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All-Star Wrestling 5/13/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 5/13/1978

Taped at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 5/17/1978.

Vince McMahon is on commentary.

Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci vs. Tank Patton & The Golden Terror

Bravo & DeNucci are the current WWWF World Tag Team Champions. This is a non-title match.

Dominic DeNucci and The Golden Terror start the match. DeNucci gets Thhe Golden Terror in an armlock. He takes The Golden Terror down and the Terror ends up near Bravo. He gets back up and takes DeNucci down with an armbar. McMahon mentions that Lou Albano claimed to have found The Golden Terror in the Amazon jungle.

Dino Bravo comes in and gets caught in a headlock. Bravo whips him into the ropes. Dino misses a leapfrog over the Terror but recovers and gets him with a slam. The Golden Terror tags in Tank Patton. Patton gets Bravo in a headlock but Bravo punches him and slams Patton. He tags DeNucci back in. DeNucci slams Patton and gets a two-count.

Patton back up and gets in some forearms across DeNucci’s face. Terror tags back in and continues the attack on DeNucci. He gets whipped into the ropes and the Golen Terror gets him with a forearm. Snapmare by the Terror but DeNucci recovers and slaps at the Terror’s nose. He sends Terror at Bravo’s direction and Dino hits him with a forearm.

DeNucci sling shots The Golden Terror into his corner and Bravo punches him. He goes for the pin on The Golden Terror but Patton makes the save. Golden Terror makes a brief comeback on DeNucci but Bravo reaches for him and grabs him by his mask and turns his mask around so now Terror can’t see anything. The Golden Terror swings around at no one. He fixes his mask but DeNucci punches him. Terror tags in Patton.

Patton rakes DeNucci’s face and follows with a forearm. He kicks at DeNucci and slams him. Patton misses an elbow off the ropes. DeNucci sends Patton into his corner and tags in Bravo. Bravo catches Patton with a dropkick. Patton tags in The Golden Terror.

Bravo whips The Golden Terror into the corner and catches him with a dropkick. The Golden Terror falls over the top rope but Bravo quickly grabs hold of him and swings him back into the ring. Bravo whips Terror into the ropes and catches him with another dropkick. Bravo tags in DeNucci who gets Terror in an airplane spin and he covers The Golden Terror for the pin. Patton’s too late to make the save so he stops.

WINNERS: Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci

Dominic DeNucci tries to help The Golden Terror back up but Terror just falls back down.

George “The Animal” Steele (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Gene Crespo

George Steele enters the ring as Vince McMahon describes Steele. Steele hides a weapon from the referee. He grabs Crespo and smashes the weapon into him. Steele hides the weapon. The referee warns him. They lock-up and Steele sends Crespo over the ropes. He holds him by the leg for a bit before letting go and Crespo dropping to the floor. He tries to get back in the ring but Steele sends him into the ring post.

Crespo gets in the ring and is punched by Steele with the object again. He punches Crespo again. Referee tries to check him again but can’t find the object he’s using. He punches Crespo again with the weapon. Another punch thrown at Crespo. He chokes Crespo. The Animal’s green tongue is shown as he applies more pressure on Crespo.

The Animal continues to choke Crespo. Steele starts to bite Crespo’s bicep. He picks up Crespo by the left arm with a hammerlock and makes Crespo submit. Steele stomps on the left arm after the match. He then starts to chew on the top turnbuckle.

WINNER: George Steele

Capt. Lou Albano and George Steele join Vince McMahon for an interview. Albano mentions that he’s pleased with what he saw from Steele in his match. Capt. Lou heads over to check on The Animal. Steele knocks over the ring steps. Albano returns to talk to McMahon and says there have been questions about Steele about him possibly being homicidal. Albano says that it is all true and that his tongue is green and it secretes a solution.

Some woman starts to laugh at what Capt. Lou Albano is saying so Albano insults her. He continues to mention how Steele’s green tongue is secreting something that only happens when a man is aroused. Steele yells, “NO!” Albano continues to insult more fans. Steele looks over at the fans. Albano says Steele is there to formerly challenge Dino Bravo, Gorilla Monsoon, Larry Zbyszko, Ivan Putski, Dusty Rhodes, Dominic DeNucci and WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund.

Albano says there is no defense or way to prepare for a match with George Steele. McMahon cuts him off.

The Yukon Lumberjacks (Yukon Eric & Yukon Pierre) (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. S.D. Jones & Charlie Brown

S.D. Jones punches Capt. Lou Albano before the match starts. Albano leaves. Pierre and Jones start the match. Pierre misses a forearm near the ropes. Jones warns Albano not to interfere. They lock-up again and Pierre knocks Jones down to the floor. Eric attacks Jones and rolls him back into the ring.

S.D. jones makes a comeback on Pierre. Eric shares some words with Pierre. Jones tags in Charlie Brown and he gets Pierre in a side headlock. Pierre escapes and gets a near fall on Brown. Brown with a leg takedown but Pierre shoves him off. Another leg takedown by Brown but again he’s shoved off by Pierre. Pierre gets in a forearm across Brown’s chest and tags in Eric who kicks Brown. He slams Brown and stomps on him a few times.

Eric tosses Brown into the corner. Pierre back in and he continues to beat on Brown. He slams Brown and follows with a couple of leg drops. Eric back in and he punches Brown and then slams him. He follows with an elbow drop on Brown. Pierre back in and he continues to punish Brown. He whips Brown into the ropes and knocks him back down. Eric back in again and he kicks at Brown.

Brown tags in S.D. Jones. Jones goes to work on Eric with some punches and headbutts! He tags Brown back in which the crowd moans as that happens. LOL! Eric and Brown exchanges punches until Eric takes him down with a knee lift. Eric tags in Pierre and they whip Brown into the ropes and get him with a double ax chop. Pierre covers Brown for the pin.

WINNERS: The Yukon Lumberjacks

Spiros Arion (w/ “Classy” Freddie Blassie) vs. Pete Austin

Spiros Arion gets Pete Austin in the ropes and delivers a few knees to the mid-section. He gets Austin in a chinlock and gets back on the ropes were he stomps on Austin. Arion continues his attack on Austin. He punches at Austin and then slams his head into the top turnbuckle. Arion chokes him on the ropes.

Referee warns Arion about choking Austin on the ropes. They lock-up again and Arion punches him. Austin fights back! He whips Arion into the ropes but Austin gets caught with a foot to the mid-section. Arion chokes Austin on the ropes and uses Blassie’s cane on Austin. He continues to beat on Austin in the corner and delivers several punches at Austin.

Arion snaps Austin over and keeps him in a chinlock. Austin reverses but Arion reaches the ropes and quickly attacks Austin. He picks up Austin up in the air and just drops him on the ropes. Looked like a botched spot but the referee stopped the match as it appeared Austin submitted. Pretty awful finish.

WINNER: Spiros Arion

Larry Zbyszko, Haystacks Calhoun & “High Chief” Peter Maivia vs. Strong Kobayashi, Butcher Vachon & Moose Monroe

Larry Zbyszko and Butcher Vachon start the match off. Zbyszko ducks from Vachon a few times before they finally lock-up. He reverses a whip into the ropes on Vachon. Vachon tags in Kobayashi. Side headlock by Kobayashi. Zbyszko shoves Kobayashi into the ropes and catches him with a pair of armdrags that send Kobayashi to the outside. Kobayashi complains about his tights being pulled. Vachon tags back in. Vachon knocks down Zbyszko off the ropes but again Larry catches Vachon with a pair of armdrags.

Haystacks and Moose Monroe both tag in. Calhoun gets Monroe in a full Nelson. Zbyszko with a forearm smash across Monroe’s chest. Haystacks then splashes Monroe in the corner. Zbyszko back in and he and Monroe exchange punches. He whips Monroe into the ropes and catches him with a kick. Maivia tags in and he drops Monroe across his knee and tags in Calhoun. Haystacks splashes Monroe and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Haystacks Calhoun, Larry Zbyszko and Peter Maivia

Haystacks Calhoun and Larry Zbyszko join Vince McMahon for an interview. Zbyszko talks about how difficult a six-man tag match can be. Calhoun tells McMahon that the big splash still works. He talks about how much he trusts his partners in the six-man tag match. They talk about Zbyszko and Calhoun doing moves called the “Statue of Liberty” and “Doggie in the Window” which made Calhoun laugh because he came up with the names. McMahon points out how different Calhoun applies the big splash. Calhoun says he learned the big splash when he’d jump into the creek and claimed he’d jump in and empty the creek and then later on he’d jump onto boards. He tells McMahon that he’s not out to cripple guys but he has sent a few to the hospital.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Thought the interviews were the best part of this show. The Bravo & DeNucci tag match was okay. Also thought the Yukon Lumberjacks looked like they were a pretty good tag team that might have had to hold back some during the match. Loved how the crowd got fired up for S.D. Jones coming into that match against the Lumberjacks and how he quickly tagged Charlie Brown back in and that led to some groans from the fans since they knew it was over for the babyface tag team. The Spiros Arion match was boring and had a really awful finish.


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