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All-Star Wrestling 3/25/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 3/25/1978

Taped 3/15/1978 at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 3/25/1978.

Vince McMahon is on commentary.

Larry Zybszko vs. The Golden Terror

A series of armdrag takedowns by Larry Zbyszko to open the match against The Golden Terror. Zbyszko takes him down and gets him in an ankle lock. The Golden Terror kicks his way out of the hold. Good back and forth by both as they get each other in holds until Zbyszko finally gets him in a side headlock. He escapes.

Shoulder block off the ropes by The Golden Terror. He goes for a second but Zbyszko catches him with a hiptoss. Test of strength with Zbyszko escaping and taking The Golden Terror down with a armbar. The Golden Terror reverses and gets Zbyszko in an armbar of his own. More back and forth that eventually leads to Zbyszko getting The Golden Terror in a headscissors.

The Golden Terror tries to escape but Zbyszko keeps pressure on him. Finally The Golden Terror escapes and gets Zbyszko in a leg lock and tries to pin him. Larry kicks him off and sends The Golden Terror into the ropes and catches him with a monkey flip. He goes for another monkey flip out of the corner.

The Golden Terror yanks Larry’s hair and takes him down to the mat and has him in an armbar. Zbyszko gets whipped into the ropes but he leapfrogs over the Golden Terror and then armdrags him out of the ring. The Golden Terror gets back in the ring and gets Zbyszko with a side headlock. Larry slides The Golden Terror over for a pin attempt. Side headlock still on Zbyszko.

Shoulder blocks off the ropes by The Golden Terror. He goes for a third and Zbyszko catches him with a slam. Back and forth armdrags. The Golden Terror beats on Larry in the corner. He uses his knee on Zbyszko and then whips him into the corner and continues his attack on him. The Golden Terror hiptosses Larry and continues to beat on him. Follows that up with a slam, an elbow and a legdrop. The Golden Terror climbs to the middle rope and lands with a claw on Zbyszko’s mid-section. Larry reaches the ropes and the Golden Terror refuses to break the hold. Referee calls for the bell and disqualifies The Golden Terror.

WINNER: Larry Zbyszko via DQ.

The Golden Terror and Larry Zbyszko continue to brawl after the match.

The Yukon Lumberjacks (Yukon Eric & Yukon Pierre) (w/ Captain Lou Albano) vs. Frank Williams & Saul Freidman

Yukon Eric and Saul Friedman start the match. Eric gets him in a front facelock and takes him to the ropes were he forearms Friedman across the chest. He quickly tags in Pierre who beats on Friedman. Pierre whips Friedman into the ropes and knees him into the mid-section. He sends Friedman into Eric’s knee.

Eric back in and he continues to beat on Friedman. Pierre back in and he and Eric toss Friedman into the corner. Friedman escapes and crawls over to tag in Frank Williams who is met by some forearms from Pierre. They go back and forth with some kicks and forearms until Pierre knocks Williams down. He attacks him with a knee to the back and tags in Yukon Eric. Eric kicks at Williams. He punches at Williams and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick.

Body slam by Yukon Eric. He follows that up with an elbow drop on Williams. He gets him with a second elbow and goes for the pin but picks up Williams at two. Pierre tags back in and they both kick him in the chest. Pierre tosses him into the corners. Williams tries to fight back to no luck. He gets sent into Eric’s knee. Pierre whips Williams into the ropes and Eric catches him with a jumping high knee!

Eric tosses Williams into his corner to tag back in Friedman. He gets Friedman with a submission hold as Capt. Lou Albano joins McMahon on commentary and praises his tag team. Pierre back in and he tosses Saul Friedman into the corner. Eric back in with a kick on Friedman. Friedman is able to tag in Williams. Williams gets in a few shots at Eric but that doesn’t take him down. Eric with some forearms and knees at Williams.

Pierre comes in and kicks Williams a few times. Capt. Lou starts to use his whistle non-stop. The Yukon Lumberjacks just keep beating on Williams. They go with a double chop on Williams and Pierre covers him for the pin and they get the win.

WINNERS: The Yukon Lumberjacks

Butcher Vachon & Baron Mikel Scicluna join Vince McMahon for an interview. They have decided to join forces in tag team competition. Scicluna thinks they are going to do well as a tag team. Vachon says they both are part of royal families with Butcher talking about being part of a royal family of wrestling. He tells McMahon that he’s insulted that he only seems to want to talk to guys like Bob Backlund and Tony Garea. Vachon says his family has a long history in wrestling with his grandfather and father having been wrestlers and now his sister Vivian and his brother Mad Dog also in wrestling. He says Mad Dog is training his sons and Butcher has a daughter who is training with his sister. Vachon says his daughter will start wrestling soon and she’s going to be very good.

Baron Mikel Scicluna says that they both know every wrestling hold in the business. He thinks they could train many wrestlers. Vachon says they have wrestled all over the world and against all kinds of wrestlers. Vince asks them how they’ll do as a tag team. Butcher Vachon says that they will do well and that he and Mad Dog have been tag team champions in the past. He tells Vince that maybe if he interviewed them more often, he’d know about his success in tag team wrestling.

Vince McMahon asks them about the tag teams of Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci and Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko. Vachon asks why they are not wrestling them now and throws a challenge to both teams. They both agree that they’ll sweep the floor with them. Vince then asks them about the tag team of Chief Peter Maivia and Chief Jay Strongbow. Vachon mentions the old saying, “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” and that is not very good. He says they both are chiefs and want to give orders. Vachon says he’s wrestled both several times and they are not much better together than alone.

“Crazy” Luke Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Steve King & Jose Madera in a handicap match

Luke Graham grabs hold of both King and Madera and starts to punch them across the head. He knees one and tosses the other. Graham chokes both in the corner. He tosses Madera to the outside. King gets tossed around. Madera returns and Graham continues his beatdown on both.

Vince McMahon mentions that there are talks of having Superstar Graham team with Luke Graham. More hiptosses by Graham. He chokes Madera and chops King. “Crazy” Luke uses the ropes to add more leverage as he chokes King. Graham slams King and then snapmares Madera on top of him and covers both for the pin.

WINNER: Luke Graham

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thankfully this was only 30 minutes long because of technical difficulties they didn’t include the Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci match. Thought the Zbyszko vs. The Golden Terror was an okay match. The last two matches were rough. The tag match went long and felt like it was never going to end. Graham’s match was short but nothing much going on. The interview segment was probably the best part of the show.


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