Written By Alfredo Esparza

GCW TV 5/22/1982

Taped 5/22/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gordon Solie opens the show and Roddy Piper quickly joins him on commentary. Piper talks about Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo McDaniel and Tommy Rich and says they’ll be seeing something on this show. He leaves the set.

Brad Armstrong vs. Pete Martin

They lock-up with both testing their strength trying to gain the advantage. Armstrong with a takedown on Martin. He follows with a hiplock takedown into a side headlock. Martin tries to pick up Armstrong but Armstrong counters him with another takedown. Crowd cheers Brad. Some reversals by Armstrong into a hammerlock.

Pete Martin briefly escapes but Brad Armstrong takes him down with a drop toe hold and back into a hammerlock. Armstrong with a pin attempt but Martin kicks out. Martin gets caught in an armbar. Brad with a legdrop across Martin’s left arm. Martin reaches the ropes to force a break.

Another leg takedown by Armstrong and Martin’s back in an armbar. Fireman’s carry takedown by Armstrong and he keeps Martin in an armbar. Martin kicks at Armstrong but Brad lands a knee across Martin’s left bicep. Armdrag by Armstrong and he keeps the armbar on Martin. They break as they reach the ropes. Another takedown by Armstrong and he forces a pin attempt but Martin kicks out.

Armstrong goes for an inside cradle for the pin on Martin but Martin kicks out. Martin backs Armstrong into the corner and drives his knee into Brad’s mid-section. An all-out attack by Martin but he and Brad bump heads off the ropes and knock each other down. Armstrong gets up and goes for an inside cradle but Martin kicks out.

Brad Armstrong gets Martin with a few knees into his left arm and back in a hammerlock. Fans get loud and start cheering at this point. Armstrong slams Martin and follows with a knee drop for the pin but Martin kicks out! Flying cross body block off the ropes gets the pin on Martin.

WINNER: Brad Armstrong

Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young joins Gordon Solie and Jerry Brisco. The fans applaud him. He talks about how Atlanta is becoming an international city and their attempt to generate new jobs. Mayor Young is there to award Georgia Championship Wrestling a plaque and thanks them for their contribution to the city of Atlanta.

Gordon Solie asks Jerry Brisco about some problems going on since Brisco is Vice President of GCW. He mentions fans send mail complaining about the actions of Roddy Piper, Stan Hansen and others. Brisco says there are many wrestlers who are willing to take on Piper because he keeps talking about how great he is but he’s not willing to sign contracts to face worthy opponents.

Michael Hayes vs. Mike Fair

“Freebird” by Lynard Skynard kicks off as Hayes enters the ring. Hayes shoves Fair in the corner. Armdrag takedown by Hayes and he does it a second time and this time he gets Fair in an armbar. Fair sends Hayes into the ropes but Hayes counters with a hiptoss. He slams Fair and goes for the pin but Fair kicks out.

Collar and elbow tie-up and Hayes takes Fair down and into an armbar. He kicks at Fair and goes for an armbar again. Fair whips Hayes into the corner but that gets reversed. Hayes gets Fair with a bulldog and gets the pin.

WINNER: Michael Hayes

Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie to talk about Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson. He said the doctor gave him the okay to keep wrestling and says they didn’t stop him. They show highlights of Rich getting attacked by Ole and Piper at the Omni. Rich has his hand wrapped.

Roddy Piper interrupts and insults Tommy Rich. He tells Rich that he should have dreamed of growing up to be a man. Piper tells Rich that he should be thankful he didn’t break his hand. Rich wants a match against Piper but Piper tells him that wrestling him is boring and that Rich’s hand is hurt. Rich grabs Piper and takes him to the ring. Tommy Rich beats on Piper in the ring. Piper heads out as Michael Hayes shows up ringside to side with Rich.

National Heavyweight Champion Buzz Sawyer joins Gordon Solie and talks about having everything. He tells everyone that you have to be mean to go against him.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. Tony Zane

Buzz Sawyer quickly takes down Tony Zane and just keeps him on the mat before breaking cleanly. Sawyer misses an elbow in the corner. Zane gets Sawyer in a side headlock. Sawyer whips him into the ropes and takes him down again. Front facelock by Sawyer.

Fans cheer for Tony Zane as Sawyer has him on the mat. Sawyer gets in a few elbows on Zane. Zane fires back but Sawyer slams his head into the top turnbuckle. He takes Zane back down on the mat as the fans continue to cheer on Tony. Clean break from Zane who breaks free from Sawyer’s grasp.

Sawyer slams Zane. He kicks at Zane. Snapmare into a headlock by Sawyer. He grinds Zane’s face into the mat. Zane uses an elbow to try to escape but Sawyer grabs him and gets him with a belly-to-belly suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

Tommy Rich returns to talk more about wanting revenge on Piper and Ole Anderson.

Leroy Brown and Bob Armstrong talk about wanting a shot at the National Tag Team Titles as well as the upcoming show schedule.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair joins Gordon Solie. Flair talks about his schedule by pointing out how he’s not tired and the flight stewardesses wanting to get with Flair. He tells Solie that he’s there because he has unfinished business with Leroy Brown so he’s going to watch the match and then wants some words with Brown.

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown vs. Ken Timbs

Ric Flair asks Gordon Solie what he thinks Leroy Brown must think when he looks at him. Leroy Brown shows up and he stares down Ric Flair. Side headlock by Brown on Timbs. Timbs gets in a few knees and punches at Brown but he’s taken down with a slam by Brown. Big elbow by Brown on Timbs. Armbar by Brown. Timbs gets him on the ropes and lays in a few elbows.

Brown gets some forearms on Timbs. Timbs tries to get Brown on the ropes but Brown fires up and knocks Timbs around the ring. He slams Timbs and follows with an elbow smash for the pin.

WINNER: Leroy Brown

Ric Flair screams “Come here Big Boy” at Leroy Brown and then heads over and tells him to go talk to him at the set. Flair removes his coat and continues to insult Brown. He removes his watch and tells Brown that they are arm wrestling again and shoves Brown again.

Flair keeps shoving and slapping at Brown. They arm wrestle again with the fans cheering loudly. Brown has the edge. Back and forth and Brown wins for a second time! Flair vows to return again.

Big John Studd & The Super Destroyer vs. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong & Kevin Sullivan

The Super Destroyer and Bob Armstrong start the match with some good matwork. Armstrong counters everything Super Destroyer throws at him. Super D tags in Big John Studd. Studd gets Armstrong in a side headlock. “Bullet” Bob breaks out of the hold but Studd tags in Super D and he punches at Armstrong. Bob finally breaks free from the hold and takes Super Destroyer down on the mat. Waistlock by Armstrong gets reversed. Armstrong flips Super Destroyer over and tags in Kevin Sullivan.

Sullivan gets Super Destroyer in an armbar. Studd threatens to get in the ring. Super D gets Sullivan in the corner and he and Studd beat on Sullivan. Some high knees by Studd at Sullivan. Sullivan fights back and Super D and Studd get roughed up a bit. Armstrong gets in the ring and the all brawl. Referee tries to get Studd out of the ring. Super D and Sullivan are going at it. Armstrong climbs to the top rope and gets Super Destroyer with a sunset flip for the surprise pin!

Sullivan and Armstrong celebrate their win!

WINNERS: Bob Armstrong & Kevin Sullivan

Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper join Gordon Solie. Anderson talks about the Omni show on June 6th and other upcoming shows. He vows to end Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Rich. Piper tells Rich that he’s going to pay for what he did.

The Masked Superstar joins Gordon Solie and talks about shows he’ll be wrestling on. He talks about Tommy Rich, Leroy Brown, Bob Armstrong and Kevin Sullivan. The Superstar says he use to rule that territory and doesn’t like being called ex-champion.

The Masked Superstar vs. David Jones

Reverse chinlock by The Masked Superstar early in the match. Solie talks about how intelligent The Masked Superstar is. Front facelock by The Superstar on Jones. They get back on the ring ropes and The Superstar keeps the hold on and even goes for the pin. He keeps Jones locked in the front facelock for a bit.

The Masked Superstar delivers a few forearms at Jones. Jones battles back but The Superstar lays in some more forearms across his back. He slams Jones into the turnbuckles and then gets him back in a front chancery. He drives in a knee into Jones mid-section and then tosses him to the outside.

The Masked Superstar kicks at Jones. He brings Jones back in by snapping him over the top rope. The Masked Superstar hits Jones with a clothesline for the pin.

WINNER: The Masked Superstar

Roddy Piper returns to talk a little more about Tommy Rich. He says Rich caught him off guard earlier. He again repeats that before the hour ends, he’s going to have a surprise for Tommy Rich. Buzz Sawyer and The Masked Superstar join him and Piper says this is going to be gang war.

Second hour begins with Roddy Piper and says he has something for Rich during the hour. Gordon Solie says that next week Terry Gordy will be in action.

Tom Prichard vs. Pete Martin

Solie mentions that Tom Prichard has a black belt in karate. Prichard gets Martin in a side headlock. Martin breaks out of the headlock and tries to turn it to his advantage but Prichard gets him again in a side headlock. He follows that up with a takedown on Martin. Some good reversals by both until Prichard gets Martin with a waistlock takedown.

Prichard goes for an armbar on Martin. Prichard follows with a quick takedown on Martin. Fireman’s carry takedown by Prichard and then gets Martin in another armbar. Martin gets Prichard in the corner and chops him. Drop toe hold takedown by Prichard. He gets Martin in a hammerlock and drops his knee across his arm.

Prichard controls most of the match. Martin breaks out of a hold with a headscissors. Prichard and Martin do some wristlock reversals. Martin escapes with a kick at Prichard’s chest. He slams Prichard. Elbow drop by Martin. He slams Prichard a second time. Martin misses an elbow drop. Prichard kicks at Martin. Tom Prichard punches Martin. Follows that up with a spin kick. Prichard goes for a legdrop and covers Martin for the pin.

WINNER: Tom Prichard

They replay the segment with the Atlanta Mayor again.

Big John Studd and The Super Destroyer join Gordon Solie. Studd says they are going to enter the ring with two things in their minds holding the National Tag Team titles and hurting people. The Super Destroyer says they are going to make things happen.

Big John Studd & The Super Destroyer vs. David Jones & El Mongol

El Mongol and The Super Destroyer start the match and El Mongol is able to stay away from Super D. He also gets in a few shots on Super Destroyer. Big John Studd tags in to take on El Mongol. Studd and Mongol exchange chops and forearms. More chops from El Mongol. He tags in Jones.

Studd lands a forearm on Jones and then hiptosses him. Super Destroyer tags back in and slams Jones. He picks Jones up with a bear hug and Super D charges into the corner and slams Jones back into the turnbuckles. Studd back in. Jones throws a few punches but Studd forearm smashes him. Hiptoss by Studd and Super Destroyer tags back in.

Super Destroyer gets Jones in a bear hug. Jones tries to battle out of it but Super Destroyer keeps him in his corner. Studd tags back in and whips Jones into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Side backbreaker by Studd. Super Destroyer gets Jones in a belly-to-belly suplex and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Big John Studd & The Super Destroyer

Kevin Sullivan and Bob Armstrong join Gordon Solie. Sullivan brings out a doll and says that it’s Buzz Sawyer and says Sawyer is a coward. Armstrong talks about their upcoming tag title match against Studd and The Super Destroyer.

Tommy Rich and Michael Hayes join Gordon Solie. Rich talks about getting a hold of Piper again. Hayes agrees with Rich and says they’ll get Piper soon enough. He also mentions how Piper said gang wars are coming and Hayes says he’s been part of a gang in the past.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. Allen Tupperello

Buzz Sawyer with some forearms across Tupperello’s back. He takes Tupperello down and just dominates him. Tommy Rich comes out and joins Solie on commentary. Sawyer tosses Tupperello to the outside. He gets back in the ring and Sawyer continues to beat on him. Sawyer slams Tupperello. He rakes Tupperello’s face across the top rope.

Sawyer drops Tupperello across the top rope. He stomps on Tupperello and catches him with a high double knee lift. Tupperello fights back but Sawyer tosses him to the outside. Big forearm across Tupperello’s chest. Tupperello drives a shoulder into Sawyer as he returns to the ring. His offense is short-lived as Sawyer beats on him and then catches him with a belly-to-back suplex. He refused to pin him.

Sawyer gets Tupperello with a powerslam but refuses to pin him. He follows with a suplex and again lifts his head up refusing to pin him. Tommy Rich heads over to help Tupperello and Sawyer kicks at him. Rich climbs into the ring and a brawl ensues. Roddy Piper and a big masked man joins him as they attack Tommy Rich and attack Rich’s injured hand. Other wrestler run out to help Rich but Sawyer and the masked man attack them. Piper continues his attack on Rich. Kevin Sullivan, Michael Hayes and Bob Armstrong make the save.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

They return from commercial break with a group of people helping Tommy Rich back up.

Chic Donovan vs. Tony Zane

Drop toe hold takedown by Donovan into a front chancery on Zane. Zane escapes. Donovan gets a forearm across Zane’s left arm. Test of strength dominated by Donovan. Zane reverses into a wristlock which is quickly reversed. Zane is able to take down Donovan. Donovan goes for an armbar and legdrops Zane’s left arm. Chic keeps Zane in an armbar. He uses the ropes to work on Zane’s left arm.

Donovan whips Zane into the ropes but Zane reverses and goes for a sunset flip on Donovan but they land on the ropes. Chic quickly back up and he slams Zane. He punishes Zane. Reverse chinlock on Zane. They exchange forearms but Donovan gets him again in a chinlock. Zane escapes but they go back and forth until Zane gets Donovan with a body slam.

Zane whips Donovan into the ropes but Donovan catches him with a Thesz Press for a near fall. Donovan slams Zane and then whips him itno the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. He follows with a neckbreaker and gets the pin on Zane.

WINNER: Chic Donovan

Jerry Brisco gives an update on Tommy Rich and mentions there is no movement at that moment in his fingers. He says Piper went a little too far this time. Brisco says Rich has permission to wrestle with the heaviest cast he wants to wrestle. He also warns Piper that if he continues, he might have to step in the ring against him.

They show highlights of Jerry Brisco in a singles match from Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. They show Roddy Piper splashing Jerry and his opponent while Jerry had him in a figure-four leglock. Brisco says his opponent suffered a serious injury and he got hurt as well.

Ray “The Crippler” Stevens vs. Mike Jackson

Stevens quickly attacks Jackson. He gets in some hard rights and forearms on Jackson in the corner. Jackson gets even and whips him into the ropes. Quick takedown by Jackson on Stevens and he gets him in a side headlock. Stevens whips Jackson into the ropes and he knocks him down. Stevens follows catching him with a body slam. Jackson quickly back up and he gets Stevens with a slam of his own and gets Stevens back in a side headlock.

Stevens whips Jackson into the ropes and drives a knee into Jackson’s mid-section. He whips Jackson again into the ropes but Jackson catches Stevens with a cross body block for a two-count. Jackson gets Stevens back in a side headlock. Stevens gets Jackson into the ropes and punches him. Stevens with a few punches and gets him in a chinlock.

Mike Jackson fights out of the chinlock with some elbows but Stevens gets him back down with the chinlock. Jackson slips out and gets Stevens in a hammerlock. Stevens gets Jackson in the corner with some punches and forearms. Jackson counters and armdrags Stevens. He follows with a flying headscissors followed by a dropkick that bounces Stevens off the ropes.

Stevens grabs hold of the ropes and Jackson falls on the mat after missing the dropkick. He slams Jackson. Stevens gets Jackson with an atomic knee drop and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Ray Stevens

Buzz Sawyer joins Gordon Solie to talk about the “wrath and fury” coming from him. He talks about Kevin Sullivan and Tommy Rich.

Big John Studd and The Super Destroyer talk about how fans are impressed with their size. Studd says he’s twice as strong and mean than any athlete.

They show highlights of a match featuring The Samoans from Mid-South Wrestling.

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown talks about beating Ric Flair twice in arm wrestling. He tells Flair that his days are coming. He talks about telling Tommy Rich that when you get knocked down, you have to get back up.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Really good show. The Piper and Rich feud throughout was great with Piper teasing a surprise which turned out to be the attack he along with Buzz Sawyer and a masked big man orchestrated against Tommy Rich in the second hour. The Flair and Leroy Brown storyline continued on this show. I thought the best match on the show was the Stevens vs. Jackson match to close out the show. There was also the surprise win of Armstrong and Sullivan against Studd and The Super Destroyer to build up their National Tag Team Title challenge.


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