Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #14

“Rollerball” Mark Rocco vs. “Super Destroyer” Pete Roberts

Taped 11/1/1980

Match is six 5 minute rounds and will be determined by two falls, two submissions or a knockout to decide the winner. This is a rematch from a match from a few months ago.

First round starts with both tangling up near the ropes. Rocco gets Roberts with a side headlock and they do some cool reversals. Roberts gets Rocco with a side headlock of his own and takes him down to the mat. He switches over to an armbar on Rocco. Rocco struggles to fight out of Roberts grasp.

Test of strength gets Rocco out of the hold and he gets Roberts in a wristlock. Roberts rolls out and tries to escape the wristlock but Rocco keeps it locked in. Hip throw by Roberts but Rocco keeps hold of the wrist. Roberts finally reverses but Rocco reaches the ropes. Crowd gets upset with Rocco who talks back at them.

Front chancery by Rocco on Roberts. He throws Roberts and gets him in a headlock. Roberts escapes but Rocco kicks him. Roberts counters with a shoulder block to knock Rocco down. Side headlock by Roberts and a grapevine leg takedown on Rocco. He grabs Rocco with an armbar but Rocco reaches the ropes and complains to the referee. Roberts gets Rocco by the arm.

Rocco escapes and Roberts quickly counters with a headscissors. Nice back and forth as time is running out Roberts goes to work on Rocco’s left leg. The bell rings and the two try to slap at each other.

Second round starts with Roberts getting Rocco in a front chancery but Rocco shoves him into the corner to force the break. Rocco punches Roberts and knocks him down. Snapmare into an elbow drop by Rocco. Reverse chinlock by Rocco but Roberts escapes and grabs hold of Rocco’s arm. Rocco pulls Roberts by the hair and referee warns him. Hammerlock by Roberts but Rocco reaches the ropes to force another break.

Uppercut by Roberts! He slams Rocco hard to the mat. Rocco grabs Roberts and rakes his face across the top rope. He punches at Roberts but Roberts kicks him and punches him a few times to knock Rocco down. Rocco complains to the referee again. Double wristlock by Rocco but again Roberts reaches the ropes only this time Rocco doesn’t break cleanly.

Rocco goes for a full nelson on Roberts. Roberts escapes and gets Rocco with a knee lift! Referee warns Roberts about grabbing Rocco’s hair. Roberts with a takedown on Rocco into a headscissors. He lifts his leg up and slams it onto Rocco. Rocco bites his way out of the headscissors! Roberts whips Rocco into the corner and the bell rings ending the second fall. Rocco kicks at Roberts after the bell.

Round three starts with Rocco taking down Roberts with a back hammer and grabbing the opposite arm into a submission hold. He goes for a pin but can’t keep Roberts shoulders down. Rocco stomps on Roberts. He whips Roberts into the ropes and kicks him in the mid-section. He kicks and elbows away at Roberts non-stop so the referee gives him his first public warning.

That doesn’t stop Rocco as he lands a headbutt across Roberts. Rocco gets Roberts in a side headlock and punches him across the head. Roberts is able to get Rocco in an armbar but Rocco punches him again. Roberts counters with some forearm smashes and an uppercut. Roberts slams Rocco’s head to the mat but Rocco is quickly back up.

Roberts gets Rocco in a headlock and quickly switches over to a submission hold. Rocco knocks Roberts down and attacks his left leg. Leg grab takedown by Rocco but Roberts kicks at his head and knocks him to the floor. Rocco gets back in the ring. He quickly attacks Roberts left leg. Roberts escapes.

Roberts reaches for Rocco but he moves away and bounces off the ropes. Rocco then takes Roberts down with a side headlock that Roberts counters as the bell rings.

Round four starts with Roberts taking a swing at Rocco! Rocco complains to the referee. Roberts gets Rocco with a side headlock. Body shake off the ropes by Roberts. Rocco counters and knocks Roberts down and lands an elbow. He kicks at Roberts and whips him into the corner hard. Rocco whips Roberts into the ropes and kicks at Roberts leg. He slams Roberts across the top rope!

Rocco snapmares Roberts into the ropes which hurts Roberts leg a little more. Rollerball slams Roberts and then quickly climbs to the top rope and splashes onto Roberts! Referee gives Rocco a second public warning. Rocco continues to attack Roberts. Leg takedown by Rocco and he gets Roberts in a half Boston Crab to force Roberts to submit. Rocco up 1-0.

Roberts slowly gets back up to start round five and Rocco quickly attacks him. He snapmares Roberts and gets him in a submission hold. He attacks Roberts left leg. Rocco tosses Roberts over the top rope! Rocco continues to aggressively attack Roberts. Fans get upset. Roberts gets back in the ring and Rocco gets him in the corner.

Roberts is able to get Rocco in a half nelson and slams him face first to the mat. Rocco escapes and they both work on the mat with Rocco going for a left leg lock. He starts to beat on Roberts left leg but Roberts kicks him over the ropes. Rocco saves himself from falling down to the floor by holding onto the top rope.

Rocco back in the ring and gets Roberts with a leg takedown. Roberts kicks him off. Side headlock by Roberts but Rocco goes after Roberts left leg and ties it up to the ropes where he attacks it until the referee frees up Roberts. Roberts with a suplex on Rocco and he goes for the pin but Rocco kicks out.

Rocco climbs to the middle rope and kicks at Roberts. Roberts quickly is able to take Rocco down to the mat and they both go after each other near the ropes. Rocco gets Roberts in an arm lever. He drops Roberts to the mat and kicks him. Bell rings to end round five.

Round six kicks off with both fighting in the corner with Rocco knocking Roberts down to the mat with some kicks. He punches away at Roberts. Referee tries to break them up. Roberts places Rocco on the top turnbuckle and then tosses him to the floor!

Front chancery by Roberts but Rocco whips him into the corner and catches Roberts with a forearm. He slams Roberts. Rocco goes for a top rope splash but misses. Roberts whips Rocco into the corner and Rocco lands in a tree of woe. Roberts kicks at him. He backdrops Rocco and follows with an elbowdrop for the pin. Roberts makes match 1-1 and ends in a draw!


Bert Royal vs. Roy St.Clair

Taped 7/31/1976

This match is a six 5-minute rounds with 1 fall, 1 submission or a knockout to decide the winner. Handshake by both competitors before the match starts.

First round and Royal takes St. Clair down with some armdrags and into an armbar. St. Clair escapes but Royal monkey flips him across the ring. St. Clair back up and gets Royal in a wristlock. However, Royal quickly counters and takes St. Clair down and gets him in a wristlock of his own. Some good counter wrestling in a pin attempt and headscissors spot.

St. Clair takes Royal down and keeps him in a wristlock. Royal struggles to escape and tries for a headscissors but St. Clair is able to counter his moves. St. Clair goes for a pin but doesn’t have him on the mat properly. They break away.

Royal with a full nelson into a snapmare. He then goes for a shoulder press for a pin attempt but St. Clair keeps his shoulders raised. Clean break and this time Royal goes for a rolling ankle grab for a takedown. St. Clair back up and gets Royal in a headlock and follows with a legdrop.

Royal crawls under St. Clair’s legs and they do a nifty spot with Royal ending up doing a cart wheel to escape St. Clair’s grasp. Royal with a shoulder press attempt to pin St. Clair but they are near the ropes and have to break again. St. Clair with a wristlock on Royal as the bell rings to end the first round.

Round two starts with Bert Royal going on offense very quickly. He tosses St. Clair across the ring and into the ropes. St. Clair with a sunset flip off the ropes for a near fall only they are near the ropes. Royal again takes St. Clair down with a wristlock and he gets his left arm in a submission hold. St. Clair struggles in the hold as Royal works on his left hand and keeps him on the mat in that hold for quite some time.

St. Clair tries to escape but Royal keeps hold of his arm and tosses him around in the ring. That allows St. Clair to escape. There’s an edit in the round that takes you to the final seconds with St. Clair now in control of the match as the bell rings to end the round.

Round three starts with Royal taking down Roy St. Clair and getting him in a cool submission hold where he grabs his legs and lifts St. Clair up and places him across his knees in a type of backbreaker. St. Clair escapes and goes for a pin on Royal. Royal escapes and they both hold onto each other’s arms. Royal back up and gets him in an armlock. Some good counter wrestling in the match.

St. Clair snapmares Royal and gets him in a headlock. Royal counters by picking up St. Clair over his shoulders in a backbreaker but Royal slides off near the ropes to break the hold. Half nelson into a surfboard by Royal on St. Clair. St. Clair reverses into a full nelson. Royal tries to escape the full nelson to no success. St. Clair nearly gets a pin attempt on Royal.

Royal dropkicks St. Clair. Knee lift by St. Clair and he gets Royal in a wristlock but Royal counters and snapmares St. Clair. Crowd cheers the moves in the match. Royal whips St. Clair hard into the corner. St. Clair catches him with a kick and an elbow across the back. They follow with a test of strength with Royal taking St. Clair down on the mat. St. Clair with a bridge into a monkey flip. Some cool reversals with the headscissors. St. Clair takes Royal back down on the mat as the bell rings to end round three.

St. Clair snapmares Royal a few times and tosses him off the ropes, sending Royal to the outside. Royal back in and St. Clair with a legdrop. He whips Royal into the corner. Royal gets hit by St. Clair’s knee. He gets back up and catches St. Clair with a knee lift. Some near falls exchanged by both with Royal finally rolling up St. Clair for the pin.

WINNER: Bert Royal

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode. Both matches were very good. The Rocco – Roberts match had a good mix of wrestling and with Rocco being very aggressive throughout the match had a bit of an edge to it. The second match was a great technical match that if you are into just great mat work and counter wrestling in a “clean” match then this is definitely a match for you.


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