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Memphis Wrestling 2/23/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 2/23/1980

Taped 2/23/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Aired on 2/23/1980.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

Ali Hassan & Paul Ellering (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Bobby Lyons & Steve Regal

Paul Ellering and Ali Hassan are the new AWA Southern Tag Team Champions. Ellering poses with the belt on. Hassan and Regal start the match. Regal gets backed into the ropes and Hassan tries to punch him but Regal moves out of the way. Hassan gets Regal in a side headlock and tags in Ellering. Ellering gets in a shot on Regal but misses a second and Regal hiptosses him out of the corner and tags in Bobby Lyons.

Bobby Lyons with some armdrags on Ellering after Paul and Hart made fun of him. Ellering claims Lyons pulled him by the hair. Wristlock by Lyons and he tags in Regal who lands an elbow across Ellering’s arm and then takes him down. Hassan tries to interfere but Lyons helps Regal out. Ellering picks up Regal for a slam and covers Regal for the pin but he kicks out.

Hassan gets tagged in but Regal’s ready and catches him with a forearm and gets him in a side headlock. Hassan whips Regal into the ropes but Regal continues and catches him with a dropkick. Regal gets Hassan back in a side headlock. Hassan tries to roll Regal up for a pin attempt but Regal rolls right back. Headscissors escape by Hassan and he applies pressure on Regal. Regal escapes and gets Hassan back in a headlock.

Ali Hassan breaks out of the headlock and stomps on Regal. He tags in Ellering who gets Regal with a knee lift and follows with a body slam. Ellering misses an elbow and Regal tags in Lyons. Lyons is too close to the heels corner and they double-team Lyons. Ellering whips Lyons into the ropes and Hassan catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Hassan beats on Lyons. He lands a legdrop on Lyons and gets a near fall. Lyons recovers and is able to tag in Regal.

Regal knocks Hassan down to the mat but Hassan tags in Ellering. Ellering whips Regal into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He whips Regal into the ropes again but Regal knocks him down. Regal with a body slam for a two-count but Ellering tosses him off. Ellering sends Regal into the corner and then tags in Hassan. Hassan continues the attack on Regal by sending him head first into the top turnbuckle. Regal reverses an attempt and then whips Hassan into the ropes and backdrops him.

All four men get in the ring for a few seconds before order is restored. Regal tags in Lyons who continues to beat on Hassan. Hassan gets in a punch at Lyons and tags in Ellering. Ellering punches Lyons and goes for the pin but Lyons kicks out. Lyons whips Ellering into the ropes and punches him. Ellering and Lyons slug it out with some punches followed by an Ellering knee lift. Lyons tags in Regal who comes in on fire and takes down both Ellering and Hassan. Regal tags Lyons back in and he misses a punch. Ellering can’t get a roll-up properly but he’s able to slam Lyons a couple of times. Ellering gets Lyons with an atomic drop for the pin. Sloppy finishing sequence.

WINNERS: Ali Hassan & Paul Ellering

Jimmy Hart yells out “The People’s Champions” as the team leaves.

Some promos for Louisville Gardens upcoming show. Bill Dundee talks about his coal miner’s glove match against Sonny King. Ken Lucas talks about a six-man tag match with him teaming with Valiant and Robinson against Ellering, Hassan & Hart. Jimmy Valiant says he loves six-man tags and loves six-women and names other things he loves about the number 6.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & Ken Lucas vs. David Oswald & Dennis Upton

Jimmy Valiant shows up wearing a crown and cuts a promo before entering the ring and even does the introduction for “Kenneth Lucas”. David Oswald and Ken Lucas start the match and Lucas quickly takes down Oswald. He slams Oswald and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a punch to the mid-section. Side headlock by Lucas. Valiant talks to the referee while Lucas continues to beat on Oswald.

Valiant tags in and knocks Oswald down. He hiptosses Oswald and lets him tag in Upton. Valiant whips Upton into the ropes and backdrops him. He slams Upton and tags Lucas back in. Valiant whips Upton into the ropes and Lucas catches him with a punch. Lucas continues to beat on Upton. Valiant tags back in and knocks Oswald off the ring apron before going and slamming Upton. He tags Lucas back in and he elbows Upton. Kneedrop by Lucas across his jaw and covers him for the pin. Quick match.

WINNERS: Jimmy Valiant & Ken Lucas

Valiant tosses Upton out of the ring after the match.

They show highlights of Ali Hassan and Paul Ellering beating Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas for the AWA Southern Tag Team Titles at the Louisville Gardens. They join the match in progress at the 15-minute mark. Ellering is beating on Lucas. He tags in Hassan who continues the attack on Lucas. Hassan goes for the pin but Robinson makes the save. Ellering interferes. Lucas and Hassan go back and forth with some punches until Hassan gets the upper hand. He goes for the pin and again Billy Robinson breaks it up.

Hassan tags in Ellering but Lucas starts to fire up and makes a comeback against him. Hassan and Robinson both get in the ring as well. Jimmy Hart runs in and hits Robinson with a cane. Robinson tosses Hart. Hassan throws a fireball at Robinson. Lucas goes for a sleeper on Ellering. Hassan tries to interfere again but the referee knocks him down and is distracted trying to get him out of the ring. Jimmy Hart runs back in the ring and hits Lucas with a cane. He leaves the ring. Ellering covers Lucas for the pin to win the tag team titles!

After winning the titles, Hart, Ellering and Hussein continued to beat on Lucas until Jimmy Valiant made the save.

Lance Russell runs down the upcoming Louisville Gardens card.

Rick Morton vs. Buddy Wayne

Rick Morton with an armbar but Buddy Wayne pulls his hair to reverse it. Morton takes Wayne down with an armbar and reverses it into a hammerlock. A near fall by Morton as they move around quickly on the mat. Wayne grabs hold of Morton’s arm and takes him down and into a headscissors. Morton escapes.

Buddy Wayne with a leg takedown on Morton. Morton escapes and gets Wayne in a front facelock. Some reversals by both until they’re near the ropes and forced to break. Side headlock by Morton. Wayne pulls the trunks in trying to pin Morton but Morton escapes and keeps the headlock on him. He struggles to break out of Morton’s headlock. Wayne tosses Morton into the turnbuckles. He starts kicking at Morton and whips him into the ropes to get him with a knee at the stomach. Wayne whips Morton again into the ropes but Morton leapfrogs Wayne and then catches him with a Thesz Press for the pin.

WINNER: Rick Morton

“Superstar” Bill Dundee, Rick Gibson & Robert Gibson vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz, Dennis Condrey & Sonny King

Bill Dundee and Dennis Condrey start the match. Condrey misses an elbow in the corner and Dundee struts for a bit. Condrey takes Dundee down and drops a knee. Dundee quickly escapes and gets Condrey in a headlock and tags in Robert Gibson. Robert grabs hold of Condrey in a headlock. Condrey whips Robert into the ropes but Robert knocks him down. Condrey tags in Schultz.

Robert Gibson takes down Schultz. He goes for a pin attempt on Schultz but Dr. D escapes and Robert tags in Rick Gibson. Rick Gibson gets Schultz in a headlock. Schultz with a backdrop off the ropes on Rick and he tags in Sonny King. King with a punch at Rick’s mid-section. Reverse facelock by Sonny King. Sonny bends Rick over his knee while having him in that hold as well. Rick powers out of the hold but Condrey pulls him by the hair to keep Sonny King’s advantage.

Dennis Condrey chokes Rick Gibson. Everyone gets involved with the referee keeping people out of the ring while Condrey and Schultz double-team Rick Gibson. Schultz can’t keep Rick down and he tags in Bill Dundee. Dundee with a flying shoulder knocks Schultz down. Schultz tags in Sonny King.

Sonny King and Bill Dundee brawl exchanges punches and King catches him with a headbutt. Condrey tags in and lands a knee on Dundee. Snapmare followed by a knee on Dundee. Schultz tags in and drops an elbow on Dundee. He follows with a suplex for a near fall but Dundee kicks out. King tags back in and he punches Dundee. He kicks and stomps Dundee before getting him in a reverse chinlock.

King and Dundee fire off at each other. Dundee lands an elbow on King and knocks him down but he’s able to tag in Schultz. Dundee keeps fighting back and tags in Rick Gibson who lands a dropkick on Dr. D. Schultz whips Rick Gibson into the ropes and they both knock each other down. Rick grabs hold of his knee while Schultz tags in Condrey. Dundee gets in the ring and punches Schultz. Condrey goes for a pin on Rick but Rick kicks out. Sonny King tags in and he twists Rick’s head.

Sonny King keeps going after Bill Dundee. Schultz elbows Rick Gibson. Robert Gibson and Dennis Condrey get in the ring and Robert goes for a sunset flip out of the corner and gets the pin on Condrey to win the match.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee, Rick Gibson & Robert Gibson

Jimmy Hart, Paul Ellering and Ali Hassan promo for their upcoming six-man tag match at the Louisville Gardens show. Hart says he’s not a wrestler and doesn’t know why they keep trying to get him in the ring when he’s a manager. However, Hart says this time around they are going to see him fight. Ellering talks about it being his birthday and he’s going to celebrate by beating the three little pigs, “Ken Mucous” pig, “The Disco Duck” pig, and “Spaghetti Arms” pig.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. The six-man tag match was good. Very cool seeing an early match that featured Robert Gibson and Dennis Condrey. A couple of short matches in between. The Ellering/Hassan tag match was okay and was slightly better than I expected with the lesser known Bobby Lyons actually holding his own in that match. I was expecting a drop-off from Regal to Lyons in the match and was pleasantly surprised the match continued at about the same level.


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