Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #13

Les Kellett vs. “Sailor” Tug Holton

Taped 2/22/1975, Gravesend

Match was scheduled for 6 rounds with the winner being decided by 2 pinfalls, 2 submissions or a knockout. Referee gives them both the rules which leads to Kellet telling him to tell Holton again. Holton refuses to shake Kellett’s hand.

Round one starts with Holton grabbing hold of Kellett in a side headlock. Kellett breaks out and gets him in a hammerlock but has to break cleanly due to reaching the ropes. Holton with an armlock on Kellett. They get on the ropes and breaks the hold again. They tease shaking hands which gets a few laughs. Kellett with a leg takedown into a leglock.

Kellett has Holton in a toe hold and stomps on the mat a couple of times and when he goes to do that again, he accidentally stomps on the referee’s foot. Referee yells and grabs hold of his foot. He gives Kellett a warning. Kellett slaps Holton. Holton counters with an uppercut. Snapmare by Holton. Kellett grabs hold of Holton by the hands and twists his arms behind his back. Holton shoves him off.

The referee and Kellett start arguing again and the fans laugh as Kellett tries to demonstrate what happened by using the referee. Back hammer by Holton. He stomps on Kellett. Holton tries to grab him by the shoulders but Kellett counters with an elbow. He threatens to punch Holton but the referee tells him not to. Another elbow by Holton and he again takes down Kellett. Bell rings ending the first round but as the bell rings, Kellett with a single leg takedown knocks Holton to the mat. Referee tells Kellett to stop and they continue to argue.

Tug Holton starts round two strong and gets in some elbows across Kellett’s back. Referee gives Holton a public warning. Holton hits the ropes but Kellett moves out of the way. Holton stops and is able to get Kellett in a pinning predicament and gets the round two win.

Third round starts with Kellett roughing up Holton and pulling him around by the hair. The referee gives Kellett a public warning. Holton charges at him and knocks him down. Fans boo Holton. Uppercuts by Holton until he misses a third attempt. Kellett pulls Holton by the ears and moves his head around to the fans delight. Kellett punches Holton a couple of times.

Holton grabs Kellett in a hammerlock. Kellett tries to pick him up for a slam and after a few attempts he does so! Kellett acts like he’s trying to help Holton up but as he picks him up, he’s standing on Holton’s hand. Referee warns Kellett who acts like he had no idea what was going on. They criss-cross each other hitting the ropes. Kellett offers to shake Holton’s hand but instead trips him up and covers Holton for the pin. Kellett ties it up 1-1.

Round four starts with Holton going for a submission hold on Kellett’s neck. They reach the ropes and Holton refuses to break the hold. Referee breaks it up. Side headlock by Kellett. He punches Holton’s head a few times. Kellett stomps on Holton’s face a few times. He slaps Holton as the referee tells Kellett to stop doing something. Holton gets in a few more cheap shots and gets a second public warning.

Kellett chases after Holton in the ring. He knocks Holton down and places him again in a pin and gets the win 2-1 in Round 4.

WINNER: Les Kellett (2-1)

They introduce all four competitors in the Lightweight Tournament. Each of the matches will be one round, 10-minute time limit with 1 fall or 1 submission determining the winner. If there is a draw the referee will determine the winner.

Johnny Saint vs. Jackie Robinson (Lightweight tournament)

Taped 1/31/1981, Wolverhampton

Johnny Saint with a wristlock to start the match and Robinson spends some times trying to break the hold. Some quick counter moves with a few near falls. Some cool spots as Saint gets Robinson in a monkey flip, goes for a pin, but Robinson escapes with a headscissors. Saint lands standing up as he escapes the headscissors. Another headscissors by Robinson and again Saint escapes and counters with a Boston Crab. Robinson breaks out and they take turns trying to get the other in a pin.

Saint gets Robinson in a hammerlock and takes him back down to the mat. Some great wrestling. He keeps the back hammer on Robinson so Robinson attempts to escape by sending Saint at the ropes which sends Saint to the outside. Saint returns to the ring and gets Robinson down and goes for a leglock but Robinson kicks him off and again sends Saint to the outside. Saint jumps back into the ring and Robinson whips him into the ropes and goes for the pin. Saint rolls himself into a ball and Robinson can’t figure out what to do. Saint knocks him down.

Johnny Saint kicks Robinson into the ropes and goes for a press but can’t pull it off. He rolls up into a ball again and Robinson again can’t figure out what to do. Saint then knocks Robinson down. He gets Robinson with a folding press pin and gets the win. Fun match.

WINNER: Johnny Saint

Bobby Ryan vs. Steve Grey (Lightweight tournament)

Taped 1/31/1981, Wolverhampton

Bobby Ryan gets Steve Grey in a wristlock but Grey uses some moves to break out. Grey uses his speed as a counter to every move Ryan tries to get him in. Ryan catches Grey with a dropkick off the ropes. Grey whips Ryan into the ropes but Ryan goes for a pin on Grey. Grey kicks out. Double arm stretch by Ryan and Grey again breaks out of the hold. Ryan whips Grey around by the arm.

Flying tackle by Ryan gets him a two-count on Grey. Side headlock by Ryan. Grey breaks out by walking out on his arms. Nerve hold by Ryan across Grey’s shoulders. He goes for a pin as he places Grey on the mat. Body slam by Ryan and again he goes for the pin but Grey kicks out. Grey gets Ryan in a wristlock and Ryan catches him with a hard-hitting enziguiri!

Ryan runs off the ropes and Grey catches him with a dropkick. Fast-paced action and both go for pins. Grey reverses and gets Ryan in a pin for the win in under 3 minutes!

WINNER: Steve Grey

Johnny Saint vs. Steve Grey (Lightweight tournament final)

Taped 1/31/1981, Wolverhampton

Quick takedown by Saint on Grey. Grey knocks Saint down but Saint recovers and reverses it into a pin attempt. Side headlock by Saint. Grey again breaks out by doing a hand stand but Saint gets him in another side headlock. Grey whips him into the ropes and Saint quickly gets him again in a side headlock. Some more quick work by both and again Saint gets Grey in a side headlock.

Grey picks up Saint on his shoulders and sends him into the ropes but again Saint uses his speed to surprise Grey with yet another side headlock. Grey tries to break out of the hold by turning and trying to throw Saint off his shoulders. He does it 4-5 times and finally knocks Saint off and gets him with a wristlock. Saint quickly back up to his feet and escapes.

Grey whips Saint into the ropes and Grey ducks a body press by Saint. Some pin reversals. Quick counters with Saint almost getting the pin on Grey. Fast-paced match. Grey with a hammerlock takedown on Saint slows the match down a bit. Grey whips Saint into the ropes and Saint escapes and some quick moves by Saint. He goes for the pin on Grey but he kicks out. Saint goes for La Cavernaria but that’s quickly reversed by Grey.

Saint takes Grey down to the mat and then picks him up and whips him into the corner. Grey reverses and catches Saint with a dropkick. They hit the ropes and Saint goes for the pin. Grey kicks out. They both lay with their shoulders on the mat and the ref counts the pin but both lift their shoulders up on time. Crowd applauds.

Leg takedown by Saint. He goes for La Tapatia on Grey but Grey lands on the ropes and they have to break the hold. Grey tosses Saint across the ring. Hammerlock by Grey on Saint. He whips Saint into the ropes but Saint with a surprise pin attempt on Grey. Grey kicks out. Full nelson by Saint. He then switches over by going for a double-arm stretch on Grey.

Side headlock by Saint with two minutes to go in the match. Grey whips him into the ropes and again more near fall are quickly done and escaped. Saint misses a dropkick at Grey. Grey picks him up and slams him and goes for the pin. Saint kicks out. Grey catches Saint with a dropkick with one minute two go.

Johnny Saint whips Grey into the ropes but Grey counters and ends up rolling up Saint for a pin. Saint is near the ropes so Grey has to break the pin. Saint slams Grey and goes for the pin but Grey kicks out. Uppercut by Grey. Grey goes for a pin but Saint escapes. Both men continue as the bell rings to end the match with neither man getting the pin. Referee has to decide the winner. Great match!

Referee Jeff Kaye awards the silver medal to Johnny Saint and declares the gold medal winner Steve Grey.

WINNER: Steve Grey

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode. The Johnny Saint vs. Steve Grey tournament final was excellent. The two other tournament matches were very good, short matches as well. All the tournament matches were fast-paced and I think you’d have to watch them because some of the action was rather difficult to describe because of how fast they were wrestling. The Kellett vs. Holton match was fun with Kellett providing his usual fun comedy brand of wrestling matches.


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