Championship Wrestling from Florida 4/28/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling from Florida 4/28/1984

Taped on 4/25/1984 at the Sportatorium in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 4/28/1984.

Gordon Solie welcomes us to the show. He’s joined by Buddy Colt, Barbara Clary and Mike Rotundo.

Black Bart © (w/ The One Man Gang) vs. Dennis Brown for the NWA Florida Brass Knuckles Title

The One Man Gang is dressed very casually and he’s accompanying Black Bart. Solie mentions The One Man Gang as “The Panama Gang”. Bart with a knee into Brown’s mid-section to start the match but Brown hits the ropes and catches Black Bart with a cross body block off the ropes for a near fall. Dennis Brown uses his speed to get a couple of more near falls on Bart.

Black Bart hits Brown with a couple of forearms to the back. Brown uses Bart and the referee to flip out of an armbar! He fires away on Bart and knocks him down. Kneedrop by Brown for a two-count. Bart catches Brown with a punch and then elbows him across the head. Bart picks Brown up and slams him into the top rope. He whips Brown into the ropes but Brown leapfrogs him and then they bump into each other and fall to the mat.

Brown gets back up and charges at Brown but The One Man Gang hits Brown with his cane across the back. Black Bart gets Brown with a piledriver for the pin.

WINNER: Black Bart

Buddy Colt interviews “The Panama Gang” and Black Bart. The One Man Gang says his knee is improving but he still has a brace on it and has to use a cane. He tells Colt that he’ll be ringside for Black Bart’s matches. He vows to get revenge on Dusty Rhodes for injuring his leg and asks what kind of man injures another man. He talks about Black Bart beating Blackjack Mulligan for the Brass Knuckles title. He and Bart start to scream about Mulligan.

They have a missing children segment with Gordon Solie providing info on them.

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie at the desk. Solie has a letter from the NWA for Dusty Rhodes regarding the situation between himself (and The Midnight Rider) and Kevin Sullivan. He tells them both are facing possible suspensions. Rhodes tells Solie that The Midnight Rider and himself are two different people.

Dusty wants to show a video of a match he had involving Kevin Sullivan and Buzz Sawyer. Adrian Street teamed with Rhodes in the match. Miss Linda also got involved. Sullivan got Miss Linda with a shoulder breaker. Sullivan then attacked Rhodes with a spike and hurt his shoulder. Rhodes was stretchered out of the ring. They take him backstage and you see he’s bloody and semi-conscious.

Rhodes tells Kevin Sullivan that it’s not over. He has five stitches in his shoulder. He tells everyone that he doesn’t care about what the NWA has to say and says he’ll give them a better reason to suspend him.

Blackjack Mulligan is set to return. They show a video called “Tougher Than Leather” which looks back at Mulligan’s career.

Barry Windham vs. Tony D’Amato

Barry Windham gets D’Amato with a series of armdrags. He follows with a dropkick off the ropes. Quickly gets him with an elbow. A’mato attacks Windham in the corner and whips him into the ropes but Windham reverses and catches him with a lariat for the pin! Quick, short match.

WINNER: Barry Windham

“Superstar” Billy Graham joins Gordon Solie at the desk. He wants the people to keep quiet when he’s on the air. He tells all the punk kids that he doesn’t give autographs and doesn’t want the “ladies or gents” to touch his pythons! Graham doesn’t want the ugly women to try to kiss him. He talks about how strong he is and how no man can break his full nelson or bear hug. Graham also says no one can beat him in an arm wrestling match. “Kung Fu Fighting” starts to play as Graham continues his promo.

“Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Mike Allen

Solie tells us that Mike Allen is a “good, basic competitor”. Graham does some karate chops into the turnbuckle. Fans boo Graham as he poses. He rakes Allen’s eyes and follows with some forearms across his back. Graham whips Allen into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He stomps on Allen a bit. Allen tries to fight back and gets in a few shots on Graham. He misses a dropkick!

Graham slams Allen into the top turnbuckle. He follows with a body slam and then gets him back up in a full nelson for the win.

WINNER: “Superstar” Billy Graham

Kevin Sullivan & Kharma vs. Joe Lightfoot & Mike Davis

Kevin Sullivan and Joe Lightfoot start the match. Sullivan attacks Lightfoot quickly and whips him around the ropes. Lightfoot catches Sullivan with a cross body block out of the corner for a near fall. Sullivan back up and he tags in Kharma. Lightfoot continues to use his speed advantage on Kharma and slams him. He tags in Davis.

Mike Davis continues the attack. He tags Lightfoot back in. Davis holds onto Sullivan with a wristlock as Lightfoot is going to jump off the top rope at Sullivan but Kevin catches Lightfoot with a punch to the face. Sullivan whips Lightfoot into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. He tags Kharma back in. Kharma misses a clothesline but still gets Lightfoot with a body block. Lightfoot is able to crawl over to tag Davis in.

Davis comes in and takes on both Kharma and Sullivan. Lightfoot joins him and he chops Sullivan to the outside. Kharma tosses Davis into the ropes and Sullivan pulls the middle rope down so Davis falls to the floor. Sullivan rolls Davis back into the ring. Sullivan smashes Lighfoot into the ring post. Kharma catches Davis with a headbutt and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Kevin Sullivan & Kharma

Gordon Solie interviews Kevin Sullivan and Kharma. Kevin Sullivan brings out a boa constrictor. Sullivan says he’s dealt with suspensions. Solie mentions that Sullivan and Purple Haze dealt with suspensions last year. They show a highlight of The Purple Haze appearing. He says the Haze brought him the Golden Spike and says Haze is back.

A special feature called “Miami – Crisis Or Paradise” with Barbara Clary. Dusty Rhodes appearing at a high school to talk to students. Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo later join Rhodes in speaking to the students. Barbara Clary then interviews Chris Dundee a promoter out of Miami.

Chavo & Hector Guerrero join Gordon Solie at the desk. Hector Guerrero does some weird crazy impression of a crazy Mexican. They want to get Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.

Ron Bass © (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs. Mike Fever for the NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Title

Ron Bass quickly attacks Mike Fever. He knocks him down with an elbow. Follows up with a body slam. He whips Fever into the corner and gets him with an elbow. Bass covers him for the pin but picks Fever back up. Fever tries to fight back but Bass knocks him back down.

Bass gets Fever with a neckbreaker and covers him for the pin but again picks him up. He picks Fever up and gets him with the Stampede power slam for the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

J.J. Dillon and Ron Bass join Gordon Solie and says he’s seen a lot of excitement on this week’s TV show and he has some news to cap off a great show. Dillon tells Bass that it is official and he has a contract for Bass to face Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight title.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Average episode despite what J.J. Dillon said to close the show about it being a great show. There really wasn’t much to the matches on this week’s episode with a few ending pretty quickly. The Dusty Rhodes and Superstar Graham interviews were great.


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