Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling June 1982

Taped June 1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

GCW TV June 5, 1982

Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie for a promo about Roddy Piper trying to run him out and him surviving. Rich says that he’s going to call Piper “Old Yeller” and mentions that Piper has brought in Dr. X as a bounty hunter to go after him. He says Piper has to wrestle him or Dusty Rhodes when he signs a contract and can’t be replaced by Dr. X.

Roddy Piper and Dr. X join Gordon Solie. He mocks Tommy Rich and says he has put $5,000 on Dusty Rhodes head. He says if he doesn’t want to wrestle, he isn’t going to wrestle. He then tells Solie that Dr. X is going to wrestle this next match he was suppose to be in as his replacement.

Dr. X vs. Allen Tupperello

Roddy Piper remains ringside for the match. Dr. X quickly attacks Tupperello. He drops him across his knee. He then follows by dropping Tupperello across the top rope. Follows that up with a suplex and a legdrop. Piper raves about Dr. X and placing bounties on both Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Rich. He repeats that Dr. X will be replacing him in all his matches coming up.

Dr. X slingshots Tupperello with the bottom rope. He follows with more punches at Tupperello. Piper yells out that he’s going to start tossing $100 dollar bills into the ring. Dr. X continues his attack and gets him with a Russian legsweep but refuses to pin Tupperello. Snapmare by Dr. X. Piper hands $100 to Dr. X and tells him to put it in his trunks. Piledriver by Dr. X gets him the pin on Tupperello.


Roddy Piper joins Gordon Solie and is laughing when Jerry Brisco shows up. Piper asks Brisco if he wants another broken leg. Brisco tells him to be quiet. He tells Piper as the GCW Vice President, he tells Piper that he must wrestle his matches against Rhodes, Rich or anyone else he’s signed to wrestle against. Piper throws a fit. Brisco repeats that anywhere Piper signs a contract to wrestle against, Piper must wrestle that match and cannot be replaced with Dr. X or anyone else.

Buzz Sawyer joins Gordon Solie and wants to know were Kevin Sullivan is. He tells the fans that he’s at home resting up. Sawyer tells Michael Hayes that he better find himself a new partner because Sullivan won’t be around for a time.

Bob Armstrong talks about Big John Studd and Roddy Piper. He brings out something for Piper and reads it and it is the “Jack-Ass of the Month” award. LOL!

Paul Orndorff joins Gordon Solie and talks about Buzz Sawyer. He doesn’t know why Sawyer keeps talking trash about him when he doesn’t know him. You can hear Buzz Sawyer screaming at him from the ring. He tells Solie that he will sign a contract to wrestle Buzz Sawyer.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer” vs. Randy Barber

Big forearms across the chest of Barber thrown by Sawyer. The Mad Dog tosses Barber to the outside. He brings Barber back in with an over-the-shoulder backbreaker! Sawyer then slams him into the top turnbuckle. Follows that up with some mat work. Orndorff stays on commentary and isn’t pleased with how Sawyer is conducting himself in the ring.

Buzz Sawyer with some hard shots across Barber’s head and then slams him down onto the ring. He goes for a front facelock takedown on Barber. Sawyer rakes Barber’s eyes on the top rope. He continues to beat on Barber. Front facelock by Sawyer again. Body scissors by Sawyer and he rubs Barber’s face into the mat.

Sawyer continues to punish Barber. Vertical suplex by Sawyer. Orndorff praises Sawyer’s ability but knocks how he acts in the ring. Buzz slams Barber into the top turnbuckle. He whips Barber into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

Buzz Sawyer heads over to confront Paul Orndorff and insults him. He tells Orndorff that no man can kick out of the powerslam. Orndorff tells Sawyer that he knows Buzz had something to do with why Sullivan isn’t there right now and tells him, he’ll be there next week. Sawyer tells Orndorff that he’ll be there as well so they set up a match for next week.

Mr. Wrestling II has a match next. The Masked Superstar shows up and he heads over to the ring and attacks Mr. Wrestling II. The referee gets sent to the outside as The Masked Superstar continues his attack on Mr. Wrestling II. Wrestlers and the referees run in to make the save for Mr. Wrestling II. The Masked Superstar yells out that Mr. Wrestling II better pack his bags and get out of here.

Roddy Piper and Dr. returns and talks about how exciting it is in GCW right now. Piper tells Solie that Dr. X will wrestle someone right now since that last match was ended abruptly.

Dr. X vs. Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson ducks away from Dr. X to start the match. Side headlock by Mike Jackson and he holds onto it even as Dr. X tries to escape. Dr. X gets in a knee on Jackson. Mistimed leapfrog ends with Dr. X landing on Jackson. Dr. X goes to work and hits a middle rope chop. He slaps across Jackson’s head. He sling shots Jackson into the turnbuckles. Dr. X gets the pin on Jackson after a piledriver.


Gordon Solie announces that the Freebirds have reunited. Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy join him. Solie mentions that Kevin Sullivan has gone missing which Hayes says the reason he’s missing is because of Buzz Sawyer. Gordon mentions that Sullivan and Hayes were suppose to wrestle Sawyer & The Super Destroyer earlier in the show but Sullivan wasn’t there. Sawyer & Super Destroyer offered Hayes the chance to wrestle them 2 on 1. Hayes had a suprise for them.

Terry Gordy says that it had to be one of the happiest days in his life and said that he’s made many mistakes and this one was a big mistake but the Birds are back.

They replay what happened earlier in the show with Buzz Sawyer & The Super Destroyer waiting for Kevin Sullivan and Michael Hayes. Hayes shows up and tells Solie that Kevin Sullivan hasn’t shown up and he doesn’t know why. Sawyer yells out that no one cares about his excuses and tells him to get in the ring right now. Hayes says he’ll take on one of them in the ring but Sawyer wants him to take on both. He asks if they can send in a few guys for him to choose a partner from. Sullivan keeps screaming.

Michael Hayes removes his robe and asks them if they want him to get a partner. He leaves to go find a partner. He returns with Terry Gordy and all four men brawl in the ring! Freebirds backdrop Sawyer. Gordy then body slams Super Destroyer and Hayes hits a middle-rope elbow on him. Sawyer and Super Destroyer leave the ring. Crowd goes wild for the Freebirds!

Hayes then calls it the happiest moment of his life. He says Gordy helped him six weeks ago and offered his hand but Hayes refused at the time. He says that he’s not too proud now and he and Gordy shake hands! Gordy then says the Freebirds are back together again.

Hayes says he still doesn’t know what happened to Kevin Sullivan. He tells Gordy that they are back together to stay. Gordy says they were once National Tag Team Champions and the only reason they are not champs is because of themselves. Hayes asks that they show a film. It was a cage match with the Sheepherders & Jos LeDuc beating on Michael Hayes. Terry Gordy joins them and he doesn’t want to humiliate Hayes. Gordy gets shoved by one of the Sheepherders and Joe LeDuc and he beats on all of them.

Hayes warns everyone including Piper and says if anyone wants Gang Wars, The Freebirds are back now.

GCW TV June 12, 1982

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Match is joined in progress. Ole Anderson joins Solie and Piper on commentary. Quick takedowns by Orndorff early in the match. Orndorff goes for a slam but Sawyer grabs hold of the ropes to break the hold. Side headlock by Orndorff. Sawyer whips Orndorff into the ropes and body slams him. He misses a kneedrop on Orndorff and Paul gets him back in a side headlock.

Kevin Sullivan is shown ringside watching the match. Sawyer escapes the side headlock but Paul powers back up and gets Sawyer again in a side headlock. Piper insults Orndorff and keeps praising Sawyer. Sawyer whips Orndorff into the ropes and backdrops him but Paul is quickly back up and catches Sawyer with a dropkick that sends Buzz to the outside.

Sawyer gets back into the ring. Orndorff blocks a slam attempt and gets a near fall on Sawyer. Sawyer gets in a few forearms across the side of the head. Orndorff reverses a whip and backdrops Sawyer as time runs out.

WINNER: TV Time Runs Out

Paul Orndorff gets interviewed by Gordon Solie and they also show highlights of him playing college football.

Roddy Piper promo about Jerry Brisco and calls him “Mickey Mouse” and reminds him that he broke his leg already. He says he can do whatever he wants. Brisco comes out and Piper complains about Rich wearing a cast while wrestling. He tells Piper that he will wrestle Rich. Piper tries to pay Brisco off but he gets turned down.

Roddy Piper promo with Dr. X and asks were Dusty Rhodes has been. Solie tells Piper that they have some pre-recorded comments from Dusty Rhodes and asks that he stay and watch the video.

Dusty Rhodes says he always gives 120% for the fans. He says the fire is out of control with him & Tommy Rich going against Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper. He says the final chapter will be them destroying Ole and Piper.

Roddy Piper reacts by saying he has $5,000 and mentions Dr. X is out to get both Rhodes and Rich. Abdullah The Butcher shows up and pulls away the money from Piper and starts to eat it as Piper yells about how Abdullah wants $5,000! Piper hugs Abdullah and raves about being aligned with him and Dr. X.

Buzz Sawyer promo about Paul Orndorff and his upcoming rematch.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Drop toe-hold by Sawyer on Orndorff. Some mat wrestling to start the match. They keep reaching the ropes to break holds. Side headlock by Orndorff. Sawyer whips him into the ropes and catches him with an armdrag but misses an elbow. Drop toe-hold into an armbar by Orndorff. Paul elbows Sawyer’s arm. Buzz with a big forearm trying to break out of the hold. Sawyer gets near the ropes and swings over and reverses out of the armbar and into a takedown on Orndorff! Cool spot!

Orndorff is able to keep the advantage and gets Sawyer in a hammerlock. Elbows thrown by Sawyer to break out of the hold but Orndorff is able to take Buzz back down on the mat and continue to keep the left arm locked in. Orndorff reverses a whip and a sunset flip and nearly gets a pin on Sawyer. He catches Sawyer with a headscissors and takes him down to the mat.

Ole Anderson is overheard cheering on Buzz Sawyer. He joins Solie on commentary for a bit. Sawyer catches Orndorff with the powerslam and goes for the pin but Paul kicks out at two! Buzz continues to attack Orndorff with some shots at his back including headbutts. Fans are cheering loudly for Orndorff as Sawyer continues to attack his back.

Sawyer kicks at Orndorff’s back. Orndorff fights back with some hard rights at Sawyer! He kicks Sawyer down to the mat. Orndorff on fire as he gets some punches in and then backdrops Sawyer. He drops a knee across Sawyer’s head. The bell rings as the time limit expires and Orndorff continues his attack on Sawyer. Referee tries to break them up. Ole Anderson pulls Sawyer out of the ring.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

GCW TV June 26, 1982

They show highlights from the June 20th The Omni show with Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Rich going up against Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson with Steve O as the referee. Dusty unmasks Dr. X and it is revealed to be Don Muraco. Piper, Muraco and Anderson beat on Rhodes and Rich.

Tommy Rich and Steve O talk about the match and Don Muraco getting involved in the match. Rich says Rhodes will take care of Muraco and says he’s still around and he’s brought in Ivan Putski.

More is shown from Dusty Rhodes at the Omni.

Roddy Piper and Don Muraco join Gordon Solie. He repeats the bounties he has on Rhodes and Rich and that there is a line of wrestlers wanting to collect on that bounty.

Don “The Magnificent” Muraco vs. “The Golden Boy” Chic Donovan

Donovan catches Muraco with a dropkick and gets him in a front chancery. Muraco powers out of the hold and slams Donovan to the mat. He beats on Donovan on the ropes. Muraco punches Donovan. He picks up Donovan and powerslams him. Big kneedrop on Donovan followed by a neckbreaker. Piper asks Solie were Dusty Rhodes is.

Muraco with a snapmare on Donovan. Donovan gets in some punches on Muraco. Muraco gets him on the ropes and hits him with a hard chop across the chest. He follows with a backdrop. Muraco slams Donovan again. Forearm across Donovan’s face. Belly-to-back suplex by Muraco as he continues to destroy Donovan. Donovan fires back again and Muraco takes him to the corner. More hard chops from Donovan! He goes for a slam but can’t keep him up and Muraco lands on top of Donovan. Muraco gets back up and piledrives Donovan for the pin.

WINNER: Don Muraco

Roddy Piper and Don Muraco join Gordon Solie. Muraco said they waited four weeks for Rhodes to show up. They poke fun at Rhodes showing up at the Omni and getting destroyed by them.

Highlights of the Super Destroyer & The Masked Superstar (wearing a similar outfit to Super D) attacking Mr. Wrestling II at the June 20th The Omni show. Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen interrupt Gordon Solie and Steve O. Anderson insults Steve O and asks that he and Hansen be given their tag team titles. Hansen insults Steve O and calls him a “gimp”. Steve O tells them they’ll get their title match whether it is Dusty Rhodes or Tommy Rich and tells them Ivan Putski is coming in as well.

Roddy Piper and Abdullah The Butcher join Gordon Solie. He says Mr. Butcher is going to take care of everyone.

Tommy Rich and Paul Orndorff join Gordon Solie and mentions that he brought in Ivan Putski to take care of Ole Anderson. Orndorff talks about his July 5th match at the Omni against Jimmy Snuka.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Some video from three shows during June 1982 and they are excellent! The two Paul Orndorff vs. Buzz Sawyer matches are really good. The segment with the Freebirds reuniting was great as well and they cut a helluva promo. Roddy Piper promos thoughout the three shows were great as well.


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