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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 4/24/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 4/24/1982

Taped 4/21/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 4/24/1982.

Bob Caudle opens the show and mentions that there was a feud that erupted recently between Tommy “Wildfire” Rich and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Sandy Scott joins Caudle and mentions the tag team tournament. He announces that the Eastern Tag Team finals will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco join Bob Caudle for an interview. Muraco is wearing a t-shirt that says “Patience My Ass”! They talk about the competition in the tag team tournament. Muraco mentions that he never backed down from anyone and he’s someone McDaniel can trust.

Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Terry Taylor & Tim Horner

Pvt. Nelson and Terry Taylor start the match. Nelson whips Taylor into the ropes but Taylor surprises him with a cross body block off the ropes. Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle on commentary as the match starts off. Taylor tags in Horner and he gets Nelson in an armbar. Quick tags from Taylor and Horner with Taylor landing a legdrop on Nelson.

Nelson reaches out and tags in Pvt. Kernoodle. Kernoodle and Taylor trade right hands and go to work on the mat. Taylor tags in Horner who gets Kernoodle with an elbow smash. Wristlock by Horner followed by a hiptoss and a dropkick at Kernoodle. More quick tags from Taylor and Horner. Kernoodle reaches over and tags in Nelson and they beat on Taylor. Elbow from Nelson on Taylor. Kernoodle tags in and dropkicks Taylor!

Kernoodle with a kneedrop on Taylor and a pin attempt. Punches to the top of Taylor’s head from Kernoodle. Nelson tags in and they double-team Taylor. Elbow smash into a chinlock but Taylor escapes. Nelson tags in Kernoodle. Taylor reverses a hiptoss on Kernoodle.

Horner tags in and he catches Kernoodle with a monkey flip. He whips Kernoodle into the ropes again but this time Kernoodle catches him with a knee. Nelson back in and he stomps on Horner. Big knee into Horner’s mid-section. The Privates continue to beat on Horner. Atomic drop by Kernoodle and he only gets a two-count. Kernoodle holds onto Horner and Nelson lands an elbow across Horner’s back. Reverse chinlock by Nelson. The fans cheer for Horner. Kernoodle back in and he goes for a back suplex on Horner and again only gets a two count.

Big elbow across Horner’s chest by Kernoodle. Kernoodle whips Horner into the ropes and Horner holds onto the ropes and Kernoodle misses a dropkick. Horner tags in Taylor who goes on offense on Kernoodle. Punches thrown at Kernoodle who tags in Nelson. Taylor catches Nelson with a dropkick. He tags in Horner who dropkicks Nelson. Taylor back in and he elbows Nelson and follows with a knee drop. Taylor goes for the abdominal stretch and slides down for a pin attempt. Kernoodle makes the save.

All four men start to brawl. Jake “The Snake” Roberts shows up ringside. Taylor and Horner clean house on the Privates. Kernoodle and Nelson get disqualified for Kernoodle interfering during the Taylor pin attempt on Nelson.

WINNERS: Terry Taylor & Tim Horner via DQ.

Paul Jones vs. Jim Dalton

Referee breaks both apart when they tangle near the ropes. Dalton gets Jones in a side headlock but Jones escapes. Jones goes for a pin attempt on Dalton but he kicks out. Side headlock takedown by Jones. Both back up and threaten to punch each other. Jones goes to work on Dalton’s left leg. Toe hold on Dalton. Jones keeps Dalton in the hold until Dalton reaches the ropes but Jones pulls him off the ropes and gets him back in the toe hold.

Paul Jones keeps attacking Dalton’s left leg. Dalton grabs hold of Jones head. Jones is relentless on attacking Dalton’s left leg until Dalton rakes Jones eyes. He gets in a punch in the corner and slams Jones head-first into the top turnbuckle. He whips Jones into the corner. Back and forth in the corners but Jones is showing some pain.

Dalton rakes Jones eyes but Jones makes a comeback. He gets in a few punches and whips Dalton into the ropes and elbows him. Jones whips Dalton into the corner and monkey flips him. He whips him again into the ropes and backdrops Dalton. Jones goes for the figure-four leglock and gets the win!

WINNER: Paul Jones

David Patterson and Ken Timbs join Bob Caudle for an interview. Patterson is used to teaming with “Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie but he was told by Ken Timbs that he would do his best. David thinks that they’ll make McDaniel and Muraco count the lights tonight. Timbs calls Wahoo and Muraco tough and says they’re going to do their best to beat them on the show.

David Patterson speaks in Spanish and says they are going to end Muraco and McDaniel. He tells the fans to shut up.

Jack Brisco joins Bob Caudle to talk about Roddy Piper and the VTR they are about to show. Roddy Piper interrupts and tells Brisco to tell him to his face what he thinks. Brisco warns Piper to not touch him. Piper tells Brisco that Rich had it coming what he did to him by strapping him with a belt.

Piper tells Brisco to stay so they can show the VTR of Tommy Rich against Ali Bey. Jack Brisco praises Rich as one of the top young wrestlers. Piper insults Rich during the match and then goes back to confronting Brisco. He tells Piper that he’d like to beat him while Piper tells him that he has nothing to prove to him and he walks away. Jack Brisco warns Piper that Tommy Rich is going to get him.

Roddy Piper returns with a strap. He talks about everyone that wanted to wrestle him but they are no longer around. He then talks about how he strapped Tommy Rich on national television.

Sgt. Slaughter talks about defending the U.S. Title all over the States. He wants competent wrestlers to challenge him. Angelo Mosca talks about the tag team tournament and how he and Killer Khan won the tournament in Montreal. Ole Anderson joins Mosca to talk about the tag team tournament. He tells Mosca that he and Hansen are the best tag team.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Tony Anthony

Jack Brisco returns to join Bob Caudle on commentary during the match. Sgt. Slaughter with a takedown on Anthony and he gets him in an armbar. Anthony reverses a wristlock on Slaughter but Sarge quickly takes Anthony down. Arm lock on Anthony. He switches into a wristlock and then knees Anthony across the face. Slaughter gets Anthony back in an armlock.

Tony Anthony hiptosses Slaughter off him. Side headlock by Anthony. Slaughter grapevines Anthony’s leg and goes after Anthony’s left shoulder. He stomps on Anthony’s left arm. Slaughter tosses Anthony into the corner and gets him in an armlock again. Anthony forearm smashes Slaughter but Sarge keeps the arm lock on. Trip and takedown by Slaughter. Slaughter pulls the hair to keep Anthony down on the mat.

Sgt. Slaughter with some elbow smashes across Anthony’s left shoulder. Armbar by Slaughter on Anthony. He kicks Anthony in the mid-section. Anthony tries to fight back but Slaughter lands a hard forearm across Anthony’s chest. Slaughter keeps Anthony in an armlock and then goes for a leg sweep for a near fall as Anthony kicks out.

Sgt. Slaughter uses the ropes on Anthony’s left arm. He whips Anthony into the ropes and Anthony surprises Slaughter with a sunset flip for a near fall. Anthony goes for another pin attempt with a cradle on Slaughter but Sarge kicks out. Slaughter back up and he lays in some hard forearms across Anthony’s back. More forearms on Anthony on the ropes!

Kneedrop by Slaughter across Anthony’s chest. Double thrust forearms at Anthony. He whips Anthony into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Sgt. Slaughter gets Anthony in the Cobra Clutch and gets the win!

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Terry Taylor and Tim Horner join Bob Caudle to talk about their match against Pvt. Kernoodle and Pvt. Nelson. Taylor doesn’t know why Kernoodle turned his back on everyone and is now following everything Slaughter tells him and he tries to hurt his opponents. He warns Kernoodle that he’s going to hurt him before he gets hurt. Horner mentions that he and Taylor have been teaming up several times recently. He’s been learning but wants to do more. Taylor calls being a match against Slaughter’s Privates a “lesson in survival”.

Don “The Magnificent” Muraco & “Chief” Wahoo McDaniel vs. David Patterson & Ken Timbs

Wahoo McDaniel and David Patterson start the match. Patterson whips McDaniel into the ropes but gets caught by a hard chop from Wahoo. Backdrop from McDaniel and he tags in Muraco. Muraco with a slam on Patterson. He legdrops Patterson and is relentless against him. Wahoo back in with a hard chop. He gets Patterson in a headlock.

Patterson tries to fight his way back against McDaniel who chops him down hard. Timbs tags in and gets taken down by McDaniel. Muraco goes to work on Timb’s left leg. He keeps punishing Timbs with a spinning toe hold into a fall back. McDaniel tags in and gets Timbs in a half crab. Timbs reaches the ropes to break the hold. McDaniel with a backdrop on Timbs.

Muraco tags back in and he continues to attack Timbs left leg. Spinning toe hold by Muraco on Timbs. Muraco slingshots Timbs at McDaniel who chops Timbs. McDaniel back in and he whips Timbs into the ropes and chops him. Double under-hook suplex by McDaniel. He tags in Muraco who catches Timbs with a dropkick and then follows it up with a neck breaker.

Muraco with a front chancery and Timbs escapes briefly as Muraco tags in McDaniel. Whip across the ropes and Wahoo chops Timbs hard. He does it a second time and tags in Muraco. Muraco piledrives Timbs and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Don Muraco & Wahoo McDaniel

Paul Jones and Jake Roberts join Bob Caudle and Jones mentions the tough competition in Mid-Atlantic right now. Roberts mentioned the only reason he came out during the tag match with Kernoodle and Nelson was that he didn’t want Sgt. Slaughter to interfere. He tells Slaughter that he wants a singles match against him.

Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco say they came in with an element of surprise. McDaniel says Muraco is tough. Muraco says everyone here is for a tune-up but they are not playing.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Show opened with a good tag match between Pvt. Kernoodle & Pvt. Nelson against Terry Taylor & Tim Horner. Paul Jones was impressive in his match. I’m more familiar with him as a manager during the mid to late 1980s. Some hard-hitters in the last two matches on the show with Sgt. Slaughter, Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco. Slaughter threw some pretty hard shots at Tony Anthony. The Roddy Piper and Jack Brisco confrontation was great as well. I wish they would have shown a clip of Piper attacking Tommy Rich since they talked about it so much. Piper delivered a great promo about it.


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