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SMW TV #44 (11/28/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #44 (11/2/1992)

Taped 11/2/1992 at Sullivan East High School in Bluff City, Tennessee. Aired on 11/28/1992.

Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell on commentary. Mantell shows up wearing a mask and a robe.

“White Lightning” Tim Horner vs. Paul Lee

Tim Horner with an armdrag takedown on Paul Lee to start the match off. Lee back up and gets Horner with a wristlock but that’s quickly reversed by Horner. Some hammerlock reversals exchanged. Horner goes for a quick pin and Lee gets upset and tells the referee that Horner grabbed his hair. Lee gets Horner in the corner. Horner gets sent over the ropes and he climbs to the top rope and catches Lee with a body press for a near fall. Lee kicks out.

Horner gets Lee in a wristlock and whips him into the ropes. Lee catches Horner with a neckbreaker. Horner gets Lee in a slam and then tosses him into the corner turnbuckles. Suplex by Horner. Horner whips Lee into the ropes but Lee reverses. They go with a few reversals until Horner is able to get Lee from behind and get him with a bridge into a pin for the win.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Bob Caudle interviews The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright. He brings up the lumberjack match at Thanksgiving Thunder. Mr. Wright mentions that he’s been worrying about that match and how he’s been trying to line up their four men as lumberjacks. He claims Tim Horner was trying to get more of his men as lumberjacks. The Dirty White Boy asks Mr. Wright what happened to their men and Mr. Wright mentions some backed out but he has more men to choose from.

The Dirty White Boy is okay and says Mr. Wright is a man of his word. He tells Horner that he’ll have his buddies in his corner.

Brian Lee video interview talking about Kevin Sullivan. He mentions that all his injuries are healing but he’s still not 100%. He mentions that the doctor warned him about returning early so he’s going to wait and says he’s counting down the days before he can put his hands around Sullivan’s throat.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong talks about The Mongolian Stomper returning to take on Kevin Sullivan at Thanksgiving Thunder. He mentions how much he’ll enjoy seeing what The Stomper will do to Sullivan. They show highlights of The Stomper against Dennis Condrey from Memphis.

Bob Caudle returns and mentions that the following is a paid advertisement from Kevin Sullivan. We get another video interview with Sullivan outside with his followers. Sullivan mentions that Bob Armstrong has brought in a man who was an enemy of his in The Stomper. He heard that Brian Lee was rumored to be appearing at Thanksgiving Thunder to show his support and inspire The Stomper.

Jim Cornette promo with him holding up a food stamp. He talks about an upcoming match in Barbourville, Kentucky.

“The Wild-Eyed Southern Boy” Tracy Smothers joins Bob Caudle and he thanks Bob Armstrong, Bob Caudle and Sandy Scott for making him feel like he’s home. He talks about being a Southern Boy and mentions that he’s seen a lot of pretty women since joining SMW. Smothers also wants a shot at the SMW Heavyweight title.

The Dixie Dynamite vs. Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels attacks The Dixie Dynamite before the bell rings. He controls the early portion of the match. Daniels slams Dynamite into the turnbuckles. He follows with a body slam and then misses an elbow drop. The Dixie Dynamite gets in several punches on Daniels and catches him with a dropkick. He slams Daniels head-first into the corner turnbuckles. He whips Daniels into the ropes and then catches him with a superkick for the pin.

WINNER: The Dixie Dynamite

The Nightstalker attacks The Dixie Dynamite after the match. He also attacks Daniels before going after Dynamite again. A couple of other guys run in to stop The Nightstalker and he beats on them. Tracy Smothers and Tim Horner come in and double clothesline The Nightstalker out of the ring.

“Down & Dirty with Dutch” featuring guest “Nitro” Danny Davis. Dutch Mantell asks Danny Davis how long it will take him to learn not to stick his nose in Paul Orndorff’s business. Davis said he didn’t stick his nose in anyone’s business but was watching Ronnie Garvin’s back. Mantell wants to know how long he’ll be wearing a neck brace and Davis said that only he and his doctor know.

Paul Orndorff shows up and interrupts the interview. He tells Davis that he’s world famous and that Davis looks like his head is coming thru a toilet (wearing the neckbrace). LOL! Davis asks Orndorff if he has any feelings for injuring him and Orndorff doesn’t and tells Davis if he can’t handle it, leave. Orndorff knocks Davis down. Davis removes his neckbrace and jumps on Orndorff! He uses the neckbrace to choke Orndorff. Orndorff knocks him off and attacks Davis. He sets Davis up for the piledriver but Ronnie Garvin makes the save!

Recap of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Heavenly Bodies feud.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs. Robbie Eagle & Reno Riggins

Dr. Tom Prichard and Reno Riggins starts the match. Fast action to start off. Riggins with a roll-up for a near fall on Prichard. Some hiptosses by Riggins until he’s stopped by Prichard. Prichard tags in Lane and he attacks Riggins left leg. Prichard back in and he continues to attack Riggins left leg. Leg dropped across Prichard’s leg and he quickly tags in Lane. Lane with a leglock on Riggins and he gets back up and tags in Prichard.

Prichard slams Riggins but misses an elbow drop. Eagle tags in and he catches both Prichard and Lane with dropkicks. He then gets caught by the Bodies and knocked down to the mat. They whip Eagle into the ropes and backdrop him. Riggins comes in and they slam him down. Prichard lands an elbow on him. The Bodies cover both their opponents in pins and win the match easily.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Bob Caudle interviews Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies about the barbed-wire tag match against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Cornette says he’ll have Killer Kyle with him. He talks about almost breaking both members of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and beating on Garvin as well. Prichard vows that there will be blood in Knoxville. Lane tells the Express that they are going to slice and dice them in the barbed wire cage match.

They show a Rock ‘n’ Roll Express music video with highlights from some of their SMW matches.

The Dirty White Boy ©(w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. Ronnie Garvin for the SMW Heavyweight Title

Ronnie Garvin gets The Dirty White Boy on the ropes but breaks cleanly. He takes The DWB down with a side headlock. Tim Horner joins Caudle and Mantell on commentary. Garvin stomps on The DWB’s mid-section and then tries to flip him over into a Boston Crab but DWB holds onto the bottom rope to break the hold.

The Dirty White Boy heads to the outside to talk to Mr. Wright. He gets back in the ring and gets Garvin in a headlock. He punches Garvin. Garvin lays in a hard chop across DWB’s chest and he calls for a time out. The DWB and Garvin exchange chops in the corner. Side headlock by the Dirty White Boy on Garvin. He rakes Garvin’s eyes and follows with some elbows and punches. Garvin counters with some punches of his own.

Garvin chokes DWB on the bottom turnbuckle. DWB gets in a few punches. They exchange some hard chops with Garvin getting the edge. The Dirty White Boy gets in some more punches on Garvin and knocks him down to the mat. He drops a knee on Garvin and gets a two-count. Garvin and DWB exchange headbutts. He kicks DWB in the mid-section. DWB counters with a shoulder block but Garvin keeps the edge. They bump into each other off the ropes and knock each other down.

Mr. Ron Wright tries to hand The Dirty White Boy a weapon out of his shirt pocket. Tim Horner heads over there to stop him. Referee gets distracted. Ronnie Garvin punches The Dirty White Boy and covers him for the pin. Referee is distracted. Paul Orndorff shows up and tosses a chain into the ring near Garvin. Referee starts the count but stops at two as he finds the chain. Referee raises the hand of the Dirty White Boy. Another referee shows up and the two referees discuss what happened.

WINNER: Ronnie Garvin via DQ.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promo for upcoming shows including one in Barbourville.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong declares Ronnie Garvin the winner over The Dirty White Boy. He can’t award Garvin the title though due to how it finished.

The Stud Stable interrupt Bob Armstrong and talk about how they’ve beaten the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Fantastics. They’ve beaten everyone except The Heavenly Bodies. Armstrong then tells them that he’ll given them a tag team title match against The Heavenly Bodies and if they show up next week, he’ll let them know when.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. They kept storylines progressing and heading to Thanksgiving Thunder. The first couple of matches were pretty short. Thought the best part of the show was the “Down & Dirty with Dutch” segment with Danny Davis and Paul Orndorff with Orndorff attacking Davis.


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