All Japan Women Classics #8

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics #8

Show opens with The Crush Gals (Chigusa Nagayo & Lioness Asuka) doing an in-ring interview and then that is followed by them singing.

Bull Nakano vs. Crane Yu in a Japan Grand Prix Match

Taped 4/3/1985

Both Bull Nakano and Crane Yu are part of Dump Matsumoto’s “The Villainous Alliance” faction. They both have nunchucks and the referee tells them to get rid of them. They do and the bell rings to start the match.

Test of strength to start the match. Crane Yu gets the early advantage and tosses Nakano across the ring. She whips Nakano into the ropes and elbows her. Nakano quickly back up on her feet and goes for a roll-up for a pin on Yu but they’re near the ropes. Nakano tosses Yu by the hair and gets her in a surfboard. Crane reaches the ropes. Nakano grabs her legs and gets her in a leglock.

Bull Nakano attacks Yu’s right leg. Crane knocks her off and grabs hold of Nakano’s right leg. She pulls her hair as well. They each rake each other’s eyes. Nakano knocks Crane down. Crane picks her up for a body slam and follows with a splash for a two count. Bull bites Crane’s arm. Crane follows and bites Bull’s arm!

Crane Yu rakes Nakano’s face across the top rope. She takes her to the outside and slams her onto the table and then tosses her into the first couple of rows of seats. Bull circles around the ring and gets her nunchucks! She beats Yu with her nunchucks. Nakano chokes her with them and continues to beat her with the nunchucks. Crane bites Bull’s hand and takes the nunchucks away and proceeds to use them on Nakano!

Crane goes for the pin and tosses the nunchucks out of the ring. She only gets a two count. Nakano starts to kick at Crane who keeps her on the mat. Crane picks Bull up over her shoulders and drops her down to the mat. She splashes Nakano and goes for the pin but Bull reaches the ropes. Knee lift by Crane. Bull quickly goes for a roll up but Crane grabs hold of her arm and gets her in an armlock at the same times she bites Bull’s hand.

Bull Nakano recovers and she starts to bite Crane Yu’s forehead. She gets her with a bodyscissors. Nakano drags Crane to her corner and grabs her nunchucks again! She uses them to choke Crane yu and then starts to beat her with them. Bull Nakano takes Crane Yu to the outside and slams her into a chair. She continues to choke Crane with the nunchucks.

Crane Yu grabs her nunchucks but instead decides to bring in a chair. Nunchucks vs. Chair! Chair wins as Crane knocks down Bull Nakano and continues to slam the chair at her back. Crane then grabs a stick that she uses on Nakano. She pokes at Nakano’s forehead. Crane beats her with this stick. Referee is able to take it away but Crane continues her attack on Bull Nakano. She uses the ropes to choke Nakano.

Crane Yu goes for a double under hook suplex for a pin but Nakano lifts herself up to stop the pin. She slams Bull to the mat but then misses a middle-rope legdrop! Bull Nakano backdrops Crane Yu. She slams her down and covers Crane for the pin but Crane kicks out. They slam into each other off the ropes a couple of times and finally knock each other down.

Bull Nakano grabs a chain and chokes Crane Yu with it. Crane Yu grabs a chain of her own and she starts to choke Nakano. Bull loses her chain as Crane tosses her around and beats her with her with a chain. Crane chokes Bull and places her over her shoulder and drags her around. Crane Yu wins the match as Nakano submits. They both raise each other’s hands after the match.

WINNER: Crane Yu

Dump Matsumoto vs. Chigusa Nagayo in a Japan Grand Prix Match

Taped 4/3/1985

Dump Matsumoto is introduced first and she charges over to the other side of the arena to attack Nagayo as she enters. The fans can be heard screaming. Matsumoto pulls Nagayo by the hair and takes her to the ring. She beats her with a kendo stick as well. Dump chokes Nagayo with her kendo stick. Referee is able to take the stick away. Matsumoto continues her attack on Nagayo.

Matsumoto chokes Nagayo on the ropes and Bull Nakano gets in a few punches on Nagayo. Dump tosses Nagayo into the ring post sending her to the floor. Nagayo gets back in the ring but Dump whips her into the ropes and catches her with a clothesline. She goes for a splash and gets a two-count. Headlock by Dump. Nagayo escapes a slam attempt and goes for a Scorpion Deathlock. She gets knocked off and can’t get the hold on her.

Dump Matsomoto tosses Nagayo by the hair across the ring. She beats on Nagayo in a corner. The fans loudly start to cheer for Nagayo. Headbutt by Dump. Nagayo counters with some headbutts of her own. She catches Dump with a kick and follows with an elbow drop for a two-count. Matsumoto recovers and gets Nagayo in a submission hold. Bull Nakano and Crane Yu get in the ring and attack Nagayo as she’s being held by Matsumoto.

The fans cheer even louder for Nagayo who continues to get attacked by Nakano and Crane Yu outside the ring. Nagayo heads over to the announcer’s table and complains that she’s taking on three women. She gets back in the ring. Test of strength with Matsumoto knocking her down. Nagayo gets back up and catches Dump with a leg lariat. She goes for a second one and accidentally hits the referee. Nagayo argues with the referee for a bit.

Dump Matsumoto gets Nagayo up with a suplex and goes for a pin attempt. She follows with a Samoan Drop variation and again only gets a two-count. Dump whips Nagayo into the ropes but Nagayo catches her with a sunset flip. Matsumoto quickly escapes and uses her chain to grab hold of Nagayo’s foot. She brings in her kendo stick and attacks Nagayo’s left leg. Referee tries to release Nagayo from the chain. He gets knocked down. Matsumoto brings the kendo stick back and uses it on Nagayo. Referee takes that away as well.

Matsumoto bites Nagayo’s forehead. Reverse spin kick by Nagayo knocks Dump down but Matsumoto recovers and continues to attack Nagayo. She gets Nagayo with a piledriver but only gets a two-count. She drags Nagayo to the outside and slams her into the announcer’s table. Crane Yu and Bull Nakano attack Nagayo outside the ring before rolling her back into the ring.

Chigusa Nagayo catches Dump Matsumoto with a leg lariat! Dump gets tangled in the ropes and Nagayo attacks her. Nagayo then knocks down the referee and then turns all her attention at him by taking him to the outside and slamming him into the ring post! She then slams Nakano into a ringside chair.

Nagayo returns to the ring and grabs Matsumoto’s kendo stick and attacks her with it. The referee now bleeding from his forehead calls for the match to end. He awards the match to Dump Matsumoto via disqualification.

WINNER: No Decision.

A second referee comes out and talks on the microphone. The two referees argue. Nagayo argues with the referee in the match while Matsumoto threatens to attack the second referee.

The commissioner ringside decides to change the match decision. It seems like he went with the match ending with no decision. Nagayo and Matsumoto continue to yell at each other.

Show closes with the Crush Gals singing again but this time from the 6/14/1985 show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Both matches were pretty wild. Tons of heat in both matches. I don’t know if they were necessarily matches that I’d say were great but they were definitely entertaining and like I said very wild action.


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