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Memphis Wrestling 3/1/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 3/1/1980

Taped 3/1/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

The Gibson Brothers (Rick Gibson & Robert Gibson) vs. Buddy Wayne & David Oswald

Robert Gibson and Buddy Wayne start the match. Robert gets Wayne in a headlock. Wayne breaks out of it and catches Robert with a knee lift. Both men tag in their partners. Rick Gibson knocks down Oswald a few times. Oswald recovers and gets Rick in a step-over toe hold. Rick reverses and gets Oswald in the same move and quickly tags in Robert.

Double-team work by The Gibsons as they keep attacking Oswald’s left leg. Quick tags by the Gibson Brothers. Oswald kicks Robert off. Rick and Buddy Wayne both tag in. Rick Gibson gets Buddy in a couple of armdrags and then catches him with a backdrop off the ropes.

Rick tags in Robert and he catches Wayne with a dropkick. Wayne quickly tags in Oswald who gets Robert in a headlock. He tags Wayne back in and he keeps the headlock on and quickly tags Oswald back in. Robert escapes the headlock and gets Oswald with a wristlock. He tags in Rick who gets Oswald with a vertical suplex. Follows that up with some knees across the forehead. Rick tags Robert back in and he backdrops Oswald. Robert then lends an elbow drop on Oswald and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Rick & Robert Gibson

They show highlights of a match from Mid-South Coliseum between Sonny King & Tom Shaft vs. Ray Candy & Sugar Bear Harris. King is choking Harris with a string. Referee Jerry Calhoun tries to separate them. All four men get in the ring. Referee calls for the bell and stops the match.

Lance Russell talks about the upcoming Louisville Gardens show on Tuesday. Bill Dundee talks about being in the back alley street fight where he’ll team with Jerry Jarrett against Ali Hassan and Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Valiant talks about his match against Paul Ellering and is upset that he stole his crown. He vows to get revenge against Ellering.

Billy Robinson and Ken Lucas join Lance Russell to talk about winning the Southern Tag Team titles. Lucas thanks the fans for their support and knows some of the top tag teams will be coming out to challenge them. Robinson said he’s proud of being champion but he’s not completely satisfied until he exposes and hurts the Assassins.

They show highlights of the match where Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas beat The Assassins to win the AWA Southern Tag Team titles from Memphis Mid-South Coliseum on 2/18/1980. Robinson and Lucas beat on The Assassins. Robinson with a cool catapult spot sending Lucas into one of the Assassins. They have a brawl with Robinson and one of the Assassins on the outside. The Assassins end up bumping into each other and Lucas pins the one that is in the ring to win the tag team titles!

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz & Dennis Condrey

Jimmy Valiant cuts a promo before the match calling himself “Star Wars Jimmy”.

David Schultz and Bill Dundee start the match off and Dundee tosses Schultz onto his back. Schultz gets Dundee in a headlock but he quickly breaks out of it and tags in Valiant. Valiant stops Schultz from attempting to punch Dundee. Schultz tags in Condrey.

Jimmy Hart and Paul Ellering show up and Hart grabs Valiant’s crown and runs away as the fans scream. Valiant doesn’t know it until the fans and Dundee tell him. Valiant whips Condrey into the ropes and backdrops him. He and Dundee get in a few shots on Condrey. Dundee tags in and gets Condrey in a side headlock and follows with some punches. He goes for a pin but Schultz makes the save.

Condrey and Schultz double-team Dundee. Condrey gets Dundee with a backdrop. Condrey slams Dundee into the turnbuckle and then gets him with a side suplex. Referee tries to get Valiant to stay in his corner. Schultz tags in and he continues the attack on Dundee. Dundee escapes and punches Schultz a couple of times. He slams Dr. D and lands a kneedrop.

Valiant tags back in and he gets in some punches on Schultz. He tosses Dr. D into the corner and kicks him. Schultz reverses a whip into the corner but Valiant moves out of his way. Dundee tags back in and catches Dr. D with a fist off the ropes. Condrey tags back in and he begs off Dundee but Bill attacks him. Condrey catches Dundee with a suplex. Back and forth with both men knocking each other down off the ropes.

Condrey tags in Schultz and he quickly attacks Dundee. Suplex for a one count as Valiant makes the save for Dundee. All four men get in but the referee tries to keep Valiant out. Condrey accidentally hits Schultz as Dundee moved out of the way. All four men start to brawl in the ring again. They whip Condrey and Schultz into each other. Valiant and Dundee go for pins but Condrey and Schultz escape. Condrey catches Dundee with a knee to the back.

Dr. D continues to attack Dundee and gets a near fall before Valiant gets back in the ring. Condrey comes in and keeps Dundee from tagging Valiant. Condrey tags back in and he clotheslines Dundee and gets a two-count. Big elbow off the ropes by Schultz on Dundee. Another two-count on Dundee. Dundee fights back. Schultz misses a forearm but tags in Condrey. Condrey gets Dundee in an abdominal stretch. Valiant tries to make the save. Schultz hits Dundee off the ropes. Dundee continues to fight back and backdrops Condrey and lands a splash for a two-count.

Bill Dundee finally tags in Valiant. Valiant whips Condrey around the ring. All four men get back in the ring. They toss Condrey and Schultz into each other. Valiant goes for the pin on Schultz but referee is busy trying to get Dundee and Condrey out of the ring. Bell rings as Dundee gets Schultz in a sleeper but time expired. 10-minute time limit draw. Good match.

WINNERS: Time Limit Draw

Jimmy Valiant asks where the crown is. Lance Russell tells Valiant that they took it to the back and it’s safe. Dave Brown then tells Lance Russell it was stolen by Jimmy Hart which surprises Russell.

David Schultz and Dennis Condrey come out for an interview with Lance Russell. Russell tells them that he was getting ready to show video highlights of each wrestling one of the Gibson Brothers. Schultz tells Lance he can do it because he likes to be on TV.

They show highlights of David Schultz vs. Robert Gibson from the Mid-South Coliseum. Some good action as Robert takes a lot of great bumps for Schultz. Schultz slams Robert and then misses an elbow off the ropes. Gibson beats on Schultz and sends him to the outside. He catches Schultz with a dropkick and then goes for the step-over toe hold as Dennis Condrey comes in and attacks Robert Gibson.

Dennis Condrey then claims that Robert had brass knuckles. Schultz agrees and tells Lance it’s the “holy truth”. Condrey tells Russell that Robert could not pin Schultz. Dr. D tells Russell that Gibson can’t beat him and then tells them to bring out Robert Gibson right now and he’ll prove that he can’t beat him. Schultz heads to the ring. Condrey continues asking where Robert Gibson is and calls him a “snotty nose punk”.

They then show video highlights of Dennis Condrey vs. Rick Gibson. Condrey dominates the early action and catches Rick with a suplex. He whips Rick into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. He sends Rick high up in the air with a backdrop. Rick Gibson catches Condrey with a big forearm but Condrey knocks him back down and powerslams him for a near fall. Condrey goes for a piledriver but Rick blocks it and backdrops Condrey. Rick gets Condrey in a sleeper hold. Schultz runs in and attacks Rick Gibson. Robert gets involved as well.

Lance Russell points out that both Condrey and Schultz were disqualified in their matches against the Gibson brothers.

They return from the break and Condrey and Schultz refuse to leave until the Gibsons come out. Condrey asks Russell if they have to serve a warrant to get them out there.

Rick Gibson comes out and he gets into the ring. Condrey says they don’t want Rick but the “young one” Robert. Condrey and Rick Gibson argue. Robert Gibson comes out along with Rick. Rick tells them that the video shows that they can beat them any time. Robert tells Lance that he’s going to go put on his tights and he’ll be back to wrestle Dr. D.

Dennis Condrey leaves the ringside area if it means that Rick Gibson leaves as well.

Robert Gibson vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz

Robert whips Schultz into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Jimmy Hart comes out and talks about how he’s always searching for new talent and he loves Schultz and Condrey. Robert catches Schultz with a second dropkick and Condrey quickly attacks Robert. Schultz and Condrey double-team Robert. Rick Gibson comes out to help his brother but Jimmy Hart jumped him as he ran towards the ring!

Hart locks himself around Rick’s legs. Schultz and Condrey bust open Robert Gibson. Rick drags Hart around until he finally breaks free and makes the save for his brother. Hart, Condrey and Schultz all leave the ringside area.

WINNER: Robert Gibson

Jimmy Hart, Paul Ellering and Ali Hassan join Lance Russell for a promo to talk about the Louisville Gardens matches against Jimmy Valiant, Bill Dundee and Jerry Jarrett. Paul Ellering has Valiant’s crown with him and declares himself king and gives out his first orders. The first is that Lance Russell is now “Lance Muscle”. The second is that he wants full-length mirrors in his dressing room. The third is he wants to beat Jimmy Valiant.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. It only had three matches on it with two being kept pretty short. The Valiant & Dundee vs. Condrey & Schultz tag match was good. This episode was built around Condrey and Schultz feud with the Gibson brothers. There was also Jimmy Valiant’s crown getting stolen by Jimmy Hart. Thought that part was great and Lance Russell not realizing what had happened made that segment even better. The Condrey and Schultz tag team looked strong this entire show. The Gibsons are a fun tag team and even at a very young age Robert Gibson was very good.


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