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Memphis Wrestling 3/8/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 3/8/1980

Taped 3/8/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary.

“Dr. D” David Schultz & “Mr. C” Dennis Condrey vs. Jerry Bryant & Rick Morton

David Schultz and Jerry Bryant start the match. Schultz takes Bryant down but he escapes. He grabs Bryant with a headlock and tags in Condrey. Bryant surprises Condrey with a headscissors that Dennis quickly escapes. Bryant reverses an armlock into an armbar of his own and takes him down to the mat with a side headlock. Condrey reaches out and tags in Schultz who gets greeted by a side headlock by Bryant.

Bryant tags in Rick Morton who keeps Schultz in the headlock. Shoulder block off the ropes followed by a hiptoss reversal by Morton on Schultz. Schultz tags Condrey back in. Wristlock takedown by Morton followed by a legdrop on Condrey’s arm. Reversal after reversal by Condrey and Morton until Rick grabs the left arm. Bryant tags back in and he keeps working on Condrey’s left arm. Condrey tags in Schultz.

Schultz with some punches and elbows at Bryant. He tags Condrey back in who gets Bryant with a suplex and gets a two-count before Bryant crawls back to his corner and tags in Morton. Condrey punches away at Morton. Rick gets Condrey in a side headlock. Condrey with a backdrop sends Morton to the mat. Schultz tags back in and gets Morton in a vertical suplex but only gets a two count. Dr. D yells at the referee. Condrey back in and he whips Morton into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Lazy pin attempt by Condrey allows Morton to kick out.

Ricky Morton is able to get over to his corner and tag in Bryant who gets in a few shots at Schultz. He whips Dr. D into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick and gets a two-count. Another near fall on Schultz. They run the ropes and Schultz catches Bryant with a leg whip across the face. He tags in Condrey who drops an elbow on Bryant and covers Bryant for the pin.

WINNERS: David Schultz & Dennis Condrey

Lance Russell with Billy Robinson and Ken Lucas promo for upcoming show at the Louisville Gardens. Bill Dundee joins Lance and talks about being handcuffed to Jimmy Hart during the Southern title match between Jimmy Valiant and Paul Ellering.

Lance Russell discusses a match between Schultz & Condrey vs. The Gibson Brothers from the previous week. He mentions the CWA had to discuss what happened in the match but they made the decision that since other sports still don’t use instant replay to reverse decisions, then they will do the same until that is changed in other sports. This match happened at the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum so they show highlights from that match.

Russell mentions they want to show the fans what happened in this match because the Gibson Brothers can make a case for having won the match. Finish of the match had referee Jerry Calhoun getting knocked out. Robert Gibson covers David Schultz for the pin. Referee makes the count but he’s groggy. Dennis Condrey drops an elbow on Robert Gibson and Schultz covers him. Referee gets back up and raises Dr. D’s arm declaring him and Condrey the winners. Everyone is confused with the decision.

They show highlights of a match between Jimmy Valiant and Paul Ellering from the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum. Paul Ellering uses Jimmy Hart’s cane to attack Valiant and gets disqualified when the referee sees the cane. Ellering and Hart continue to beat on Valiant after the match. Referee gets knocked down a few times by Ellering. Bill Dundee comes out and makes the save for Valiant as he chases both away.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & Steve Regal vs. Buddy Wayne & David Oswald

Jimmy Valiant puts his crown on Steve Regal’s head before the match starts off. Steve Regal and David Oswald start the match. Regal with some cool matwork to keep Oswald down on the mat. Oswald reaches the ropes to break away from Regal. Regal catches Oswald with a pair of armdrags. Oswald goes to his corner to get some words of encouragement from his tag partner Buddy Wayne. Regal continues to control the match as we hear “Handsome” Jimmy screaming from his corner.

Oswald tags Buddy Wayne in and he gets caught by an armdrag from Regal. Backdrop for a quick pin attempt by Regal but Wayne kicks out. Some mat work with Regal getting the advantage. Wayne punches Regal and follows with some forearms but Regal fights back. Buddy catches Regal with a kick and tags in Oswald. Regal reverses Oswald into the ropes and backdrops him. He tags in Valiant who backdrops Oswald and starts to punch both Oswald and Wayne. Valiant whips Oswald into the ropes and elbows him and covers Oswald for the pin.

WINNERS: Jimmy Valiant & Steve Regal

Valiant tosses Oswald out of the ring. He has a few more words before leaving.

The Gibson Brothers (Rick & Robert Gibson) vs. Ali Hassan & Paul Ellering (w/ Jimmy Hart)

Ali Hassan and Rick Gibson start the match. Rick with a side headlock and keeps Hassan down on the mat. He gets back up and tags in Robert Gibson. Hassan shoves Robert into the corner to tag in Ellering. Robert uses his speed to keep away from Ellering. Ellering with a waistlock that Robert reverses. Rick Gibson tags back in and gets Ellering in a wristlock. Ellering pulls Rick down by the hair and gets him in an armbar.

Rick Gibson slams Ellering and follows with an armdrag and back into an armbar. Ellering gets back into his corner and tags in Hassan. Hassan with an elbow to the back of Rick’s head. Rick Gibson rolls under Hassan’s legs and tags in Robert Gibson. Hassan gets a few punches in on Robert. He tags in Ellering who whips Gibson into the ropes but Robert almost gets a pin on Ellering off a sunset flip. Ellering takes Robert down and tags in Hassan.

Hassan beats on Robert. They double-team Robert as Ellering grabs onto Robert while Hassan dellivers some punches at him. Rick Gibson’s had enough and heads over to the other corner to help his brother out. Rick hiptosses Robert into their corner and tags him and immediately attacks Hassan! Dropkick at Hassan gets Rick a two-count. Ellering makes the save and tags back in.

Test of strength with Ellering getting the advantage on Rick Gibson. Rick steps on Ellering’s foot to escape the hold. Ellering tags in Hassan. Rick steps on Hassan’s hands and feet. Hassan tags Ellering back in. Robert tags in and he attacks Ellering’s left arm with a wristlock followed by a legdrop across the arm. He drops his knee across the arm a few times. Ellering escapes and chokes Robert. He sends Robert into Ali Hassan’s elbow.

Paul Ellering slams Robert Gibson but misses an elbow. Hassan and Rick Gibson both tag in at about the same time. Snapmare followed by a body slam from Rick. He rolls Hassan for the pin but Ellering makes the save. Hassan tags Ellering back in. Ellering gets Rick with a snapmare but Rick regains the advantage with a leglock. Ellering chokes his way out of the hold.

Rick tags Robert back in and he whips Ellering into the ropes and backdrops him. Ellering reaches his corner and delivers some forearms at Robert. Hassan gets knocked down by Robert and Rick gets back in and beats on Hassan. Rick tags Robert back in and then backdrops Hassan. Robert goes for a step-over toe hold and bridges over. Dennis Condrey and David Schultz run in and attack Robert and Rick Gibson! Ellering and Ali Hassan join in on the attack.

Jimmy Valiant and Bill Dundee run out to help the Gibson Brothers out.

WINNERS: The Gibson Brothers via DQ.

More promos for the Louisville Gardens show. Jimmy Hart, Paul Ellering and Ali Hassan join Lance Russell for a promo. Hart says he’s the man with the plan and says his team is going to win the tag team titles and Ellering will beat Valiant for the Southern Heavyweight title. Ellering asks Russell what’s on his suspenders and Lance replies that it’s Superman. Ellering refers to himself as Paul “Superman” Ellering and says Hart doesn’t write any checks that his body can’t catch. He calls Ken Lucas, “Ken Mucous” and Billy Robinson, “Puke Robinson”.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The first and main event tag matches were pretty good. Thought the highlights from the Mid-South Coliseum were the best part of this episode. I’ve really enjoyed watching the Gibson Brothers tag matches. I had only seen a few of their matches prior to watching them frequently on this episodes of Memphis wrestling and they’ve been a fun tag team to watch. Same goes for Condrey and Schultz.


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