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ECW TV 2/1/1994

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #42 (2/1/94)

Taped 1/8/1994 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 2/1/1994.

Show opens with a recap of last week’s attack on Badd Company by Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac. They injure Paul Diamond. Pat Tanaka tells Joey Styles that he’s bringing in the Original Sheik to team with him against Sullivan and The Tazmaniac.

They air highlights of The Original Sheik in FMW.

Joey Styles welcomes us to NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling and talks about Pat Tanaka picking The Original Sheik as his replacement partner for the ECW World Tag Team Title match.

Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) vs. Keith Scherer & Mikey Whipwreck

Sullivan and The Tazmaniac quickly attack their opponents and toss them to the outside. Taz sends Scherer into the guardrail. Sullivan uses a chair on Whipwreck. He tosses the chair at Mikey’s head. Sullivan tosses Scherer into the ringpost. Tazmania with a T-Bone Tazplex on Whipwreck.

Sullivan gets back in the ring and they catch Whipwreck with a double clothesline. Powerbomb by Sullivan. Tazmaniac comes in and places Whipwreck in the corner for the Tree of Woe. Sullivan beats on Scherer and gets back into the ring and charges at Whipwreck with a knee to the mid-section. Tazmaniac places Whipwreck onto the top rope and drops him with a suplex. He covers Mikey for the pin.

Woman gets in the ring and covers Sullivan’s eyes so The Tazmaniac mimics Sullivan by covering his eyes with his hands.

WINNERS: Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac

They run down the upcoming big 2/5 ECW Arena show. Mr. Hughes and Jason cut a promo talking about his match against Sal Bellomo. The Sandman & Tommy Cairo follow with a promo for their tag match on that show.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/ Sherri Martel) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Match is joined in progress with Tommy Dreamer suplexing Shane Douglas back into the ring. Side headlock by Dreamer but Douglas takes him down with a suplex. Douglas climbs to the top rope and misses a forearm. Dreamer with an armbar on Douglas. Sherri helps Douglas reach the ropes but Dreamer drags him back into the ring.

Douglas backs Dreamer into the corner. He whips him into the other corner but Dreamer raises his foot and follows with a clothesline.He misses a second clothesline off the ropes and Sherri grabs his foot. Dreamer chases after Sherri and as he gets back into the ring, Douglas attacks him and regains control of the match. He slams Dreamer’s head into the top turnbuckle a couple of times.

Douglas gets Dreamer in a chinlock. Dreamer lifts Douglas up over his shoulders and slams him down to the mat. Douglas back up and slams Dreamer. He climbs up to the top rope again but he keeps grabbing his back. He jumps off but Dreamer raises his foot and knocks Douglas down. Dreamer whips Douglas into the ropes and he powerslams Douglas and gets a two-count.

Dreamer punches Douglas and whips him into the corner and catches him with an elbow. Whip reversal by Douglas but Dreamer is able to reverse momentum and rolls up Douglas for a pin. Douglas shoves him off and Dreamer hits the ropes and nearly hits Sherri who’s on the ring apron. He grabs Sherri and Sherri tosses a chain at Douglas direction. Douglas hits Dreamer with the chain and he covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Shane Douglas

Joey Styles is on the phone with Shane Douglas and he was told that he would not be questioned by anyone in ECW. Douglas gets put on speaker to talk about his match against Terry Funk and Sabu.

They air a music video for Shane Douglas. “No More Tears” by Ozzy Osbourne is the song used.

Johnny Hot Body vs. Chad Austin

Hot Body backs up Austin into the corner. He breaks cleanly from Austin. Matty In Da House joins commentary and interrupts Styles. Hot Body with a corner splash on Austin. He misses a second attempt at a corner splash. A belly to back suplex on Austin that looked a little rough on poor Chad. Hot Body stomps away on Austin and then whips him into the ropes. Austin with a surprise backslide for a pin attempt on Hot Body.

Austin misses a spin kick but sends Hot Body to the outside. He climbs to the top rope and hits a senton at Hot Body! They seem to stop airing the match from this point as they air replays of some of the action and then go to Joey Styles and Matty In Da House and never seem to go back to the match.

WINNER: Johnny Hot Body

They go back to the Eagle’s Nest and show Matty In Da House ordering a pizza while Styles looks on and asks Matty what he’s done all week. They then show some of the interviews Matty had started with J.T. Smith making his prediction for the 3-way title match and he picks Terry Funk. Jason predicts that Sabu will win the ECW title. ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon refuses to give his prediction. The Rockin’ Rebel picks Shane Douglas. Kevin Sullivan asks The Tazmaniac who he picks but gives an incoherent answer. The Sandman picks Terry Funk and then gets confronted by Jason. Paul E. Dangerously refuses to give a prediction.

ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon pokes fun at the Royal Rumble and says when he watched wrestling as a kid it was about wrestlers fighting and not entertaining. He gives a rundown for some of the matches scheduled for February 5th.

Jason “The Sexiest Man Alive” promo followed by the “Roughneck” music video.

The Public Enemy (“Flyboy” Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) vs. Chad Austin & Keith Scherer

Fans chant “jailbirds” at The Public Enemy. They cut in a promo as they show the match. Grunge is in the ring with Austin. They cut away to The Public Enemy confronting Tod Gordon. Back to the match to show the finish as Rocco Rock goes for a moonsault on Austin for the pin.

WINNERS: The Public Enemy

ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon gives The Public Enemy some bad news as he tells them they are wrestling the Bruise Brothers at the February 5th show.

911 (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Duane Gill

911 is referred to as “Sabu’s Handler”. Duane Gill goes on offense and climbs up to the top rope. 911 grabs him and chokeslams him to the mat for the pin.

911 picks up Gill again and he gets chokeslammed a second time. Paul E. mocks Gill and tells him that he needs to call “9-1-1”. Fans start to chant “9-1-1”. He grabs Gill again and chokeslams him a third time.


Joey Styles runs down the February 5th show one last time before the show ends.

Paul E. Dangerously follows with a promo for the ECW Heavyweight title 3-way match between Sabu, Shane Douglas and Terry Funk. He tells both Douglas and Funk that this is going to be worse for them than watching a WCW PPV.

Show closes with a music video hyping the ECW Heavyweight title 3-way match. White Zombie’s “Thunder Kiss ’65” is the song used.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The first half was good with the Douglas – Dreamer clipped match and the Sullivan/Taz tag match. Rest of the show they focused on hyping up the February 5th ECW Arena show and a lot of the matches were heavily clipped and they would cut away to promos or video packages.


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