempt but Ogura kicks out. She whips Ogura into the ropes and catches her with a series of dropkicks! Get her again with another dropkick! Another one! AND ANOTHER ONE!!! MORE DROPKICKS! Never-ending dropkicks! Finally she goes for a pin on Ogura but only gets a two-count.

Nagatomo slams Ogura and covers her for the pin but Ogura bridges out. She starts to kick at Ogura’s legs and then gets her in a figure-four leglock! Ogura reaches the ropes to break the hold. Nagatomo whips her into the ropes and misses a dropkick! Ogura gets a whip into the ropes reversed and goes flying over the top rope to the floor! Nagatomo follows and attacks her outside the ring. She tosses her into the seats and hits her with a chair. They continue to brawl outside the ring as the referee continues to count.

Match ends in a double count out. Good match. Ogura retains her title.

WINNER: Double Count Out

Dump Matsumoto vs. Chigusa Nagayo in a Hair Match

Taped 8/28/1985

Dump Matsumoto is accompanied by Monster Ripper, Bull Nakano, and several others. She swings her kendo stick at the direction of the announcers who rush away from the table. Nagayo is on Lioness Asuka’s shoulders as she heads to the ring. Nagayo appears to be carrying a shiv! WTF! Makes sense since Dump has a kendo stick and who knows what else she might be carrying with her.

So many streamers thrown into the ring that it takes them a little time to remove them all.

It’s revealed that the woman who was entering the ring wasn’t Dump Matsumoto but someone dressed as her and Dump was under a mask the entire time! She attacks Nagayo and tosses her into the ring post. Nagayo gets in the ring but Matsumoto attacks her. She uses a chain on Nagayo. Dump tosses her with the chain around her neck. Some of Dump’s army tries to get involved but the referee keeps them out.

Referee gets the chain away from Dump. She stares him down and then slams Nagayo’s head into the mat. Camel clutch by Dump as the fans start to cheer on Nagayo. She picks Nagayo up and slaps her a few times. Nagayo kicks at Dump and gets a warning from the referee. Test of strength and Dump drops her and sits on Nagayo. Chigusa bridges up. Dump starts to kick at Nagayo and gets her in a wristlock.

Nagayo escapes and takes Dump down to the mat. Waistlock by Dump on the mat and Nagayo reaches the ropes. Dump grabs another weapon and attacks Nagayo with it. She also attacks the referee with it. The women ringside on Nagayo’s side start complaining about what Dump’s doing. Dump’s army joins in on the attack on Nagayo.

Nagayo gets Dump in an abdominal stretch but gets knocked over. She’s quickly back up and goes for a Scorpion Deathlock but Dump counters and knocks her down to the mat and gets Nagayo in a leglock. Dump then goes for the Scorpion Deathlock on Nagayo! She breaks the hold and attacks Nagayo’s right knee! Nagayo knocks down Dump and gets her in a leglock but Dump tosses her into the ropes and they head to the floor.

Dump and Nagayo brawl outside the ring and all the women ringside try to break them apart. Nagayo hits Dump with a trash can. They both get back in the ring and Nagayo tries to stab Dump. Referee pulls the weapon away. Dump then grabs scissors to attack Nagayo. Referee tries to stop her and she hits the referee with the scissors. Dump starts to cut Chigusa’s hair. Referee back up trying to break it up.
Dump hits Nagayo with the scissors and Chigusa starts to bleed from her forehead! She continues her attack with the scissors. More blood covers Nagayo’s face! Nagayo knocks Dump down to the mat and goes for the Scorpion Deathlock! Hold gets broken. Dump uses the microphone to beat on Nagayo.

She cuts a promo on the mic and then continues to beat on Nagayo with it. A table gets brought into the ring and Dump slams it at Nagayo. Dump grabs a chair and hits Nagayo with it. Lioness Asuka yells some words of encouragement at Nagayo who’s on the mat. Referee counts her out and awards the match to Dump Matsumoto!

WINNER: Dump Matsumoto

Nagayo screams some words on the mic. Matsumoto grabs a chair and places it in the center of the ring. The women and girls in the crowd are shown crying. Nakano, Ripper and some of the other women get Nagayo back in the ring. They start trying to cut her hair with Dump holding the hair clippers. Asuka, Yokota, Masami and others try to stop her.

Dump Matsumoto raises the clippers in the air and mocks the fans! AWESOME! They grab a chain and wrap it around Nagayo’s neck. Asuka tries to stop them. Matsumoto starts to cut Nagayo’s hair. The fans in attendance are very loud. Some are crying and you can hear the screams.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode. The Dump Matsumoto vs. Chigusa Nagayo hair match was a great spectacle. Mostly a brawl with an awesome post-match hair cut with several women in attendance crying. The Ogura vs. Nagatomo match was good. Really enjoyed the non-stop sequence of dropkicks that Nagatomo threw at one point in the match.


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