Championship Wrestling from Florida 1/14/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling from Florida 1/14/1984

Taped 1/11/1984 Tampa, Florida. Aired on 1/14/1984.

Show opens with talk of Blackjack Mulligan and how tough a guy he is and that he is a reincarnation of an outlaw from the past. J.J. Dillon believes this to be true and shows a Blackjack Mulligan promo to prove his point. They show a clip of J.J. Dillon being run off from Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan’s ranch. That is then followed by some Mulligan match highlights. That’s then followed by Blackjack Mulligan and Kareem Muhammed brawling in a parking lot.

Dusty Rhodes video follows that with Dusty cutting a promo on The One Man Gang and wanting the NWA World Heavyweight title back again.

Another Dusty Rhodes promo with Dusty announcing the “TCB tour ’84” (Taking Care of Business tour ’84) and he would be wearing a black glove in honor of the two men at the 1968 Olympics and wants to bring unity to the world.

That’s followed by Dusty Rhodes at a Willie Nelson concert singing along and also some highlights of Rhodes vs. Race.

“Cowboy” Ron Bass & The One Man Gang (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs. Mike Rotundo & Mike Davis for the NWA Florida United States Tag Team Titles

Ron Bass tells Gordon Solie showing the saddle he claims to have taken from Barry Windham. He’s upset that Dusty Rhodes claims to have the real saddle. Bass heads over to the ring to start the match.

Ron Bass and Mike Rotundo start the match off. Bass whips Rotundo into the ropes and gets caught by a dropkick by Rotundo. Rotundo follows with more dropkicks on Bass and The One Man Gang. Bass gets back into the ring and gets in a forearm on Rotundo. Whip reversal into the corner by Rotundo as he backdrops Bass. Bass tags The One Man Gang.

The One Man Gang with a quick body slam on Rotundo. He goes for a second slam but Rotundo slips out and rolls OMG up for a pin attempt. Rotundo tags in Davis who lands a double axhandle on OMG’s left arm! Wristlock by Davis. OMG tags in Bass but Davis grabs Bass and tags in Rotundo. Rotundo with a hammerlock on Bass.

Mike Davis back in but Bass pulls him into the corner and whips him into the corner only to see Davis move out of the way. Davis gets Bass in an armbar and tags Rotundo back in. Quick tags by Rotundo and Davis as they work on Bass’ left arm. Bass tags in The One Man Gang. He gets in some big forearms across Rotundo’s back. Chinlock by the OMG on Rotundo. Dillon is shown holding the trophy.

Ron Bass back in and he knocks Rotundo back down. He gets Rotundo with a backbreaker. Bass whips Rotundo into the ropes and gets him with a forearm. The One Man Gang back in and he gets Rotundo in a bear hug. Bass comes in and gets Rotundo back in a bear hug. Rotundo tries to fight out of the hold but Bass tags in the OMG who promptly keeps Rotundo in a bear hug. Bass back in and he whips Rotundo into the ropes and gets him with a knee. He kicks at Rotundo. Gets him with a stomach claw.

Rotundo powers back up and tosses Bass off him and tags in Mike Davis. Davis explodes into the ring and catches Bass with a dropkick. The One Man Gang makes the save. Bass tosses Davis to the outside. The OMG slams Davis into the ring post. In the ring, Rotundo gets Bass up in the airplane spin but the OMG gets back in the ring and knocks Rotundo down to save Bass.

The One Man Gang and Rotundo brawl outside the ring. Ron Bass brings a bloody Mike Davis back into the ring. He goes for the stampede on Davis. The Yellow Dog shows up and grabs the saddle. Ron Bass goes after him. The Yellow Dog sends Bass over the guardrail. Referee Bill Alfonso counts out Ron Bass so Mike Rotundo & Mike Davis won the U.S. Tag Team Championship!

WINNERS: Mike Rotundo & Mike Davis via countout

Ron Bass and The One Man Gang are irate and yell at The Yellow Dog for costing them the championship.

Billy Jack vs. “Wild” Bill Snyder

Billy Jack is announced as the Pacific Coast champion. Snyder tries to attack Billy Jack before the bell rings but Billy Jack picks him up and slams him. Billy Jack with a shoulder block followed by a pair of dropkicks. He picks up Snyder up in a gorilla press and slams him down. Billy Jack gets Snyder in a full nelson and gets the quick submission win.

WINNER: Billy Jack

Dusty Rhodes shows up and he hugs and raises Billy Jack’s arm in the air.

That’s followed by a Billy Jack promo. He hopes to meet all the people and wants to wrestle everyone. He was pleased to meet Dusty Rhodes.

Chief Joe Lightfoot vs. Tommy Wright

Side headlock by Tommy Wright leads to some good back and forth between the two with Wright getting him back in the side headlock. Lightfoot fires Wright into the corner but Wright moves and gets Lightfoot with a slam. Wright gets Lightfoot back in a side headlock.

Wright whips Lightfoot into the corner but Lightfoot quickly moves out of the way from a charging Wright. He whips Wright into the ropes and knocks him down. Some cool headscissors followed by Lightfoot send Wright to the outside.

Wright gets back into the ring but Lightfoot gets him in a wristlock. He armdrags Wright and then goes for an armbar. Wright tries to slam Lightfoot but Lightfoot keeps the arm locked in. Lightfoot with some quick moves to keep Wright frustrated. Wright slams Lightfoot into the top turnbuckle. He whips him into the corner but Lightfoot tries for a cross body block off the ropes however Wright moves out of the way. Wright regains control of the match and drives his knee into Lightfoot’s forehead. High backdrop by Wright followed by an elbow.

Joe Lightfoot ducks a clothesline and gets Tommy Wright with some chops. He whips Wright into the ropes and gets him with more chops and then gets the pin.

WINNER: Joe Lightfoot

Barbara Clary talks to Coach John Heath about the upcoming NWA World Title match between Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes in Sarasota, Florida. Heath mentions that they had to reschedule the match after Kevin Sullivan’s attack on Dusty Rhodes younger daughter. He wanted Rhodes to wrestle on this show and contacted him a few times and Dusty initially wanted to wrestle Sullivan but he wanted Dusty to wrestle Ric Flair. They rundown the rest of the card.

“The Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs. Dennis Brown

Kendo Nagasaki misses a kick but he’s able to take down Brown down to the mat. Brown gets Nagasaki in a side headlock. Nagasaki escapes and gets Brown in a wristlock but that is quickly reversed by Brown. Fireman’s carry takedown by Brown is then countered by Nagasaki with a headscissors. Some good matwork with Brown getting Nagasaki in a hammerlock.

Kendo Nagasaki gets in a few chops and kicks at Brown. He argues a bit with the fans. Nagasaki with a slam on Brown followed by a kneedrop. He gets a two-count and quickly gets Brown in a reverse chinlock. He keeps the chinlock on and drops back with a full body scissors on Brown. Dennis Brown fights back and gets in a forearm before Nagasaki kicks him.

Nagasaki with a second kick and then covers Brown for the pin. He brings in his kendo stick and threatens to hit Brown but the referee and Dillon stop him from attacking.

WINNER: Kendo Nagasaki

Gordon Solie interviews Billy Jack ringside and tells him how everyone knows Solie and it is an honor to be with him. He mentions about being the Pacific Northwest champion and he’s in Florida for a short period of time and that he’s there because of Dusty Rhodes. They show a clip of Sullivan tossing some liquid at Dusty Rhodes sister as wrestlers are pulling him away. Billy Jack said he knows Dusty Rhodes is going to tear Sullivan apart.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the U.S. Tag titles changing hands and the debut of Billy Jack in Florida. The video highlights opening the show featuring Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan were good. Tag title match was the best match on the show although I thought other than Billy Jack’s quick win the other two matches were pretty competitive despite being kept short due to the title match.


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