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Memphis Wrestling 3/15/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 3/15/1980

Taped 3/11/1980 at the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky. Aired on 3/15/1980.

Lance Russell welcomes everyone from the Louisville Gardens. He gives a rundown of the matches happening on the show.

Rick Morton & Steve Regal vs. The Assassins

Match is joined in progress. Regal has Assassin #2 in an armbar. Assassin #1 makes a comeback but Regal is able to knock him back down on the mat. Assassin #1 gets in the ring and delivers a knee into Regal’s mid-section. Regal catches Assassin #1 with a dropkick and he goes to work on him. Morton tags in and they catch Assassin #1 with a double dropkick. The other Assassin gets involved.

Assassin #1 trips up Morton as he runs the ropes. Assassin #2 comes back in and he knocks Morton down. He tosses Morton to the outside. Regal helps Morton back into the ring. Assassin #2 whips Morton across the ropes and backdrops him. He goes for a pin attempt but Morton is near the ropes. Assassin #1 tags back in and he continues to beat on Morton. Big elbow drop on Morton but he misses.

Assassin #2 back in and he gets in a shoulder into Morton and follows with a forearm. Snapmare into a headscissors on Morton. Crowd starts to cheer on Morton. Morton escapes and tries to head over to tag Regal but he gets tackled down and the other Assassin comes in and continues to punish Morton. Back and forth between Morton and Assassin #1. He tags in Regal but the referee didn’t see it. Both Assassins double-team Morton and toss him over the ropes while the referee argues with Regal.

One of the Assassins knocks Morton back down to the outside. He later brings Morton back in with a suplex. The Assassin misses a headbutt off the middle rope! The Assassins with the switcheroo but Morton fires off on the Assassin. All four men get in the ring. Regal gets tossed over the top rope. One of the Assassins loads up his mask but he accidentally hits his tag partner. Morton covers the fallen Assassin for the pin!

WINNERS: Rick Morton & Steve Regal

Bill Dundee, Ken Lucas and Jimmy Valiant promos for next Tuesday’s Louisville Gardens show.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee vs. Sonny King

Sonny King complains to the referee that Bill Dundee is using his fist. They lock-up and Dundee gets in some shots on King. King whips him into the ropes but Dundee grabs the ropes and kicks King. He continues to beat on King. Sonny King rolls to the outside. Dundee tries to chase after him but the referee keeps him away.

Sonny King gets back in the ring but quickly heads out again. He’s back in and Dundee lays into him. Dundee whips King into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick! He goes for a chinlock on King. He takes King to the outside and uses a step to slam over King! Crowd cheers on Dundee. Referee Tommy Marlin tries to get Dundee away from King.

They head back into the ring and Dundee continues to stomp on King and send him back to the outside. Dundee with a knee off the ring apron on King. He hammers King into the ring post. Bill punches away at King before returning back into the ring. Dundee kicks King a couple of times to keep him on the floor. He struts and the crowd cheers Bill on. Dundee heads back to the outside and slams a chair across King’s back! Referee heads back outside to break Dundee away from King.

They both get back into the ring and Dundee continues to beat on King. He sends King back to the outside and follows. Dundee beats on King a little more and King goes down. Bill uses a chair and slams it again across King. Dundee gets back into the ring. Dundee with some punches at King who just got back into the ring. He’s relentless in his attack on King. Russell mentions that Dundee has controlled 96% of the match so far.

Sonny King spears Dundee and knocks him down. He goes for a second spear at Dundee. King with a punch at Dundee that knocks him down. He stomps on Dundee and tosses him to the outside. King uses the steps on Dundee as the ring announcer mentions there are three minutes left in the match. They get back in the ring and King with a headbutt on Dundee for a near fall. King argues with the referee and Dundee sneaks in from behind and rolls King up for the pin.

WINNER: Bill Dundee

Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas © vs. Ali Hassan & Paul Ellering (w/ Jimmy Hart) for the AWA Southern Tag Team Titles

Billy Robinson and Ali Hassan in the ring and Robinson with some hiptosses to knock Hassan down. Hassan quickly tags in Ellering. Ellering blocks a hiptoss attempt by Robinson and does a pose. He gets Robinson in a bear hug. Robinson quickly escapes and Ellering complains to the referee that his hair was pulled.

Robinson gets Ellering in a full nelson and Ellering powers out. He poses a little more to the crowd. Ellering gets Robinson in a full nelson and Billy uses a different way to break out of the hold to the delight of the fans. Hassan tags back in and gets Robinson in a side headlock. he knocks Robinson down but Robinson catches him with a side suplex off the ropes.

Hassan gets Robinson in the heel corner and they double-team him. Ellering tags back in and he punches and slams Robinson for a near fall but Robinson’s leg reaches the ropes. Ellering grabs hold of Robinson’s left leg. Monkey flip by Robinson and he tags in Ken Lucas. Lucas knocks both Ellering and Hassan down.

Lucas and Ellering lock-up in a test of strength with Ellering taking Lucas down. Lucas escapes. Ellering tags in Hassan. Side headlock by Hassan and he knocks Lucas down once before Lucas catches him with an armdrag. Robinson punches at Hassan who tags out. Ellering back in and he gets Lucas in a side headlock but again Lucas whips him into the ropes and hiptosses Ellering. Another hiptoss by Lucas! Robinson tags back in.

Robinson with a reverse neckbreaker on Ellering. Hassan jumps in to make the save but Robinson beats on him. Lucas climbs the middle rope and lands an elbow on Hassan. He slams Hassan into the top turnbuckle. Big right from Lucas. He whips Hassan into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. Robinson tags back in and he tosses Hassan into the air.

Robinson struts as Ellering is tagged back into the ring. He whips Ellering into the ropes but Paul catches him with a foot to the face. Ellering with a surfboard on Robinson. Billy tries to reverse it. Hassan punches Robinson as they are near the corner. Robinson reverses it briefly but he’s able to flip Ellering over and into a pinning predicament. Hassan makes the save.

Hassan knees Robinson’s back. He continues the attack on Robinson. Hassan slams Robinson’s head into his foot. He goes for a third attempt but Robinson blocks it. He punches Hassan and then whips him into the ropes where they both knock each other down. Ellering tags back in but Robinson is ready for him. They shoulder block each other off the ropes until Ellering knocks him down. They got for it again but this time Robinson catches him with a forearm.

Lucas tags back in and he continues the attack on Ellering and Hassan. He whips Hassan into the ring. Big knee across Hassan’s head and he goes for the pin but only gets a one-count. They go to a commercial break.

Back from the commercial break with Paul Ellering beating on Ken Lucas. He gets a couple of near falls on Lucas. Robinson chases after Jimmy Hart. Referee gets distracted and that allows Ellering and Hassan to double-team Lucas. Ellering punches away at Lucas. Hassan tags back in and he continues to punch at Lucas. He whips him into the ropes and catches Lucas with a foot to the mid-section. Hassan only gets a two-count as Robinson makes the save.

Hassan continues to punch away at Lucas. He goes for another pin attempt but Robinson broke it up. Ellering tags back in but Lucas starts to fire up! He comes back at Ellering with some punches of his own. Hassan and Robinson both get in the ring. Jimmy Hart runs in and hits Robinson with a cane but that has no effect. Robinson beats on Hart. Hassan throws a fireball at Robinson!

Ken Lucas gets Ellering in a sleeper hold! Hassan tries to make the save but the referee pushes him down. Jimmy Hart runs in and hits Lucas with his cane! Ellering covers Lucas for the pin and we have NEW Southern Tag Team Champions!

WINNERS: Ali Hassan & Paul Ellering

Brawl continues after match with Hassan and Ellering continuing to attack Ken Lucas. Jimmy Valiant runs in and helps Lucas clean out the ring.

“Dr. D” David Schultz & Dennis Condrey vs. The Gibson Brothers (Ricky Gibson & Robert Gibson)

Dennis Condrey and Rick Gibson are in the ring. Dr. D is arguing with the referees. There are two referees for this match. Both referees pull Condrey by his hair to take him off Rick Gibson after he pulled his hair. Lance Russell says they won’t be able to air more of the show due to how much time they spent in the previous match. Schultz and Robert get into the ring. Robert gets Schultz in an armbar. Some good counter wrestling by both.

Schultz placed Robert’s hands on the mat and tried to stomp on them. He seemed to miss and Robert caught him with a punch that knocks Dr. D down. Rick tags back in. Side headlock by Rick Gibson. Rick Gibson misses a dropkick and Lance Russell tells everyone that they won’t have time to air the rest of this match and closes the show as the match continues on.


Sonny King joins Lance Russell for a promo for the upcoming Louisville Gardens match against Bill Dundee. Jimmy Hart, Paul Ellering and Ali Hassan join Russell to talk about how they are going to send Lucas and Valiant in ambulances next Tuesday.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show with some highlights from a Louisville Gardens show. Wish they had aired more of the final tag match. I think I enjoyed the Dundee brawl with King more than anything else.


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