Championship Wrestling From Florida 1/7/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 1/7/1984

Taped 1/4/1984 Tampa, Florida. Aired on 1/7/1984.

Gordon Solie is joined by Brian Blair and Barbara Clary on commentary. First match is going on as they do the show introduction.

Hector Guerrero (w/ Jim Holiday) vs. Tommy Wright

Gordon Solie is shocked to see that Hector Guerrero has aligned himself with “Gentleman” Jim Holiday. Brian Blair is also disappointed in Guerrero’s decision to align himself with Holiday. Guerrero is working over Wright’s left arm as they discuss his decision. Hector drops a knee across Wright’s left arm a few times. He switches over to a wristlock but takes him down and gets him into an armbar.

Guerrero kicks at Wright while he keeps a wristlock locked in on Wright. He whips Wright into the corner and hits him with a pair of shoulder tackles. Wright reverses a whip into the corner and backdrops Guerrero. Hector shies away but it was a trick to charge and knock down Wright. He slams Wright into the turnbuckles. Wright reacts and sends Guerrero to the outside.

Hector Guerrero gets back in the ring after getting some instructions from Holiday. He rakes at Wright’s eyes and slams him into the corner turnbuckles. Wright blocks a second attempt by Hector and Wright slams Guerrero head first into the turnbuckles. He punches at Guerrero. Big knee lift from Wright but Guerrero chops him in a comeback. He rakes Wright’s face and follows with some punches. Wright punches back!

Tommy Wright picks up Guerrero with a vertical suplex. Holiday distracts Wright and Guerrero attacks him from behind. He slams Wright and follows with a legdrop. Guerrero climbs up to the top rope and lands a big splash on Wright for the pin!

WINNER: Hector Guerrero

Mike Rotundo joins Gordon Solie for an interview about Kendo Nagasaki. He mentions that Kendo Nagasaki and J.J. Dillon are there to injure people. They show highlights of a match between Rotundo and Nagasaki. Rotundo mentions while they air the match that Nagasaki kept trying to injure him throughout the match. Rotundo gets Nagasaki in an airplane spin and knocks down referee Bill Alfonso. He gets Dillon in an airplane spin as well but that gives Nagasaki the chance to attack him. Match ends in a DQ as Nagasaki tried to injure Rotundo. Rotundo warns Nagasaki.

Kareem Muhammed (w/ Elijah Akeem) vs. Zane Grey

Kareem Muhammed shoves Zane Grey into the ropes a few times before landing an elbow across his back. A vicious elbow across Grey’s back again followed by an armbar takedown by Muhammed. Muhammed tells Grey not to give up. He continues to attack Grey’s left arm. Kareem tosses Gray into the corner and then goes for a cool looking takedown.

Muhammed keeps Grey in an armbar before stomping on him. He slams Grey and then rakes his eyes. Kareem with a big forearm across Grey’s back. Wristlock into an armbar by Muhammed. Grey fires in a punch at Muhammad with no result. Elijah Akeem is shown ringside while Muhammed continues to destroy Grey. Akeem heads over to the announcer’s table to talk about how great his tag partner has looked in the match. Kareem Muhammed lands a diving headbutt on Grey and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Kareem Muhammed

Gordon Solie heads over ringside to interview The Zambuie Express. Kareem Muhammed tells Solie that he knows he doesn’t like seeing them win. He mentions that they’ve been cheated for a long time and says that they rule Florida. Kareem wants a tag title shot. Elijah Akeem talks about The Family (Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan) and vow to take them apart.

Mike Davis vs. Dr. X

Mike Davis gets Dr. X in a side headlock to start the match. Dr. X tries to escape but Davis uses the ropes to keep the headlock on the masked man. Dr. X whips Davis into the ropes but Davis catches him with a dropkick and gets him again in a side headlock. Dr. X gets Davis in a headscissors briefly before it gets reversed into a side headlock again.

They get into the ropes and Dr. X with a few cheap shots at Davis but Davis gets him with a hiplock takedown and back into a side headlock. Dr. X whips Davis into the ropes again and Davis lands a legdrop across the back of Dr. X and back to a hiplock takedown into a headlock. Davis tries to pin Dr. X a few times.

Dr. X sends Davis into the corner turnbuckles and headbutts Davis. He punches at Davis and whips him into the ropes and lands an elbow on him. Chinlock by Dr. X. Davis reverses out of the hold and gets Dr. X in a hammerlock as he drives the knee into his arm. He tries to pin Dr. X. but X keeps raising his arm and shoulder up. Davis keeps trying to get Dr. X in a pinning predicament but Dr. X reaches the ropes.

Dr. X backs away from Davis and asks for a timeout which upsets the fans. Top wristlock by Davis gets reversed by Dr. X but then that gets reversed by Davis. He takes Dr. X down. Dr. X reaches the ropes and drives the shoulder into Davis stomach. He gets Davis with a reverse atomic knee drop.

Davis blocks a forearm. They run the ropes and Dr. X catches Davis with a knee across the mid-section. Dr. X whips Davis into the ropes but Davis catches him with the Thesz Press for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Davis

The One Man Gang (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs. Frank Leopard

The One Man Gang gets Leopard on the ropes and delivers some hard forearms across Leopard’s chest. He knocks Leopard down and gets him in a camel clutch. OMG lands a forearm across Leopard’s forehead. He follows that up with a few elbow drops. Legdrop across Leopard’s body followed by The Gang dropping a knee across him.

Big forearm across the back of Leopard. The One Man Gang dominates the match as Blair and Solie talk about Rhodes being the only man who can match-up with The One Man Gang. More forearms across the back of Leopard. He steps on Leopard. Big double ax-handle on Leopard. The One Man Gang power slams Leopard and follows with a big splash for the pin.

WINNER: The One Man Gang

“Cowboy” Ron Bass joins Gordon Solie to talk about his upcoming match against The Yellow Dog. Bass tells Solie that The Yellow Dog is Barry Windham. He says Windham is embarrassed for what he did to him riding him after placing a saddle on him. Bass wants Windham to give him his best and prove that he’s not as yellow as his daddy (Blackjack Mulligan). Gordon Solie notes some comparisons between The Yellow Dog and Barry Windham.

J.J. Dillon and The One Man Gang promo from the Bahamas. Dillon is holding his PWI Manager of The Year award and mentions that he’s planning on buying a condo in The Bahamas. He wants to take the Bahamas Heavyweight Title away from Dusty Rhodes. Dillon states that The One Man Gang will take out Blackjack Mulligan.

Mike Rotundo and Blackjack Mulligan join Gordon Solie at the announcer’s table. Rotundo talks about his match against Kendo Nagasaki in Nassau. Mulligan says the only thing Dillon will be taking over are the chores at The Family’s ranch. He warns Bass to stop talking about The Yellow Dog because he’s going to beat him. Mulligan also warns The One Man Gang.

Kendo Nagasaki (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs. Tony D’Amato

Kendo Nagasaki gets his head gear removed ans spins around and spews out his green mist. Nagasaki with a quick takedown on D’Amato. Some chops and takedowns from Nagasaki. Kendo chokes D’Amato. More kicks and chops from Nagasaki at D’Amato. He slams D’Amato head first into the turnbuckles. Backdrop off the ropes by Nagasaki. D’Amato tries to mount a comeback but Nagasaki continues to kick at him. He gets D’Amato in a nerve hold.

Nagasaki continues to destroy D’Amato. He gets him with a kick off the ropes and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Kendo Nagasaki

Throughout the show they are a photo promoting Billy Jack coming to Florida.

J.J. Dillon and Kendo Nagasaki join Barbara Clary at the desk and she asks Dillon what his relationship is with Nagasaki. Dillon mentions that his main focus is managing Ron Bass but due to his influence he is also advising Nagasaki. He mentions that Nagasaki isn’t under contract to him but sees this partnership beneficial to Dillon and Bass. Dillon said the first time he saw Nagasaki for the first time in his life he stood in fear of another person. He mentions how Rotundo picked him up in an airplane spin and Nagasaki was not pleased and vows revenge.

Ron Bass (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs. Mike Rotundo for the NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Title

They lock-up and Bass gets him in the corner. Rotundo reverses and sends Bass into the corner with an Irish whip. He follows with a pair of headscissors and takes Bass down to the mat. Bass shoves him into the corner and lays in a big forearm across Rotundo’s chest. He whips Rotundo into the corner and Rotundo climbs up to the middle rope and goes for a reverse body press and lands on Bass for a pin attempt. Bass kicks out.

Rotundo gets Bass in a side headlock. Bass rolls Rotundo over for a pin attempt but Rotundo keeps him in the hold. Bass slams Rotundo into the corner turnbuckles. He whips him into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Rotundo catches Bass with a cross body block for another pin attempt. Bass pushes him off and Rotundo lands on the referee.

Bass tosses Rotundo again into the referee. Rotundo gets Bass up in the airplane spin! The One Man Gang runs out and attacks Rotundo. He slams Rotundo and climbs up to the top rope for a big splash but Dusty Rhodes makes the save and tosses the Gang off the ropes. Mulligan tosses a chair into the ring and Rhodes hits The Gang with it a few times. Bass and Mulligan brawl outside the ring. The One Man Gang grabs his chain and hits Rhodes with it. Dillon gets involved. The One Man Gang and Dusty Rhodes are both bleeding. Several wrestlers jump into the ring to try to break everyone apart.

WINNER: No Contest

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was an okay episode but had a very strong finish with the main event between Bass and Rotundo with The One Man Gang, Dillon, Rhodes and Mulligan all getting involved. The other matches were either very short or your basic ’80s wrestling TV style matches which were usually one-sided. They kept hyping up Billy Jack coming to Florida throughout the show.


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