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All-Star Wrestling 5/6/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 5/6/1978

Taped at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 5/6/1978.

Vince McMahon opens the show as he talks about there being excitement in the arena for this show including Tank Patton vs. S.D. Jones and a special interview with “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

Vince McMahon interviews Dusty Rhodes at the arena before the start of the show. He points out that they are in an empty arena which is the opposite to what Rhodes is known for as he’s known to fill arenas. Rhodes talks about growing up as a kid and having a dream. He mentions his father being a plumber. He talks about fulfilling a dream and how he gets a natural high from the fans who attend wrestling shows. Rhodes talks about having no problem with anyone and that he gets along with every person from different races and says that is the “American Dream”. He brings up how he doesn’t get into politics because his business is making people happy.

Larry Zbyszko & Haystacks Calhoun vs. Bill Dixon & Frank “The Moose” Monroe

Larry Zbyszko and Moose Monroe start the match. Calhoun slaps The Moose on the back as he circles around the ring. Zbyszko gets Moose with a waistlock and takes him down for a near fall. Monroe complains to the referee and Zbyszko tags in Calhoun who splashes Moose in the corner.

Calhoun breaks out of Moose’s grasp and knocks him around the ring. Dixon tags in as does Zbyszko. Larry gets Dixon in an armbar and takes him down. Wristlock into a takedown by Zbyszko. Dixon reaches the ropes with his foot but gets back up. Monroe interferes and attacks Larry. Calhoun gets involved. He and Zbyszko send Moose and Dixon into each other. Haystacks steps on Monroe’s fingers.

Zbyszko and Dixon continue on and Dixon shoves Larry into the ropes and missed a right thrown at Zbyszko. Larry gets in a right hand punch on Dixon and then goes for a takedown on Dixon. Dixon tags in Monroe. Forearm smashes thrown by Moose but he misses one and Zbyszko’s fired up and he beats on Monroe. He whips Monroe into Calhoun’s shoulder and gets a two-count. Dixon tries to make the save for his partner.

Calhoun grabs Monroe and Zbyszko gets in a right hand on him. He heads to his corner and Dixon gets back in the ring. Armdrag takedown by Zbyszko and he goes for an armbar. Dixon with some forearms at Zbyszko in the corner. He gets reversed into the corner by Larry. Zbyszko Sends Dixon into Calhoun’s shoulder and that knocks Dixon down and Larry covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Haystacks Calhoun & Larry Zbyszko

Freddie Blassie & Spiros Arion join Vince McMahon for an interview. Vince notices Blassie is distracted and he says he’s not and that he’s looking over at a monstrosity in the crowd. Blassie says the fan is going to open a “fat farm” and that one of his pupil’s is Haystacks Calhoun. He makes a few more comments that get a few people laughing. Blassie starts to get booed when he talks about how great he is, how well he lives and how much money he makes. He talks about all the women he’s had and how he gets rid of them after he’s tired of them.

Blassie starts to praise his stable including Spiros Arion, Stan Hansen, Strong Kobayashi, Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka. He also brings up his great friends like Capt. Lou Albano and The Grand Wizard. Vince mentions that Spiros Arion is a loner which Blassie agrees with. McMahon asks Blassie if he and Arion are friends which he says they are more like brothers than just friends.

McMahon asks Spiros Arion what he thinks of Freddie Blassie. Arion says Blassie is the man who showed him the way that’s showed him the light and how to perfect himself. He says Blassie put him at the top after 15 years of him wasting time listening to Bruno Sammartino, Strongbow and others like them. He says if he had listened to Blassie back then, he would have been the one who had beaten Buddy Rogers and been world champion. He says that he’s there now to win the title and to leave a graveyard of crippled bodies.

“The Iron Greek” Spiros Arion vs. Gene Crespo

Spiros Arion knocks down Crespo who’s making his debut in that arena. He follows with a neckbreaker but refuses to cover Crespo for the pin. Front facelock by Arion. Spiros with a punch at Crespo’s face a couple of times and then he follows by choking him on the ropes. More punches thrown at Crespo’s forehead. Arion stomps on Crespo.

Arion throws Crespo thru the ropes to the floor. Blassie motions Crespo into getting back into the ring. Arion stomps on Crespo after he gets back in the ring. He chokes Crespo on the mat. Spiros kicks at Crespo’s back.

Spiros removes the top turnbuckle exposing the metal portion of the ringpost and then slams Crespo’s head into it. He continues to punish Crespo on the ropes. Referee tries to get him away from the ropes. Arion picks Crespo up into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker for the submission win.

WINNER: Spiros Arion

Tank Patton vs. S.D. Jones

Clean break by S.D. Jones to start the match. Patton gets thrown to the mat by Jones and Patton argues that he was pulled by his tights. Armdrag by Jones takes Patton down to the mat. Patton whips Jones into the corner but that does nothing to him and Patton backs away from him. Patton gets him back in the corner and elbows him across the top of the head and it had no effect on Jones. He does it again and still no effect.

Patton gets Jones on the ropes and kicks at him. He gets in a forearm across Jones back and follows with some stomps. Tank slams Jones again. He gets Jones in a bear hug. Jones pokes Patton’s eyes to break out of the bear hug. Patton shoves Jones into the ropes and again gets him in a bear hug. Jones breaks out of the bear hug. Patton back up and kicks Jones. He shoves Jones into the rope and gets him with a forearm a couple of times.

Jones catches Patton with a dropkick off the ropes. He gets in some punches and a headbutt. He goes for a second headbutt and that sends Patton to the outside of the ring. Jones follows and the two brawl outside the ring. Referee counts them both out as the two continue to slug it out. Jones uses his elbow pad on his fist to punch Jones. Referee goes outside and separates them.

WINNER: Double Count Out

“High Chief” Peter Maivia vs. Joe Turco

Vince McMahon points out Peter Maivia’s wearing pink tights. Maivia grabs hold of Joe Turco and punches him across the top of the head. Turco tells the referee. Maivia gets Turco in a waistlock but Turco reaches the ropes. Turco gets Maivia in the corner and hip tosses him. Turco gets tossed by Maivia which upsets Turco. Turco punches Maivia to no result and he runs away.

Maivia with a single leg takedown on Turco. He hip tosses Turco. Turco gets back up but again gets Maivia in the corner and beats on Maivia. He bites Maivia’s hand and that upsets Maivia and Turco walks away. Maivia knocks Turco down and then takes him to the mat after a snapmare into a headlock. Turco reverses it and yells at the referee.

Maivia blocks Turco’s attempt at a forearm. He gets Turco with a wristlock. Turco screams loudly and the fans poke fun at him. Vince McMahon mentions that several people have said that if you look at Joe Turco’s face that it looks like what they believe the devil might look like! Turco and Maivia lock up again and Turco quickly yells that his hair was pulled. Both men pull each other by the hair and are forced to break.

Leg takedown by Maivia. Monkey flip by Turco but Maivia quickly charges at Turco and grabs hold of his left leg. Ankle lock by Maivia. Step-over toe hold by Maivia on Turco and he dances a bit while applying the hold. The fans clap and cheer on the High Chief. Maivia follows by getting Turco in a leglock. Turco pulls at Maivia’s hair. Maivia knocks Turco down while he has him in a leglock. Turco punches his way out of the hold.

Maivia headbutts Turco and then follows up with a slam onto his knee and he covers Turco for the pin. He pats Turco on the rear-end which upsets Turco.

WINNER: Peter Maivia

Vince McMahon talks about what will be on next week’s show including a six-man tag team match that will include Haystacks Calhoun, Larry Zbyszko and Peter Maivia against Butcher Vachon, Moose Monroe and Strong Kobayashi. Spiros Arion, Dominic DeNucci, Dino Bravo and George “The Animal” Steele will be on that show as well.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Average episode. Thought the Dusty Rhodes and Freddie Blassie with Spiros Arion interviews were the best part of the show. Tank Patton vs. S.D. Jones was an okay match. Maivia vs. Turco had some moments in their match that were enjoyable. This show tends to lack a lot of excitement during matches.


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