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All-Star Wrestling 2/18/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 2/18/1978

Taped 2/1/1978 at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 2/18/1978.

Vince McMahon on commentary.

Bob Backlund vs. “Dynamite” Jack Evans

They lock-up and Evans gets Backlund on the ropes and is forced to break the hold. Evans gets Backlund in a side headlock and takes him down but Backlund reverses it into a headscissors. Armdrag takedown by Backlund and Evans complains about getting his tights pulled. Evans with a waistlock but again Backlund quickly escapes.

Backlund with a step-over into a wristlock and takedown on Evans. He gets Evans back in a headscissors. Evans escapes and he gets in a knee across the abdominal of Backlund. He attacks in the corner but Backlund makes a comeback and knocks Evans down to the mat and goes to work on Evans right leg! He stretches out Evans right leg. Evans reaches the ropes but Backlund pulls him off and keeps hold of Evans’ right leg.

Jack Evans gets to the corner to stop the action. Backlund with a leg dive takedown on Evans and he goes back to work on the right leg. He twists Evans right foot. Evans reaches over for Backlund’s hair and takes Backlund down. He gets in a few forearms but Backlund fights back delivering forearms of his own. Evans goes for a kick but Backlund reaches out for his right leg and knocks him back down.

Evans is able to shove Backlund into the corner and he tries to whip him again but Backlund reverses it. Backlund goes for a double under hook suplex on Evans and gets the pin on him.

WINNER: Bob Backlund

Capt. Lou Albano shows up ringside after the match. Backlund invites Albano into the ring. Evans and Albano are outside the ring. Albano removes his shirt and teases entering the ring . Backlund chases Albano away!

Dino Bravo vs. Sylvano Sousa

Dino Bravo shoves Sylvano Sousa into the corner and is told to break by the referee. Bravo catches Sousa with a roll-up for a pin attempt. Wristlock takedown by Bravo followed by a legdrop across Sousa’s left arm. Sousa reaches the ropes as Bravo had him in a hammerlock.

Test of strength with Bravo breaking the hold and taking down Sousa. He gets Sousa in a wristlock and later switches over to an armbar. Sousa gets back up and takes down Bravo but Bravo keeps hold of Sousa’s left arm. Sousa gets Bravo in the corner and gets in a couple of shoulder blocks. Bravo makes a comeback and catches Sousa with a dropkick and goes for the pin but Sousa kicks out.

Sousa gets Bravo in a side headlock and gets in a punch followed by a few elbows. He pulls Bravo by the hair and beats on him on the ropes. Bravo catches him with a knee lift. Bravo whips Sousa into the ropes and picks him up over his shoulders for an airplane spin. He spins around, slams him down on the mat and Bravo covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Dino Bravo

Stan “The Man” Stasiak and The Grand Wizard join Vince McMahon for an interview. Stasiak is shown adjusting his bandage around his right hand. McMahon asks Stasiak since he’s adjusting the bandage how about showing everyone what is under all those bandages which leads to Stasiak telling McMahon to mind his own business. Stasiak is upset about everyone accusing him of loading up his right hand when delivering the heart punch.

The Grand Wizard says the ones complaining are cowards and mentions that Stasiak has sent many opponents to the hospital. He calls Stasiak’s heart punch the most dangerous move in wrestling. McMahon tells The Grand Wizard that he seems to have a lot to say now after not wanting to talk initially during the interviews. The Grand Wizard tells McMahon that he thought McMahon was so talkative that he wanted to interview himself.

Stan Stasiak mentions that he is trying to use more holds to prove to others that he doesn’t have to resort to just one thing, that being the Heart Punch. He calls himself a complete wrestler. The Grand Wizard calls “The Heart Punch” the most effective hold, which McMahon says lately it hasn’t been very effective as many have blocked it. The Grand Wizard questions whether McMahon is being impartial during the interview. He says Vince doesn’t like them.

Vince McMahon asks Stasiak if he’s upset that there are many who say The Grand Wizard focuses most of his attention of late to Superstar Billy Graham. Stasiak tells McMahon that he does not believe that and calls The Grand Wizard, the greatest manager of all time and feels that he divides his time equally. The Grand Wizard claims this is Vince McMahon trying to stir the pot between Stasiak and Graham. He calls himself, Stasiak and Graham the “Three Musketeers” of wrestling.

Stan “The Man” Stasiak (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Pete Austin

Stan Stasiak with a takedown on Pete Austin into a headscissors to start the match. They do a bit of mat wrestling early with Stasiak keeping control of the match. Stasiak gets in a right hand across Austin. He beats on him in the ring and tosses him to the outside. Austin hits the ringside steps but he’s able to get back up.

Stasiak continues his attack on Austin on the ropes. Austin gets back in the ring but Stasiak continues to beat on him. Quick takedown by Stasiak. He tosses Austin into the corner and continues to beat on him. Stasiak gets Austin in an armbar but Austin delivers some punches at Stasiak. Stasiak punches back and gets Austin in a front chancery. More punches thrown by Stasiak. He slams Austin into the corner and again tosses him to the outside.

Austin gets back in the ring and Stasiak continues to beat on him. He grabs hold of Austin and Stasiak delivers the Heart Punch and gets the pin!

WINNER: Stan Stasiak

Stasiak has a few more words for Vince McMahon after the match. He removes the bandages on his right hand to disprove that he has a foreign object under the bandages.

Dominic DeNucci vs. “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe

Dominic DeNucci teases attacking Sharpe before the bell rings. Bell rings and Sharpe gets in a few punches on DeNucci but DeNucci is able to counter and gets in a few punches of his own on Sharpe. Sharpe gets in a few elbows on DeNucci and tosses him into the corner. Knee lift from Sharpe. Back and forth in the corner with DeNucci slapping at Sharpe’s nose!

Sharpe backs away and kicks at DeNucci. Referee warns DeNucci about using a clinched fist. Sharpe reaches the ropes to get DeNucci off him despite Dominic’s reluctance to do so. Sharpe uses the ropes on DeNucci which upsets him. Sharpe with a back drop off the ropes on DeNucci. He gets DeNucci in an armbar and then tries for a pin. Both roll around the ring trying to gain an advantage.

Sharpe stomps on DeNucci before he gets up. DeNucci with a quick takedown on Sharpe. Hammerlock by DeNucci but Sharpe again gets him on the ropes for a clean break. DeNucci goes for another takedown but Sharpe rolls thru and gets Dominic in the corner. Sharpe hammers away at DeNucci and slams him into the top turnbuckle. He punches DeNucci and that sends Dominic to the outside.

DeNucci gets back in the ring. He gets warned again by the referee about the clinched fist but that doesn’t stop DeNucci from throwing a few punches at Sharpe. Referee warns DeNucci again. Sharpe gets in a few shots at DeNucci and gets him in the corner where he gets in a few knees into DeNucci. He whips DeNucci into the corner and continues to beat on him.

Sharpe rakes DeNucci’s face and continues to beat on him in the corner. DeNucci turns things around and punches Sharpe in the corner. More shots thrown at Sharpe. DeNucci gets a whip reversed. Sharpe slams DeNucci. He goes for a second slam but DeNucci gets Sharpe with a small package cradle and gets the quick three count for the win!

WINNER: Dominic DeNucci

Larry Sharpe is upset and kicks at the ropes.

Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka (w/ Freddie Blassie) vs. Danny Johnson & S.D. Jones

Freddie Blassie mocks the fans before the match. Prof. Toru Tanaka and S.D. Jones start the match. Tanaka throws salt over each corner post before the match starts. Tanaka pushes Jones into the ropes. He does it again in the corner and misses a chop at Jones. Tanaka shoves Jones into his corner and chops him. He distracts the referee so Mr. Fuji can choke Jones.

S.D. Jones makes a comeback and escapes the corner. He gets in a headbutt at Tanaka’s left arm a few times. Jones tags in Johnson but Tanaka gets him with a chop. Front chancery on Johnson and Tanaka takes him into his corner where he chokes him and finally tags in Fuji. Mr. Fuji slams Johnson and then kicks him a few times.

Mr. Fuji tags in Tanaka again and he chops at Johnson. Tanaka chokes Johnson and gets him with a headlock. He drops an elbow across Johnson’s throat and covers him for the pin. Short match.

WINNERS: Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a pretty average episode. Highlight of the entire show was the Stan Stasiak and The Grand Wizard interview. Best match on the show was DeNucci vs. Sharpe. Everything else was very boring.


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