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Mid-South Wrestling 3/3/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 3/3/1983

Taped 3/2/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 3/3/1983.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Watts mentions how Mr. Olympia is back after being injured by the Rat Pack. He also talks about the North American Heavyweight Title one-night tournament coming up. He mentions Super Destroyer and Tito Santana would be in the tournament.

They air a video feature on The Junkyard Dog visiting a school on February 10th. The city he visited made it “Junkyard Dog” day.

Watts talks about Mr. Wrestling II dealing with someone trying to drive him crazy. They show a a little Mr. Wrestling II doll hanging from the top rope of the ring. Watts talks about how Kamala and Skandor Akbar tried to go after Mr. Wrestling II’s mask and how II thought it was them putting up these symbolic warnings for him. They air a video recap of Mr. Wrestling II getting attacked by Kamala and how later in the show Mr. Olympia had to replace him in a tag match teaming with Stagger Lee against The Rat Pack and got injured.

They air the video feature on Kendo Nagasaki with J.J. Dillon narrating it.

“The Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki vs. Jerry Caldwell

Nagasaki does his ceremony with the kendo stick before the match starts. Watts mentions Nagasaki will be in the North American Title One-Night touranemtn. Nagasaki removes his gear and spins around.

Nagasaki with a spin kick thrown at Caldwell. He catches him with some kicks and a chop. Snapmare followed by more chops at Caldwell. Elbow at Caldwell sends him into the ropes and Nagasaki chops him and gets Caldwell in a nerve hold. More chops thrown by Nagasaki. He slams Caldwell and spins around before catching Caldwell with a super kick and he covers him for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Kendo Nagasaki

Ted DiBiase vs. Ron Ellis

Ted DiBiase with a waistlock takedown on Ron Ellis to start the match. They lock-up and Ellis gets him in a side headlock but DiBiase gets out and knees him int he mid-section a few times. DiBiase slams Ellis into the turnbuckles. He slams Ellis. Ted goes for the pin but Ellis is near the ropes. DiBiase continues his attack.

DiBiase whips Ellis into the corner and backdrops him. Follows that up with a knee drop. Backbreaker by DiBiase. Dibiase whips Ellis into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam. He follows that up with a figure-four leglock submission for the win.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. vs. Kelly Kiniski & Ron Kessler

Tiger Conway Jr. and Kelly Kiniski start the match. Conway gets Kiniski on the ropes but breaks cleanly. Leg takedown into a leglock by Conway Jr. Side headlock takedown by Conway Jr. Watts mentions they’ll have midget wrestling in three weeks and mentions King Kong Bundy, Killer Brooks and The Super Destroyer will be coming in soon as well.

Mr. Wrestling II tags in and stalks Kiniski who reaches the ropes. Side headlock by Kiniski. They hit the ropes and Mr. Wrestling II takes down Kiniski and gets himback in a leglock. Conway Jr. tags back in and continues to keep Kiniski on the mat and tries to get him in a Boston Crab but Kiniski reaches the ropes. Hiptoss by Conway Jr. followed by a headscissors takes Kiniski down to the mat. Watts mentions “Hacksaw” Butch Reed was coming in soon as well which led to some issues with “Hacksaw” Duggan saying there is only one “Hacksaw” in Mid-South.

Kessler gets in the ring and Mr. Wrestling II knocks him down . He grabs the ropes but Mr. Wrestling II continues on. Conway Jr. tags in and punches Kessler in the mid-section. He dropkicks Kessler and follows with a slam. He sends Kessler into the ropes and Conway Jr. rolls him up but Kiniski runs in to make the save. Conway Jr. catches Kiniski with a dropkick. Mr. Wrestling II gets in the ring and catches Kiniski with a knee lift and sends him to the floor! Conway Jr. slams Kessler a few times. He drops Kessler again and covers hiim for the pin. Odd finish to the match.

WINNERS: Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr.

Mr. Olympia vs. Matt Borne

Matt Borne teases Mr. Olympia and slaps him. They finally lock-up after a few seconds of going back and forth. Referee breaks them up and warns both men. They lock-up again and reach the ropes and referee warns them again only this time Borne fires a punch at Mr. Olympia.

Borne goes after Mr. Olympia but he backdrops Borne and follows with a dropkick and an armdrag into an armbar. Borne delivers some forearms at Mr. Olympia but Mr. Olympia uses his quickness to catch him with a dropkick and again takes Borne down to the mat with an armbar. Borne whips Mr. Olympia and catches him with a dropkick. He armdrags Mr. Olympia but Mr. Olympia reverses it and gets Borne in an armbar.

Matt Borne slams Mr. Olympia but Mr. Olympia keeps him locked in an armbar. He goes for a backbreaker to break Mr. Olympia’s hold. Borne stomps on him and slams Mr. Olympia again. Ted DiBiase shows up ringside. Borne slams Mr. Olympia again and lands a knee off the middle rope at him. He goes for a pin but Mr. Olympia reaches the ropes.

Borne whips him into the ropes but Mr. Olympia kicks him and goes on offense until Borne is able to counter and starts to kick at Mr. Olympia’s back. He slams Mr. Olympia again. Borne climbs to the top rope but moves to the middle rope for the Bombs Away only Mr. Olympia raises his knees and catches Borne!

Mr. Olympia and Borne exchange punches. Borne falls to the outside and he talks with DiBiase. He gets back into the ring and He and Mr. Olympia go at it. Mr. Olympia hits the ropes and Ted DiBiase trips him up. Referee calls for the bell. Borne and DiBiase continue to try to attack Mr. Olympia but he counters every attempt they do. Mr. Olympia covers Borne for the pin and wins the match. DiBiase still tried to attack him but he dropkicks DiBiase out of the ring.

WINNER: Mr. Olympia via DQ

Marty Lunde vs. Tim Horner

Side headlock by Tim Horner to start the match. Lunde sends him into the ropes but Horner gets him in a side headlock again. He keeps Lunde locked in that hold for quite a bit until Lunde elbows out of it and they hit the ropes but Horner gets him back in a side headlock again.

Lunde sends Horner into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. He beats on Horner and tosses him into the turnbuckles. Lunde gets him with a knee again. Reverse chinlock by Lunde. He gets in another knee at Horner’s mid-section and gets him again in a chinlock. Horner elbows out of the hold and shoulder blocks him. He hits the ropes again and Lunde gets him with a knee again. Backbreaker on Horner followed by a slam.

Lunde climbs to the middle rope and hits an elbow on Horner. He goes for the pin but Horner’s leg drapes the bottom rope. Horner leapfrogs Lunde and catches him with a cross body block for a near fall. Lunde quickly back up. He misses an elbow. Horner whips Lunde into the ropes and backdrops him and follows with a legdrop. Horner goes for a roll-up for a pin on Lunde but can’t get him. Lunde gets a couple of near falls as TV time runs out.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Pretty good episode. Best matches on the show were the Mr. Olympia vs. Matt Borne and Tim Horner vs. Marty Lunde matches. This episode felt like they were focusing more on building up the next 2-3 weeks of shows as we heard Watts mention matches that were coming up and newcomers to Mid-South in the next few weeks.


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