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SMW TV #41 (11/7/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #41 (10/12/1992)

Taped 10/12/1992 at Sand Lick Elementary School in Haysi, Virginia. Aired on 11/7/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Caudle mentions that we’ll finally get to see The Master in action. He sends out to Dutch Mantell who is standing in the back of the arena awaiting the arrival of The Master. He mentions that he just saw a van out in the back and he says that The Master is allegedly in the van and there are some of his followers around the van.

The Dirty White Boy (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. Mike Sampson

The Dirty White Boy pushes Mr. Ron Wright ringside as he enters the ring for his match. The Dirty White Boy attacks Sampson as the bell rings. He slams him into the corner and follows with a suplex. Big foot followed by a headbutt at Sampson. He slams Sampson to the mat and follows with a legdrop.

Dutch Mantell returns to the announcers table and talks more about The Master. The Dirty White Boy whips Sampson into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam. A couple of big elbow drops on Sampson. Mr. Wright is very pleased with The Dirty White Boy. DWB takes Sampson to the corner were Mr. Wright is at and uses the ropes to choke Sampson. Sampson gets whipped into the ropes and The Dirty White Boy clotheslines him. He rakes Sampson’s eyes and yells at Mr. Wright’s direction. The Dirty White Boy picks up Sampson with his Bucksnort Blaster and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

The Dirty White Boy yells at the fans and for Horner to come out. He keeps attacking Sampson after the match. Tim Horner runs out from behind and rolls Sampson out of the ring. The Dirty White Boy thinks he has Sampson by the hair but it is Tim Horner who quickly goes after The Dirty White Boy. Horner chases after DWB but instead gets Mr. Ron Wright and spins him around in his wheelchair.

Tim Horner goes to talk with Bob Caudle. Mr. Ron Wright is shown bumping into everything as he tries to leave. Mantell checks in on Mr. Wright. Horner says that he’s going to face The Dirty White Boy in a lumberjack match at Thanksgiving Thunder.

Jim Cornette promo for Hazard, Kentucky show.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell talk about “Nitro” Danny Davis promising to be ringside for every Paul Orndorff match. They show a video with Danny Davis wearing a neck brace talking about Paul Orndorff and whether he should retire after being injured. Davis says he’s not ready to get back in the ring but he’s not going to quite or be intimidated by Orndorff. He vows to buy a ringside ticket to every show where Orndorff wrestles Ron Garvin. His cat joins the interview. LOL!

Paul Orndorff joins Bob Caudle for an interview and he says he doesn’t care about Danny Davis. He says Davis was a boy doing a man’s job and he doesn’t care that he sent him out on a stretcher. Orndorff says that all he cares about is getting back his $15,000 robe. He also says he can beat Ronnie Garvin and Danny Davis at the same time because they are midgets.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs. Paul Lee & Robbie Eagle

The Heavenly Bodies attack their opponents as soon as Cornette ends his introductions. Lane tosses Eagle to the outside. Cornette attacks Eagle. Bodies backdrop Paul Lee and toss him to the outside. Eagle gets back in the ring and they beat on him. Clothesline by Lane at Eagle. Lane and Prichard with a double-team spot called the “Meteor Shower” on Lee. They stack both men on top of each other and cover them for the pin.

Cornette during the match tells Caudle and Mantell that he told the Bodies to finish the match quickly because he has an important announcement to make.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

The Heavenly Bodies join Jim Cornette at the announcers table to make their announcement. Cornette mentions that The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express went to Bob Armstrong and told him they wanted to find a way to get rid of Cornette & the Heavenly Bodies. Armstrong had an idea so he went and talked to Cornette, who liked the idea. On Thanksgiving weekend, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express suggested four matches that are called “The Four Faces of Fear”. Four of the most dangerous matches, four days in a row which will be a Texas Death Match, Falls-Count-Anywhere match, Barbed Wire Cage match, and a Smoky Mountain Street Fight.

“Down & Dirty” with Dutch Mantell and his guest this week is Tracy Smothers. Mantell tells Smothers that there is some tough competition in SMW which Smothers agrees with and wants to work his way up to challenging for the SMW Title. Dutch asks Smothers what he thinks of the women in SMW and he says there are some pretty Southern Belles in the area. Smothers asks Mantell that he’s heard him talk and asks maybe he’d like to test him now.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join Bob Caudle to talk about the “Four Faces of Fear” series of matches over Thanksgiving weekend. Morton mentions all the matches are No Disqualification and says they can do whatever they want to the Bodies and to Cornette and not lose the match.

Jackie Fulton vs. Bobby Fulton in a dream match

Bobby gets Jackie in a waistlock but they are quick in reversing and countering each other’s holds. Jackie takes down Bobby with an armbar. Bobby escapes and they both get back up on their feet. Jackie dropkicks Bobby into the corner. Mantell mentions that he was just told by one of the producers that one of the Master’s followers delivered entrance music to them so he is there.

Bobby Fulton and Jackie Fulton with some reversals near the ropes and they have to break it up. The Stud Stable show up and join commentary and insult The Fantastics. Robert Fuller said he came to watch the midget match and compared the Fultons to watching Lord Littlebrook vs. Lord Fiji. Very clean technical match by the Fultons. Fireman’s takedown by Jackie Fulton into an armbar on Bobby. Bobby Fulton reverses it into a bow and arrow on Jackie. Fuller calls the match boring.

Bobby Fulton whips Jackie into the ropes but Jackie accidentally hits the referee and knocks him down. Both Fultons crash into each other. Fuller and Golden head to the ring. Golden distracts Bobby Fulton and Robert Fuller punches Bobby and knocks him out. Jackie Fulton goes for the pin but notices The Stud Stable ringside so he refuses to pin them. He instead dives onto The Stud Stable! All four men brawl outside the ring.

WINNER: No Contest

Bob Caudle is joined by SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong and The Fantastics. Armstrong announces that next week the Fantastics will wrestle The Stud Stable in a dream match.

They recap everything that has gone on between Brian Lee and The Master including all the attacks on Lee by some of The Master’s followers.

“Prime Time” Brian Lee vs. The Master

The Master slowly enters the ring with his head being hidden in his robe. He enters the ring and The Master remains in his corner. Brian Lee heads over to him and tries to removes his robe. The Master throws a fireball at Brian Lee. He removes his robe to reveal that The Master is KEVIN SULLIVAN!!! He starts to use a spike on Brian Lee.

The Nightstalker and Malachi The Grim Reaper join Kevin Sullivan in the ring. Sullivan continues to hit Lee with the spike and causes him to bleed. The Nightstalker and Malachi place Lee in the corner in the tree of woe as Sullivan charges at him. Some wrestlers head out to help Brian Lee but they get taken down. Sullivan continues to use the spike on Lee.

A cameraman tries to help Brian Lee and Sullivan knocks him off the ring apron. Bob Caudle heads over to the ring to stop Sullivan. They continue to attack Lee. The Dixie Dynamite heads out there but he gets knocked down. The Fantastics run out but they get attacked by Malachi. Sullivan continues to use the spike on Brian Lee. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Tim Horner and Tracy Smothers make the save for Brian Lee.

WINNER: No Contest

They keep the microphones on so you can hear everyone upset over what Kevin Sullivan just did.

Tim Horner promo for the Hazard, Kentucky show where he’ll be wrestling The Dirty White Boy. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express have a falls-count-anywhere match against the Heavenly Bodies in Hazard, Kentucky.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are ringside as they continue to check on Brian Lee. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins them and he announces that Kevin Sullivan is banned from SMW for the rest of his life.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the highlight being The Master finally being revealed as Kevin Sullivan and of course it turned out to be a very bloody debut as he and his followers destroyed Brian Lee. His first appearance got him a “banned for life” response from SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong which in wrestling should mean he’s gone for a few days. The other matches were kept relatively short as they focused more on that big angle as well as interviews. Thought the Fantastics match was very underwhelming despite it being more there to lead to the brawl with The Stud Stable. The Rock ‘n Roll Express and The Heavenly Bodies setting up the “Four Faces of Fear” match series was very well done.


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