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All Japan Women Classics #6

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics #6

Jaguar Yokota © vs. Lioness Asuka for the WWWA Title

Taped 8/22/85 Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan

Handshake before the bell rings. They exchange snapmares early on. Lioness Asuka catches Jaguar Yokota with a reverse spin kick. Yokota with a cradle into an armdrag. She rolls up Asuka for a near fall but Asuka kicks out and goes for a pin of her own. Yokota tries for an abdominal stretch but Asuka reaches the ropes. Asuka goes for a punch at Yokota but she misses.

Jaguar Yokota with a leg takedown on Asuka. Asuka reaches the ropes to break the hold but Yokota continues her attack on Asuka’s right leg and tries to pull her off the ropes. Referee finally stops her as the fans can be heard chanting loudly. Asuka tries for a dropkick to knock Yokota down but misses. Yokota goes for another leg takedown and gets Asuka in a leglock submission. She whips Asuka into the ropes and catches her with a high Thesz Press. She follows with a huracanrana for a pin attempt. Asuka catches Yokota for a pin attempt.

Lioness Asuka whips Yokota into the ropes and chops her and follows with a kick. She slams Yokota down to the mat and goes for a pin but Yokota kicks out. Headlock by Asuka on Yokota. She keeps her in a clutch but switches over to a body scissors on Yokota. Yokota tries for a pin as she fights from the top despite being held in the body scissors by Asuka. Asuka swtiches over to a cross armbar.

Fujiwara armbar by Lioness Asuka on Jaguar Yokota! She breaks the hold and slams Yokota and gets her again in a cross armbreaker. Yokota kicks at Asuka to break out of the hold. She’s finally able to escape and gets Asuka in a leglock. She falls to the mat to apply more pressure on the leglock. Yokota continues to work on the right leg. Asuka jumps over in an attempt to escape but Yokota keeps her locked in the hold.

Asuka reaches the ropes but Yokota doesn’t break and continues to attack her right leg. Yokota drags Asuka to the middle of the ring to continue to damage her right leg. She switches over to a double underhook chicken wing submission hold. Jumping hip attack by Yokota on Asuka followed by the octopus submission hold. She cradles her for the pin but Asuka kicks out.

Jaguar Yokota goes for a brainbuster on Asuka and gets another two count. She underhooks Asuka again but breaks it and goes for a figure-four leglock. Asuka screams in pain while Yokota applies more pressure on the hold.

Lioness Asuka reverses the figure-four leglock on Yokota. Yokota is now the one screaming in pain but she’s able to reverse it again on Asuka. The hold gets broken by the referee. Asuka gets up and starts kicking at Yokota. She kneedrops Yokota’s left knee a few times and stretches it out. Asuka kicks Yokota out of the ring.

The women ringside help Jaguar Yokota back up on her feet and she returns to the ring where she takes down Asuka. She goes for a pin on Asuka. Asuka gets up and whips her into the ropes and catches her with some kicks. Elbowdrop follows and Asuka goes after her left leg again. Yokota reaches the ropes to break the hold but Asuka pulls her back away from the ropes. Yokota reaches the ropes again and this time the referee has Asuka break the hold.

Asuka quickly gets Yokota up for a suplex and goes for the pin but Yokota kicks out. Lioness Asuka goes for a right hand punch at Yokota but she misses and Yokota rolls her up for a pin attempt. Huracanrana attempt by Yokota but Asuka powerbombs her. She goes for a pin but Yokota kicks out. Yokota dropkicks Asuka to the outside but Asuka returns with a sunset flip off the ropes for a pin attempt. Pace of match picks up at this time.

Yokota goes for a double underhook piledriver on Asuka but only gets a two count. Chigusa Nagayo shows up to support Lioness Asuka. Asuka reverses a piledriver attempt by Yokota and gets her with it instead only she runs off the ropes when applying it! She goes for the pin but again Yokota kicks out.

Asuka gets in several kicks at Yokota and again goes for the pin but Yokota kicks out. Yokota escapes a backdrop attempt and climbs up the ropes. She jumps onto Asuka but Asuka gets her in an airplane spin. Asuka goes for the giant swing and it looks great! Yokota kicks out of another pin.

Asuka blocks a belly-to-back-suplex attempt. She picks up Yokota for a suplex but instead tosses her to the outside! Asuka follows with a tope suicida to the outside only Yokota moves out of the way. Both are helped back into the ring. Asuka brings Yokota back in with a slingshot suplex. She goes for the pin again but Yokota kicks out. German suplex by Asuka for another two count. She whips Yokota into the ropes but Yokota counters and gets her with a suplex by grabbing both her arms and tying them up. Asuka escapes.

Yokota places Asuka on the top rope and the two fight for a bit before Asuka sends Yokota back down to the mat. Asuka follows by going with a double kneedrop off the top rope but Yokota moves out of the way. Yokota quickly grabs hold of Asuka and gets her with a Fisherman’s Buster for the pin.

WINNER: Jaguar Yokota

You could still hear the crowd reaction after the match. Both women look completely worn out of the match. They bring in some weird looking giant stuff animal to the ring. Yokota’s arms are raised up in the air. She goes over to congratulate Lioness Asuka. Referee puts the title on Jaguar Yokota.

Highlights are shown after the match. A lot of Crush Gals highlights are shown. They also show them singing. That’s followed by highlights of Dump Matsumoto and the Villainous Alliance.

Clips of the history of the Crush Gals (Chigusa Nagayo & Lioness Asuka). They also air clips of numerous classic hair matches.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode. This was a one match show but it was an excellent match. I believe Meltzer gave it five stars and it was definitely at that level. The final minutes of the match were amazing since they went from spending a portion of the middle of that match slowing things down with the figure-four leglock struggle and then they just sped up the pace of the match. Crowd was great for this match as well. They had some extra time were they could have put another match instead of all the highlights.


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