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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 6/5/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 6/5/1982

Taped 6/2/1982 at WPCQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 6/5/1982.

Bob Caudle welcomes us to the show and talks about great tag team wrestling during this week’s episode. He gets interrupted by Jimmy Valiant who comes out and announces that he just bought out Johnny Weaver’s contract to wrestle in the upcoming tag match. Valiant mentions all he needs is 15-20 seconds and then charges into the ring and chases the heels out of the ring. They go to break as Valiant dances around while Johnny Weaver looks a bit confused with what’s going on.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & Mike Rotundo vs. “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff & Steve Sybert

Back from the commercial break and Ivan Koloff is standing outside the ring. Valiant and Sybert are in the ring and Johnny Weaver joins Bob Caudle on commentary. Jimmy attacks Sybert and takes him down trying to force Steve to tag in Koloff. Rotundo gets tagged in and catches Sybert with a dropkick. Wristlock by Rotundo. He attacks Sybert’s left arm and then tags in Valiant who knocks Sybert down and gets him with a nerve hold.

Valiant tosses Sybert into Koloff’s corner and he moves out of the way. Valiant tags Rotundo back in and elbows him. Sybert tries to tag Koloff and knocks Rotundo into the turnbuckles and finally Koloff tags in. Ivan Koloff stomps on Rotundo. He whips Rotundo into the ropes and kicks him. Koloff tags Sybert back in and they continue to beat on Rotundo. Sybert slams Rotundo and kneedrops him a few times for a near fall.

Double-team attack by Sybert and Koloff on Rotundo. Valiant tries to make the save but referee stops him. Koloff chokes Rotundo in the corner. Sybert pounds away on Rotundo and tags Koloff. Another big boot by Koloff on Rotundo. Koloff backdrops Rotundo but misses TWO elbow drops on him. Rotundo tags in Valiant.

Valiant and Koloff go at it for a few seconds before Ivan tags in Steve Sybert and heads out of the ring and out of the studio! Sybert gets knocked around by Valiant. Rotundo tags in and catches Sybert with a dropkick. He whips Sybert into the ropes and catches him with an airplane spin for the pin.

WINNERS: Jimmy Valiant & Mike Rotundo

Jimmy Valiant joins Bob Caudle and he screams about how Ivan Koloff always runs away and asks that there be a way to get him in a match where Koloff can’t run away.

Jack Brisco & Paul “Number One” Jones vs. “Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie & David Patterson

Jack Brisco and David Patterson start the match. Brisco with a series of armdrags on Patterson. Jones comes in and continues the attack on Patterson. Patterson whips Jones into the ropes but Jones catches him with a cross body block. Jones tags in Brisco.

Fireman’s carry takedown by Brisco. Patterson punches Brisco and tags in Fergie. Fergie gets caught in a Fireman’s carry takedown and Jones tags in. Jones with a wristlock on Fergie. Jones gets caught in an armdrag but Jones kicks him off and catches with an armdrag of his own and quickly tags Brisco back in. Quick tags from Jones and Brisco. Brisco misses a dropkick at Fergie. Patterson with an elbow across Brisco’s back as he gets in the ring. Bear hug by Patterson.

Jack Brisco stretches out to try to tag Paul Jones but Patterson keeps him in a bear hug. Brisco escapes after a hip toss and tags in Paul Jones. Fergie also tags. Jones misses a dropkick and Fergie lands an elbow. Fergie with a chinlock and right as Jones tries to escape, he tags in Patterson. Big forearm from Jones knocks Patterson down. Patterson keeps control of the match and tags in Fergie. Big kneedrop by Fergie gets him a two-count on Jones.

Paul Jones knocks Fergie down and tags in Brisco. Double-armed suplex by Brisco. Football tackles by Jones. He follows with the Indian Deathlock for the submission win. Jack Brisco keeps Patterson from making the save. Fast paced tag match.

WINNERS: Jack Brisco & Paul Jones

Pvt. Kernoodle and Pvt. Nelson join Bob Caudle to talk about their tag title match later on the show. Kernoodle says they are former but that will change very soon. He tells Caudle about how when they were kids everyone had that temptation to steal which Caudle disagrees with but Kernoodle says that is exactly what Parsons and Cash did to them. He says there was no way they could have beaten them for the belts and vows to do nothing else until they win back those belts.

Pvt. Nelson called it a conspiracy between Sandy Scott and the NWA that cost them their tag team titles. He said he wrestled twice that night and says there is a conspiracy against them and Sgt. Slaughter. He vows to start hurting people tonight.

Kernoodle said they promised Sgt. Slaughter they would win back those titles.

“King Kong” Angelo Mosca & Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Samoans (Tapu & Tio)

King Kong Mosca starts off the match against one of the Samoans. Mosca roughs up the Samoan to start the match. Johnny Weaver doesn’t know who the Samoans are so he just decides to refer to them as Samoan #1 & #2. Sgt. Slaughter tags in and he continues to beat on the Samoan. He slams him down onto the mat and continues to beat on his back with some forearms.

Mosca tags back in and allows for the Samoans to tag. The second Samoan comes in and Mosca gets him in a front facelock. Samoan #2 tries to break out of the hold but Slaughter tags in and continues the attack with some heavy blows to the back. He slams the Samoan #2 into the turnbuckles. Samoan #2 tries to fight back but Slaughter knocks him down again. He whips Samoan #2 into the ropes and gets him with an elbow.

Samoan #2 tags in #1 and he headbutts Slaughter. Samoan #1 goes after Mosca instead of continuing his attack on Slaughter. Big mistake as Slaughter recovers and catches him with a standing dropkicks. Samoan #2 tags back in. Slaughter tags in Mosca and he continues to beat on Samoan #2. Another elbow at Samoan #2. Mosca roughs him up with some knees and punches and tags in Slaughter.

Sgt. Slaughter body slams Samoan #2. He punches Samoan #2 again and follows with an elbow. Some more forearms across the Samoan’s back. Samoan #2 fights back briefly but Slaughter catches him with a belly-to-back suplex. Slaughter whips Samoan #2 into the ropes and Mosca catches him with an elbow across the head for the pin.

WINNERS: Angelo Mosca & Sgt. Slaughter

Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle and says they want him off TV and starts to rant about wanting a Mid-Atlantic title match against Jack Brisco right now. He says all he needs is 10 seconds.

Angelo Mosca and The Ninja join Bob Caudle. He yells at Paul Jones for sticking his nose in his business and wants him to stop telling the fans to call him “Ding Dong Angelo Mosca”. LOL!

Ivan Koloff joins Bob Caudle who asks Ivan why he ran away from Jimmy Valiant. He says Valiant is crazy and he signed a contract to wrestle Weaver and Rotundo and doesn’t feel it was right for Valiant to change that. He wonders how Valiant will do in a chain match.

Sgt. Slaughter says fans cheered him when he was U.S. Champion and says now that he’s not champion the fans call him “Gomer” and he doesn’t like it. Slaughter tells Wahoo McDaniel that when he’s done with him they will be playing “TAPS” for him.

King Parsons & Pork Chop Cash vs. Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles

Pvt. Kernoodle and King Parsons start the match. Kernoodle gets in a few forearms across Parsons chest and tosses him into Nelson. Parsons is able to reverse a whip into Nelson and sends Kernoodle into Nelson. Kernoodle tags in Nelson.

Pvt. Nelson misses an elbow and gets caught with some armdrags by Parsons. Kernoodle runs in and he gets caught in some armdrags as well. Side headlock by Parsons and he tags in Pork Chop Cash. Cash whips Nelson into the ropes and gets in a punch at Nelson. Nelson tags Kernoodle. Cash whips Kernoodle into the ropes and catches him with a jumping high hip attack. He slams Kernoodle and lands a knee on him. Cash and Parsons take turns punching Kernoodle.

Cash tags in Parsons who catches Kernoodle with a dropkick. Backdrop off the ropes by Parsons and another near fall by Parsons on Kernoodle. Wristlock by Parsons. Kernoodle drives Parsons into Nelson’s knee in the corner. The Privates double-team Parsons in the rcorner.

Kernoodle tags back in and lands an elbow for a near fall on Parsons. Nelson tags back in and gets in some elbows on Parsons. Quick tags by the Privates as Kernoodle gets back in and rips at Parson’s eyes. He tosses Parsons into the ropes and follows with a neckbreaker. Nelson back in and a double elbow by the Privates. Chinlock by Nelson on Parsons.

King Parsons fights his way out of Nelson’s grasp and tags in Cash. Pork Chop Cash with another hip attack on Nelson. He goes against both Privates. Nelson catches Cash with a knee and Kernoodle back in and double-thrust chop knocks Cash to the mat. Sgt. Slaughter comes out and joins Bob Caudle on commentary. Kernoodle drops head first into the top rope.

Kernoodle whips Cash into the ropes and catches him with a double thrust chop for a two count. Nelson back in and he elbows Cash. Chinlock on Cash. Sgt. Slaughter praises his privates and says in a few more weeks they are going to be unbeatable. Kneedrop by Nelson. Cash tries to punch his way out of the Privates corner. Kernoodle catches Cash with a dropkick and gets a two-count.

Cash punches at Kernoodle. Kernoodle knocks down Cash and Nelson comes back in and stomps on him. Reverse chinlock by Nelson. Belly-to-back suplex by Nelson for another two count on Cash. Backbreaker on Cash and again he kicks out of a pin attempt. Body slam by Nelson and another kickout by Cash. Cash surprises Nelson with a roll-up and gets the pin as Parsons knocks Kernoodle out of the way. The champs retain the titles!

WINNERS: King Parsons & Pork Chop Cash

Kelly Kiniski, Mike Rotundo and Terry Gibbs join Bob Caudle for interviews. Rotundo said teaming with Jimmy Valiant was an inspiration and said how the match turned out was fantastic and said Koloff was afraid of getting in the ring with Valiant. Caudle asks Terry Gibbs about facing tough competition and says he’s prepared for it. Kelly Kiniski agrees with Gibbs and says he has been in the ring with Angelo Mosca and Sgt. Slaughter and both men are tough.

Don Muraco joins Bob Caudle and says six months ago Wahoo McDaniel went to Hawaii looking for King Curtis. He guesses Wahoo wanted free tickets to the Don Ho show because he was broke again. Caudle asks Don Muraco to stay for commentary as Wahoo McDaniel’s match is coming up next.

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Juan Reynosa

Don Muraco continues to tell his story and says he won’t interfere in the match so Wahoo doesn’t have to look over his shoulder. He says Wahoo was looking for a friend of Muraco’s because he guesses McDaniel was broke again. His friend told McDaniel that the Magnificent Muraco was back in town after setting records throughout the Northern East Coast. He said “the Indian” got his address and asked him to team up with him in the world tag team title tournament. Muraco said he agreed and packed his bags and brought along his pregnant wife. He says he came to the lousy part of the country and says McDaniel likes shiny things and went after the U.S. belt.

Muraco mentions that last week McDaniel disappeared during their tag match and left him alone to chase Sgt. Slaughter. Muraco said he’s upset because now McDaniel’s chasing after Slaughter and he’s now on the card in “and others” section of the show. He says he didn’t come here to be a superstar because he is already one. Caudle asks Muraco if he’s upset because he believes Wahoo let him down. Muraco said he didn’t let him down but lied to him. He again says McDaniel likes “shiny things”, “pretty things” and money. Muraco said there was $25,000 to win the Western division of the tag team tournament and $50,000 to win the finals. He can’t trust McDaniel because he might decide to do something else. Muraco runs down teams that he could have been left in the ring against if Wahoo left him alone.

Muraco screams “Don’t call me Don” at Bob Caudle and tells him to call him The Magnificent Muraco.

Wahoo McDaniel beats on Juan Reynosa. He takes him down with a leglock. Hard chop across the top of Reynosa’s head. He whips Reynosa into the ropes and catches him with another chop. Suplex followed by a chop on Reynosa for the pin. Wahoo gets an easy win as Jack Brisco and Paul Jones show up ringside.

WINNER: Wahoo McDaniel

Paul Jones, Jack Brisco and Wahoo McDaniel join Bob Caudle. Jones talks about how he enjoys teaming with Jack Brisco. He also says that he’s been traveling to much and spreading himself to thin and wants to focus more wrestling in Mid-Atlantic.

Jack Brisco holds up the Mid-Atlantic title and says he’s willing to put the title up against Piper any time and any place. He vows to get Piper in the figure-four leglock.

Bob Caudle tells Wahoo McDaniel that Don Muraco is upset with him. Wahoo said he had no idea about winning the U.S. Title. He had to add more commitments and said he’s seen Don Muraco wrestling elsewhere and has no problem with him trying to make more money. He plans on defending the U.S. Title and said that if Muraco doesn’t like that, it’s his problem. Wahoo said last week was a misunderstanding and he said after Muraco left that commitment has been broken. He mentions having beaten Sgt. Slaughter three times already.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with best match on the show being the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team title match. Show had four tag team matches. Thought the Jack Brisco & Paul Jones tag team match was pretty good as well. Hot start to the show with Jimmy Valiant coming out and replacing Johnny Weaver in the tag match to get Ivan Koloff. Don Muraco giving his reason why he felt Wahoo McDaniel lied to him was pretty great. Piper showed up for a few seconds and had a great promo as well.


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